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I was a 22 year old who had just walked away from four long years of university with a B.A. and a teacher’s license. Thirteen years of public school and four years of work on my degree had tired me out, and so I took a job substituting for a year before taking on a classroom of my own. I had moved to the other side of the state. I knew no one and felt very much alone. My only outlets were internet chat and other websites. As anyone knows, this is only a band-aid to the gaping wound, and I needed something more.

I was scheduled at the high school that Wednesday, and when I got there the lesson plans left for me were very simple. I was to show the history classes I had a video on Stalin, and they were to take and turn in notes. I pretty much stuck my nose in a book on days like this, occasionally checking on the class to make sure that the students weren’t too out of hand. In third period, though, whenever I looked up I would catch a Senior by the name of Beth looking straight at me. I could not help but make eye contact.

Beth was about five foot seven, slim, but not skinny. Her black hair was teased out in a way that made a suitable frame for her punk-rock made-up face. Baby blue eye shadow contrasted pale skin and dark purple lipstick. Even though I wasn’t supposed to notice these things, she had b-cup breasts which were quite perky. It was hard to keep my eyes away.

Third period ended and the students dropped their papers on the desk as they shuffled out the door to their next classes. I noticed when Beth walked by, leaving no paper. She looked straight at me and gave a smile that was more apathy then the anticipation that I’m sure she had in mind at the time. It got me semi-erect, and confused. There was no way I should be feeling like that about a high-school senior girl. But the more I tried to force the idea aside, the hornier I got. I stayed at the desk through fourth period, to shield my obvious erection from the view of the class. Lunch came and went, and fifth period I had free as a work period.

With my free period, debate began raging in my head. I was horny as hell. On the one hand I could go to the faculty bathroom, which held one person and locked from the inside. But my paranoia told me that this was a workplace, and I’d be caught.Do they have hidden cameras in the bathroom? I wondered. All the time my penis was hardening and softening as illicit thoughts of Beth danced through my mind as background noise.

I had just decided to try to control my semi-erection for three more hours until I could go home when the door swung open. I suppose it comes as no surprise to you, my reader, that it was indeed Beth. My testicles began to ache as I looked at her beautiful face, perky tits shaping her t-shirt in fascinating ways, bare midriff, and hip hugging jeans.I am a teacher, this is a student, I thought in a vain attempt to sedate my feral libido.

“What can I do for you, Beth?” I asked, hoping that there was no desperation evident in my voice.

“Well, Mr. Klien,” she began, “I have study hall this period, and I know this is the prep period for canlı bahis you, so I asked my study hall teacher if I could come talk to you about today’s assignment.”

“Yes,” I mused, “I noticed that you didn’t hand it in when you left. It was only notes on the video; did you have problems keeping up?” I asked.

“Well,” Beth began shyly, “my handwriting’s never been that good. I can either write fast and sloppy or slow and legibly. I want to be able to read these notes, so I was writing slow and just couldn’t keep up.”

“It is my prep period, and this pass from Ms. Stewart says you can be here all period. Why don’t I give you the remote so you can watch the parts you missed taking notes on at your own pace,” I offered.

“Really?” she practically squeaked with excitement, “would it bother you?”

I waved my hand dismissively, “Naw, I’ve seen it four times already today. I can tune it out by now. I was just going to read my novel this period anyway, so it’s not going to affect me at all.” In reality I knew the effect it would have on me, but I could not use that as an excuse to deny Beth the opportunity to make up the work.

Beth walked over to the TV cart and picked up the remote. She chose a desk halfway between the TV and myself, and took her notebook and pens from her bag. She started the tape and I busied myself with my book. My eyes and libido formed a coalition against my willpower, and I found myself stealing glances at her despite my better judgment. The tops of her breasts were visible due to a v-neck top, and it seemed evident that they had decided to risk getting caught breaking the law of gravity. They were a perfect blend of size and shape, and had not yet begun to migrate downwards as so many tend to do with age.

I have to stop thinking like this! Everything about this is wrong! With fifteen minutes left in the period, I instructed Beth to finish what she could, and turn it in. I explained that I would write the permanent teacher a note about it, and that she should understand. Beth started to sniffle.

Oh shit. “Now,” I tried to console her, “I’m in tomorrow for coach Jenkins, who’s right next door. I’ll stop by and talk to Mrs. Simpson about it and let her know that you had trouble. This is actually more common than it sounds. I’ll use teacher talk with her and it will work out.”

Beth only started sobbing harder at this. Black mascara and blue eye shadow began to dance in the tears on the little punk-rocker’s face. I was about to tell her that it really wasn’t all that serious when she threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders. “You don’t understand,” she wailed, “Mrs. Simpson hates me so much. She finds reasons to give me detention. She grades me harsher than anyone else in class. I’ll get another zero for sure if I don’t turn this in.” The rest of her words dissolved into sobs. I patted her on the back awkwardly as I shifted uncomfortably to hide the erection brought on by the proximity to the object of my improper lusts. “Is there anyway you can finish it for me?” she asked, wet eyes locking with mine.

“Now young bahis siteleri lady,” I tried to chiding to reinforce boundaries, “you know that having a teacher complete the assignment for you would be cheating and dishonest.”

“I know, Mr. Klien,” she managed with minimal cries, “but I have to do something to keep my GPA up. I’ll be grounded again if I don’t.”

