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I discovered the Turkish bath quite by accident while at work one day, I was out driving and I had gotten myself lost while looking for a new customer. I made a mental note of where it was and promised myself I would try it out the next time my work took me that way. A week later I was called upon to visit the customer again so I threw my sports bag in the car before I set off and made a beeline for the bathhouse as soon as I could get away. It was absolute bliss and it soon became a regular thing as I was often in the area I would try to make at least one visit per week if I could. I found it a great escape from the daily stress of the working week, I would lie in the sauna and steam rooms for ages before jumping into the freezing plunge pool and then lie out in the relaxation area before repeating the whole thing over and over again. As the weekday evening sessions were men only, I didn’t have to bother with the discomfort of a soggy swimming costume, and the majority of the regulars didn’t bother either, and the feeling of freedom from being nude only added to the terrific sense of escapism. I would always leave feeling totally refreshed, not just my body cleansed but my soul as well.

One particular week, events conspired to keep me away from the Turkish bath house and I sorely missed it, and when the weekend came I found myself alone with nothing to do as my wife was away visiting an old friend for the entire weekend, so on Sunday I decided to drive out to it and spend the entire afternoon there. On arrival I was greeted by the familiar face of the receptionist who remarked that she had never seen me here on the weekend before, I explained about the hellish week that I had had and that I needed my fix of steam. As she took my cash she said ‘I hope you have a swimming costume then, it’s the mixed session today so you need to cover up’, I had a quick root through my sports bag and much to my relief I managed to dig an old pair of running shorts, clean but balled up in the bottom of the bag.

I went to the locker room and reluctantly changed into the shorts and went through into the wet area. It seemed quite strange to be there in the daytime and without the regular crowd to greet me, it was very quiet and at first I could see no evidence of any other patrons until I spied a couple of towels hanging outside one of the steam cabins. I showered and went into the sauna cabin and sat down with a squelch on the wooden bench, the shorts were very uncomfortable when wet, they were never meant for this kind of wear and I longed to slip them off. I sat back and closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on relaxing rather than the discomfort. It was then that I realised I could hear muffled voices coming from the steam cabin next door, a man and a woman seemed to be having a disagreement about something. ‘I don’t know’ said the female voice, ‘You ask to come with me to try to find out why I like it here so much, and you’ve done nothing but moan since we got here,’

‘ you say the sauna’s too hot and the plunge pool’s too cold for you,’ she said, ‘a fine relaxing Sunday this turned out to be, if you don’t like it in here, why don’t you go through to the swimming pool for a while and I’ll see you in the canteen in an hour or so.’ She added. ‘OK,’ replied the male voice ‘See you in an hour then.’ and with that I heard the door swing open on the steam room cabin and I watched him, through the glass door in my sauna cabin, as he walked back to the locker room.

Moments later the steam room door creaked open again and the woman stepped out and grabbed her towel from the hook on the wall and padded her face with it before hanging it back up and disappearing from my field of view again. Soon I heard a large splash and a big ‘aahhhh’ as she jumped into the freezing plunge pool.

I sat back and closed my eyes, the sauna started to work it’s magic and I soon began to feel quite relaxed as I breathed in the wood scented air, I could feel the stresses and strains of the past week ooze from my pores.

Something soon caught my attention though; I opened my eyes again to see the woman turn on one of the showers directly opposite the door of the sauna cabin. I could see her properly now; she was about 35 and very slim with quite severe looks but very pretty too. She was wearing a small black bikini that tied up in bows at each side of the bottoms and at the back of the top. She stood under the jets of water, and glanced quickly around too see if she had the place to herself, the relative darkness of the sauna made it difficult to see in through the glass door from the outside so she kırşehir escort didn’t see me sitting there. Then, with her back too me, her hands came up and pulled at the bow holding her bikini top in place and she removed it and threw it onto one of the wall hooks next to her towel.

Suddenly it felt twice as hot in there as I watched her showering. As the water cascaded over her body, I could see glimpses of the sides of her small, pert breasts as they bounced firmly when she rubbed her hands across her chest, massaging the warm water over herself. Then she reached down to her side as if to undo her bikini bottoms and I felt my heart skip but she seemed to decide against it though and left them on. I barely had time to catch my breath before she turned round completely and was facing the door to my sauna cabin, running her fingers through her hair with her head back and her eyes closed. Her breasts were magnificent, small but shapely and firm, topped off with large dark nipples that were a beautiful contrast to her pale skin.

