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Strip bridgeMargot was an unashamedly naughty girl and really like her husband fucking her up the arse as they screwed doggy style. With a thicker than average cock, he would have torn her apart if it wasn’t for the practice. Margot’s big but natural tits wobbled beneath her as she was thoroughly stuffed. It was a good job nobody could hear them as Margot was very noisy as she orgasmed, screaming yes at the top of loud voice.Later as they lay back satiated Margot thought about their new neighbours. They lived in a big house that had been divided into two dwellings. It would be totally accurate to say they lived in a three bedroomed semi, but this would also be utterly misleading. The bedrooms were all huge, they had a walk-in larder and both the dining room and drawing room were massive rooms. The fire in the drawing room could take a large branch.The other half of the house was slightly smaller but not by much so it was with surprise that the elderly couple who had down sized were replaced by a couple younger than Margot and Paul who were in their mid-thirties. These two were no more than late twenties and both were hot.Vincent, the husband was tall and of medium build with light brown hair and a shy grin that sent Margot’s heart into palpitations. As for Elspeth, the wife she was not much shorter than her husband but both slim and curvaceous. The girl next door but what a girl next door. Both were quite quiet and a bit shy but friendly enough and glad to accept Margot and Graham’s proffered help. They found that they got on rather well with their new neighbours but they seemed so much younger than them even though it was probably only about five years.Vincent left the bedroom to get on with something so Margot laid back and used her vibrator on her cunni as she fantasised. The thought of sweet little Margot being buggered the way she so recently had done, screaming with lust and passion set Margot off again as she fondled her own tits.Later having recovered she decided to go around and see if there was anything, they needed help with and to make better friends. Randy tart Margot might be but she was a generous and helpful soul who made friends easily.Elspeth answered the door looking very fetching in short skirt and fluffy white sweater. Margot resisted licking her lips. As it turned out yes Elspeth could very much do with help. Graham was working and filling the book top book shelves was easier with someone to hand them up. They had an awful lot of books and they were currently in boxes on what would become a substantial library.“When my father died, I inherited his library, the big attraction of this place was that it had so many book shelves.”As Margot handed them up, she got a good look up Elspeth’s skirt to see pretty white panties and a very nice bum that would be so nice to fondle. Margot fantasised again of taking all Elspeth clothes off one by one and driving her to distraction by eating her out. Margot knew that she was a very talented muff muncher.Fantasies aside this didn’t stop the two of them chatting. It transpired that Elspeth’s father had died after a very long illness which she cared for him through. The caring had been very isolating for the girl who had no other family. Elspeth’s father was wealthy and she had joint power of attorney with his solicitor. This meant that she spent quite a lot of time with the solicitor and became close marrying about six months ago.“I hope he didn’t marry you for your money dear.”“Oh, it’s quite likely he did but Graham samsun escort is genuinely fond of me, he is not very good at hiding his feelings. So far it has been a very happy marriage though I wish that we both had more of a clue about sex. We were both virgins and only c***dren I suspect that there are lots of things we could try that are more fun.”What an opening for Margot, this young and innocent girl practically asking to be corrupted. Margot went very damp at the thought of the delectable couple so readily available. Vincent was not as bad as her but he would still enjoy the prospect.“I know there is more, would you like your Aunty Margot to teach you.”“Yes, I would, I thought you might when I realised you were looking up my skirt. I suppose you want me to wear some sexy thong?”“Of course.”Apparently, Elspeth was not quite as innocent as she appeared and it was interesting that being ogled by another women did not bother her. In fact, there was a little smile playing around her lips.That evening Margot practically tore her husband’s clothes off so anxious was she to get fucked. This delectable girl was at least open to the idea of more adventure. Margot bounced up and down on her husbands cock as he massaged her tits. All the while she thought of Elspeth being double penetrated.