Step Mom Was A Big Help

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Step Mom Was A Big HelpJust turned fifty, happily married, but the sex life was just about none existent now. I wanted to have fun with my wife just like all the other couples on the websites I visit more and more often.I wanted her to dress up in stockings, I wanted to lick her pussy and I wanted sex more than once every three months. I’d gone down the route of buying crotchless knickers, stockings and basques, even a rabbit to play with but they all lie in her drawer once used or worn once then never to see daylight again.I kept seeing older women on the web sites, in there sixties and some in there seventies still pleasuring their husbands or lovers. Happily wearing stocking and sexy underwear, some even happy to take a face full of cum but all seemed to be enjoying themselves.I started wondering about my step mom, she has knowing me since I was one when my real mom left, so I ended up just calling her mom when we became a f@mily. She was sixteen when she started looking after me so my dad could work and things just developed from there. I have always been close to her and often talk about personal things with her but could I ask her when did she stop having sex with my dad or was she happy to take a face full of cum or did she dress up for dad when he was still alive. I went and pop in on my mom as I have every day now since she was widowed two years ago. I go and see how she is and if there is anything she wants doing, which there never is and I also take her shopping once a week at the out of town supermarket. Mom is sixty-seven next birthday, a little on the plumper side with short mousy coloured hair.We sat down for a coffee as usual and I decide to ask mom about dad.“Mom can I ask you something”“Go on” mom said“When did you stop doing stuff with dad?”“What sort of stuff?”“Bedroom stuff” I saidMom looked a little bewildered with my question“It just, well, we only do it once every three months or so now,” I said“Oh, that sort of stuff”“Ye, it doesn’t matter mom, forget I asked” I said“No, you must feel there is a problem unless you would not have asked”“It’s not a problem, just not very often; we never have any fun doing it”“What sort of fun would you want?” mom asked“Well for her to wear stocking sometimes or a basque but she never seems interested”“You are just like your dad, he loved stocking” mom said, “We were still very active up to his stroke and I still dressed up for him afterwards” “Really” I said shocked“Well it made him happy, put a smile on his face after his stroke when I wore my basque and stockings”“Did you not mind dressing up like that?”“No not at all, I sort of miss getting dress up, it give me a special sort of feeling”“Thanks’ mom, I don‘t need to know any more”“I hope I have been some help” mom said“Ye, sort of”“When you’re here will you go down to the corner shop for some milk,” mom asked“Are you not going out today?”“No, I thought you could slip down, your quicker then me” mom said“Ok, any thing else” I asked“No, I’ll have another coffee ready for when you get back” mom saidI was there and back in five minutes and put the milk in the fridge next to the other full bottle“Mom there’s already milk in here”“Yes I see that now, I thought I was out, sorry love, come and get your coffee”Mom was sitting forward on the sofa getting her cup from the table when I sat down on the chair that was right angled to hers. As she lent back her hand took her floaty skirt along her leg and I could not help but look. Mom was wearing black nylons and as she settled down in to the back of the sofa, I could see she was wearing stockings.There was just the start of the flowery lacy bit at the top of her stocking on show and it was misshaped around her chubby leg. I grabbed my cup and sat back while sneakily taking a look at mom’s leg every so often.Mom lent forward for a biscuit and as she sat back again, another couple more inches of her leg was on show. Now I could see her suspender, a black suspender clipped to her stocking and just the smallest touch of pale naked flesh above her stocking top. Mom turned and smiled“What do you think of my stockings” mom asked“Mom there great, but I didn’t expect you wearing stockings for me”“I don’t see any harm in you looking” mom said “Anyway it gives me a little bit of a buzz getting dressed like this again”“Thanks mom”“I don’t think I need to worry about you getting aroused, I probably have the opposite affect on you after looking at my fat chubby legs” mom said “Mom I think your legs are beautiful with all the curves”“That a nice way to say, I’m fat” mom said“Mom, your not, if you weren’t my mom, I would say you have very sexy legs”“Get away with yourself, now I know you are lying” “Mom, there is loads of men lusting after women like you” “I don’t believe you, take a look, I’m fat, no one would want to see me” mom said then pulled her skirt up and over the biggest part of her tummy. I looked on in amazement at mom’s chubby legs and the bulge of her tummy contained in big white knickers and black suspenders going inside her knicker leg.