Stepdad Carl Pt. 16

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Scott and I woke to the smell of coffee and bacon frying up, Scott turned to me, he and I lip locked, I wish could lay here all day.

“Good morning Babe.” Scott said to me.

“Good Morning my sexy man, guess we should get up, sounds like they are all up.” I said to Scott.

“I guess if we really have to, I could lay here all day, just me and you alone in bed naked all day long.” Scott said smiling at me.

“Me too but I think we better get up, I usually make breakfast so I should go at least help.” I said to Scott.

I pulled the covers back seems someone was semi erect, I looked at Scott then at his hardening cock.

“Maybe we should take care of that first, then go get breakfast?” I asked him.

“No Babe we better get up and help out.” Scott said his cock getting progressively harder.

“Okay save that for later, I want more of that cream of yours.” I said to him kissing him.

Scott and I got dressed and washed up brushed our teeth and walked into the kitchen, they were all at the dining room table, I grabbed Scott and I a coffee, we took our seats and fixed our coffees.

“Good morning Son, Scott I have to ask cause we all wanted to know. Did you fill my Son with your seed last night as you yelled out for all of us to hear?” Dad asked straight faced.

Scott was beyond embarrassed, it took a minute or so before the whole room erupted in laughter, Scott and I both so red faced.

“Dad how could you? And Yes he did thank you very much, more than once actually.” I said laughing.

“I apologize but your Son makes me scream out, yell out, I was never that vocal in bed till I met him.” Scott admitted his face red.

I leaned in and kissed him.

“Scott I am just teasing you, but you Sir are very loud and very vocal in the bedroom. I can see you make my Son very happy so you scream yell do what you have to, Darren, Billy you two make yourselves at home here and if you feel the need, yell too.” Dad said to them.

“Thanks Dad you’re the best Dad ever, Billy, Timmy lets get breakfast on for these guys.” I said to them.

“I can help Babe, if there is something I can do to help let me know.” Scott said to me.

“Sit enjoy your coffee, chat with my Dad and Darren, we have this.” I said leaning in for a kiss.

I had Billy refill coffee, set the table then make toast, Timmy would make hash browns while I made eggs. We poured out orange juice, jams, peanut butter the works, we got everyone’s plates filled and served. Billy, Timmy and I the last ones to sit, we ate then cleaned up, Scott sat with Dad and Darren, talking about work they did, in the past and now.

Timmy, Billy and I would have to figure out something for lunch, dinner would be left over Christmas dinner. Billy wanted to go home and get some clothes he asked if he could stay with Darren in Dad’s spare bedroom. He planned to bring Darren along to introduce him to his parents.

I stood there mouth open, I was more than shocked, Billy definitely had strong feeling for Darren, cause our “Little Billy” was not even out of the closet yet, his parents did not know he was gay. Was he trying to shock them? Or was he that much in love with Darren?

“Are you sure about this Billy, your parents are not going to take this well, they are devout Christian, not sure it’s a good idea to spring this on them like this and bringing Darren along might not be the best idea, you better warn Darren before you do this.” I told Billy, worried how his folks would take this.

“Tommy come on they need to be told and they need to meet Darren, I love him, I want to be with him so if they don’t like it then I won’t go back.” Billy said to Timmy and I.

“You better talk to Darren first before you do this.” I ordered him.

“Everything okay guys?” Darren asked.

“Yeah Billy needs to talk to you about something private, so you two go talk Scott and I will go for a walk. If you need bahis şirketleri moral support Billy just let me know.” I said to them.

“Thanks Tommy, I might take you up on that one.” Billy said.

Billy sounded so different more grown up, Darren had changed him, made him mature, showed him he could really love someone. Timmy and I joined Dad and Scott in the sitting room, we made some small talk then I suggested Scott and I go for a walk, it was cool out but still nice for a walk.

“Everything okay Son, is Billy okay?” Dad asked.

“Long story Dad, but Billy may have to stay with us the rest of the week, he plans to tell his parents about Darren.” I said to him.

Scott looked at me confused, he assumed Billy was out of the closet so he could not understand why it was such an issue. I told Scott the whole story, how his parents were religious, had their ideas of what their son should be and would be. They did not want a gay son, but one could only hope they would accept Billy as he was.

Darren agreed to go with Billy to meet his parents, Billy filled him in on all of it, Darren still was adamant he would be at Billy’s side as he came out to his parents. When we got back to the house after our walk Billy and Darren were gone to see his parents.

