Summer City Break

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It was time for our summer break to Rome after a few months not just of lockdown, but of not being able to see each other. Both so excited to be away and on a mini adventure, obsessed with each other, and free as birds at last. Our hotel was a gorgeous little boutique in the city – small enough to be personal and cosy, but our room was huge, with a living area, small bar, and floor to ceiling doors looking out into the city.

Before we could get carried away in the room and never see the city we went out and explored. It was a gorgeous afternoon, hot, and the city did not disappoint. We got to stop and have a glass of wine here and there, and just fell in love with the place, people watching a talking nonsense. Just living. It was amazing.

As evening came, we were having fun. We stayed out and found a restaurant where we could sit in a corner and watch the world go by and be sickeningly in love. We ate and drank some more, and you told me how much you wanted to make love to me. You kissed me, took my hand, and put it between your legs. You pulled your knickers to one side so I could feel how wet you were. I eased one finger inside you gently and you bit your lip. As I brought it out, I moved it to your clit and gently brushed it, kissing you harder. You squeak and tell me to be careful.

I stop and lick your juices off my finger, but you take my hand and put it back. You tell me you want to cum x right there.

I start to gently touch your clit, stroking it so I barely touch it. Every so often I run my finger further down to your pussy and feel your juices building x I hold you with my other arm and kiss you on the neck. I can see your nipples harden through your dress and I feel your body start to tense. You kiss me so hard, and my finger keeps brushing your eager clit, your pussy getting desperate for something inside.

As I kiss you my other hand touches your breast through the side of your dress. I squeeze your nipple lightly and you start to come. You hold my hand hard up against your pussy as your body kicks a little, and I slide my finger deep inside you to feel your wet pussy grip me hard. You kiss my cheek and say, ‘Let’s go’.

We finish our wine quickly, pay the bill, and set off into the city to head back to the hotel. It was a maze of little streets and bars, and we stop at a cute jazz bar as we can hear a trio playing. You are flirty and giggling, and nip to the ladies when we get there. When you come back you hand me your knickers and ask me to look after them, and then climb side saddle on to my lap and wrap your arms around me and kiss me. We have a drink and listen to the music curled up in each other, kissing and chatting. You reach down and squeeze my nipple, and you feel my cock start to harden under you and you smile. You move your hand down under your lap so you can feel me, and you squeeze my cock in your hand making it harden, and me want you even more. I slide my hand under your dress again and feel your inner thigh wet with cum. As we are in a little booth and its dark, and you are in pissed horny mode (as am I), you unzip my trousers and start to stroke my cock. You slide down next to me and put your head in my lap. You lick the pre-cum from the tip of me and run your tongue around it before wrapping your lips around me, taking me deep into your mouth. I can feel your tongue rubbing my cock as you suck me, licking and kissing as if you haven’t had it for a long time. My hand is reaching under you from behind, and I find your wet pussy again. As I run my fingers up your pussy you feel my cock start to harden as I get close to cumming. You come back to me and tell me you want my cum inside you.

Now we just don’t care. The music is fantastic, and no one is interested in what we are doing in the back-corner booth. You straddle me and I guide my cock up to your perfect pussy as you face me. We look into each other’s eyes, your arms around my neck and mine around your waist holding your arse gently. You lower yourself down slowly over my cock, and I feel the heat around it as I fill you and you take all of me in. You kiss me and slowly start to make love to me. Our eyes don’t move away from each other, and you move in slow strong movements. Your tight pussy gripping me. I hold your arse, and you sit up slightly. You squeeze your nipple and mine hard, and then wrap around me again, kissing me. It is so intense; I can feel my whole body tense up and you keep me and you on the edge. Both able to cum any second, but loving the tension and intensity and not wanting it to end. You feel me move inside you, so deep and hard, and then it starts to happen. You feel my cock get harder with every stroke, and I can feel you gripping me tighter. I cum and grip your arse as I do it. You feel my cock pump and my warm cum fill your soaking pussy, and you cum at the same time. Your body pulses and your tongue wraps round mine and your arms tighten around me as we grind together for what feels like eternity. You slow down and stop, but stay there holding me tight, our cum keeping you warm inside. After an age, we separate, and you sit next to me and tell me you can feel my cum down your thigh.

