Sucking dick while away on business

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Sucking dick while away on businessWas just away on business. I tell you what. There are a lot of horny men across this great nation. If you’re a bottom cock sucker, like me, you can usually get a dick to your door within an hour.After a long day I headed back to my hotel room. I stripped and immediately started stroking my cock. I opened up my laptop, logged in to a gay hookup site (squirt) and put up my ad:Big bear cock sucker in town on business – suck and swallow you now.I hit Enter, and I hopped in the shower.I took a nice long shower soaping my cock stroking my cock and letting the hot water wash away my tense work day. I got out, and immediately went to check my messages. There were three. I made a quick reply to all and within minutes I was chatting with a guy who was only 4 miles away. Fucking technology! I love that my computer tells me how far away my hookup is. Anyway, a few minutes of hot chatting and I was begging Rob to let me suck his cock. He asked for my number and I gave it to him. My phone instantly rang. Arrangements were made. I was going to remain naked and wait for him to show up. I would suck him off, swallow, and then he would leave.I’m still relatively new to gay online hookup sex, so whenever I hookup, I get a bit nervous. I grabbed my poppers from my bag and put some hot bear porn on my computer. Already naked and rigid I took a few big pulls from my poppers and started to goon. 15 minutes passed, and nothing. 20, still nothing. After 30 minutes I figured he was a no show. I kept stroking, put myself back on squirt chat and took another hit of poppers. There was a knock at the door. My heart jumped rus escort and I nearly came. I went to the door and looked out the peep hole. Iy was him. Naked, I oped the door. Rob was in his mid 50s, about 5’11” and squat with a firm belly and meaty man tits. I backed up to let him in. He was surprised I really was naked and his hand instantly started stroking the nice bulge he had in his jeans. I asked him to sit on the bed and as he sat he unbuttoned his jeans and un tucked his shirt. I was so fucking horny, and still a little high from the poppers. I dropped to my knees. I rubbed my face on the bulge in his jeans and I savored his masculinity. I slid my hands up his legs and started to unzip him as my mouth licked his bulge. I began tugging at his jeans. I wanted his cock. Rob stood back up and shucked his jeans and boxers to the floor. As he did this, a nice thick 7 in rock hard cock sprang out and bobbed inches from eager mouth.I kissed the head of his cock and then ran my lips down the bottom of his shaft to his balls. I turned my face more towards him inhaled deeply and started licking a pair of heavy hangers. Rob put his hand on my head, let out a soft moan and pushed my face in to his crotch. I asked him if he liked that and he replied, fuck yeah. After a few moments he began thrusting so that his cock would rub against my face.”Do you want me to suck it now”? I asked”Fuck yes” he said again.I backed up from his balls sliding back up the shaft of his cock, but this time with my mouth open. When I reached his head, I put it right in my mouth and sucked gently as I began to moan from rus escort bayan my own pleasure. God, I love to suck cock. My head began to bob slowly on his fat cock, each time taking it a little deeper. His hand was still on my head and one of my hands was massaging his balls as my other hand reached for my own cock. This hot motel room scene went on for a few minutes. Nice rhythmic sucking. My mouth feeling the soft flesh on his rigid cock.”That’s good boy” he grunted, and I increased my pace as I slipped my hand on to his spit covered shaft. Rob pulled his cock from my mouth, kicked off his shoes and removed his pants. While he was doing this I grabbed my bottle of poppers. As he sat on the bed I unscrewed the cap and started taking big huffs of the magic liquid and then held my breath on the last one. I offered Rob the bottle and as he took it from me I attacked his cock. The poppers really had me flying and I was lost in cock lust as i began deep throating him. Up and down I shoved his cock into my throat. My spit was thick and his cock was easily sliding all the way in, right up to his balls. I immediately felt him tensing up and with my head still swimming from the poppers I looked up at him.”You’re such a good cock sucker” he said. That made me so happy.Rob stood back up, handed the poppers back to me, and I took a few more quick hits and held them. “Fuck my face” I begged as I exhaled.Rob put both of his hands on my head and began ramming his cock into my throat. I was stroking myself furiously. “Want my cum in your throat or on you face, faggot”? Rob asked.I didn’t stop. I wanted escort rus bayan his cum right in my hungry mouthHis strokes started getting off rhythm and choppy. Rob was firmly holding my head and jack hammering my sloppy open throat. His beautiful cock was slick and choked me with pleasure.”I’m gonna cum” he grunted, and he started. I felt Rob’s hot cum start flooding my throat and I slowed to just hold it in there. I began gulping while his cock was still in my throat. His body shook and he started to sit back down on the bed. As he sat, his cock slid out of my throat, but I kept him n my mouth as I continued stroking myself. With Rob’s cum sliding down my throat and his now softening cock still in my mouth I was going to cum myself. I stood up quickly.”Can I cum on your cock”? I excitedly asked him.”Yeah boy, shoot your fucking load, jack off on my dick, faggot” he replied.Being called a faggot really does it for me. Still stroking I moved closer to him and aimed my cock at his.”That’s it. Shoot it” he saidI was stroking and pinching my nipples and flying high from the poppers. “I’m gonna cum”. And I started shooting a big load of my sticky cum right on to his glistening cock. I was moaning with pleasure as Rob began to sit up a little. His face got close to mine and he began to kiss me. I moaned more. I was still stroking. I had stopped cuming, but I was still in ecstasy. I kissed him deeply and hungrily.When I stopped stroking I dropped to my knees again and rested my head on his thigh. Rob stroked my head. As i caught my breath I saw my cum dripping from his cock. I slid my head towards his soft cock and started licking my cum from him. After a few minutes Rob got up, got dressed, said goodbye and told me to call him if I came through town again. I actually thanked him for his cum, and off he went. I started to close my laptop when I noticed another message. This guy was less than a mile away…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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