“Well, still think I’m sexy” mom asked”“One hundred percent, mom” I answered Mom stood up and hoisted her skirt to around her waist, her white knickers were high leg and you could see the crease of her motherly tummy starting to head south.“You look amazing mom,” I saidMom sat down again but left her skirt above her stocking tops“What have you tried” mom asked“Stocking, basque, crotchless knickers, a toy, but they only get used once then that is it”“I hope I’ve made up for it then” mom asked“Oh you have mom, would you mind if I touch your leg mom?”“I said there was no harm in looking but didn‘t say anything about touching” mom said, “Oh go on then, your dad liked the feel of my stockings too“I bent forward and touched mom’s knee, it felt so silky soft, I looked up at her, mom smiled, and I started to move my fingers softly up and down her leg. “Your dad liked the tops of my stockings” mom saidI looked at her in a wanting sort of way and she nodded her head for me to proceed.I ran my fingers over the lacy tops, stopping at the suspender and started to follow that over her naked skin,“What is it about suspenders and men” mom asked“I think they are so sexy”I didn’t push my luck and moved back down to her knee“Thanks’ mom, that was great”“What other things did you have in mine for fun” mom asked“Well all sorts really, pleasuring each there with our mouths, that sort of stuff” I said“Do you not do that” mom asked“She sucks me then stops before anything happens and she won’t let me do that to her”“I see, you are in need of some fun aren’t you”“I’m fifty now and if it doesn’t happen soon it never will” I said“She might come around to your thinking some day”“Mom I’m going to have to go but thank you for showing me you stockings” I said and bent down and kissed mom on the cheek before leaving “I see you tomorrow for shopping”Mom lifted her skirt back up one last time and I saw her suspenders and knickers“I‘ll give you one last look” mom said “Thanks’ mom” and leftIt was the next morning and I let myself in to mom’s house“Mom I’m here,” I shouted“Up her love, come up”I went barging in to her bedroom and there was mom standing in a girdle“Sorry mom” I said and looked away “I thought you would be dressed”“I am, for you love, take a look”“”Mom there’s no need to dress up for me”“I’m doing it for myself as well, now take a look” I feasted my eyes on mom, standing in a white girdle stretched taught over her tummy and black stockings“Mom, you are beautifully”“I hope you don’t mind a girdle, it gives me support when going out, There’s little support in a basque for me”“I don’t mine; I’ve never seen a girdle up close”“You can touch me if you like”“Are you sure?” I askedMom nodded as I crossed the room, still taking in the sight in front of me“It’s an open bottom girdle if you are wondering” mom saidWhen she said that, I automatically looked down at her pussy but I was relived to see she was wearing cotton knickers under the girdle, now that would have been just to wrong to see mom’s pussy hair.I stood in front of mom and touched the flowery patterned material across her tummy and having to restrain myself from moving up and touching her breasts. Her breasts were big and well covered but sticking out proudly in her girdle and there was a might valley of cleavage where the two met.I followed a diamond shape pattern over her tummy; going to just below the meeting of her breasts before coming back down then followed a suspender down on to her stockings.“Will you hug me” mom asked“Yes I can” I said and wrapped my arms around mom while resting my head next to hers. Mom give I little moan as we stood together then I started to run my hands over her back and down her suspender that ran over her chubby arse and on to her stocking top.I felt mom’s squeeze tighten around me and suddenly felt the bulge in my trousers pushing in to mom’s tummy, there just wasn’t anything I could do to stop it and I stopped moving my hands over mom’s body.After a couple of minutes we parted and mom smiled at me“I better get ready” mom said “Just wait. I’ve only got my skirt and top to go on”It was so erotic watching mom pull her skirt up her legs and her top down over her big bulging breasts.“Ready” mom saidI always take her shopping once a week for her food and all the way around the supermarket it was hard to concentrate, knowing mom was in a girdle and stockings, dressed especially for her son. On the way back, mom took my hand from the gear stick and placed it on her leg then moved my fingers on to her suspender clip, tracing the outline of it. It was a sexually charged ride back to her house as mom pushes my hand up and down her leg as I drove, sometimes my hand just brushing across the bulge of her pussy. Once the shopping was in the house mom stopped me“Would you like maltepe escort to watch me undress?” mom asked“Yes please”Mom took my hand and pulled me back upstairs and in to her bedroom, she took her top off first and I noticed her nipples pushing outwards. Then she slipped her elasticated skirt down her stocking legs and stood in front of me.