We Şerifali Escort finish our drinks, head back to the hotel, and climb into bed looking out of the tall windows at the gorgeous city. The lights stream down onto your perfect body and I cannot resist but to kiss, you. I start at your lips, and then plant kisses all down your body, your breasts, your nipples, your tummy and then your pussy. I can taste us as I push my tongue inside you, and you hold my head against you. I reach up with one hand and squeeze your nipple, while I use my other hand to ease a finger inside you again. I taste us, and lick and kiss your clit until you cum again. Your body arches as you do, and I come back up to kiss you, both tasting our sex. I lie on my back, and you lie over me, your leg over my body and I can feel the heat of your pussy against my hip. You rest your head on my nook and I stroke your head and we fall asleep.

We wake with the sun beaming through the windows, still wrapped up in each other. Our little balcony is basking in sunshine, so I order breakfast to the room so we can sit out and watch the city come to life, and plan what we shall do for the day.

Next morning, you come out of the shower and breakfast has arrived. You put on one of my shirts and come out and sit in the sun with me and we plan our day. More exploring, more loving, little caring and not a lot else x we eat, and decide we need a coffee. However, you run your hand up my leg and tell me how much you enjoyed the night before which made my cock twitch. You notice and smile. You rub me through my boxers and lean over and take my nipple in your mouth. Working your hand more till you need to free my cock, you put your head down so your lips reach the tip of my cock and run your tongue over it. You sink your mouth deep and start to suck me, as the city below bustles unaware of us.

I reach across and touch your Pussy to feel you wet and sensitive. You swallow harder as I touch you and my cock swells. I pull you up and sit you in front of me. You play with yourself as you look deep into my eyes and I can’t help but kneel and run my tongue over your clit and swap your fingers for mine. I keep licking and kissing you until I feel you heading to the edge, and I stop. I kneel up and nudge my wet cock up against your pussy and hold your head with both hands. I kiss you hard as I sink my cock inside you, filling you with my warmth. I pull almost completely out of you so my cocks touches your clit, and then sink inside you again. I can feel you building up as we stare into each other, your fingers digging into my back. I then slowly pull out and stand up. You look at me to say ‘where are you going’ but I move off, kiss you and squeeze your perfect bottom and say let’s go get coffee… you want me…. but that’s the point. I want you on the edge while we explore.

You put on a play suit and nothing else, and look incredible, like you are releasing a fuck me vibe I haven’t seen before.

We head across the street and dive into a little bar to start the day. Sitting there and giggling you spot a cute couple staring over at us nearby. They come and sit on the table next to ours, and after a couple of minutes the girl asks if you like Jazz. You glow red as you realise they must have seen us, but go a little wetter to as you remember again what we did the night before. You simply say yes, it’s always made you feel amazing.

We all talk a bit more, finish our coffee and say we might see them around, and we head into the city to explore some more.


We spend the day walking and talking, flirting with each other and simply absorbed in our own company. We kiss, a lot, and every so often you tell me how wet you still are. It’s been a long day so we head back the hotel to change for the evening. As we climb into the lift, you wrap my arms around you and kiss me hard, telling me to feel your wetness. I touch you and feel you soaked, and warm as my fingers slide into you. You breathe in and reach down to feel my hard cock through my shorts. I hit the stop button on the lift and it grinds to a halt between the two floors. You look at me excited, and I pull down your play suit to reveal your naked flesh. I pull out my cock and lift you up on to me as you wrap your legs round my waist. I push you up against the wall of the lift and we fuck – hard. Pure lust between us at that second, and pure hard fucking. I suck on your breasts and your neck and keep ramming my hard cock as deep as it will go, my hands gripping into your arse and back. You cum, hard, and you don’t stop cumming as I keep fucking you. We are not exactly quiet either, as you can’t hold back how good my hard cock feels inside you, pumping you. After a few minutes, I can’t hold back either, nor do I want to. I am desperate to fill your pussy with cum, and my cock explodes inside you making you cum even harder.

