Stormy Night

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This is a work of complete fiction, obviously. Don’t think that any of these characters are based on any other fictional works, or on any real events, people, or occasions. Thank you for reading this short acknowledgment. Now enjoy the story.

The moon shone done on the earth with a harsh glare. The wind tore at the trees, trying to rip every last leaf from their branches. Clouds billowed high, being ripped to shreds by the battling lightning and thunder. Rain drops pelted the ground, attempting to kill the very Earth that the rain gave life to.

In the basement of a house, two people stared at the walls, waiting for power to return. Without it, they had nothing to do. They couldn’t watch tv, couldn’t use the computer, couldn’t listen to the six CD stereo, and they couldn’t go outside until the storm relented its hate against the Earth.

“Hey guys, I found them!”

Both boys looked into the depths of the foreboding basement, looking to see if it was their friend that had called from that darkness.. A small light illuminated the face of another boy. He was 19, 5’11”, had blue eyes, was clothed in a heavy sweater that was stretched tight over his frame, two sizes too small, sweat pants, and wool socks. In his one hand was a lighted candle. His other hand was holding two boxes on his shoulder.

As he walked towards the other two boys, they stood up out of their sleeping bags. One was 19, 5′ 10″, brown eyed, had a loose T-shirt on, along with sweat pants, wool socks, and a sweater thrown on his shoulder. He was frequently called an idiot, or dummy, for he was always forgetting things, but his real name was Mike.

The other was 18, about 6′, and had gray eyes and black hair. He had on a tight gym shirt, showing every last muscle. He had a six pack, and his chest was lightly toned, a nice swimmer body. He also had on jeans and wool socks. His name was Calen. Like the other kid, he had a sweater hanging from his shoulder.

The air racked their bodies with ice cold nails, trying to freeze it on contact. Both boys shuddered as they hurriedly threw their sweaters up and over their heads. One yank and they were down, covering most of their exposed skin. Their hands they shoved under their shirt, warming their hands back to their normal temperature.

“What’d you find, Sean?”

“The candles, dummy. Also, I found something for us to do while we wait for the power, and the heat. I need help getting a tent and a propane heater I found. Follow me.”

The two boys left the security of their small camp, and followed the other boy. They had come with Sean up here for a weekend of fun before the end of Christmas break. In a few days, they’d have to go back to school and their tedious jobs. Everything had been going good. They made it to Sean’s cabin in the mountain. It actually wasn’t even a cabin. Sean’s parents were very rich, and had bought a three story house in the mountains, and actually if you included the basement, it was a four story house. The furnace was started, then they had turned on the game. An hour later, during half-time, the power went out. Sean led the way to the basement to where all of the emergency supplies were.

That’s how they had ended up in their present predicament. Mike was carrying the tent and a box full of tins to put candles on. Calen had a propane heater on each shoulder, while Sean carried a box full of things to do. They reached their circle of sleeping bags and set everything down. First, they moved everything out of the way, then set up the tent. A window was open, and the heaters were set up with their exhaust pointing towards the window and their heating surface towards the open tent door. Inside, the boys carried Sean’s three boxes, their sleeping bags, and a lot Betturkey of blankets.

Blankets were laid on the floor for padding, the boxes set behind Sean’s sleeping bag, and candles on tins all over the place. Candle light illuminated the tent, casting eerie shadows against its walls.

“So what did you find?” asked Calen.

Sean smilled, reached into the first box, tinkered with something out of the other two’s line of sight, then reached deeper into the box and pulled out two magazines. One’s title was Hustler, another was Maxim. On the fronts were girls with biggest tits, posing in provocative positions. Calen shared Sean’s smile as he reached down and grabbed the Hustler. He flipped through the first pages, and started to rub himself through his thick pants.

“Damn, these bitches are hot. Whose were these?”

“They were mine, I also found a box of my dad’s old porn mags. So we have something to do later when the power comes on.”

“Later?” said Mike, “Why later? Let’s look at all of them now.”

“Cause, idiot, you want to see each other jacking off? We need the lights so we can go to our rooms and whack off, ” an offended Calen said.

“Yeah, are you gay or something,” added Sean.

“NO! And if you’re so against seeing me whack off, stop rubbing yourself, Calen!” objected Mike.

“He’s right, Calen. If he can’t get off, neither can you. Rubbing yourself is almos the same as whacking. I have an idea, why don’t we play some poker?”

“Poker, sounds alright, but I want to whack, I just don’t want to see you guys whacking while I am. That would make me lost me boner,” said Calen.

