Strangers Lust – The Next Morning

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The following story depicts violence, I felt this was needed for this story, however I don’t condone violence! I do not support nor would I stand by and let another human react in this manner. Just felt for this story to feel the way it did, this method was required!


Waking to a very satisfying feeling, Thinking to myself ‘That’s It Katie, just like you to make me feel amazing’, just as I’m about to tell my Ex-wife how good she feels, I open my eyes to realize it’s not Katie, wiping my eyes to see its Koko between my legs! Looking down at Koko, her gorgeous eyes looking at me with her beautiful smiling.

“Good morning Kam, I thought I would wake you up with a special treat!” Smirking at me, Koko Winks.

Wrapping her soft lips back around my cock, sliding it half way inside her mouth, feeling her hand rubbing under my balls, taking them into her hand to play with them.

“Good morning sexy, this is out of the norm for me, Don’t think I’ve ever been woken up this way, if this is the kind of morning treat I’m going to receive from you, maybe I’ll just cancel that flight back to Australia!” moaning, while watching my gorgeous girl work her magic!

She smiles at me watching her with lust in my eyes, Seeing a bit of drool run out the side of her mouth, down her chin, dropping onto the sheet below her. Looking into her beautiful eyes as shes sliding up and down on my cock, bringing a smile to my face and a moan from my lips. Just at the moment I’m starting to feel myself building, she stops with a content look. smiles and lays down on the bed beside me.

“I want to make you cum in my mouth, but at the same time I really want to feel you deep inside my pussy, hope you didn’t mind me stopping Kam but I need you inside here so bad!” spreading and pointing at her pussy. Watching me look down at her wet lips, leaning closer kissing me on the neck, along my cheek, finally lands a passionate kiss on the lips.

Tasting a mixture of her pussy and myself on her lips! Licking my lips telling her “My beautiful Koko, I could have you five to six times a day, I doubt I’ll ever get tired of you or this here stunning body!”

Grabbing her around the waist, pulling her towards me to give her cuddles and kisses. Putting my hands up on her shoulder blades and pushing her onto her back. Climbing between her thighs, positioning my hard cock at her wet opening, with ease sliding myself in her wet pussy!

“The last time we fucked Koko!” Smiling continuing, “This time I’m going to make love to you slow and passionately” winking and smirking at her.

Thrusting into her slowly until I feel I’m so deep I’m resting against her cervix, pulling back out oh her slowly till just the tip can be seen between her wet lips. Thrusting slowly back inside while listening for her sweet moans. Leaning into her running my hands through her shiny brown hair, pulling her close kissing her tenderly on the lips.

While passionately kissing her I’m thrusting my hips slowly into her, passionate moans escaping her lips between our kisses and my thrusting.

Out of the corner of my eyes I see her phone, sitting on the table light up! A text message from someone called ‘Samuel’! Stopping thrusting to lean over towards her phone. The message read ‘Missed you last night!’ turning to look her in the eyes and question her. “Are you married or do you have a boyfriend Koko?” frowning “I assumed you was single seeing as you aren’t wearing any jewelry, a wedding band and told me you can spend a few days showing me around, please be honest!”

She drops her head down, closes her eyes, tear’s roll out her closed eyes down her cheek. Taking my hand I wipe the tear and ask her.

“You don’t need to cry hunny. The best thing to do is tell me honestly, Who’s Samuel?”

She opens her eyes, between tearful sobs tells me the story.

“His name is Sam, his my ex-boyfriend and he’s a violent man. I haven’t seen him for the last month, he follows me, sometimes even helps himself into my house, told me I sleep so peaceful. Following me around thinking I don’t notice.” Still sobbing continues her story “he cheated on me with a skinnier younger girl. Of all the girls to cheat on me with. My best-friend!”

Wiping the tears from her eyes, swallowing the lump in my throat, kissing her on the lips telling her “I’m sorry I judged you babe, please don’t feel guilty!” smiling “I hope we see him why I’m your man and you’re on my arm!” Smiling and kissing her on the cheek

She smiles and kisses me tenderly.

Thrusting deeply into her, shes not expecting me causing her to gasp and moan into my kisses.

We continued to kiss and make love for the next thirty minutes. Every-time I sensed I was close to an orgasm, stopping thrusting, kissing her till the feeling subsided. Resuming thrusting back into her again. Koko had two orgasms. then looks into my eyes begging me “Please Kam, I know you told me you wanted to make love slowly.” Smirking “Babe I want to feel ataşehir escort bayan your cum in my mouth, next time you get close, please pull out and cum in my mouth!”