You are throbbing as I lower you to the ground, and my cum is dripping from down your leg. You put your suit back on and me my shorts, and you look incredible. Totally fucked and in a daze. I hit the start button and we go on our way to get changed. Ümraniye Escort As the doors to the lift open, the couple we met earlier are standing there. They both smile knowingly as we come out, and she looks you up and down smiling. You run your hand down to your leg, and lick your fingers giggling, say ‘hi’ and then we skip down to the room together as they head off into the lift.

We change, but you are not allowed to shower. I want my cum in you to remind you what we have done. I run my tongue up your leg to your swollen lips and taste our cum, and to stop it running down your leg. I kiss you and you take my cum from my mouth. You don’t bother with any underwear tonight, and neither do I.

On the way back down we kiss, but let the lift reach its destination this time. Both talking about whether the weekend could get any naughtier, and giggling about the fact that’s twice the other couple have caught us out, and the fact they are in the same hotel.

Dinner is gorgeous. Romantic and soppy, sitting there people watching in one of the squares, and soaking up the Italian evening, atmosphere, food and of course wine. It is clear we are in love, as we can’t leave each other alone, but other than the occasional touch, and whisper about what we would like to do to each other, we behave. Teasing each other about later was proving just as horny, and the fact I could still taste us was pretty mind blowing.

After another stroll arm in arm, and a couple more wines as we went, we decided to head back to the bar in our little hotel.

We get back and head out to the garden area. There is a little pool, and low lighting, and some lovely comfy sofas. We order drinks and gets some playing cards out. No one else is about, so you take me hand and push my fingers inside you, telling me I can have it if I beat you at your own game. You then sit next to me, but your legs draped over me, with your dress hitched enough for me to see your perfect wetness. Your nipples are showing clearly through as your dress clings to your breasts.

I stroke your thigh as we play, and my technique works. I win each hand, allowing me to touch you each time for just a few seconds, adding to our desires. We kiss again, and you open your eyes to see we are no longer alone. The other couple from earlier are coming outside towards us, and they ask if they can join us. We say yes and ask if they want to play cards with us. Pickled and giggly, we start as the four of us. I win again and remind you what that means. You blush and tell them to look away for a second, and you part your legs and allow me to enter you and stroke your clit. I squeeze your nipple hard too, making you squeak a little, and they turn round just a second too early and catch me pulling my hand away. You explain it is the forfeit for the loser. She laughs and asks what they would have to do if they lost. We don’t have an answer, other than to say her man would be in for a busy night if she let him win all the time.

Some jazz comes on and she comments that now I was the one who wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight. It turned out they were sitting at the bar the night before, and they apologised but watched the whole thing. Again, this sent tingles all over you, not just because it reminded you of our night, but you liked the fact a stunning girl had seen it happen. She then wins the round, and you come in 4th, again. Honestly, it’s like you wanted to lose. As her sliding her fingers inside you was (while welcomed by both me and her other half no doubt) not an option, she gave you a choice of losing an item of clothing, or being kissed by one of us. You were only wearing one item, so you opted for the kiss.

As she stood up, she rubbed his cock a little, almost unnoticeably. He grinned and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and you assumed he was coming over to you as you looked at me a little scared but excited. I give you an ‘I’m ok’ look and squeeze your leg as you are still sitting with your legs over me. She tells you to close your eyes. You remember at that moment that you can still taste us, so he will be kissing you and tasting us too. Your lips meet. They are soft and gentle, and you open your eyes to see it is her. Your excitement heightens as you see her, and you feel a pulse shoot from your lips to your clit right there. She kisses you again, your mouths open slightly, right next to me, and I feel your body twitch a little as your tongues meet and you kiss each other hard. After just a few passionate moments, she pulls away and tells me she can see why I am so addicted to kissing you all the time. I subtly run my hand up against your bare pussy and can feel the wetness, it’s incredible.

At that moment cards turned into forfeits. The sensation for you and her of the kiss, and for me and her other half watching it, added a sexual tension we hadn’t experienced to the game. I don’t think anyone was bothered by who won or lost, just what the next challenge would be. We team into pairs. Boys vs Girls, so no one felt left out.