“Beth, just wait until tomorrow, I’m sure I can work something out with Mrs. Simpson,” I was trying to convince myself now. I looked into her eyes, but she was looking somewhere else. I shifted unconsciously when I realized she was looking at the shape in my pants, evidence of an erection.

The sobs suddenly stopped, leaving silence. Not the silence of a complete absence of noise, but the silence ripe with events that are at critical mass.

“I may not write fast,” she began, “but my hands move fast other times. I am a violinist.”

“Ms. Killian,” I began to scold. My will turned to jelly, however, when she laid her thin-fingered hand on the lap of my pants. Two thin pieces of cotton separated a teen hand from my cock. My will power turned to jelly, but my mind still scrambled for a way out. “I’m…You’re…Beth, you’re too young for me, for this,” I stammered.

“I’m eighteen, Mr. Klien. I was held back,” she explained.

“Still,” I began, but her lips pressed against mine and my common sense and will power both packed up and went on holiday. I stood up wordlessly, keeping my mouth pressed to hers, and wrapped my arms around her. I slipped my tongue between her dark purple lipsticked lips, and then realized where I was. “Come,” I beckoned, and led her by the hand to the door in the back corner of the room. I opened the door, pulled supplies out of the closet to create enough floor space for two to stand closely together, drew Beth close to me, and entered the closet.

She closed the door and I turned the light on. “Thishas to stay between us. We both know that I shouldn’t do this.” She nodded, and again felt my erection. God I felt ready to burst already.

“Mr. Klien,” she said, “I meant what I said about my hands. I also brought this with me.” She showed me a trial size bottle of some kind of girly hand crème.

“It will do, Beth,” I assured her. “You know what would really get me off quick?”

“What?” she asked, undoing my belt.

“If you got naked too. I only ask because, well, there’s only twelve minutes to the bell, and your breasts are so perfect.”

Without a word, Beth backed up as far as she could so I could get a good view of her. She raised her arms. “Take my shirt off,” she said.

I reached for the hem of her shirt, and she tittered as my hands brushed her bare midriff. I pulled her shirt over her head and cast it aside onto a broom handle. This revealed a beautiful crimson bra that held the world’s most perfect breasts in its clutches. As I reached to undo the button fly, hip hugging jeans that outlined her hips and bottom so nicely, she reached behind her back, and unclasped the bra. Bringing the straps around front, she let the straps dangle as she clung the bahis şirketleri cups to her chest. I finished unbuttoning her fly and let her jeans fall around her ankles.

“Don’t step out of them,” I said, relishing the view of her pale and well defined legs sticking out of a pile of jeans on the floor. She dropped her bra, and her breasts stayed as perky as ever. They were beautiful, and retaining their upbeat posture without the aid of a bra. The nipples on her small areole were already stiff little buds.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of a pair of baby blue silk panties, and pulled. They got down just far enough that I saw that her pelvis was completely bald when I said, “Pull the panties back up.”

“Don’t you want to see my pussy, Mr. Klien? I shaved it just for moments like this,” she faked a pout.

“It’s beautiful, Beth,” I assured her. “I don’t want to come before you get a chance to show me your skills.” With that, I dropped my pants.

“Mr. Klien!” she gasped as my six inches of erection pointed at her, “No undies? Now I know you’re as naughty as I.” She giggled.

She held up the hand crème and squirted a fair amount into her right hand. The whole closet suddenly smelled of raspberry. I grasped the underside of her hand and guided it to my cock. She sighed, “It’s so warm.”

Yes, Beth,” I said, “and that’s all because of you.” I slid her hand up and down my member, biting my lip to avoid cumming too soon.

“With all respect, Mr. Klien,” she began, “I could go much faster without your hand there.”

“Have you ever given a hand job before?” I asked.

“I am a violiness, in the school band. What do you think we do to pass the time on the bus?” she replied. She dabbed some more lotion onto my cock, again filling the small closet with the raspberry scent. She was stroking at the pace I had established earlier, and then she bit her lower lip and looked into my eyes.

She built up speed, far past the speeds I have ever been able to reach alone. Speed perfected byallegro violin solos which pleasured the ear now pleasured my cock. I was worried, but that faded soon as the lotion kept me lubricated and the speed of her hand brought me to new levels of ecstasy.

I began to fondle her right breast, which fit perfectly in my hand. The hard nipple poked into my hand and let me know she was enjoying it as much as I.

“Mnnh, Beth,” I groaned as I stared into her eyes. Suddenly, her silky blue panties caught my attention. “Let me cum on your panties,” I requested.

Just in time, she aimed my penis at her panty-clad bald pussy and I came. I came like never before. I left streaks of hot liquid across the front of the panties. “Aaag,” I yelled.

Beth pulled up her pants and fastened them, and I did the same with my pants. She pulled her shirt back over her head, and stuffed the red bra in my front pocket. I looked at her questioningly. She explained, “You gave me a souvenir, so here is yours.” Beth kissed me on the lips and brought my hand to her breast one more time. I squeezed.

“Thank you,” I sighed.

“No, thankyou,” she said as she exited the closet. She picked up her things and blew me a kiss as she walked out the door. I put the supplies back in the closet as the bell rang. I pulled a pen out of my pocket. I had some notes to take.

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