Straight Football Mates Ch. 01

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*Please note this story is based on my own true story, for the purpose of this I have changed the names and slightly altered the story however for the most part it remains true.*

Justin and Andy had known each other since they we’re both 11 when they started in the same class at high school, they had the same interests in football, school pranks and girls. Neither of them we’re particularly academic but both had a love for sports and P.E. class.

Now they were 18 and both going to the same college studying A Level sport education. Both had girlfriends who were also best friends and they would often be dragged shopping with the girls on the weekends, which both the jocks hated and use to find excuses to leave them early so they could go to the pub and watch football. As both of them looked over 20 rather than 18 they never had a problem getting served alcohol They we’re both 6 feet tall, Justin had long blonde hair which spiked out against his chiseled face. Andy had short black hair. They were both Athletic in build, worked out every day together and had all the girls after them.

Every Tuesday and Thursday after college they would both go to football practice for the Sunday game, the field they used was local to Justin but since Andy’s parents have moved slightly further out of town for his dad’s new job Andy wasn’t able to get back home after the practice finished. Justin and Andy use to sleep at one-another’s house regularly after parties and so Justin’s parents had no problem in Andy staying over regularly on these days.

On this particular Thursday evening football practice had been more tiring than normal, the local girl’s tennis club were playing next to the team and for horny 18 year old guys the sight of girls jumping and running around in tight shorts and low cut tops had been very distracting. Andy and Justin’s girlfriends had been playing to and both of them spent a couple of hours after practice watching the girls finish up and then spending some time drinking some cider and making out on the benches before the girls parents came to pick them up. Justin decided they may as well go home as well and so started walking back to Justin’s house, discussing the good game they had and the even better full time fun – both we’re a little drunk and very horny and were talking about how watching their girlfriends play was hot and how their girlfriends had teased them both after. Justin’s girlfriend had been stroking his head through his shorts getting him hard but doing nothing else and Andy’s girlfriend had been stroking up his thigh up to the hair around his ass, which he loved but didn’t tell Justin. As they were both talking to each other about the fun they were both getting semi hard and in the shorts, Andy even noticing that Justin had his hands down his own pockets and seemingly reaching down to his cock, but he chose not to mention it.

It was gone 10pm by the time they got to Justin’s house and his parents had already gone to bed. Justin decided to grab a couple of his dad’s beers and some crisps and they both headed up to his room. They both started to have a drink and pulled out Justin’s Xbox to play a few games of FIFA 2011. After an hour or so they were both getting quite drunk and Justin announced he was going to take a shower. Stumbling around to get up he took off his shirt and shorts and grabbed his shower gel. Andy was surprised to see a couple of wet patches on the front of Justin’s Betturkey shorts which he knew where from where his precum had obviously marked his shorts from earlier. Andy also realised he had never noticed how hung his best friend was and thought it must be because of the teasing his girlfriend have given him earlier. Andy wondered why he was thinking of his friend’s cock and shook it off presuming it was because of how horny he had got earlier and he’d had a few to drink.

When Justin came back Andy asked if he could go shower as well which Justin agreed. While Andy was in the shower Justin decided to sneak a bit of porn time on and changed the disc in the Xbox. Justin was laying back on the floor watching the hot girl-on-girl action and started to feel the reaction through his boxers. He started to rub his cock head a little making himself harder and stroked his balls, just then he heard Andy coming back out of the bathroom and quickly turned the TV over.

“Good shower?” Justin asked, “yep, cheers” replied Andy. Andy noticed that Justin still had wet patched on his boxers but thought it strange he was wearing a new pair since he had his shower. “you got a spare pair of boxers I can borrow mate?” asked Andy, “I forgot to bring a change and all I’ve got are the ones I’ve been wearing all day”. Justin walked over to his draw and grabbed a pair of his old and very baggy boxers and handed them to Andy. Andy thanked him and put them on under his towel.