“Heavens women you are even randy than usual, not that I am complaining.”“I got to know our young neighbour better and we agreed that she needs sex education, hubby as well for that matter.”“You agreed does she know that you agreed.”“Elspeth pretty much brought it up after I ogled her bum with insufficient subtlety. I think the problem with her is lack of experience not diffidence. I will think of the best way to do this. Oh, don’t stop.” Rational thought went by the way side at this point Margot climaxed then was rolled onto her back to be buggered. It was a sore Margot who woke up to find Graham had left for work. Vincent’s car was also heading out and a few minutes later a knock came on the door. It was Elspeth who did not bat an eyelid that Margot was only wearing a robe.They had some coffee and Margot let her robe come loose showing a boob to see if she got a reaction.“Are you trying to shock me. If so, you’re going to fail I am not fussed about nudity between women. With a man I don’t know, probably, but not another woman.”“You aren’t quite what you seem are you.”“Not completely but I know when I am being teased and don’t rise. Dad was a terrible tease.” The smile on her face showed that she was livelier than she looked. There was more than a hint of mischief about her.Chatting away it turned out that they shared a liking for playing bridge. This gave Margot an idea which she didn’t reveal just yet. They arranged that Saturday night they would have a few rubbers. Come Saturday night they sat down and had fun as they all played at a similar level and Vincent whilst shy had a similar sense of humour to his wife. During the evening Margot brought the conversation around to sex. Elspeth reacted as she expected and so did Vincent. All was going to plan. The younger couple were relaxed about the way the conversation was going. “OK how daring are you two feeling?”“What do you have in mind.”“Strip Bridge.”Elspeth and Vincent laughed but had a sparkle in their eyes. Graham seemed quite bemused but the idea of what might happen certainly seemed fun even if he was a trifle perturbed at his wife’s boldness. “How we do it is that if a couple wins a game the other pair removes an item of clothing. escort samsun ““Your on.” they said in unison giggling manically.The first game went to Elspeth and Vincent. Off came blouse and shirt respectively. The second went the same way and skirt and trousers followed. Vincent did not hide that he liked the look of his voluptuous neighbour now dressed in corset and thong with sexy black boots and long evening gloves.The next game went the other way. Elspeth had made the mistake of wearing a dress so was down to her underwear for a single loss. To Margot’s surprise she was wearing sexy underwear, matching bra and thong. “Do you know I think this has been a little unfair on you. Come on lets even things up.” With this Margot drew her off to the bedroom. Returning Elspeth too had acquired evening gloves this time in ivory and matching boots.“Ooh those are nice.” “So, you like you wife in long gloves and sexy boots.” Asked Graham somewhat amused.“Yes, I do. Are you going to get your own Hells breath?”“I rather think I am I feel very, very sexy and I am not going to pretend I don’t like it.”Narrowly the next game went to Elspeth and Vincent who seemed to be quite disappointed. Margot got up and started to un-hook the corset one tie at a time until it was removed. Margot stroked her naked breasts. Both her supposedly innocent guests clearly liked the show. The next game Elspeth unsubtlety messed up and had her bra off faster than a streak of lightning grinning broadly as she cupped her nice round breasts. Everyone was grinning broadly by now. Another game lost to either pair removed the ladies remaining underwear, Graham was also naked with only Vincent was wearing pants. “Come on Vince get em off we all know wear this is going.” Said Elspeth as she ripped his pants off and started caressing his cock. “What do we do next Margot?”“How daring are you. Do you want to stay as two couples or swap?”“Swap we want to learn and I am feeling so randy.”The two men sat on the sofa and the girls lowered themselves onto the erect cocks of the men both were as wet at was possible to get and slid down on the rigid members easily. Elspeth bounced up and down vigorously, whilst Margot did so more slowly.“Slow down a bit or Graham will not be able to avoid cumin quickly. You look so sweet but you’re a randy little tart. Lean towards me.”Margot followed instructions and got her first lesbian kiss for her trouble. One of Graham’s hands was fondling her tit but Margot got the other one. Vincent was also fondling Margot’s so Elspeth took the only remaining mammary for a fondle. All four of them were pretty turned on and they had climaxing within a few seconds of each other.