Strangers in the night

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Strangers in the nightOn that night in mid November, a handsome young man was walking down the road home from work, has he happen to pass a local bar he decided to pop in for a drink before going home. Has he turned round from the bar to find somewhere to sit and ponder on his day, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful lady sitting all alone at the table in the window. She looked sad as through she had been rejected or stood up by the person she was meeting. The Handsome young decided to go and see if this beautiful lady would mind if he joined her. She said ‘ Sure you can join me.’ As she looked at the fine figure of a man who stood there. They started to chat and find out what type of day each other had had, the drinks flowed slowly the conversation got more enjoyable, he asked her what she was doing so far from home and how she was going to get there as it was now quite late, she had no idea of the time till just then as the hrs had flown by. The Handsome young man decided to offer her a room for the night as he only lived around the corner. She accepted reluctantly as it was late and had only just meet this man and this is not normal the think she does. They continue to talk on the way but where soon there, it was a modest house but well decorated. Inside he offered her a drink and showed her to the spare room, she said thank you, and kissed him for his generosity which sparked a tint of passion and lust in the pair. As they came up for air she dragged him in to the room as they fell on to the bed they started to remove each others clothes in a some what frenzied fashion. It wasn’t long before the pair where rolling around naked and exploring each others bodies. He caressed her body with his strong hands; he kissed from her beautiful neck right down to the tip of her toes. She moaned and whimpered as is tongue darted at her now swollen lips and gently hitting her clit which made it erect and throb slightly. She took hold of this cock and started to suck gently around the tip, and then with out any hesitation took his whole length in to her mouth right up to his balls. This made him groan with ecstasy, has he sucked, probed and tickled her sweet tight pussy with his tongue he played with her ass which made her suck deeper and deeper till she was gagging for air, her engorged clit was ready to burst, as she came in his mouth with squirts and squirts of cum, her moans and whimpers at this point had react a loud level but where still slightly muffled by his cock which istanbul escort was ready to explode at this point, she continued to suck and suck till he had exploded with gushes of semen down her throat, as she accepted his semen she continued to suck milking every last drop from him.But she didn’t stop there as she was now very excited and horny; her flexible and luscious tongue soon had him hard again so they could continue on this adventure for unknown satisfaction, without a moments rest she had mounted the handsome young man and started to ride is love pole slow and softly as get a nice feel of it inside her tight pussy and allow herself to adjust to his girth.She kissed him and caressed his chest as he let out a slight moan as she sank deeper on to is cock, she started to increase her speed ever so gently to enjoy the warm sensual feeling the was rushing through her entire body, her whimpers where ever so slight has his penis gently probed its way to her G-spot, his start to send shivers of pleasure down her spine and flushes of colour to her body it was not long before her pussy started to quiver as her point of ecstasy was being reached, at this point he grabbed her buttocks firmly in his strong hands and started to caress them, he circled her buttocks with his fingers till he found what he was looking for.As he started to probe and entice his finger in to her hole she let out a little shriek has it entered her most intimate place of all, (this was the first time that anyone had touched like this).As she reached the point of no return he slide his strong finger into her ass which was greeted with a loud moan of pleasure as she gushed and gushed her juices over his penis and balls, she kissed him again with a longing passion of being well satisfied again, but he had not finished with her just yet as he flipper her over onto her back with legs raised as high as they would go he start to gently at first but quick increased his speed to pound her sweet tight little pussy in to another frenzied orgasm for which he heard the loud whimpers and screams of a beautiful lady at his mercy. This continued for some time as he a second orgasm himself he would withdraw his penis and lick and suck on her swollen lips and erect clit before returning to another position after what felt like hrs she was begging him to take her like she had never been taken before.As she offer her ass to him he sweetly obliged avcılar escort in taking her to new heights and levels of ecstasy, this was not only the first time for but him also, slow