Stormy Night

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A loud clap of thunder woke her up in the middle of the night. She was unsure of the time because the power was still out, but between the flashes of lightning, she was able to see that he was still sleeping soundly beside her. She smiled softly to herself, amazed that this man had just stumbled into her life like this. The night they’d spent together had intrigued her and drawn her more than she would have thought possible from just a few hours.

She rolled onto her side beside him to watch him sleep. The sheet was pooled around his waist, leaving his chest bare. She rested her palm lightly on his chest, feeling it rise and fall with his deep, even breathing. When the next flash of lightning came, she leaned down close to him to kiss his lips softly. She intended to just kiss him as he slept, not wake him, and then lie back down beside him once more and sleep until morning, but her kiss pulled him up from his dream. His hand rose to cover hers where it still rested on his chest, and his other arm curled around her back to pull her closer.

His fingers twined with hers as he kissed her again. His fingertips trailed lightly up and down her back, making her shiver slightly against him. This man constantly amazed her with every new facet she discovered in him. Here it was, the middle of the night, and he was awakening the want in her again after only a few hours when she’d had no thought of this in mind at all only a minute ago. She gripped his hand tightly and deepened the kiss, swirling her tongue around his. He met her passion with his own, and she moaned quietly into the kiss. He broke the kiss and smiled up at her.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” she said.

He brushed his fingertips across her cheek and kissed her softly once again. “No, don’t be sorry,” he said as he trailed his thumb across her full lower lip. She kissed it tenderly before he began to trace a delicate line down her neck that made her shiver once more in the cool air. “I want you again,” he whispered, so quietly that she barely felt his breath on her skin, but his words drew a gentle moan from her in response.

“And how I want you…” she trailed off.

The line he traced on her skin continued lower down her throat and across her collarbone. She bit her lip to hold the sigh inside as he teased her. The shivers he was creating made her nipples tighten, and she saw him notice the reaction her body was having to his touch. Slowly, he slid his fingertips down and around the swell of her left breast, following the curve in ever-shrinking circles. He was enjoying tormenting her like this, awakening her body to such a heightened state of arousal. Although it was a torment to her, it was a sweet torment, bilecik escort and one she was enjoying completely. Her quiet sighs and soft moans were giving him all the proof of that he needed.

Without warning, he brushed his fingertips gently across her hardened nipple, and she gasped as her body began to ache. She captured his lips in a fierce kiss, letting her tongue dart between his lips again to show him her want even though she wasn’t able to tell him. He sucked gently on her invading tongue, flicking the tip of his against hers, as he cupped her breast and gave it a firm squeeze. The tingling that had begun in her aroused nipple strengthened and spiraled downward with each of his firm caresses on her aching breast. She covered his hand with her own and squeezed her breast tightly in his hand again. There was no touch of his that she wouldn’t welcome, tender or rough.

He groaned into her mouth as the kiss went on and on. He was a bit surprised she’d been so forward with showing him she enjoyed his touches, but he loved the fact that she was willing to show him what pleasured her. As he sucked lightly on her lower lip, he slid his hand around her side to cup her other breast as well. Gently, he squeezed them both, making her moan again. He squeezed them again, only not nearly so gently, and was rewarded with another moan, this one not nearly so quiet as the previous one. She kissed him deeply and then dropped soft kisses along his jaw line to nuzzle beneath his ear. Her tongue flicked against his earlobe, and a low moan slipped from him. He pinched her nipples, making her gasp sharply. She wrapped her arms around him to pull him close against her, and she arched against him, offering her breasts more fully to his tormenting hands.

He slid his hands back to her sides and lower to follow the curve of her hips. With a sharp pull, he brought her hips against his, letting her feel how badly he did want her. She rocked her hips against his, rubbing her belly against his hard cock. Her hands rested on his shoulders, and she pushed him gently back against the pillows and drew back from him a little. He lifted his arms to circle her and pull her close again, but she resisted with a soft smile. He wanted to feel the soft curves of her body against his skin. He cupped his hand over her pussy and stroked her smooth lips, trying to tempt her closer. She moaned again, yet still she resisted.

He parted her lips and slipped one finger between the moist folds of her pussy. His finger slid up and down her slit with a slow, steady pace. When he found her swollen clit, he circled around and around it with his fingertip. Her hands manisa escort on his shoulders weakened their resistance, and he pulled her closer to kiss her deeply once again. He teased her lips, nibbling gently on her lower lip before finally sliding his tongue between them as his fingertip rubbed back and forth over her clit.