“You can touch me again if you want”I traced the diamond shape pattern over her tummy again with my finger, going higher this time and in-between the cups of her girdle. We held eye contact as my finger went around the second time then mom took me and moved my finger across the cup holding her breast firmly in.She squashed my hand in to her big tit and I could feel her nipple growing harder by the second in the palm of my hand.“Mom can I asked you something”“Go on”“What size is your breasts mom?”“42f” mom said then pushed my hand harder against her breast“Hug me again please” mom askedI wrapped my arms around mom again as she did with me, holding our body’s tight together and there was that bulge in my trousers again pushing in to mom’s tummy.“Mom I’m going to have to go soon”“I know love, would you like to undo my suspenders before going”“Can I. Yes Please”Her grip around me relaxed and I sank down on to my knees in front of mom and looking straight in to the bulge of her knickers. I touched her stocking top and undid the first one them mom moved around me, all the time my hand softly touching her naked leg spilling over her stocking top.I undid the second one and felt her leg going up to the cheek of her bum before mom turned again to undo the next one. Mom turned once more and we were back to her facing me and her last suspender. This time I felt her chubby leg and the pattern on her stockings top before undoing it.Mom’s hands came on to my head and pulled me in to her tummy, I wrapped me arms around mom’s hips and played with the loose suspenders now hanging at the back of her.“Hope you didn’t mine too much about my wearing a girdle today” mom said“Not one bit mom, you look very nice in it, thank you”I stood up and hugged mom one last time then kissed her cheek before goingIt was a week later when I heard them words again after letting myself in to mom’s house“Mom, just me” I shouted“Up her love, just come up”I wasn’t surprised one bit when I saw mom standing sexually dressed“Mom” I said, before mom cut me off“Before you say anything else, I like getting dressed up once in a while like this and you have giving me the opportunity to do so again”“Mom, what I was going to say was, you look wonderful” “Oh, thanks” mom said “Come and give me a hug”I wrapped my arms around her and we just hugged for a couple of minutes“What do you think” mom asked“Very sexy mom”Mom stepped back from our hug and I eyed mom up and down, god she was hot today with a black sheer blouse and short tight skirt to above her knee and black stockings. It shouted out, pure slut, if you were to go out in public wearing it, but I knew my mom would not be doing that.Under the sheer blouse there looked to be a basque and a very lacy trim around the cups that just covered her nipples. Mom started to undo the blouse slowly and I just stood and drooled until she pulled it apart then slipped if off her shoulders.Mom stood still as I took in the sight, her pale white tits were massive just sitting on top of the cups of her basque, threatening to spill out at any time. They just seemed to sit there and I wondered how many time mom had lost a tit out. They were touching together, forming a mighty cleavage and went all the way around to under her arms. There was a thin strap attached but all it was good for was keeping the basque up and offered no support what so ever for her tits. There was her nipples, poking through the lacy material and you could easily see her darker areola. “Ar mom you are beautiful,” I said“You can come and have a touch if you want” I stepped forward and cupped my hands under her breasts and I could feel the weight of each one.“Not many of then to the pound” mom said“I don’t suppose there is,” I saidThen I started moving my finger over the lacy frill around the top of the cup and right over her nipple.“Is it alright to touch the top part of your breast mom?”“If you want”I continued along the lacy bit then headed up the valley of her cleavage then back down her other breast.I moved in to mom and hugged her tight, squashing her tits in to my body, wondering if one would pop out. I ran my hands over her back and down over her arse, tracing her suspenders going downwards. Mom give a long slow sigh when I realised my cock was hard and pushing in to her tummy. “There more yet” mom said and I stepped back as she started to undo her little black skirt at the side, undoing the hook first then she pulled down the zip and let the skirt fall to her feet“I must warn you, my knickers aren’t the biggest and I have always been a full bush woman so there is a little hair sticking out each side” mom said “It only