Both the guys then walked over to Justin’s bed and started to watch TV they both had their back up against the wall and were sat next to each other, pretty close as their arms were touching but neither seemed to either notice or mind. As they watched TV it quickly became apparent that the movie they were watching had some hot chics in it. As a rather hot sex scene was on Justin’s began to feel a reaction in his boxers and started trying to move around to hide it. Andy noticed this and couldn’t believe that he was seeing his best mates cock grow in front of his eyes to it’s full 8inches. Justin knew Andy wasn’t an idiot and knew he would be able to see his boxers tenting by now so decided it was pointless hiding it and just sat there with his legs open, his rock hard cock pointing out and oozing a little pre onto the boxers.

“Mate you really need to get Sarah to sort you out pretty soon from the looks of it” jokes Andy and they both laughed “Yea I know but I’m sure she loves getting me this fucking horny and then stopping, it’s like she gets some cheap thrill out of it”. Justin then rearranged himself to look a little less obvious and wiped the precum of his head and instinctively licked it, not thinking that Andy could see.

“Eww I can’t believe you just did that Justin!”

“Oh sorry mate I didn’t even think, its just what I do – I love the taste” said Justin with a smile on his face.

“Really? I never really pre that much and never thought to taste it but you do pre loads mate”

“Oh so you were checking me out earlier then?” Justin said had he burst out laughing, fuming Andy and causing him to go bright red. “Was I fuck! It’s hard not to notice when you’ve got a pool on ya boxers!!”

“Well I don’t mind anyway mate it’s only natural, I’m guessing you’ve not been 100% turned on yet if you haven’t pre-cumed much” said Justin as he looked over to Andy’s crotch Andy was semi-hard by this time and like his mate didn’t see the point Betturkey Giriş in hiding it.

“I get pretty horny sometimes..” Andy stopped mid-sentence as if he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

“Sometimes?” Justin asked, “When do you get really really turned on then?”

“If I told you mate you’d think I’m weird or something”

“No I wouldn’t mate, I think we’re both beyond that anyway. I’m sat here next to you with a raging hard on and your half hard yourself” Justin said reassuringly and with a little laugh.

“Well sometimes when we’re playing Rugby and we’re in a huddle I get quite a bit of pre-cum then. Like I think it’s just with guys touching me in loads of places it’s just different I guess”

Justin looked at Andy and saw his half hard cock was now fully hard and as the boxers he was wearing were quite baggy Justin could a side on view of Andy’s 7 and half inch cock poking up. “So you’re gay then mate, is that what you’re telling me?”

“No I don’t think so, I mean I don’t find guys attractive, I don’t want to have sex with them or anything like that. Like I said I think it’s just them touching me and me touching them which I think is a bit exciting – but I love girls and love Lucy” Said Andy, a little nervous at what he has just revealed.

Justin put his hand on his mate’s leg and stroked it “It’s alight mate am not arsed anyway”. Justin didn’t intend to put his hand on Andy’s leg for anything other than reassurance but found himself continue to stroke it, as he did so he noticed that his boxers that Andy were wearing had started to get a little wet spot where his cock head was at the material. Andy slide down the wall slightly, opening his legs and moving his left leg toward Justin more.

“Justin I think you need to stop doing that now, please” Andy asked softly obviously enjoying the contact from another guy. By this time Justin was already more turned on then he could handle and ignore his friend’s request instead continuing to stroke Andy’s leg, moving slightly further up each time.

Justin was curious in a way to see just how much Andy liked this and how far he would let him go before he would stop him, if he had no interest in sex with a guy surely he would stop him past his leg? Andy was sighing very quietly, obviously enjoying what Justin was doing. Justin couldn’t believe how much precum was now coming from his cock, he could see it throbbing occasionally. Justin stroked up and down his leg, as he got to near Andy’s waist he stroked down his calf muscle and felt his pubes near his ass hole. As Justin did this it moved the boxers slightly to the right, causing Andy’s cock to pop out from the side. Andy reacted with a quite moan as he felt his cock becoming free and open to the cool air outside.