He was driving her wild with so many sensations assailing her all at once. His tongue was learning the curves of her mouth even as his hands became acquainted with other parts of her body. Her hard little nipples ached from the attention he was showing them, and her pussy was so very wet from the constant attention his other hand was showing to it. With the realization that she was going to cum soon if he didn’t stop what he was doing, her hands strengthened on his shoulders once more, and she firmly pushed herself back from him.

“Baby…” he moaned with a quiet note of protest in his voice when she moved away from his touch again.

Her hand wrapped around his cock, and with a little grin and a gentle squeeze, she whispered, “Yes, baby?” His eyes sank closed, and another low rumble slipped from his lips. She leaned in closer to kiss him as her hand began to stroke the hard length of his cock very slowly. Her soft palm curled around him, stroking from the base all the way to the tip and back down again. Up and down she caressed him, and each time she reached the base, she gave him another squeeze. Each time she reached the tip, she slid her thumb across across it.

He broke away from her kiss so he could watch what she was doing to him and so that he could see her sweet face as she drove him wild. He tried to be still and be patient and just let her do what she wanted, but he couldn’t keep from touching her any longer. He cupped her breasts again to feel the weight of them in his hands and the nipples pressing into his palms. He dipped his head lower to flick his tongue across one of the rosy buds and was rewarded by another moan from her. He drew her nipple between his lips and began to gently suck it. Each time his mouth pulled on her, she tightened her hand around his cock in another squeeze. The harder he sucked on her aching nipples, the harder she squeezed him until each breath from them both was a soft moan.

He pinched her nipple between his lips and felt her entire body shudder against him. Her fingertips circled the head of his cock, and she gave it a soft squeeze too. He fell back against the pillows gasping, and his voice was so quiet once again as he watched her, “I need you now, baby. I need to feel your pussy around me. I want to cum inside you and feel you cum around me.” His arms mersin escort reached out for her, and this time she let him pull her closer. Her body pressed against his tightly yet still she wouldn’t let him push her back onto the bed.

Her hands rested on his shoulders once more as she moved above him, at first merely straddling his thighs. He slid his hands up her legs to her hips and around to squeeze her ass and pull her higher over him. She rose up on her knees and rocked her hips till she felt the head of his cock slipping between her lips, pressing against the tight opening of her pussy, then sliding higher to rub against her clit. Rocking her hips one final time, she guided him back down to her pussy and slowly lowered herself around his cock.

Feeling the tight heat of her pussy envelop him, he moaned and thrust his hips upward, driving his cock deep inside her. She arched above him, her breasts thrusting out, the hard nipples inviting his mouth. He accepted the invitation and captured one between his lips, sucking it hard and using his tongue to flick back and forth over it. She began to moan very quietly deep in her throat, grinding against him, and squeezing his cock each time his mouth drew on her. He released her nipple and found her other one, giving it the attention she craved. Her pussy clenched tightly around him, and his hips thrust upward again.

He couldn’t stand anymore, and his head dropped back onto the pillow. His hands settled on her hips, beginning to guide her up and down around him again. She lifted her hips till he almost slipped from her, and then he pulled her back down around him quickly. Up and down they moved together. Each thrust pulled him deep inside her, faster and faster they moved, each seeking release. Her pussy gripped him tighter and tighter with each push inside her, and he knew she was close as was he. She slid up and down around him, fucking him even as he fucked her.

He slipped one finger between her pussy lips and found her throbbing clit. She cried out as he began to rub it, and she moved still faster. With a sharp cry, she began to cum around him. Her pussy clenched and gripped his cock in waves, and that was all it took. With one final sharp thrust, he exploded inside her. His finger was still on her clit, and he gave her a soft rub. She cried out again as another wave hit her, and he moaned her name as her pussy wrung every drop of cum from him. She fell weakly against his chest, and his arms rose to encircle her and pull her tightly against himself.

His hands slid up and down her back, from the curls of her hair to the curve of her ass. He kissed her temple gently, soothing her as they both began to calm. Finally she let him slide from her, and she moved to curl up beside him once more. He pulled the sheet up over them both and drew her close to his side. Both too tired to speak, they cuddled and exchanged soft kisses. Very low rumbles of thunder came from off in the distance as they both sank back into sleep.

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