The next game was lost by you two. After the electricity of the kiss, the instruction was simple. Kiss again, but Üsküdar Escort for no more than 30 seconds. She came over to you, and parts your legs so she can climb up between them. She holds your head and looks at you. You can feel your pussy ache at the anticipation, and she kisses you again, gently but firm. Your tongues link, and she pulls away a little, biting your bottom lip. She squeezes your nipple as she bites, and again, you feel your pussy tighten. Her head moves down, and she slips the shoulder of your dress down so her tongue can move it low enough to reach your nipple. She kisses your breast softly and flicks her tongue over you. Your hands move down her back and you slowly unzip the back of her dress as she kisses you so you can feel her bare flesh, down to her arse. Her hand runs up the inside of your leg. You look at me and him wide eyed as you feel her fingers reach your wet lips. They stroke you expertly, and your body arches and breasts tense with goose bumps as she touches you. You see that both of us are touching our cocks through our trousers as we watch. Such an incredible sight, and both of you discovering each other. As she is sliding her finger up to touch your clit, I call time.

He and I decide that was actually her kissing you, and so you should swap. She sits next to you, and you do the same to her between her legs, but you stay down there. You part her legs and run your hand up the inside of her leg. You feel her very wet, smooth pussy, and you lift her dress up enough to see her swollen lips. You look at me and smile, and the lower your head so you can kiss her. Firstly around her pussy, and then you run your tongue slowly up the middle. As you do it you pull her dress down and cup one of her tits in your hand, squeezing her nipple hard. She tastes sweet and warm, and your tongue moves up to her clit and you start to lick her. Her body tenses as you start to bring her off, squeezing her nipple harder, and working your tongue faster. You sink a finger inside her and you can feel her pussy tighten around you as she gets close to the edge.

Again, I call a stop. You pull away and leave her there desperate for an orgasm. You sit back up and lean over to me and kiss me hard so I can taste her in your mouth. You reach down and hold my hard cock through my trousers, squeezing hard before pulling away and grinning, leaving me horny as fuck. She recovered herself and mirrored your move on him. You can see he is not a small addition, and well-built all over.

We resume positions, and somehow play the next round. The boys lose at last (I’d been dying to lose). Thankfully you didn’t ask us to kiss, but both decided you wanted to see our cocks, right there in the garden. You told us to unzip our trousers and pull out our hard cocks as we sat next to each other. We had to stroke ourselves. You both kiss your respective partner, kneeling either side of us, and watching as we slowly move our hands up and down. You move your head down to my lap and circle your tongue over the tip of my cock, kissing it, before taking it into your mouth. I look across and see she has done the same. I try to reach down your back so I can touch your pussy, but you stop me and keep sucking me. Your fingers squeeze my nipple hard, and you feel my cock start to grow even harder. As you sense me reaching orgasm, you stop, lick your lips and kiss me, tucking me back into my trousers. She does the same to her man, so both of us are on the edge, and desperate for you both.

At that moment the bar tender comes out to tell us the bar is closing for the evening. It’s obvious he has been straining his neck from the bar watching you and her all over each other, and now he thinks we have finished, he wants to knock off.

Reluctantly we get up, the ladies rearrange themselves, and we head up to our rooms. The lift doesn’t need to stop this time, as you and I don’t care. We kiss hard while the others look on, and my hands grip your arse hard as I pull you against me working us both into a mini frenzy once again. We get out and walk to our room. We know they are on the same floor as us as we saw them before, so we ask if they want to come in for a glass of something. They agree of course, we get inside, and they sit down. I pour all a glass of wine, and he and I sit on the sofa. She is sitting next to him, and you straddle me and kiss me hard. We just want each other, and them sitting there makes little difference. You unbutton my fly, pull out my aching cock and start to stroke me. I tell you to stop and stand up. You do so. I ask you to move the straps off your shoulders which you do, and your dress falls to the floor, revealing your incredible, perfect body. Both of them are looking at you and you feel a little shy all of a sudden, but desperately horny. You look down and see my hard cock, you say ‘sorry’ to the other two, but they say not at all, and you straddle me once again. Your legs are spread wide across me, and you bring the tip of my cock to your wet swollen lips, before lowering down onto me inch by inch. Your hand reaches down to my nipple and you squeeze, and you feel my cock harden inside you as you do it. You look at the couple next to us and they are mesmerised by us fucking so intensely. She is stroking his cock after pulling it out once again, and they are kissing as they watch us. His cock is impressive for sure. Bigger than you first thought downstairs.

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