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StepdaughterMy long term partner Jane is quite a few years older than me, sexually she has had far more partners, earns more money than me, intellectually I can not rival her, in short she is an Alpha female. When she was 17 years old she had a c***d, the father was married at the time would not leave his wife but did provide financially. Jane’s mother looked after her grand-daughter allowing Jane to continue to study and attend University. When Jane left and got a job her mother continued to look after her grand-daughter, to be honest the security and settled lifestyle helped her.When I started living with Jane her daughter visited very month but I tended to stay away at friends not wanting to become “one happy family” things changed when Jane’s mother wanted to visit her sister in New Zealand, not wanting her grand-daughter to live alone in her house, it was decided Jane’s daughter would come to live with us before she went to University.To be honest having another person in the house was no problem even when her boyfriend visited, he was a skinny long haired scholar very shy but polite when spoken to. Jane’s relationship was strange in my eyes more of a sister than mother giving guidance but who was I to make judgement. I was forced to take two consecutive weeks off each year, money was tight so a holiday was out of the question, I elected to spend time at home. Jane’s daughter, her name was Adele and her boyfriend Richard were usually in the house but we kept our own space, in my eyes they were great k**s, clever, polite and ideally suited, even though düzce escort our age difference was only a few years I some how felt like an older uncle.One morning, actually mid day I had slept in! Adele came into the kitchen and asked if I could help with her student finance application. “Of course” I said where are the forms, she presented a sheaf of papers which I began to study. My eyes glanced the words on the paper then shifted towards Adele’s sweatshirt. She was a tall girl wide shoulders and hips long flowing blonde hair, not fat but not thin large heavy breasts. Today she was not wearing a bra, I tried to work out the routine of her nipples beneath her sweatshirt without much luck. Like her mother Jane, Adele was smart she knew she was attractive and was confident with. “Are you looking at my boobs or helping me with my finances” she asked. I felt my face going red “YOU must have a lot of blood” Adele proclaimed. A puzzled look crossed my face. “red face but hard cock” Adele pointed out , sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar, still in my baggy pyjamas unfortunately didn’t hide my hardening penis. Adele confident she had the upper hand moved towards me smiling, our eyes locked, we both smiled, I felt her confident hand on my cock, starting to rub my balls grabbing my shaft jerking upwards. The swiftness of her moves and confidence she had left me speechless. “STAND UP’ Adele ordered, as I stood up she fell to her knees and pulled my bottoms down, my erect cock level with her eyes. Her right hand gabbed my shaft hard and pulled back, the escort düzce movement revealed my throbbing purple bell end which she dutifully starting licking.”Adele, this wrong, what would your mother say” I protested, bullshit my mind thought, I craved her heavy breasts, longed to feel her tight cunt around my hard cock. Adele was clearly experienced not too aggressive, quite sensitive. Her free hand stroked the back of my thigh, a finger teased the crack of my ass.”WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON” Richard shouted, I don’t know how long he had stood there, what he had seen, christ what was Jane going to say was my main thought. “Wimp shut the fuck up and get your shorts off” was Adele’s stern reply, “”Make it quick or you will be punished” my god she is going to suck us both off I thought”On your knees wimp” Adele shouted “Open your mouth and taste your first cock” Richard sunk to his knees in front of me and Adele held my cock cock and guided it into Richards mouth, his touch was gentle, his tongue licked the end and caressed the base of my bell end. Adele asked me what I thought of Richards attempt. I had to admit it wasn’t the best. “Punishment for you Richard” was Adele’s decision. She pulled his shorts down to reveal a hairless erect uncut cock, forcibly she pushed him over to the dining table, bending him over his buttocks on full show. “Come on I want to see you fuck his virgin Ass” shouted Adele., “Mom tells me you swing both ways” I went over to the special drawer and got a sensitive touch condom, went over to Richard and whispered into his düzce escort bayan ear “My cock in your ass big boy, pull your buttocks apart if you want me to butt fuck you” he dutifully obligedI put the condom on, looking down on his virgin ass I knew I needed lube, I grabbed Jane’s gourmet olive oil, poured it over Richards twitching ass hole, I placed my condom covered bell end against his hole and forced forward. I felt his body stiffen and squirm.My swollen bell end was in his ass but Richard was fighting against me putting any more of my cock into him, I reached round and grabbed his placid cock, I started to jet him off, as I did so he relaxed and I was able to push deep inside him, with short firm thrusts I fucked his ass jerking him off as I did so. His tight ass gripped my hard cock, as I fucked her boyfriend I watched Adele strip naked sitting on the kitchen worktop legs apart pushing her fingers deep inside her wet swollen pussy. I fucked Richards ass hard deep and I held his cock hard near the base tugging at it swiftly, I put some olive oil on my hand and worked the end of his cock, Richard came very quickly , a large pool of hot spunk was on the floor, Adele laughed, her pussy looked very inviting.I pulled clean of Richard and approached Adele bending down in front of her I held her inner thighs and pushed my tongue deep into her cunt. Licking each meaty pussy lip individually. She smelt of sex and tasted good, I pulled the condom off and pushed my dick into her wet cunt, I fucked her long and fast. I felt her body shudder as she came I pulled my cock out of her and went back to Richard and wanked my cock near to his lips until I shot my creamy load all over his face.This was not the last time I took advantage of this couple or maybe they were taking advantage of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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