Hearing those words, causing me to reach the point of no return. Quickly pulling out, climbing up onto my knee’s kneeling beside her head, taking her head in my hand. Watching her open her mouth wrapping her lips around my cock, thrusting my cock into her mouth a few times, feeling a surge of cum surge out of my cock! Not expecting it, looking down at her face, watching as she gagged briefly, before resuming sucking on my cock, moaning as a few more surges of cum fired into her mouth. My cum drained, my cock started to soften, my cock sliding out of her mouth, smiling and looking at me. Koko opened her mouth, showing me my cum pooled on her tongue, closing her mouth, flicking her head back, swallowing, poking her tongue out to show me “All gone!” closing her mouth, smirking sexily.

We both climb out of bed to shower, taking our time to rub soap into each other, between kisses and cuddling, letting the hot water trickle over both of us. We both got clean clothes on, Koko grabbing clean clothes from her bag she had obviously grabbed earlier while out grabbing coffees.

We headed back out to look around, going up to a cliff top and taking a few pictures of us with the ocean behind. Walking back at our local cafe, walking in holding hands, seeing our waitress looking out the window behind the counter. She spun around to see us and a massive smile appearing on her face. Looking down at our hands locked together, back up to our smiling faces commenting as she looked at Koko “Wow Koko, look at that big smile, aren’t the two of you the cutest couple!” looking at my smirk “Kam, I see you found the right person to show you around huh! I was going to offer to show you around, clearly I don’t need to offer anymore huh!”

Smiling and winking at us, taking our orders. We went to sit outside at a table, just outside the cafe. Sipping our coffee’s and enjoying a cigarette. Suddenly someone pushed past me, before leaning over grabbing Koko’s hand, pulling her up from the table, raising his voice “Come with me NOW Koko!” Roaring “We need to talk you two timing bitch” stepping closer to Koko.

Watching events unfold, making me assume this was ‘Samuel’. Standing up from the table, stepping forward to grab Sam by the scruff of his shirt, stepping between Koko and Samuel before getting right in his face, furiously telling him “So your the piece of shit that Koko was telling me that’s been stalking her, won’t take no for an answer, or accept you and her are over!” raising my voice roaring “I had hoped you was stalking her this morning, curiously did you follow her to my apartment?” Questioning “Following her to my apartment, watching me make love to your EX GIRLFRIEND, hearing her scream my name?”

Turning to face, pulling his fist back and raising his arm behind him, ready to take a swing.

“Try it ass-hole!” Shaking his shirt “It’ll be the last time you do pal!” Stepping forward just inches from his face “I’ll beat so fucking bad, you’ll not open your eyes and look the same again” pulling him into me and bellowing “Now I suggest you un-clench those fist’s, accept that Koko’s finally found a real man who loves her and would protect her till the ends of the earth!” getting angrier by the second “Turn your macho ass around and walk away. While you still have a chance. I’m going to count to five Sam!” Shaking him furiously “If you let me reach FIVE. One of us will be leaving here on a stretcher! Believe me I’m walking away with this GIRL on my arm!” grabbing Koko’s hand and taking a step forward, nose to nose staring him down!

He starts to step back slowly before saying “You might have him beside you right now bitch!” looking directly at Koko to finish “But sooner or later ill catch you alo!”

Before he gets a chance to finish his sentence my head collides with his forehead, knocking him out cold, laying on the ground, the waitress comes running over, splashes him in the face with a jug of ice cold water! bringing him back to planet earth!

Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck again, lifting him back up to his feet before shoving him hard against the wall behind him. Warning him angry and coldly “I warned you SAM, I don’t give a fuck! If you think your ten feet tall and bullet proof! I ain’t scared of you, Koko is my girl now” pulling him forwards “Others might be intimidated by you, the fact you look and act all macho! But I’m telling you here and now.” Pointing my finger into his chest roaring “If i catch you harassing Koko again! Next time you won’t have someone to throw a jug of water over your face to wake you up!” Sizing myself up with him just millimeters from him “Now fuck off Sam, before I have a change of heart and beat you senseless!”

Letting go of him and shoving my chest towards him, causing him to step back and falling over. Sam grabs escort kadıköy paper towel from the table beside him before running off. Koko stands beside me and wraps her shaking arms around me.