hair, it’s not like I am showing you my kitty”I looked at mom and she picked up on what I was thinking“Kitty, you probably call it a pussy” mom said and I just smiled at her “You can go and have a look at my stocking if you want”I sank to my knees and there was the sexiest pair of stocking I had ever seen, the tops were of flowers and in red. I touched her stocking tops and ran my fingers softly over her chunky legs.Then I noticed moms kickers, they were certainly small and the wide strip of light mousy coloured pussy hair on show. I kept touching her stocking but looking at the bulge of mom’s black lacy knickers, designed for titillation and sexiness and not very practical on a woman my mom’s size. Mom certainly knew how to get the pulse going. Mom pulled me in to her tummy again just like last week and I wrapped my arms around her hips. It was only a matter of time before I was feeling her suspenders and following them to her stocking. I was soon overcome with desire and started to plant little kisses on mom’s basque covered tummy.I could hear mom moan softly and as I fetched my fingers back up her suspenders, I followed then inside her small knickers and felt her bare bum cheek. It felt all naughty having my hand inside my mom’s knickers and I started to kiss my way down her round tummy and off to one side.I was now planting little kisses on her hip, just where her basque ended and I moved on to her naked flesh between her basque and her stocking top. Mom just held me with no resistance to what I was doing. I kissed to the front of her leg, down on to her stocking top, and pulled at her suspender with my teeth.I moved my hands around her bum so my fingers were slipping on to her chunky inner thigh from behind. Mom moved her legs apart every so slowly as I kissed back up her front suspender and back on to her tummy. I had accomplished more than I had dreamed of.Standing up mom hugged me tight and as we cuddled, I kissed her shoulder softly, swapping from shoulder to her neck while with one hand I followed her side down and on to her naked leg. I played with the top of her leg, pushing closer to her inner thigh and touched her pussy hair sticking out from her knickers.“Would you kiss me” mom whisperedI moved from her neck and on to her cheek then mom turned and our lips touched, just little soft kisses before passion took over.Our mouths widened, our tongues touched, and we both started to breathe a little heavier. I pushed my luck and traced my fingers over the bulge of her pussy and was somewhat taken back when mom let out a loud moan of pleasure.I had two fingers splayed with the bulge of her pussy in between them rubbing up and down on the hair outside her knickers. Mom kissed with desire then I felt her hand on the front of my trousers and nipping around my stiff cock.“Let me see you” mom moaned and she broke free to concentrate undoing my trousers. They fell to the floor and I watched as mom pulled the waistband of my boxers out and over my cock. She stopped for a few seconds and looked at it before clamping her hand around it. Her other hand then came on to my balls and I could feel her rubbing them between her fingers.As this was going on, I slipped my finger inside her knickers and pushed the small piece of material off her bulging pussy lips. There was no way in seeing what I was doing but I could feel how fat and podgy her lips were.Mom moved back from me then I realised I had to follow and she sat down on the bed. I looked down and my cock was looking my mom in the face still with her hand around it. Mom looked up and smiled“Is this what you wanted” mom asked I nodded then had to think hard to when I told my mom about wanting my cock sucked.My cock looked mighty big, a lot bigger than usual as mom fetched her thumb over my cock end and started to rub my pre cum in to the fiery looking bulbous end. She parted my piss slit with her thumb then replaced it with her tongue.I just stood there looking on in amazement as mom worker her tongue over and around my cock end. I felt like I was going to come with sheer excitement but when she took me in her mouth. I just about blew my load.Then mom looked up with a mouthful of her sons cock then suddenly I felt her hand around my balls and stopping me from coming. Her grip was tight around my ball sack as she worked on my cock, her head twisting and turning, bobbing back and forth eagerly sucking her sons cock.I retched down to feel her tit wobbling in the cup of her basque and her nipple was hard, then I felt mom’s hand scoop her tit from the basque. Her tit was now free and naked, all soft and wobbly as mom returned her hand to around my shaft.There was a wet sloppy noise coming from her mouth and a froth forming along my shaft and her lips.“Mom, I’m going to come,” I moanedI felt her bahçelievler escort hand that had been holding my ball sack move on to my inner thigh then a sudden surge of my seed rushing along my shaft.