“Hey, I got it. Why don’t we make it a competition game of poker. Whoever wins gets to stay in the tent and whack off, while the others have to go out and wait while he does. Since we don’t have chips, paper, or a pen, you take off an article of clothing each time you lose a hand.”

“You know what, I think the idiot finally had a good idea.”

“Your right, Calen, but I’m too horny to just whack off. I want to feel hot lips going up and down my cock, a hot tongue running along my length. Since no one else is here, we could keep this to ourselves. Besides, it’s not like we’re gay, we just need to have some sex. The person with the most clothes on in the end has to suck the winner. Sound fair?”

“I’m not into the idea, but I’m good at poker. Since on of you two will be sucking me, I can just look at a picture of one of these bitches and imagine them sucking me. I’m game.”

“So am I, let’s do this.”

Sean reached behind him, pulled up the second box, fiddled with something, and brought out a deck of poker cards. He handed them to Calen, who was to his right, to shuffle. Calen took the deck, shuffled, and dealt.

“Since we don’t have money, “Sean pointed out, “we won’t bet, just say how many we want, and say if we’re in or out. If you say your out, you have to take off two articles of clothing the next time you lose.”

The other two just shook their heads, and thought about their cards. Calen took two, Mike two, and Sean one.

“Anyone folding?” asked Mike.

Everyone shook their heads no and laid their cards, face up, on the floor. Mike had two of a kind, Calen had three of a kind, and Sean had a full house.

“Full house, ” a shocked Calen exclaimed, “I could’ve swore that I’d have the best hand. Damn!”

“Okay, Calen, Mike, take off an article of clothing, ” a giggly Sean said.

Both boys grumbled as they pulled their sweaters off. The deck was then shuffled, and dealt out again. This hand, Sean had a pair, Mike had three of a kind, and Calen folded, since he had nothing but a high ace. Sean put his fingers under his sweater and pulled Betturkey Giriş up, slowly pulling it up and over his head and blonde hair. The other boys made a faint gasp. Sean’s body was perfect. He had excellent muscle tone, but it wasn’t over toned at all. They weren’t bulging out like they had been artificially enhanced, but they were evidence of a very fit individual.

Another time, the cards were shuffled and dealt. This hand, Sean took no cards, Mike folded, and Calen folded.

“Since you folded again Calen, you have to take off four articles of clothing when you lost next. Remember, the first person with all of their clothes off is the sucker, literally.”

“I KNOW!” Calen snarled at Sean.

Next hand, Sean took three cards, Mike took one, and Calen took two. No one decided to fold. Mike had a pair of eights and a pair of jacks and a nine. Sean had a pair of queens and a pair of kings along with a jack. Calen had a pair of queens and a pair of kings along with an ace.

“Well, boys, looks like I win this hand. Get stripping.”

Mike had a defeated look on his face, while Calen was just pissed off by how good of a poker player Sean was. Mike took off his sweat pants and socks, leaving him in his undershirt and boxers. Calen took off his socks, undershirt, and jeans.

“There, shuffle the deck.”

“No, you have to take off your boxers too since you folded twice, ” Mike pointed out.

Blushing a bright red, Calen slowly pulled his boxers off then stood up tall. His circumcised cock was still slightly hard from looking at the dirty mag. It was only four inches at its current state of arousal. Surprisingly, his pubic area was hairless.

“Do you shave or wax?” asked Sean.

A blushing Calen replied after he sat down and covered himself with his hands, “I wax. You are required to wax your pubic, leg, butt, back, and chest hairs to be on the swimming team.”

Mike shuffled the deck, nervously, and dealt the hand.

“Say, Mike, why don’t we make this interesting and faster. Whoever wins this hand, wins the game. Whoever loses also has to suck off the winner. Mike agreed and took three cards, while Sean took two. They laid their hands down, Sean had another full house, and Mike had three of a kind.

“Mike, strip the rest of the way.” As Mike stripped, Sean removed the rest of his clothing, revealing a 7″, circumcised, thick cock. Mike’s was a mere 5.5″, average thickness, circumcised cock.

Sean lied down, his cock pointing up, and said, “Let’s get going. Calen, you try deep throating me while Mike licks my base and balls. If you can’t deep throat it, do the best you can.”

Calen was apprehensive, “I can’t do it, man. That’s just sick.”

Mike stepped in, “Calen, you agreed to the rules. You lost, you have to. Otherwise, I don’t know what we’ll do.”