Timmy and I got lunch ready, grilled cheese and tomato soup, Scott insisted on helping, he was in charge of setting the table, we set a place for Billy and Darren, assuming they would not be at Billy’s parents for long.

We were about to sit to have lunch and Billy and Darren walked in, it was obvious Billy had been crying, I assumed it did not go well. We had them sit and join us for lunch, I did not ask anything, I would wait till after lunch. Darren was being very good with Billy his arm around the back of his chair, he leaned in and kissed Billy.

We had lunch, the conversation casual, none of us asking how it went for Billy and Darren, after lunch was done, Billy and Darren went into their room not talking to any of us. Scott and I knocked on their door they needed to talk about it, we walked in and sat at the foot of the bed. Billy was being held by Darren, tears in his eyes.

“So what happened at your parents house Billy? I told you I would have come with you if that would have helped at all.” I told Billy

“Darren man was it bad?” Scott asked him.

“They told me if I chose to be with Darren, and lead that kind of perverted lifestyle then they wanted nothing more to do with me, I could take my sick so called relationship out of their home immediately and not return.” Billy said to us.

“They would not listen to reason whatsoever, these people had their minds made up when we walked into the house, I’m sure they had it all figured out before we even said anything.” Darren said to us.

“Billy you are welcome here you know that, you’re safe here with us and Darren you as well my Dad told you both to make yourselves at home. Come and sit in the sitting room, come talk to my Dad maybe he can help, if not they will come around at some point.” I told them.

Scott and I got everyone drinks while Billy and Darren talked to Dad, they filled him in letting him know what had happened at Billy’s parents house. Dad knew Billy’s parents from way back, he was best friends with Billy’s Dad, John he was even his best man at their wedding. Scott, Timmy and I took our time before we went in to sit to let them have time to talk about it all.

We walked in Dad was about to talk to Billy on what he planned to do to help him out with his parents.

“Come in guys you all should hear this, Billy’s Dad and I were best friends in high school, I was his best man at their wedding, your Mom always was a bit of a religious fanatic, your Dad was not till he met and married her. Our friendship dwindled after your Dad and Mom married, she really did not want your Dad hanging around with me, bad influence she called me.” Dad told bahis firmaları us.

“I never knew you and my Dad were best friends in school, he never mentioned it once, you are right my Mom is the religious one, preaching to me about God all the time while I grew up. Don’t think she liked it much that I hung around with Tommy neither, she said he was a bad influence on me. I got mad and told her being friends with Tommy saved me from being beaten up each day, she never brought it up again.” Billy told us smiling at me.

“Billy I will call your Mom and Dad over, make them listen to reason, show them that you two love each other, and they cannot tell you who you should love. We will talk to them I can be the referee.” Dad told Billy.

“Is it a good idea for them to see Billy and I together Sir?” Darren asked Dad.

“Yes of course Son, they have to know their son is in love with a man who loves him back. You two sit close and hold hands, put your arm around him.” Dad told them.

We sat and drank our beer, Dad grabbed his cell and called John, Billy’s Dad.

“John it’s Carl, Tommy’s Dad, how are you? Oh Yeah thats good, Yes Billy is here and he is safe, he can stay with me till you two sort your heads out. John you of all people have to know what your Son is doing is not wrong, come on don’t give me that religious bullshit. So what you and I did before you met and married your wife is going to land you in hell too then I guess, well see you there John. You and I had sex the day of your darn wedding getting ready for the ceremony. When you pull your head out of your ass John you call me or even better you come over to see that your son is fine and he is in love. Goodbye John.” Dad told him his voice getting quite loud at times.

“Dad you and Billy’s Dad?” I asked him.

“Son I would not have called him on it if it were not true, the man is a total hypocrite, how dare he judge his own son, when he himself engaged in gay sex, countless times I can tell you that much.” Dad said to us.

The entire room silent not a word spoken.

“A toast to Gay Sex, the best Sex ever.” Timmy stood tapping his bottle to Dad’s.

We all toasted and laughed at the same time, Timmy walked up to Dad and kissed him, kind of a “Well done Carl” it kind of caught both Darren and Scott offguard.

“I did not realize you and Timmy were together.” Scott said.

“Yes Timmy and I are partners, lovers, bedmates, sexual toys for each other. Not only you young ones can bag yourselves a handsome guy.” Dad said smiling at Timmy.

We decided on one more beer then we would prepare dinner, Scott and I got the beers while the rest chatted, he and I making out in front of the fridge.

“Your Dad is amazing, I can’t wait to hear what he will say to Billy’s parents.” Scott said to me.