“Christ mom” I shouted as that first load shot straight in to mom mouth, then she did something I did not expect and pull off my cock.It was to late as the second load squirted on to her lips and as I looked on in disbelief, she let the next couple of loads squirts up her cheek and some of my cum hitting her in her eye. I’d never see my cock twitch as much, and then mom took me back inside and let me fill her mouth with what I had left.I held on to the back of moms head as I gently thrusted my coming cock in to her mouth, wanting to last as long as I could. She had me coming long after I usual last and I just could not believe what was happening in front of me.Mom pulled off my cock and as we made eye contact, mom stuck out her tongue to show me it had a puddle of my cum on it. It was starting to run away down on to her lips and she tilted her head back and swallows it in one gulp. Mom let go of my cock, retched out for a tissue from the bedside table, and wiped her face.“Mom, I just can’t believe we just did that” “It is what you wanted, wasn’t it” she asked“Ar yes mom, everything I wanted”“I know men like to see it squirt on to the face”“I did mom, it was great,” I said, “Can I kiss you again”Mom stood up and I eagerly kissed around her mouth, tasting the new taste of my cum on her lips. Then mom started to lower on to the bed and I followed, our kissing uninterrupted as we did. My hands were over her body, feeling her tit that was out then slipping down over her tummy.I came to the start of her knickers and slipped my fingers inside, following the curve of her body as I found her podgy lips and I big lump at the top. Mom kissed with renewed passion as she parted her legs and let my fingers probed her pussy while her knickers became tight on the back of my hand.“Go and take them off” mom moanedAs I moved on to my knees, mom closed her legs and raised them, digging her feet in to the bed, she lifted her arse up and I started too pulled down her flimsy knickers. She lowered down and raised each foot as I removed her knickers.I watched on in amazement as she parted her raised legs and I got to see her hairy pussy, her triangle was certainly full bush as she said before. Not a lot of hair but still a well-defined triangle, curved with the shape of her tummy going under her basque.I retched out and softy touched it“Now it your turn” mom said “That’s if you want to”“Oh I do, I do mom”Mom parted the hair from around her lips and I looked on to see these two fat mighty lips, probably exaggerated more with the bulge of her pussy and tummy and then her clit, more like a thumb just sticking outwards through her lips.“Best to get in-between my legs” mom saidI moved and saw mom fully expose, the sight was beautiful as I touched mom pussy again, but now able to see what I was doing. Her slit was long and mighty but it was her clit that stood out, all hard and aroused. I didn’t have time to waste looking and dived in with my tongue.I licked from the bottom of her lips up to her mighty clit then started swirling my tongue over and around it, before lightly sucking it in to my mouth. Mom gives encouraging moans of pleasure and I could feel her gyrating her clit up in to my face.I sucked and licked on her clit for a good five minutes, listening to mom whimpering then slipped my tongue down between her lips and found her old love hole. I pushed my face tight against her pussy gaining maximum retch for my tongue and started to flick her insides.Mom was warm and my tongue soon moistened her insides as I poked every nook and wrinkle mom had to offer. Her hands held my head and I felt a rocking motion as mom pushed her pussy in to my face. My tongue was starting to ache and I could hear mom getting more and more excited.One last spurt of tongue action and I had fetched my dear old mom off, she shrilled and pulled us tight together, then I felt a warmth invading her love hole and mom had totally come. Her legs closed against my head and all I could do was taste her love juice, slowly at first then I got the taste of her and I was soon lapping her pussy dry.Mom eventually relaxed and I lifted my head but I was not finished down there yet, I kissed around her hairy bush and down on to her chubby legs, lightly kissing and sucking the bare naked flesh down to her stocking tops. I feasted on the soft skin then kissed my way around her stocking tops before moving back on to the curve of her hairy pussy.I looked over her basque while kissing her tummy and saw her smile down at me. I kissed her lips again and sucked on her clit then fetched my fingers to her entrance. One soon became two as I finger fucked and sucked her clit at the same time. Mom started to thrash about the bed with her body heaving up and down.The finger fucking intensified in to a sloppy noise and I sucked her clit hard in to my mouth and kept flicking my tongue over it. Mom started to pant and held my head again but this time she pulled herself upright with the force of her orgasm. She crashed back down on to the bed panting and I could feel her muscles around my still embedded fingers pulsing away.Mom relaxed again and I pulled my fingers out and kissed her pussy lips one last time then moved to the side of mom on the bed. She turned and kissed me then started with little kisses around my lips all excitedly.