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SubmittingAs I walk into my apartment, getting home from a long day of work, what do I see but you going through my panty drawer. I stand there just watching you for a few minutes, not making a sound. Suddenly you turn around holding a pair of my bright red panties, with you lips covered in matching lipstick. I slowly walk over to you and rip the panties from your limp grasp. “What the hell do you think you are doing in my room, going through my personal things?””I I I you stammer” trying to think of something.” I found these mixed up with my clothes”.” Oh Really?” “Why do I get the feeling you are lieing to me?””I think you were actually trying to put them back after wearing them while I was away and were trying to put them back before I got home.”” No,I really found them mixed in with my stuff.”I just stand there just looking at you for what must seem like hours, when finally I just say “strip”.You, of course just stand there with you cheeks trying to turn as red as you slutty looking lips.”STRIP” I yell at you.Slowly you start to do as I demanded, when what do I see but another pair of my brand new panties covering your small pathetic dick. And my new matching bra of all things.”What the FUCK do you think you are doing wearing my things?” I scream at you as you look around for any way to escape.”I I I just wanted to see how it must feel to look like you do” you answer meekly with you eyes down cast.Without saying anything for a long moment, I just stand there staring at you pathetic attempt to look anything as good as I do.Finally, very quietly I say” So you want to look like a woman?””Yes” you whisper.”What did you say?” I ask with a hint of annoyance creeping into my voice.”Yes” you say louder.”Yes what?””Yes I was trying to look like a woman”Still staring at you, I order you out of my room warning you ” then if that if that is the case, tomorrow we are going to start to learn how to do it properly”Little do you realize that I have much more in mind than just making you look like a woman, I have much more in mind.The next day arrives and I yell for you to get your ass into my room.”Sit down”Slowly you lower yourself into the only available chair.”Now Sissy…..”””Sissy?” you stammer.”Yes Sissy. First I have known for some time that you have been going through and even wearing my stuff for some time.” And the look in your eye confirms this.”So I think it only appropriate to start calling you with a new pet name. Sissy” “And if you want to stay living here with me, you are going to start doing everything I want””You have 5 minutes to think about it” I tell you as I walk out of the room.After giving you the allotted five minutes, I walk back in, “So what is it going to be Sissy?””Yes, I want to stay””That good Sissy, but from now on you are to address me as Ma’am. Understand?””Yes Ma’am I want to stay””Very good, and also from now on you are to do as I tell you to do without complaint.””Yes Ma’am” you answer after a couple seconds of hesitation.”Now it’s time to see how serious you are, go into the other bedroom and return with you new clothes.You slowly return carrying what I had bought the other day, A bright pink pair of matching bra and panties, kocaeli escort black stockings, red garter belt, and a pair of 4 inch black stilettos.”Now sit down, it’s time to get you ready for the guests””Guests???” “I mean guests Ma”am?” you correct when you notice the glare in my eye.”Yes, Guests.””And since you obviously need to be made up properly, I will put on your makeup.”So you sit quiet as I put on your makeup, dark smokey eyes, a hint of blush, and bright cock sucking red lipstick.”Now I want you to get dressed, while I go great our guests, get everything set up, and then I will summon you, Sissy.””Yes Ma’am”After about half an hour latter, “Sissy, you may come out now”You stumble out into the other room, not used to walking in the heels, dressed in your panties, bra, stockings, and heels and look around nervously.”I would like you to meet my girlfriend Amanda. You must also address her as Ma’am””Hello Sissy, how are you?” Amanda asks in a deep smokey voice.”Very well. Thank you Ma’am.””Now that you two have met, it’s time for our entertainment. Are you ready Sissy?”You stare at the ground and say nothing.”Sissy I asked you a question. Are you ready?””Yes Ma’am.” You wispier.”Speak up” I demand.With a deep nervous breath you say “Yes Ma’am.””Very good. Now I want you to go over to the hassock and lie down on your stomach.”As you shuffle across the room, you notice the black bag laying on the floor, but realize that it is just better not ask about it.You lie down and wait for what ever is to come.That’s when you hear the zipper of the bag being pulled back.after a couple of minutes I step around and kneel in front of you so all that you can see is my face and full breasts swaying in front of you.”Now Sissy, there is something you need to know about Amanda. You see, her name is a play on words. She is a he in the process of going through the surgery to become a full woman.”While I am keeping your attention from what is going on behind you, Amanda has tied your legs securely to the feet of the hassock, so you are unable to get up.And I have tied your hands to the other feet.You are now totally at the mercy of the only other two in the room.I stand up to reveal a long, thick dildo strapped around my waist.”Amanda,” I ask, “Do you think we should let him watch us before we have our fun with him? So he has some Idea of what is expected of him?”Amanda walks around to join me in front of you and that is when you see that she still has a cock, but just not a cock, it is bigger than thing you have ever seen.”Now Sissy, I want you to watch me and learn what is expected of you in a few minutes.”I slowly drop to my knees and slowly start to feed his throbbing hard cock down my throat. Back and forth it goes in and out of my mouth until it slowly disappears down my throat with only “his balls are touching my chin. I hold it there with spit dripping down my chin and then pull out only to take it all the way back down. Faster and faster, harder and harder Amanda fucks my face, until he pulls out and explodes in my mouth. I turn to you so that you can see his seed laying on my tongue. I close my mouth and swallow every drop.I turn toward escort kocaeli you and ask” And do you know what this is for Sissy?””No Ma’am.” you answer.”Well, you will find out