he rubbed a small amount of Crisco on her smooth and shapely buttocks he rubbed his finger all over with Crisco, parted her anus and slowly inserted it, making a slick path for his cock to enter her, protecting her from too abrupt an intrusion, as she begged him to place his penis in as slowly as possibly as not to hurt her virginal hole.As he slow entered her with is penis her sphincter muscle relaxed a little to allow him entry with harm she did feel a unpleasant feeling for a short time and was biting her lip as not to screech out in pain, but it soon passed and she started to feel is girth envelope her whole passage. After a short time his rhythm began to increase as she pushed back on to him to receive a lot more of him till his balls started to slap her pussy lips with each of his thrusts, he started to moan louder and louder with each thrust as she did in taking his length up to the hilt of his balls, she started to rubber her clit has he told her to do, it was not long before they both exploded and fell crashing to the bed.At this point they fell asleep cuddled up on the bed through complete exhaustion; it was not till the early hours of the morning did she stare to find him not there.She covered herself in the sheet as she went to find the bathroom, only for them to bump into one another as he brought her breakfast, he directed her to the bathroom and took her breakfast to her room, and she thanked him kindly with a kiss on the cheek, he returned downstairs to finish his coffee and ponder the nights events as she did the same as she eat and dressed.As she arrived downstairs he asked how she would get home, she thought for a moment or too before replying to his question. She answer with a smile ‘train I think can you call me a cab’ then she wrote down her number as his back was turned to make the call. As the cab arrived she thanked him for the night of hospitality and slipped her number into his hand as she left, the journey home was full of daydreaming and fantasising about the pass night for her.She was still dreaming as the train pulled into her station, only a passenger next to her awoke her from the dream as she wanted to get off at the same station. As she reached her home the phone was ring, as she rushed through the door to grasp the phone şirinevler escort it stopped and the answer phone kicked in she picked up the phone in anticipation that it was the handsome young man from the night before, with her heart rate racing she answered ‘hello’ but it wasn’t only her friend to say sorry about the standing her up last night.She told her friend that ‘it was ok’ as the night was not a complete loss due to the fact of the encounter with the fine handsome young man that had entertained her, this intrigued her friend as she started to explain and divulge on the event of the evening as she got another incoming call, she quickly ended the first call, in hoping it was him but it was only her mother enquiring about how she was.After this call her heart rate slowing she went for a shower to cleanse herself ready for another evening with friends, she stripped ready it get in to the warm streams of the jets that where ready to invigorate her body and grabbed her toy as she was still really very horny. As she shampooed, shaved everywhere, soaped and scrubbed, then put on the conditioner on her long silky hair, she picked up the toy and inserted it inside herself making sure the dolphins beak was on her clit, imagining the handsome young man in the shower standing behind her telling her what to do, so she stood up straight pushing the dildo deep into her, and turned it on full throttle, clit and the dildo part rotating and pulsing up and down as well, imagined the handsome young man taking pleasure in watching her as she rinsed the conditioner, knowing she was leaking, she was so wet… rinsed off the conditioner completely then imagined he moving to behind me, turning off the water, having her get on her knees then bend so her ass was up and exposed as he rubbed first his fingers and hand on it, then his cock up and down as the toy still worked it’s Magic!Then he parted her cheeks and fucked her in the shower, coming deep into her ass with the toy still in her pussy…..She got up after he came and they kissed deeply as he ran his hands across her breast and she ran hers up and down his torso and ass cheeks, she rinsed off again and climbed out of the shower, then she went to her room to get towel dried and imagined him saying he liked the feeling of her being so filled but wanted to see it…. and so came to the bed, got out the other rabbit, and imagined him watch as she inserted the dolphin up her ass, and then put the rabbit in her well lubricated pussy, ears on clit and then turned both toys on.She exploded immediately with an INTENSE orgasm that left her shaking and had to pull the rabbit out of herself before she was in tears… After a few minutes her body had stopped shaking and had recovered from the exhausting experience, she dosed in to a light sleep.

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