“Was that the sort of fun you wanted” mom asked“It was, I couldn‘t ask for any more”“Well, it was fun for me as well” mom said, “You better get going, you’ll be late”I quickly dressed and kissed mom one last time and left her on the bed with one tit hanging out and a moist pussy.It was another four days before anything happened again, out on our weekly shop we had just got back in to the car when mom raised her floaty skirt above her stocking tops. There on full show was her tan coloured stocking containing her shapely legs but mom continued pulling her skirt up past her knickers.They were a little tarty looking, red with black lace but when mom parted her legs, I was in for a total surprise. She was wearing crotchless knickers and we had just been around the supermarket. Her lips and clit seemed to be squeezing out of the opening making then look even bigger.“Mom, someone might see you,” I said“I know it’s exciting” mom said, “Would you like to touch me, I can keep watch and soon pull my skirt back down if anyone is coming” Mom sat at an angle with one leg against the door and her other squeezed between the seat and gear stick allowing her the best position to part her legs to there maximum, I bent down for a better look not fully believing what mom was wearing“Go on, suck me” mom said“What here”“I dare you,” she saidHer clit looked very inviting, sticking out proudly of her crotchless knickers and I went down and sucked on it, pulling and teasing it out further.“Quick someone coming” mom saidI straighten back up as mom slipped her skirt back down over her leg, then I watched as she undid the two buttons on her jacket“Look” mom said as she slightly opened her jacket for a sneaky look. Her blouse was taught over her breast and there on show was mighty sticking out nipples pushing out the thin material.“Christ mom” was all I could sayI could not resist and slipped my hand inside her jacket and over her breast and felt the mighty hard nipple.“I think we better get home” mom saidI drove like a bat out of hell and carried the shopping in to the house in one go.I got a hold of mom as soon as the door was shut and kissed her with desire and passion and mom responded back with equal enthusiasm. I fiddled with her jacket buttons then slipped the back of my hand on to her breast, trapping her nipple between my fingers and started to tug on it. Mom let out a big moan and kissed wildly in response, out tongues fighting inside our mouths. With my other hand, I slipped it down her leg and started to gather her skirt in to bunches until I had the hem in my hand. I slipped my hand on to mom’s stocking clad leg and started to feel my way up, up past her stocking tops and on to her naked flesh of her inner thigh.Mom parted her legs as I fetched my fingers closer to her pussy, her lips just hanging out from the opening of her crotchless knickers. I rubbed her clit before slipping my fingers between her lips and inserted then. Mom was warm and wet as I started to finger fucker her while standing in the hallway.Mom was fully aroused and she soon started to pant then a warm trickle spread across my fingers.“Let go up stairs” mom pleadedI follow mom up stairs and in to her bedroom, she turned to face me and slipped her jacket from her shoulders. I started to undress hurriedly while watching mom unfasten her tight blouse and take it off.She had on a big white bra with small holes for her nipples to stick out off, then she pushed her elasticated skirt off her hips and let it fall to the floor. I walked towards her totally naked with a raging hard on in front of me looking at mom, she wore a wide white suspender belt around her tummy with suspenders going to her tan stocking, red crotchless knickers and her open nipple bra.Mom went and lay on the bed, raised and parted her legs and I knew what she was after. I couldn’t wait to get in between her legs and feast on her gorgeous pussy lips and clit sticking out from her knickers. There was the smell of her last finger fucking lingering over her pussy as I clamped my mouth in to her lips.Mom was charged and it didn’t take much to send her thrashing about the bed as I licked inside her pussy. I wanted her to taste her juices from my mouth and worked myself up her body, kissing adana escort and sucking her nipples on the way past. I kissed mom and she excitedly kissed and licked my face, then the inevitable happened and mom stopped dead and let out a moan. My cock had push past her pussy entrance and I was inside, another gentle push and mom grunted. I got on to my hands over her, looking down while