Step Daughter Takes Over Pt. 03

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Chapter Three: “Madison Takes Over”

On Saturday, Madison goes to the school, arriving at 9am, to pickup Caroline and thought that this would be the end of this issue. She was wrong. As Caroline and Miss Tia walked to her, Madison sees that Caroline is wearing a GPS ankle bracelet.

She hugs Caroline and says to Tia, “Hello, I see that she was a good girl.”

Tia laughed, “Yes she was. Very good.”

Caroline blushed and felt small, embarrassed and humiliated as they talk about her. Madison asks, “What’s that for?”

Tia, “It is to make sure she returns on Monday. She has 2 more weeks of the special program.”

Madison, “Two more weeks?”

Tia, “Yes, and if she doesn’t return, she and you, will be arrested.”

Madison, “She will be here.”

Tia, “And if she continues to behave and be a good girl, she can come home next weekend too.”

Madison, “Thank you.”

And to Caroline she says, “Tell her thank you Daisy.”

When Caroline hesitates, Madison slaps her ass and Caroline, looking at her feet says, “Thank you Miss Tia.”

When they return to their home, Caroline starts to cry and tells all that happened to her at school.

She says, “I’m her Slave there and will be for the next two weeks. And those three girls and their friends will continue to use me in the mornings. I don’t want to go back.”

Madison hugs her and says, “I understand that but you must go back and keep pretending you are a School Girl. Because, for one, you will be arrested if you don’t go, you have that bracelet on and we can’t take it off. And they will take you back anyways and then you will be in that special program longer. And for the second reason, you had sex with those students and if they find out who you really are, they will arrest you for that. And it doesn’t matter if you were forced, they are underage, that’s all the law will care about.”

Caroline reluctantly agrees.

She then says, “What did the Wilson Trading Company say about me?”

Madison, “I tell you in a minute.”

Then Madison says, “You should stay in character so you don’t mess up. While you are in School, you will call me “Mom” both at home and when we are out. You will stay in the Daisy persona and I will call you “Daisy” when we are out.”

Caroline, “What, No, that’s crazy.”

Then Madison grabs Caroline, puts her over her knees and spanks her hard. And says, “Who is in charge? Who’s in charge?”

After 30 hard slaps, Caroline gives in, “You are.”

“And what do you call me?”


Madison pushes her off her knees and says, “Come here and let me see what you learned in the Dorm. Eat my pussy.”

And she guides Caroline’s head to her pussy. Even though they have been lovers, this time was different. istanbul escort This was Madison dominating Caroline. And they both loved it. Madison has now become the Power in the household.

When she was satisfied, Madison then says, “I took the job at Wilson Trading Company, under your name. I’m good at it and I love the job. And no one there has questioned me.”

Caroline, “No, you can’t do that Madison. What about me?”

Madison says, “You will stay home. And be a good little girl. You will stay in the “Daisy” persona unless I tell you different. I’m in charge.”

Then Madison grabs her, spanks her hard again and all the fight leaves Caroline and she give in to Madison and follows orders.

Around 2pm that day, Madison says to Caroline, “Let’s to the mall. I’ll call Sherry and have her meet us.”

Madison calls her friend Sherry and they arrange to meet in a half hour. Madison introduces Daisy to Sherry, “Sherry, this is Daisy my sister. We’re going to that new teen clothing store and Daisy going to try on clothes for us.”

The three walk to the teen store and Madison walks Daisy to the fitting rooms.

Madison, “Take off your cloths. We’ll bring you outfits to try on.”

And her and Sherry go and pick out clothing for Daisy to try on. When Madison returns to the fitting room, Caroline is still wearing underwear.

Madison, “I told you to take your clothes off. Now, do it.”

Caroline, “But, I don’t need to take my underwear off. What if someone sees me?”

By now Sherry has joined them and hears Madison say, “You will take off your underwear now.”

Caroline, “No, I won’t.”

Madison pulls her out of the fitting room, sits down, puts Caroline across her knees and spanks her hard 20 times.

She then says, “Now. For the last time. Who is in charge?”

Caroline, “You are. Please don’t spank me again.”

Madison, “I won’t if you follow orders. Or you going to behave and do want you are told?”

Caroline, “Yes mom.”

Sherry heard that and thought “That’s strange.”

Caroline was very embarrassed and humiliated but, after that, she followed orders. With Caroline’s hair still in pig tails and with the teen clothing on, she looked like an eighteen year old. Madison was amazed. Sherry thought she was beautiful. They made Daisy try outfit after outfit. Madison bought three outfits and made Daisy wear one of them out of the store.

Before they left the store, Madison stops and says to Sherry, “I should tell the truth Sherry. Daisy is really my Stepmom Caroline. She is actually 26.”

Sherry, “Really! She looks like she’s 18. Wow. So, is she your Slave?”

Caroline was very embarrassed as Madison said, “More or less. kadıköy escort Let’s go to the food court.”

As they walked into the food court, they ran into Miss Tia and they all took a seat. After a few minutes, Madison asks Sherry “to take “Daisy” to the restroom. And make sure she takes care of you.”

