Stockroom Innocence

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I saw you out of the corner of my eye. Knew you were there before you said anything. You were wearing a suit, but under that I knew you were wearing those suspenders. You always wore them. And despite the fact that you had a girlfriend, those suspenders and the way you wore them made me attracted to you and your cynical personality.

“Hey,” You say. You’re a man of few words sometimes.

“Hey,” I reply back and continue trying to fold the dress shirt around it’s cardboard.

I scowl at the shirt and put my hands on my hips. The shirt just doesn’t want to fold right and I can see the smile cross your face as you watch me. I attempt the fold a few more times, but then throw my hands up in exasperation.

“I give up,” I say, and toss the sleeve away from myself.

“Here,” You grab the sleeve, “let me do it.”

I watch as your hands deftly move the cloth around. Your fingers, one ring on each, hold the cloth and manipulate it in ways I couldn’t do a few moments earlier. A few folds and pins later, you flip the shirt over and look at me with a smug look on your face.

“Yeah yeah,” I shake my head, “You don’t have to rub it in my face.” I push you on the shoulder in a flirty way and stalk off, my hips swaying beneath my skirt, my kitten heels tapping on the floor.

A few hours pass and somehow I end up right beside you again. I had just gotten done helping a customer and now I was watching you, your fingers dancing across the registers keys. The wrought iron rings on your fingers adding that extra little something to it all.

The last few hours pass without excitement. No customers walk through the doors, and we’re stuck with nothing to do.

I sit on the counter, not afraid of the repercussions because our managers gone. We make easy conversation and I see your eyes on my legs as my black pencil skirt has scooted up, revealing most of my long legs. I brush it off because you tend to stare off in random directions, even though I wish you really were looking at me.

You shuck your jacket off and set it down on the counter, making sure to keep it from getting too badly wrinkled. And that’s when I see them. The suspenders. The ones I dream about peeling off your body and then you having your way with me.

No küçükçekmece escort one knows my fantasies of rough sex and getting my hair pulled. No one would thing that me-blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin, so innocent- would love nothing more for a man to just grab me and fuck me until I was sore and the orgasms became painful. But I kept that hidden beneath a false innocence and a played ignorance.

I secretly eyed you from my perch, my legs dangling inches from the ground. Your blonde hair short, eyes hidden behind glasses and a potentially amazing body hidden under your tailored look. I bite my lip, my mind wandering to all the things I wanted you to do to me. I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of you touching me.

Before I could stop myself, I let out a barely audible moan. Hoping you didn’t notice, I drop myself to the ground.

“I’m going to make sure all the shoes in the back stock room are in order,” I say, needing to get away from you before I lost my mind and my will power, “We had a rush earlier and I don’t want either of us getting yelled at tomorrow.” You gave me a curt nod and a salute as I quickly walk away, needing to get my mind off you, but only wishing you were on me.

Walking into the back stock room, I quickly discover all the shoes are in order. Looking around with contemplation, I take a deep breath.

“Well,” I say to myself, “I might as well make use of my alone time.”

I go to the back of the stock room and see the one place I still have yet to explore. A little room above the elevator maintenance closet. I climb up the short ladder and am surprised to find the area’s bigger than I thought, and that I could stand with ease.

Looking around, I quickly immerse myself into snooping around and don’t hear someone climbing up the ladder, and I don’t hear someone’s footsteps on the boards behind me. I don’t even know someone’s up there with me until I feel hands land on my hips.

I jump and almost scream, but my breath catches when kisses land on my neck. I peer down at the fingers on my hips and can make out rings. Iron rings. One on each finger. Your fingers draw light patterns on my hips and şişli escort across my stomach, and I lose myself, completely yours. You spin me around and kiss me roughly on the lips and pin me against the wall. I try to touch you, but you pin my arms above my head. I’m lost. Have you read my mind? Could you see the scenario that plays across my mind every time I look at you?

You roughly kiss my neck, your five o’clock shadow rubbing against my skin, chafing in a good way, rubbing my skin raw. You kiss me on the lips, one hand holding both wrists above my head, the other roaming my body.

Kissing me hard on the lips, your hand roams up my skirt, between my thighs. Your fingers brush their way up my legs, the rings cold on my skin. Your fingers finally reach me, warmth emanating from my center and I was already soaking with desire for you.

You push aside my white “innocence” thong and push a few fingers into me. My legs go week from pleasure and I stumble, but you are somehow able to keep me upright whilst still finger fucking me. You rub your thumb against my clit and in no time my body is shivering as an orgasm runs through it. My breathing is heavy and you finally release your hold on my wrists. As soon as you let go, I look at you, wanting you inside of me.

I walk over to you and you back up against the wall. Slowly, almost tenderly, I kiss you on the lips, leaving you wanting more. I press myself against you and I can feel your hardness press against me. I reach up and unbutton your black shirt, exposing your chest and abdomen for me to see. Your amazing body, once hidden under tailored clothes was now in view for me to see. And doing what I’ve wanted to do ever since I first met you, I reached up and peeled the suspenders off your shoulders and les them hang on your sides.

I kiss you hard on the lips, biting your bottom lip as I do, and you moan out pleasure induced pain. You reach up and run your fingers through my hair and then you forcefully grab my hair and pull my head back, exposing my neck to you. You suck and nibble on the flesh, leaving bite marks to show your territory, like an “X” on a treasure map. I moan and my breath is shallow. How could you şirinevler escort have known my deepest fantasies?

“I’ve seen the way you look at me,” You say into my neck, hot breath causing shivers to run down my spine, answering my silent question, “the way you look at me, those noises you make when you fantasize about me,” You say, continuing the sweet, agonizing pleasure, “I decided to give you a little taste of what I know you wanted.”

You push my skirt up my hips, my panties revealed. You pull those down and I kick them to the side. You unbutton your pants and pull your boxers and pants down in one shove. You step out of your pants and towards me. You stand there, inches from me. I strip off my shirt, my breasts straining against my bra.

You close the very small space between us, and I spread my legs, welcoming you in. I go to touch you again, but you pin my wrists above my head. And as you push into me, you bite me on the soft flesh of my neck again.

You’re buried deep into me and I’m lifted off the floor. With every thrust you push deeper and deeper into me. Kissing me, you bite my bottom lip, almost drawing blood. You start handling me roughly, your hands all over my body, roaming up m thighs as my legs circle your waist.

Each thrust pushes me up against the wall. The sensations running through my body are amazing. Never had I actually had someone give me what I wanted. And I was enjoying everything rough, painful, orgasmic second of it.

Thrust after thrust brought my closer to orgasm. I felt it start in the tips of my toes. The tingling rushing from my toes, and when I hit orgasm, rushed to my head where everything becomes hazy and for a moment, everything fades.

My toes tingled from my orgasm and you push into me again causing another to race through my body. By this time, you’ve let go of my wrists, and I’m holding onto you desperately not wanting it to end. But I can tell you’re getting close, only by the tremors running through your body. The only sign you’re about to lose control.

“I’m gonna cum,” You whisper huskily into my ear. You kiss me on the lips and I bite your bottom lip.

You thrust deep into me and I can feel your hot cum in me, throwing me over the edge once more. We moan together as we orgasm at once, out bodies in sync. You pull out of me and put me on the floor. My legs are shaky, but I can stand. You walk over to your clothes and slowly put them back on. You button your shirt, and while I watch, snap your suspenders back into place.

I smile to myself and pull my innocence back on, and slip my ignorance into place.

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