she looked up, then I pushed again, gently spreading her lips apart and filling her love hole with my cock some more. I kept my cock inserted and waited, and she must have realised I was waiting for the go ahead from her. I felt the thrust of her pussy upward on to my cock and another grunt as she took more of her son’s length. I pushed in to her tight hole slowly, feeling her inside grab around my cock and making me feel even bigger.Mom let out a big long slow moan “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeeeeeeessssssssssss” as I pushed ever deeper inside my mom, but slowly and gentle at the same time. This was such a change to me having spontaneous and willing sex and I was enjoying every minute of it, then mom ran her stocking clad foot over the back of my leg, letting me feel the silky soft smooth material of her stocking covering her foot. She just seemed to know how to fulfil and satisfy my sexually needs and desirers and when I looked down at her, there was a warm pleasing smile on her face. I smiled back as I started to thrust my rod back and forth inside her, knowing she was getting as much enjoyment as I was.I bent down and kissed her and felt her legs come over mine, tying us together. There didn’t seem to be a hurry either, not like fucking my wife, when you get that feeling of, just get on with it and get it over and done with and that’s it for another three months. I slid my hands under her shoulders, holding us tight together but still just slowly fucked her, feeling every inch of my cock go all the way in, then back out.“Let me on top” mom asked a couple of minutes laterI climbed on to my arms and watched as my cock slid out of her, then lay down by her side. Mom shuffled on to her knees then lifted a leg over me, I then saw her fanny hanging from the split in her knickers and I so badly wanted to be back inside her again.Mom climbed on top and pushed her hand between us, feeling for my cock and lined it up with her entrance, and then I felt her pushing back on to me. Once inserted mom bent forward and offered me her nipples that were still big and hard poking through her bra. I ran my hands over her arse following her suspenders while sucking each nipple as she swapped them over.I fetched my hands back up and on to her bra and started to undo the hooks, one, two, three, four and finally the last one and her bra slipped out of my hands with the pull of gravity. Mom sat up and pulled each strap off her arms, now her tits were free and I was getting my first proper looked at them. Mom said she was a big girl and her 42f tits were certainly big and dangling in front of me.“Mom they are beautiful,” I said as I retched out and touched themShe started to lean forward and her tits started to dangle in front of me, getting closer to my mouth by the second. My face was full with her warm soft tits as she swung them from side to side and just getting the briefest suck of her nipple before being pulled away.She stopped and I guzzled on her aroused nipple, then I felt her working herself up and down my shaft, gyrating her full fanny around my pole sticking up. I started to thrust upwards while still holding her arse.Mom sat up and placed her hands on her legs and started to ride my cock, her tits started to bounce up and down and I took the weight of them in my hands. She really was concentrating, lost in her own world, eyes shut and moaning softly.Seeing a woman using my cock like this was new to me, my wife has never climbed on top of me like this and here was mom, sixty-six and loving it. She stopped, opened her eyes then started to lift off me and layback down.I was soon on top and inserted and mom had her legs tied around me again, I knew this was going to be it and grabbed her now naked shoulders and held us tight together as I started to thrust my cock with more force. I took mom’s moans as encouragement and when I started to pound her fanny, I felt her lifting up to meet me.“Arrrrrrrrrrrr Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssss” Mom moanedMy grip tightened and I lifted my head from her shoulder and looked in to her eyes.“Mom I’m going to come” She pulled my head down and kissed with new vigour. I grunted and that first squirt was super charged as I pushed my cock in hard, her tongue fought with mine and she held on tight with her legs as another thrust went in and discharged deep inside my mom.