Sherry smiles, knowing what she meant. Sherry leads Caroline to the restroom, takes her into the large stall and says, “Ok Caroline, strip and then kneel.”

Caroline is so beaten down, she complies.

Sherry then says, “Now lick me and make me come or I will spank you.”

Caroline brings Sherry to orgasm and then Sherry orders her to pose for her.

After the two leave, Madison says to Miss Tia, “I’m glad we ran into you. I was going to talk with you Monday morning but now will work.”

Tia, “Ok, shoot.”

Madison, “Daisy told me what you and the three girls did to her all week in the Dorm and in school. I want it to stop.”

Tia, taking a chance replies, “Do you mind if I use her?”

Madison, “No, but I would like you to protect her.”

Tia, “Well, I can understand that. In fact, the three girls will be out of the program. It will just be her and me staying in the Dorm.”

Madison, “That is fine and you have my permission to continue using her. I have another request. Could she be kept out of classes and kept in the Dorm? And could she be released from the program after this week?”

Tia, “Yes to both, but why? And you are ok with me having sex with your Step Daughter?”

Madison, “I can’t tell you now. But I will when she is out of the program. And yes, I repeat, you can “play” with Daisy in the Dorm. Only, no pain and no marks. Ok?”

Tia, “I will agree Madison on one condition.”

Madison, “And what is that.”

Tia, “I like you and I find you very attractive. Have dinner with me this evening.”

Madison, who also was attracted to Tia, says, “I would like that.” Then she added, “and I can pick her up next Saturday.”

Tia, “Yes, at 10am.”

Madison, seeing Sherry and Caroline returning, said, “Here they come, let us go on our date.”

When Sherry and Caroline came back to the table, Madison said, “Sherry, Miss Tia and I are going to dinner. Please take Daisy home and babysit her.”

Sherry, “What am I being paid?”

Madison smiling says, “Let Daisy take care of that.”

She then turns to Daisy and says, “Be a good girl and behave. Do what Sherry tell you do to. Or you will be punished.”

Caroline says, “Yes mom.”

Madison and Tia turn and walk away. They go to a nice restaurant and have a great conversation. They sat and talked for 2 hours.

Madison and Tia really hit it off and towards the end kağıthane escort Madison said, “Tia, I need to tell you about me and Daisy.”

Tia, “Ok, go ahead. It can’t be that bad.”

Madison, “Tia, I like you a lot and don’t want to start with a lie.”

Tia frowns and says, “Go ahead.”

Madison, “I’m 18 and Daisy is actually my Stepmom. Her real name is Caroline and she is 26.”

Tia stays silence for a moment.

Then she said, “How did she end up at school?”

Madison, “Well, I like to dress her up and sometimes we go to the mall. I have her try on clothes. Well, that day that cop grabbed us. And you know the rest.”

Tia, “Do you dominate her?”

Madison, “Yes, I just started. I love her and we make love. Does that shock you?”

Tia, “No. You aren’t really relations.” Then Tia says, “I do like you to. Can we date again?”

Madison, “How about Wednesday?”

Tia, “Ok. And I’ll care of Caroline. Her secret is safe with me.”

As they walked to their cars, Madison and Tia hold hands and before they part, they kiss.

In the mean time, Sherry drove Caroline home and when they got inside, Sherry said, “Caroline, go take a bath.”

Caroline looked at Sherry and was about to argue, and then just said, “Yes Sherry,” and walked up to the bathroom.

When Caroline was in the tub, Sherry came in and washed her like she was a little girl. Sherry rubbed Caroline all over and got her very aroused and she had Caroline begging to come.

Sherry laughed and said, “Be a good girl and I’ll let you cum. Now, follow me.”

She led her to the big bedroom and was going to dominate and force Caroline but when Sherry looked at her, she thought, “She is so beautiful, I can’t force her.”

Instead she said, “Caroline, I just want to make love with you. Can we?”

Caroline, “Are you asking me or telling me?”

Sherry, “I’m asking you. I’m sorry for forcing you earlier.”

Caroline, “That’s all right. I did enjoy it.”

She held out her hand, Sherry took it and they got into bed. They then made love and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. When Madison returned home later, she found them and took a photo.

On Sunday, after Sherry leaves the house. Madison exchanges bedrooms with Caroline.

Again Caroline resists and Madison spanks her hard and says, “Do what you are told young lady. Or I will beat you. Now behave.”

Caroline’s resistant crumbles and she says, “Ok, I will behave. You are in charge. Please don’t spank me anymore.”

Madison, “I won’t unless you displease me.”

Caroline, “I won’t.”

Madison moves her clothing over and keeps Caroline’s business suits. She allows Caroline to move her casual wear and tells her “they will be buying her more teen outfits.”

The rest of the day, Madison had Caroline service her several times. That evening, Madison and Caroline made love like they used to.

After, Caroline says, “That was nice Madison. Thank you.”

Madison, “I love you Caroline.”

And they fell asleep.

Chapter Four: “The Next Week”

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