Justin had no idea that Andy loved having his arse hole played with by his girlfriend but seemed to know where to go as Andy pushed his hole close to Justin’s hand. Justin began to play around Andy’s hole, rubbing it slowly and up to the bottom of his balls.

“You want me to stop?” whispered Justin, to a very turned on 18 year old who shook his head slowly and permitted him to continue. Justin started to push his finger against Andy’s virgin hole and Andy responded by pushing down against it causing his finger to slide deep inside him.

“Ooh fuck that feels good Justin” moaned Andy slowly. “Push it it more please, push it in deep it feels so good”. Justin started to push his finger deeper into his best mates hole making pre-cum ooze out of his cock like he had never seen before.

Justin started to pull out of his hole and then in again, slowly picking up speed until he was finger fucking his hole, causing Andy to bob up and down against the wall, moaning louder and feeling pleasure he never knew he could. Justin started to kiss and lick his neck, moving down to his perfectly firm pecks and nipple kissing and sucking on it. He was stroking his ripped stomach and pecks as his sucked on his nipple. By this time Justin could tell that Andy’s hole had become looser and took the initiative to enter a second finger. He withdrew his main digit and pulled down on Andy’s boxers, bringing them past his legs and onto the floor. He then quickly replaced the one finger with two fingers, hearing Andy moan loudly gave Justin the indication this was the right thing to do.

As Andy was holding himself up with his arms so he didn’t slide off the bed he wasn’t able to stroke his own cock and by this time he was now so hard and wet that he desperately needed some attention. “Please will you stroke my cock Justin? I really need you to”. Justin responded by rubbing the precum around Andy’s cock head, making it really wet and sending Andy into ecstasy He started to rub the wetness down his cock and pulling it forward making Andy’s body shiver in pleasure. Andy now had his best mate finger fucking him and firmly wanking him off and he couldn’t believe the pleasure he was getting from this.

Justin started to push his finger in Andy harder, pulled his cock more forward and started to wank his cock harder sending Andy overboard. “fuuuuuuuucccckkk!!!!” screamed Andy as he started shooting cum over and over again onto his face, firm chest, 6 pack and his friends hand.

Justin started to kiss Andy passionately and rubbed his still rock hard cock against Andy’s leg, begging from some attention now.

“That was amazing mate” Andy said as his kissed Justin again. “Can you please make me cum now mate I’m so fucking turned on it hurts”

“I’ve got a better Idea Justin.” Andy walked over to the other side of the room, his cum started to drip down his body and on to his still half hard cock. Andy picked up one of his shoes and took the lace out and walked back.

“I want you to sleep with this on tonight, it will be worth it tomorrow when I make you cum more than you have ever cum” Andy said as he showed Justin the shoe-lace. He then slowly pulled down Justin wet boxers and started to wrap the lace around Justin’s ball sack, pulling it tightly, causing Justin cock to go even harder (something Justin didn’t think was possible) and tying it together.

“OMG Andy!” Justin moaned, “I can’t sleep this horny you have no idea, I’ll explode in my sleep – you’ve gotta let me cum now or I’ll just wank off”. Andy pushed Justin to the side so he was laying on the bed properly, he grabbed hold of him and started hissing him again. As he did so he grabbed both pairs of boxers and started to tie Justin hands up against the bed so tightly Justin couldn’t move them.

“What are you doing you dick! I wanna come mate I did it to you it’s only fair!” angry explained Justin. He laid there, his 8 incher ragingly hard.

“I told ya, I’m going to make you cum but you’ve gotta wait till the morning!”

Andy left Justin tied to the bed, rock hard and completely naked. He got into the sleeping bag on the floor and went to sleep.

*** Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the story please rate or comment – also let me know if you’d like part 2 🙂 ***

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