“Ar Yes” mom cried out then started to pant, “YES, YES”I felt her come, actually felt her muscles spasm around my cock, which prolonged my stiff coming cock to last a lot longer than expected at my age. I buried my cock in mom and just left it there to empty, squirt after squirt was exchanged as mom and me kissed once more.I climbed off and lay with mom, both of us looking at one and other with huge smiles across our faces and breathing still heavily after our first proper fuck together. I let my hand wander over her suspender belt and eventually down on to her crotchless knickers.I moved closer to mom and kissed her“You are just like your dad” Mom said “Never finished, always wanting another feel of what I‘m wearing”“Sorry mom, I‘ll stop, I never get the chance to do that with my wife““You carry on, I can see how happy you are, just like your dad” mom said then kissed me again.I traced down the side of her kickers cutting in to her hairy bush then moved on to the open crotchless part and followed her fat bulging lips that were sticking out. Mom lips were wet and parted still and I slipped my finger along her slit as mom responded with her kissing.I could feel and hear the sound of wet squelching as I moved my finger“Mom, did you ever let dad go back down on you”“Sometimes, he said he loved the taste of me afterwards”“Did you like that?” I asked“Oh yes” mom said “Would you like to try it?”Mom raised and parted her legs once more and there were her swollen lips, bulging out the split of her red crotchless knickers, partly open and smeared in our love juice. I ran my finger over her wet lips once more, looked at mom smiling at me and dived in with my tongue.She was warm and wet, smelling of warm sex and I lapped her juices up in to my mouth and not giving a dam I was also tasting my cum. Mom’s hands were on my head and she had started to gyrate her fanny in to my face. I could hear her moaning and this spurred me to lick faster and deeper.I was now making a very wet sloppy noise lapping at her fanny, twisting and turning my head to get even deeper when mom let out a cry. I was rewarded with another release of her fanny juice all warm and sticky as her legs nipped shut against my body.Next, I knew, she was pulling me by the ears, up over her body and for her mouth to make contact with mine. She greedily kissed me then licked and sucked around my face, tasting our love juice that we had made together.I lay down next to her with both of us looking at one and other with huge smiles across our faces once again.“Mom that was incredible” I said“Was that the fun you wanted to try?”“That was more than I could have hoped for” I said, “Thanks mom”She leaned across and kissed me“Thank you” she said, “You need a shower before going?”“I better”“Lets have one together, You can take my stockings off if you like” mom said“Oh please”I got off the bed and I watched mom pull the side of her knickers to in between her lips“Stops me leaking when I stand up” mom said with a smileNow her lips were fat and bulging with her knickers all taught between her slit.I knelt as mom turned around me, undoing her suspenders and now noticing how far her 42F tits hung down over her tummy. I started to roll her tan stockings down her chubby legs and planted little kisses on the new exposed naked skin. She lifted each foot as I took them off then she turned around for me to undo her wide suspender belt. Held together with ten little hooks, I felt the strain in the material as I undid the last one and mom’s tummy was free once more.I stood up and pulled the suspenders through her knickers as mom turned to face me, she stood as naked as I had ever seen her in front of me with her drooping tits and sagging tummy and I could not resist giving her a tight cuddle“I love you mom,” I whispered in her ear then released my hugMom pulled my by the hand in to the shower“You can take my knickers off now,” she saidI knelt in front of her again, put my thumbs in the waist of her knickers and started to pull them down, the side wedged between her lips held fast until I tugged then some more and I got to see the coating of sex smeared over them.Mom was now fully naked as we stood together and past the soap to me“Would you like to wash me,” mom askedI soaped my hands and rubbed them on to her melon sized droopy tits while feeling the weight of them, then worked my soapy hands all over her body while mom washed bit of me.There was no more sex or thought of sex in my mind as I washed over her naked body, just pure love for my mom. Mom finished herself off by parting her legs and squatting a little, then aimed the showerhead fully at her bush. We looked at each other then mom said “There’s still more to come yet, I know how far in me your were”I couldn’t believe how relaxed we were together, I’ve never shared a shower with my wife in all the time we have been married and there was mom opening her lips apart to spray the water in to her pussy in full view of me.Mom turned off the shower and I instantly wrapped my arms around her, just hugging her tight“Thank mom,” I whispered in her ear“We can carry on helping each other, out if you want” mom said“I would like that a lot mom”We didn’t have intercourse every day but there was enough fun and sexually contact to make us both happy. Mom loved dressing up for me and I loved just seeing her in sexy lingerie, feeling her smooth legs in stockings and making her come with my tongue.The End

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