Step Sister’s Surprise

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Ever since our parents moved away to China to capture the growing economic market, Rachel and I got the whole house to ourselves, which at first became tedious as we didn’t have the money to hire Mexicans to clean it. Rachel is my step sister that I’ve known since I was 14, and she was 12 at the time. Now, 6 years later I came back to the house for the summer and Rachel and I decided to spend some quality bondage time together.

I suggested the idea of camping to her, and Rachel quickly agreed. In fact we decided to go that very day. I went to pack my stuff, and she went to pack hers.

While I was packing clothes, I walked past Rachel’s room, and her door was ajar, and very coincidentally my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of a vast number of her skin showing. While I was grabbing my clothes I couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable in my nether regions. On the way back I walked slower past her door, and stopped at the crack so I could have another glimpse.

Rachel was bending over her suitcase in nothing but a blue pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear. Her round ass outlined two beautiful curves that contrasted with her skinny waist, and her long tanned legs spanned to the floor and reflected the sun’s light from the outside.

I quickly walked away before she noticed, and continued my packing.

During the trip to the mountain we were listening to the radio and ironically a program describing romantic getaways came on. The voice on the radio was describing a new location where couples could go camping. I felt this was a very weird time to hear that commercial.

“Imagine we went to the camp to hook up like the couples do,” said Rachel.

This was a typical joking manner of Rachel so I just said “That’s ridiculous.”

When we got to the mountain we left the car in the lot and carried our things with us, as we went into the forest to find place to set up camp. The forest was so thick and branchy that it was hard to imagine anyone seeing what is going on here. Interestingly enough it looked quite abandoned as the parking lot wasn’t just empty but also unkempt with old leaves laying around.

Rachel and I kept walking until we found a beautiful lake sitting by the side of a cliff. It was half surrounded by the cliff, and the other half was protected but the forest, and it dwindled into a little river that peered into the depths of the foliage.

Rachel and I stopped there. The private yet fresh air of the forest made me feel very one with nature. Before the thought even hit my head, Rachel exclaimed “Let’s jump in the lake!”

But as she said this I saw all her clothes fly off and she was left with nothing but her blue panties I saw earlier and a matching bra. Her breasts were a pair of magnificent orbs, a true perfection of geometry. I couldn’t help but notice their presence as they bounced one by one with each of her strides, as if they had minds of their own to pop out of her bra. Rachel’s curvy back made her ass stand out even more. She jumped into the lake and bellowed me to join her.

I took of my clothes and put on my swimming trunks and followed her in. The water was a nice comfortable warm, which didn’t help to ease my unexpected half-boner at the sight of Rachel’s curves. Rachel did some swimming routine and some flips in the water which only exposed more of her perfectly tanned legs to me. I decided I’m going to swim bit as well to bahis firmaları cool off these sinful thoughts, but not before Rachel swam up to me.

“Big brother, I’m so thankful for you. You do so many things for me, I don’t know where I would be without you. I just want to take this moment to show you how much I appreciate your role in our relationship,” she said.

I didn’t quite know what to say so I just gave her a hug, but I completely forgot that my dick was half erect and it brushed against her leg. She either didn’t notice it or ignored it completely, and she gave me a tight embrace. Then she stepped down and continued looking at me in the eyes.

“I never noticed how you really grew up, both physically and mentally. You make me proud to be your big brother,” I said. This seemed like something appropriate to say. Rachel’s curly brown hair was just long enough to be past her shoulders, and it ended right where her breast began to connect to her shoulder.

“I noticed you looking at me when I was packing today,” Rachel said after a brief silence.

“Oh really? I’m sorry, I was just walking by and I was surprised to see how much you’ve grown,” I said.

“So you admit I’m pretty hot,” Rachel said as she made an evil wink at me.

“Well… Yeah!” I said.

“You’re pretty perverted for a big brother. Looking at your little sister undress,” said Rachel.

I didn’t know what to say to her, so I just looked down, but only saw that my boner was at full erectile capacity now. It was still under the water so maybe Rachel didn’t notice.

Rachel moved in closer to me until her thigh rubbed right on my dick.

“So you admit to being a dirty brother,” she said. She moved her leg slightly upwards and downwards against my crotch, teasing me on purpose.

I didn’t know what to do. My sister was seducing me and I couldn’t tell myself to stop. It was so wrong, and yet it felt so good as if breaking a long forbidden rule.

“What would mom and dad say?” I asked her.

“They don’t have to know,” Rachel replied. “They aren’t here, after all. This is our little vacation,” she said as she turned around, and brought her hand right on my cock and grabbed it. She started walking towards the edge of the lake, leading me by the cock, meanwhile swinging her beautiful ass so I couldn’t take nye yes off of it.

Those luscious curves met at a deep crevice that was shown by the bend in her underwear. I could only imagine how deep the crevice was: the underwear strap disappeared into darkness between her ass cheeks, where they came together. The water made her skin shiny and you could tell her ass had goose bumps.

“I know you want me,” Rachel said. “I know you’ve wanted me for a long time.”

It was true. I have always been sneaking peeks at Rachel’s sexy body throughout my knowing her, but I always thought of it as a forbidden fantasy and nothing to consider seriously. But now that this was happening, I felt butterflies in my stomach. My mind cleared of everything else as I felt like this was the ultimate paradise: my forbidden dream come true, and nothing else would ever be as pleasurable as what was about to happen. My belly filled with butterflies as my cock reached immeasurable hardness in Rachel’s hand.

Rachel stopped walking and my dick rubbed against the crease of her ass.