soon enough.Now open that mouth of yours.”Slowly you part you lips, but not fast enough, so I grab your hair, and pull you head up. With a shocked look you open your mouth, and I ram my dildo into you mouth before you can react. I place both hands of the side of your head and begin to thrust my hips back and forth, until you start gagging on my huge dildo. Spit starts to spill down you face as a look of resignation comes across your face. Slowly I remove my hands from your head and you start sucking on the fake cock that if buried in your face. Without thinking I notice, but it is all to obvious that you are starting to enjoy this.After a few minutes of this I pull out of your mouth, and let you catch your breath.I walk over to the bag and come back with a plastic device, the likes of which you have never seen.”Do you know what this is Sissy?””No Ma’am.” You answer still out of breath.”It’s called a chastity cage. It prevents you from having any kind of ejaculation while it is on. I have decided that you no longer own that dick attached to your body, but I haven’t decided who will hold the key. Me or Amanda.” I say laughing at the pathetic look on your face.”Oh and look, your lips are all messed up, I need to reapply you lipstick. Amanda, will you please take care of putting this on him?”While I walk back into the bedroom, Amanda unties one of your hands and feet and orders you to turn onto your side and then places the cage on you and locks the lock with a loud audible snap, turns you back over and reties your hand and foot.I return and after reapplying your lipstick, I ask,”Are you ready Sissy?, Even if not it is time for the second round of our entertainment””Which would you like first Amanda, front or back?””Wellllll, since it just might be his first time, I’ll let you take the back.””Don’t worry Sissy, this shouldn’t hurt… much.” I tell you as I walk around you and Amanda takes my place in front of you.”OK Sissy, open that pretty mouth of yours.” Amanda tells you.Slowly, not wanting Amanda that you are actually excited about possibly sucking such a beautiful cock, you open your lips. Once they are opened enough Amanda walks up a rams his full nine inches down your throat.Whie holding it there, causing you to start gagging, looks up and nods at me.While you are struggling to get your breath I slowly force my strap on into you tight virgin ass, but to my surprise, it slides right in proving that this isn’t the first time you have had at least something buried in you man pussy.With a little work Amanda and I finally come up with a rhythm where one of us is going into one hole while while the other is pulling out.Unknown to you Amanda isn’t the only friend I have invited over tonight.While the two of us are having our fun, my other five friends quietly walk into the apartment.I glance up and wink at Amanda, the signal, that it is time for the blindfold to be placed over your eyes.Amanda takes a moment to pull out of your mouth to let you catch you breath, while kocaeli escort bayan I, still buried deep in your ass, start to tie the blindfold around your eyes, but before you can utter a word or make a sound, Amanda quickly rams his raging hard on back down your throat.With the blindfold blocking out all sight, you have no idea what is to come next.As Amanda and I continue to violate both your mouth and pussy, my other friends get ready.Amanda finally reaching the point of no return, erupts with a huge load with so much force that you have no choice but swallow every drop.While my dildo is still shoved deep up your ass, Look up,” Ahh Sam, Dani, Pat, Toni, Ryan, glad you could join us. Say hi to Sissy.””Hello Sissy.” You hear in a chorus of voices.”Who wants to be next now that Amanda looks like she needs a break?”All five at the same time squealed “I do I do””Well I could actually use a breather. So there are actually two openings available.”Sam and Toni, quickly replaced Amanda and I. Only this time it was Toni with her strap on took Amandas post ion at you mouth and Sam with his throbbing hard took up the rear position.Both at the same time entered your gapping openings.While they were abusing you Pat and Ryan were busy stroking the cocks while Dani got on her knees and started licking Toni’s dripping cunt forcing her to thrust deeper into you slobbering mouth.Finally not able to hold back any longer Sam exploded deep in your ass only to be quickly replaced Pat who without missing a beat continued to **** your pussy. Toni’ not able to help herself let out with a wall shaking scream as she came all over Dani’s face.She pulled out and Ryan, with your mouth still wide open let loose with his load. So surprised were you that you couldn’t help but swallow it adding it to Amandas.Seconds later Pat to filled you ass with his load.Amanda, Toni, Sam, Pat, Toni, Ryan and myself took turns either ****ing you mouth or ass for the next several hours until none of had any strength left.With some of my last bit of strength I grabbed a glass, untied you, helped you stand up and let all the cum flow out of your ass into the glass. Still blindfolded I hand you the glass an order you to drink up. We all watch you drink up the soupy mess that seconds before been in your ass and applaud as the last drop slides down your throat.After all of my friends leave I escort you back to the bed room and help you get cleaned up. Allowing you to fall into a deep sleep while I gently stroke your head telling you how happy I was of my Sissy.When you awaken the next morning I have you go into the room where just hours before you had been subjected to a night for my pleasure, and have you sit down.With you still locked in you chastity cage, I turn on the TV, press play on the DVD player and you end up watching the seven of us having all kinds of fun at your expense. While you are unable to take your eyes from the screen, I inform you that I had made copies for all of my friends.And that I had decided to give the key to the lock on your cage to Amanda, who had to go out of the country for work and will not be returning for at least a month.”Now if you do not want this video to get released to your friends and co-workers, from now on you will make yourself available to me and/or friends any time we want to use you. Either as a group or by anyone.””Do you we have an agreement Sissy?”Hanging you head you reply “Yes Ma’am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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