Our waitress grabs me from the other side before kissing me on the cheek looking at Koko saying, “I always thought you was too good for that piece of shit Koko!” Looking at her smiling “The way he used to speak down to you was pathetic. When-ever he was around you, all I seen was a scared look in your eyes!”

Looking at me. Koko between sobs tells us “Thank you Kam, I’m worried that won’t be the last time I see him!”

I just look at both girls wrap my arms around them, pulling them both into me kiss Koko on the head telling them both “If Sam knows whats good for him, he will stay away from all of us!”

Letting go of the waitress to see her walk back inside. Turning Koko around towards me, looking into her tearful eyes, wiping them both with the back of my finger, kissing her on the lips, leaning in closer kissing her, and then reassure her “While I’m here my love, you are safe in my arms!” pulling her closer “Please relax babe, if Sam shows his face again I’ll make sure he never does it again, that’s a promise!” Smiling and cuddling her into my arms, hearing her sigh and cuddle me.

We walk off, Koko’s arms holding me close as we start walking her back to my hotel room. Both laying on the bed, pulling Koko in closer to my side, her head now resting on my chest as I run my hands through her hair, she falls asleep followed closely by me.

We both wake a few hours later, she has rolled over and is now facing away from me. admiring her body, noticing that her pants have slid down her waist. Her ass is showing! Teasing, begging to be touched and played with. Taking the opportunity to slide my hand down insider her panties, gently rubbing her ass cheeks, trying my best not to disturb her.

She moans at my touch, shuffling back towards me giving better access inside her panties, pulling her leg up towards her tummy, allowing my hand to easily find her nice wet pussy, my fingers easily sliding between her lips rubbing up and down. Listening for her moans as I’m rubbing making me more eager to keep rubbing. Leaning in I kiss her lightly on the neck, she’s moaning and whispered “Morning my Aussie Lover!”

Rolling over to face me, causing my hand to slide out of her pants, sliding back in closer, kissing me on the lips, parting my lips as she kisses me tenderly. Looking into my eyes our tongues dance, our kiss turns from gentle to one of pure lust, passion with both of us moaning!

Rolling her onto her back, rolling on-top of her between her thighs. Sliding her hand between us grasping my cock, sliding it up and down her wet panty covered pussy. Koko Moving her panties aside, guiding it between her wet pussy lips. Rubbing her wet pussy with my hard cock, easily sliding inside her tight wet pussy, she’s moaning as she feels my cock start to slide deeper and deeper inside her moist inviting pussy.

Telling me “Kam, I hope this is not something that is only short term, I’m starting to fall in love with you, my sexy Aussie man!” Smiling at me her eyes closed.

Sliding my hand through her hair, behind her head. Pulling her lips to mine embracing her with a passionate kiss “My beautiful Koko trust me! There is only one way I’m leaving this island” Smiling “With you beside me on that plane!” Thrusting into her hard, watching as she tilts her head, catching her breath, followed by a deep moan.

She moans and smiles “Is that your way of telling me you want me to come back to Australia with you lover?”

Thrusting a few more times and telling her “This is my way of telling you, I don’t care if I move here or we take you back to Australia with me!” kissing her “My place is now standing beside you Koko, I want you safely in my arms each and every day for the rest of our lives!”

We continue to make love, she moans and asks “Can you fuck me doggy please Kam?” moaning and continuing with a grin on her smile “I want to feel your hard cock thrusting inside of my wet pussy from behind!” Before motioning for me to let her up on all fours.

Climbing from on-top of her, both of us re-positioning with her kneeling on all four, her sexy ass pointed in my direction. Positioning myself behind her, rubbing my cock along her wet lips, thrusting forward watching my cock slide inside of her tight wet pussy with ease. Hearing her catch her breath, moaning loudly moving her hips forward and then sliding back along my hard shaft. Continuing rocking herself back and forward watching my cock slide all the way out of her pussy Is like heaven for me. Watching it disappear back inside, my moaning matching her rhythm with every movement.