“I’m not sure that we learnt anything we didn’t know but that was really very nice. I hope we will get to do it again.”“Oh pretty soon, just as soon as you recover. In the meantime, I think I am going to corrupt your wife since she likes kissing girls.”“Ooh err, I didn’t think we would do anything lezzie. Are you happy with me doing that Vince?” The broad grin on his face gave a clear answer that was met by a similar smile from Elspeth that got even broader as Margot’s talented tongue got to work of her pussy lips. Margot was lying on her back between Elspeth’s legs deliberately leaving her only slit within easy reach. The younger woman took the hint and started to lick and nibble away. To her surprise Graham gave her advice as how to do it best.“This is why we needed help I have never tried oral on Elspeth. She has samsun escort bayan given me a blow job or two but we both reckon that we’re missing out something fun”“Well a bit later Elspeth can demonstrate and I will critique. This is so hot corrupting two innocent but willing people. Now look your hard again so stick it in Elspeth and you will have the pleasure of my tart of a wife licking both of you.”Vincent did and so did Margot, this only left Graham un-engaged in the action. This was remedied by him joining in eating his wife out which was combined with the odd kiss with Elspeth. The combination of screwing and licking meant that Elspeth had climax after climax. Margot was not far behind on the cummin stakes. They stopped for a rest and Graham went and got another bottle of wine, a very nice Chablis that was quite refreshing after their exercise.“Now you randy pair, how long and how much do you want to do.”“What had you in mind?” enquired Vincent with great interest.“Our bed is a super king that could easily take all four of us. Also, we have no plans for tomorrow, what about you?”“I think our plans involve sex and debauchery with our horny neighbours.” Elspeth eyes were gleaming with excitement.“I’m not pushing you am I Vince?” “Not a chance this is most guys ultimate wet dream.”“Splendid, right before we try anything new or too extreme, we will ask first. Whilst we don’t know S&M I think that having a safe word would be an idea.” They explained the concept and it made sense though in the end neither of them used it. They took everything in their stride with considerable glee.The four of them stayed together for the rest of the night in a four-way spoon and the whole of the next day. Not just having sex but kissing and cuddling and showing increasing affection. That is not to say it didn’t get pretty raunchy Elspeth tried first fisting and then buggery and she liked both. Vincent first fucked Margot up the arse and then later his wife. The climax of the weekend (pun intended) was when Elspeth was double fucked and had the biggest climax of the time together.The men had to go off to work on Monday morning but the two women just took that as the opportunity to continue with sex lessons in Sapphic intercourse. Indeed, they were still there when the men came home in the evening.“Are you two still at it.” Asked Vincent who had opened his front door to silence and promptly went next door to find Graham spectating as the girls screed happily.“Oh, shut up and the pair of you bugger us. I find I rather like it.” Said Elspeth with no pretence of innocence now. The men smiled and happily complied.Over the next few weeks the four of them got increasingly close. A door between the two houses was uncovered and reinstated. What amused Margot was to note that she was even more adventurous than she had been before that fateful evening and was having sex on a daily basis just to keep up. The two couples were treating the divide house as one home. A large jacuzzi was installed in a purpose built shed accessible directly from Elspeth’s side. The girls got in the habit of spending hours in it. As for the nights, by general agreement they slept in the huge super king bed of Margot and Graham. By the now Elspeth was contently bi and her husband found it such a turn on.As for dressing the two girls vied with each other for outrageous clothing so the next month they again played bridge. The girls were dressed in sheer bodies, leather mini-skirts, crutch length boots and leather gloves above the elbows. They decided that the partners should be split on gender lines. By the time they had finished playing with themselves they slaughtered the men by distracting them with wobbling tits and a passionate snog when they won a game.

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