“Yeah he is my StepDad by the way, he knows how to straighten people out.” I said to Scott kissing him.

We walked in with beers for all, Billy’s parents pulled in, his Dad knocking on the door, his Dad and Mom arguing at our front door. Finally Billy’s Dad raised his voice his Mom no longer talking. I opened the door and invited them in, she looked furious.

“Would you like a beer Mr. Robinson? How about a white wine Mrs Robinson?” I asked them.

“Son I would love a beer and yes my wife needs a glass of wine, maybe a bottle or two, thank you very much.” Mr. Robinson said to me.

Timmy Scott and I went in to the kitchen to get them their drinks, Timmy asked Dad if he needed another beer, Dad did not respond he just raised his beer showing it was almost empty. We got the drinks then went back to get the food out for dinner. The conversation started low key, but soon Barbra started with the religious ranting and raving about how God hated homosexuals.

You could not miss Dad’s voice he very loudly, standing to get his point across, pointing his index finger the man on a mission and he was furious.

“So kaçak bahis siteleri Barbra you and John are okay with never seeing your Son ever again because some Bible verse told you you should hate him, cause some God or some ass backwards preacher told you in his so called “Good Book” that you should hate your only born son. That you should disown him and never have anything to do with him ever again, you were now to hate the boy because he met a man that he loves and loves him back. You decided that its better to disown and hate your son now because of some insane religious belief, come on you’re not that Fucking Stupid are you Barbra?” Dad said to them raising his voice as he ranted on.

Barbra did not talk, Billy cried, Darren held him close to him, Billy crying on Darren’s chest.

“So your okay with breaking your Sons heart because you believe some interpretation from a Bible, Barbra I believe in God but my God does not preach or teach hate to anyone or about anyone, if yours tells you to hate then there is something wrong with your God, I would bet he really is not much of a God at all to be honest, but some made up thing in a church that preaches hate towards other human beings.” Dad said to them, so mad he was pacing the floor.

Barbra did not talk, she sat there her head down, John got up, grabbed his Son and hugged him, Barbra sat there and stared at them, she did not get up she just sat her head down.

“I’m sorry Son, you know I love you very much no matter who you Love, and Darren seems to be a very good man, Very nice to meet you Darren.” John said shaking his hand.

“Nice to meet you as well Sir, you have a wonderful Son there, very kind and oh so sweet.” Darren said standing pulling Billy in close to him.

Barbra started to cry, she had realized what she had done, what she would be giving up, her only Son, what was she thinking. Barbra got up and pulled Billy into her arms, John too pulled the two of them close.

“I’m so sorry Billy, I really don’t know what I was thinking, you are my Son and I love you with all my heart and soul. You and Darren are welcome in our home anytime, please Darren accept my apology for being so “Fucking Stupid” as Carl put it.” Barbra said to us.

Timmy went in with more beer and topped off Barbra’s wine, Timmy collected the bottles and told them they were staying for dinner, no arguments. Scott and I got dinner on, we only had to reheat most of the dishes. Timmy set the table Scott and I stole kisses when we could, Timmy got out some wine for dinner, only one or two more things and dinner was to be served.

“Okay everyone dinner is ready please come and sit, Dad at the end, Mr Robinson the other end of the table please, Barbra you will be on your husbands left, Billy by your Mom, Darren beside him, Timmy by Dad, Scott and I by Mr Robinson.” We passed food, filled wine glasses, had some really good conversation, it was nice to get to know Billy’s parents finally.

Again we all over ate the food was even better today, Barbra kept looking at Darren, I was sure she could not get over how handsome a man her Son had. We sat after dinner Billy Timmy and I cleared so we could sit and talk, it was so nice to be all together. I traded looks with Scott so many times holding his hand, I so wanted to kiss the man.

After another glass I got bold enough to kiss him right here at the table, Barbra’s eyes were like saucers, not sure she had ever seen two men kissing. Billy pulled Darren in for a kiss as well, Dad pulled Timmy in for a kiss, we all looked at Billy’s parents like it was their turn. They leaned in and kissed, it seemed almost uncomfortable.

We all decided to move in to the sitting room, Billy Timmy and I would do dishes while they all sat and chatted. Scott came in to help us do dishes but he seemed to be more focused on fooling around than actually doing the dishes. We had Billy go sit with Darren and his parents so they could all talk, Barbra came in offering to help with clean up. I had her clear the rest of the table, she was slowly getting more comfortable with all of us, she was after all surrounded by gay men excluding her husband.

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