I raise my hand and spank her ass, causing her to wince in pain! Moaning telling me she enjoys being spanked, spanking her again this time slightly harder, changing cheeks to slap the other side. While bostancı escort I’m spanking her, watching her rocking her hips taking my cock into her tight pussy. My attention turned to her anus begging to be teased, Sucking my fingers and rubbing my fingers in circles around her tight ass-hole. Removing my fingers, replacing them with my thumb. Sliding my thumb inside her anus slowly, watching my thumb disappear while hearing her moans become more high pitched the deeper my thumb goes. My thumb slides all the way inside her ass, causing her to start rocking on my cock harder and faster, smacking her hips firmly into me, Moaning and encouraging me to thrust forward, while my thumb fucks her ass.

Deciding it’s time the teasing goes to a whole new level! I instruct her “Put your hand between your legs and rub your clit, when you think your ready push your ass back towards me” Spanking her ass “Just make sure you are ready! If you aren’t ready, trust me when I say this is going to hurt!”

Sliding my cock out of her pussy, rubbing the head around her tight ass hole, watching the head start sliding into her anus a few millimeters, But hearing her cry out in pain! pulling my cock from her ass, she starts rubbing her clit harder and faster, moaning and slowly bringing her hips back towards me. Continuing to hold the head of my cock at her anus, watching as the head of my cock starts to slide back in her anus, about an inch! This time it disappears deeper, rocking towards me, taking me deeper into her ass every time she rocks, until I see a few inches of my cock sliding in and out of her tight ass, shes crying again, but this time it’s a cry of pleasure!

Screaming “Damn Kam! This is the first time anal has ever felt good!” looking over her shoulder biting her lip, “Usually the men are rough. Telling me its meant to feel painful. But wow this feels so good, can I take you deeper, you are pretty thick but I want too!” Pushing herself back harder, causing half of me to disappear inside her tight little ass hole.

“You are amazing babe” Moaning “As long as you keep rubbing your clit while my cock is inside of you, the pleasure will continue!” Leaning forward to grab a handful of Koko’s hair pulling her head back, a few more inches of my cock disappear inside her ass. She keeps rubbing her clit, rocking back and forward until her ass presses hard against my pelvis, looking down to see shes got all of my cock inside of her, Her moaning has become so high pitched!

Screaming, begging me “Fuck me like this is your last!” Looking at me “Damn this moment! I wish It would last forever.” Almost Begging “I’m ready for you to cum with me, I’m so close to cumming with you inside my ass!” Moaning, telling me between screams “Fuck Kam, I’m going to cum. Please cum for me, cum inside my ass, Aussie lover!”

Hearing these words from her. Sends me into overdrive! picking up pace and thrusting into her harder deeper, telling her “I hope your ready Koko, I’m about to cum!” Feeling my cock start to throb listening to her high pitch squeals of pleasure!

“Oh God! Your making me cum Kam, cum for me baby!” Screaming as her body starts to shake and shudder uncontrollably.

Watching her in the throes of an orgasm, causes me to cum myself. Surging my throbbing cock hard forward, letting the little amount of stored up cum surge out of my cock and into her tight ass! She’s thrusting back hard to match my last few thrusts, before lunging forward. Popping my cock from out of her ass, collapsing on the bed, shaking. Placing both her hands either side of her spread wide hanging onto the edge of the mattress, as her body shakes and trembles.

Sliding forward running kissing along her back, up to her neck, watching her shake worse with the touch of my lips! Begging me “Please Kam. Don’t touch me babe, even the touch of your lips is making me shake worse!” While she continues to shake furiously.

Laying down beside her watching, smiling. Her shudders start to slow down, her moaning becomes less intense, her breathing slows down. Allowing her to roll on her side facing me, her hands around me me, pulling me into her, planting a kiss on my lips.

Still short of breath but between moans tells me “I know you probably hear this all the time Kam” Smiling “I finally found my perfect man!” cuddling into my chest, putting her head close to my chest, moaning quietly as the last of her orgasm fades “I love you Kam!”

Responding “I love you too Koko!”

We just lay there for a few minutes before I ask “Was you serious about wanting to fly back to Australia with me Koko?” Looking into her eyes as she looks up at me. “I know we have only known each other such a short time, but I love spending time with you. I want to take you back to Australia with me, introduce you to my family” Smiling “You’re the woman who’s pulled me out of my depressive slump, you have helped me smile and enjoy life again, for that I thank you!” Kissing her on the forehead, before lifting her chin, kissing her, moving my head back slightly, waiting for her answer!

“Kam I meant every word,” I said “If you want to go back to Australia, I hope you have room in your suitcase for me. I am not letting you leave without me!” Smiling and kissing me.

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