“I can’t do it, no way!” Calen stood up and made a break for the door. Mike, still leaped and caught him by his ankles, stopping him momentarily. With his hard cock bouncing, Sean joined in with the effort to stop Calen. He stood behind Calen and put his arms around him in a fierce grizzly hug, his cock pushing against his captive’s ass crack. He then pushed him to the floor and laid on top of him, keeping his cock in Calen’s ass crack.

“Mike, go get some rope. There should be some right out side of the tent. I put I there in case any of you refused to follow the rules.”

Mike went, retrieved the rope, and gave it to Sean. Sean tied Calen’s wrists behind his back and tied his ankles together.

“Now, bitch, for trying to get out of our deal, you’re going to get a very bad punishment.”

“Mike, get me out of here. You better not touch me, Sean!”

Mike smiled and sat down, “I’m on Sean’s side here.” Mike reached behind him and pulled out a camcorder. “We taped the whole strip poker game, and now I’ll tape this.”

Sean secured a piece of duct tape over Calen’s mouth before he spoke again. Sean started to grind his cock into Calen’s ass crack while Mike set the camera on a tripod. Mike then shuffled over and pulled the piece of tape off of Calen’s mouth. Calen started to say something, but it was lost as Mike shoved his hard cock into Calen’s mouth.

Moans could be heard coming from Sean. He was getting very horny from the show. He reached behind his sleeping bag, pulled out some lube, and applied some to his fingers. As Mike developed a pattern of thrusting into Calen’s mouth, Sean matched it by thrusting a finger in and out of Calen, loosing him up. Sean pushed his finger deep into Calen, hitting his prostate. A loud, muffled moan escaped Calen’s lips.

Mike pulled out to ask, “Like that, whore?”

Calen moaned louder, “Yes, don’t stop!”

Mike plunged his cock back down Calen’s throat as Sean inserted a second finger into Calen’s ass, hitting Calen’s prostate as often as possible. After four fingers, Sean couldn’t contain himself anymore. He cut the rope holding Calen’s ankles and lifted his ass into the air. He took aim, then buried his entire 7″ length into him. For a second, Sean remained still, allowing time for Calen to adjust, then the fun began.

Sean worked out a rhythm so that when Mike thrust in, Sean pulled out, and vice versa. Before long, Mike grabbed Calen’s hair and started to fuck his face hard, pounding into his throat, then viciously pulling out.

“Mike, cum in his mouth, no in his throat.”

Mike nodded his head, thrust in once more then pulled out. He pried Calen’s mouth open with two fingers, and with the other hand he beat his cock. In seconds, Mike’s body trembled, and a long moan escaped from Mike’s lips as he filled Calen’s mouth with cum.

“Calen, you better drink all of his cum, or we’ll double penetrate you later. Maybe even triple, I have a dildo here somewhere.”

Obediently, Calen drank every last drop, and her even sucked Mike dry. Mike fell down on the floor, spent from his orgasm. Calen, however, continued to lick his ball sac. Sean pulled out of Calen, turned him around, and shoved his cock deep into Calen, hitting his prostate. As Sean did this, he also gripped Calen’s cock and balls and squeezed hard. The sudden pleasure flooded his system, causing him to orgasm all over his and Sean’s chest. Calen’s ass muscles tightened, bringing Sean near the edge. He pulled out, stood up, and shoved his cock down Calen’s throat. He took hold of Calen’s head and fucked it so hard that Calen could hardly breath.

Sean’s body, shuddering with pleasure, couldn’t take anymore. With a groan that was almost a scream, Sean pulled out of Calen’s mouth, and came all over his face,. hair and chest. Sean fell to the ground panting, spent as much as Mike. Calen had a wide grin on his face. He took his finger and scooped some cum into his mouth, greedily eating it.

Sean laughed as he said, “Mike, hit the button.”

Mike walked behind the boxes, bent over, and pressed something that made a faint noise. In a matter of seconds, the generator in the shed outside kicked on. Lights flickered to life, and the furnace jumped into action.

“Did you guys cut the power on purpose so this would happen?” asked Calen.

“Yeah,” replied Sean and Mike.

“I can’t believe you two fags.”

Mike and Sean just looked at each other then blushed deeply.

“Didn’t you say something about triple penetration?”

Mike and Sean’s eyes light up as their heads shot up. They went over to Calen, one behind him the other in front. Sean, in front, french kissed him and squeezed his ass checks, while Mike pressed against back and reached around to play with his left nipple and dick.

To Be Continued…

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