“Get down,” she said. I sat down behind her ass, and kaçak iddaa looking at it from above, saw the tanned dark orange spheres crease where her legs are to create a voluminous mass of perfect circularity. Rachel grabbed my head and pushed me down against the ground, and kneeled down to put her ass on my face. This is definitely not how I imagined this would happen a moment ago. A sudden devil seemed to come out of Rachel, and overpowering character fueled by lust that turned her from the innocent joking girl I used to know into a sex goddess. She wiggled her ass so that my nose and mouth dug deeper in between her wet ass cheeks. I could feel her pussy lips rub against my mouth through her blue underwear.

A couple hours ago I would never have imagined that these panties would be rubbing against my mouth. Rachel wrapped her legs around my head for support to dig my face deeper in her ass. Meanwhile with her hands she untied my trunks and before I knew it, my cock was inside a warm, wet hole with undulating walls that massaged it at a pulsating rate. I could feel myself rising to climmax at the fastest rate I’ve ever experienced: her mouth was like a vacuum.

I reached with my hands to take off her panties. I slipped them off her ass, right before she buried it back onto my face. I placed my hands on her round, thick ass cheeks and spread them apart, to find her tight round asshole looking back at me. The small puckered hole looked like it had never been given the pleasure it deserves, I thought as the smell of her nether regions permeated me only to make my dick even harder as Rachel sucked on it.

This had all happened so fast, that I was operating purely on animal instincts. I dug my face into her pussy, licking her lips and parting them from each other with my own lips. I felt her warm pussy juice drip onto and inside my mouth. It tasted sweet and pungent, driving em crazily to make her feel as pleasured as she did to me.

I took my tongue and ran it into her ass crease. I licked up and down, lubricating the entire passage, kissing the sides of her ass cheeks, and finally concentrating on her glorious little ass hole. I circled my tongue around it, and then sucked on the entrance with my mouth. I stuck my tongue as deeply as I could into it, only to be met with the tightness of its walls. I saw Rachel arch her back as her mouth left my cock and she moaned in pleasure. She relaxed the grip of her legs on my head and let go as she turned around and lay on her back next to me, her legs in the air.

Before I could move, Rachel had her legs on me. She was rubbing my body with her feet, which were soft and had black nail polish. They stopped at my nipples and squeezed them. My cock longed for release and as much as I found her legs to be exotically perfect, I just wanted to cum all over her body. Rachel brought one of her feet up to my mouth and the other worked its way towards my cock.

I met her sweet little toes with my open mouth and my tongue ran around each one in turn, before I licked her foot all around. Its glorifying curved shape embellished her perfectly tan and beautiful legs, as I passionately licked it to express how hot those legs were to me. Meanwhile her other foot was stroking my dick. I felt her toes squeeze around my head and massage the most sensitive part, bringing me so close to climax that I could feel like I would burst all my lustful feeling at any moment.

She kaçak bahis took her foot out of my mouth, followed by several strings of my saliva, and brought it down on my cock. Using the saliva as lube she rubbed it with both her soles together, her soft toes rubbing against the edge of my head.

I felt my dick pulsate throbbingly as I ejaculated all over her little toes. I saw that she had taken her breasts out of her bra and was playing with her nipples as her flushed face was looking at mine with lustful passion. This made me cum even harder as my load covered her feet. She brought her feet to her mouth to lick all of my cum off while she was looking straight at me.

“Big brother, your cum tastes so good, I want more of it,” Rachel whispered to me.

She then grabbed me by the hair and shoved my head into her pussy. I started eating her out again, and put two fingers into her pussy. They slid in easily because she was so wet from what she was doing to me. I rubbed the insides of her tight pussy with my fingers as I licked her clit, and I could tell how much she liked it as she dug her toes into the earth from orgasmic ecstasy.

This continued for a bit before I noticed that my cock was hard again.

Rachel got up and pushed me on the ground again. She took off her panties completely and shoved them in my mouth. I could taste her pungent pussy juice. She climbed on top of me and let her breasts flow over my face. Using her hands to keep my arms locked to the ground, she rubbed her chest all over mine. My dick was throbbing hard but in pain because it was still sensitive from my last orgasm.

Rachel brought her nipples to my mouth. They were red and engorged as I sucked on them in turn, rubbing my tongue on the hard center as I tried to suck in as much of her breast as I could into my mouth. Meanwhile I could feel her rubbing her wet pussy against my cock.

As I was sucking her luscious breasts, I felt my cock easily slip into her pussy. It felt even more amazing than her mouth: The tight walls remed perfectly shaped for my cock, as their wet pulsating walls stroked my head. Rachel was on top and she was riding me like nobody ever has before, she used her ass as a weight to slam her pussy down hard on me, only to have it go back up by her easily lubricated pussy. She rubbed her mid section against me in quick horizontal motions, which not only stroked my cock but had it enter every angle of the inside of her pussy as the motion forced my cock from side to side.

Out of nowhere, still with her panties in my mouth, I saw her hand go up, and she sapped me square in the face. I tried to mumble my surprise, but she clamped my mouth with her palm and said “Shut up, this is your punishment for checking me out when I wasn’t looking,” she said. She brought her mouth down to my nipples and nibbled on them sensually, before biting them. This brought a wave of shock over me and I felt my cock thrust even deeper into her pulsating pussy, which in turn made her moan into my chest. Seeing her hot body above mine turn dmd on so much that I felt on the edge of cumming again. I tried to ask her if she was on birth control, but nothing but mumbled moans came out of me as I still had her panties in my mouth. This only made her thrust on my dick even faster, and I could feel that she was about to cum because her pussy tightened up. The tightness brought me over the edge, as I deposited my load deep in her pussy. Rachel moaned in orgasm as her pussy contracted against my dick, and she collapsed next to me.

“We’re not even close to being done,” she said as she looked at me with rosy cheeks.

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