If my shorts were uncomfortable before, they were almost unbearable now, I had a full erection and the shorts were straining at the seams. She turned the shower off and grabbed her towel and I watched her as she dried herself off before hanging her towel up and headed, still topless, into the other, hotter steam room.

This was the break I had been waiting for, I quickly slipped my shorts down to my knees, allowing my stiff cock to spring free and I began to slowly stroke it.

I imagined she was there in the sauna with me, on her knees in front of me, stroking my cock with her long, sweat-slick fingers while her other hand reaches behind her and unties the black bikini top, which hangs on her firm breasts for a few moments before dropping to the floor. I watch her mouth form the words, as if in slow motion ‘I want you to come on my breasts, would you do that for me?’ before I have time to reply I am coming. Hot sperm shoots from my cock, so hard and fast that it hit the glass door of the sauna, bringing me back to reality with a pleasant jolt. I quickly cleaned up the mess (by throwing the contents of the water pail over the back of the door) and when my erection finally subsided I left and took a shower.

I slowly lowered myself into the plunge pool; the icy water was a welcoming contrast to the heat of the sauna. I stayed in for as long as I could stand and then went into the vacant steam room where I lay out on the long bench, totally still as the beads of water and sweat formed all over me.

Minutes later heard a muted splash as she left the other steam room and jumped into the plunge pool, this was closely followed by the sound of the shower running again. I closed my eyes and replayed her earlier shower scene in my head, only this time it was the Directors cut and she had removed her bikini bottoms and was totally naked, she lathered herself all over with soap, in full view of me, knowing that I am watching.

I soon realised that my shorts were becoming tight again and I managed to sit up and swing my feet up onto the bench just as the door to the steam room swung open.

She seemed startled for a second, standing at the door to the steam room with one arm across her bare chest, but after a couple of seconds she came in and sat down, smiling nervously but making no further attempt to cover herself. ‘Hi,’ I said as she settled herself down opposite me, ‘I’m Sorry if I startled you.’ I added. She smiled and said ‘That’s OK, I thought I had the place to myself, I didn’t expect anyone to be in here’. We both sat in silence for a short while before I asked ‘Is it always this quiet in here on a Sunday?’ she paused for a moment then said ‘Well, I only came here twice before on a Sunday, it seems to be busier in the morning,’ she replied, then added ‘I usually come to the ladies only sessions in the week, but my husband wanted to come along with me to see what it’s like here’. ‘Oh’ I said, ‘I take it he didn’t enjoy the experience then?’ she giggled and said ‘No, I booted him out of here and sent him to sulk in the swimming pool so that I could get some peace and quiet.’

She swung her feet up onto the plastic bench and sat back into the corner with her eyes closed. We sat in silence for a while, both of us soaking up the steam as I stole occasional glimpses of her beautiful breasts. I was in severe discomfort with the shorts by now, not due to an erection this time, it was now entirely down to the wet material chaffing against my skin and the elastic around the top had shrunk kocaeli escort and started to dig into me. I shifted position every few seconds, trying to get comfortable but to no avail. I looked across to where she was sitting to see her looking at me with a bemused look on her face. ‘Having problems?’ she enquired, ‘yes’ I replied, ‘these damn shorts are killing me, I didn’t know it was a mixed session today so I didn’t bring anything to wear and these are all I had in my sports bag.’

‘Oh’ she said, ‘don’t mind me, go ahead and take them off if you like, I think it’s a stupid rule anyway, after all, we are all adults here.’ I thought about it for a couple of seconds and said ‘are you sure, I’m a regular here and I don’t want to cause trouble.’ She laughed and said ‘they don’t mind, so long as nobody complains and that’s not likely to happen, they don’t have any new admissions in here for the last 2 hours of the session which was about 20 minutes ago, so its just us.’ That was good enough for me, I stood up and peeled the soaking shorts off, they fought me all the way, the elastic had dug in deep, leaving a red impression all the way around my waist and they clung to my legs all the way down. I balled them up and threw them into the corner, the sense of relief and the feeling of freedom was fantastic, it was as though I had been released from a ball and chain. I realised that she had watched me intently as I took the shorts off and that made me feel more than a little turned on.

‘Better?’ she enquired.

‘Yes thank you, much better’ I replied. I sat back down on the bench and lifted my leg into a position so as to hide my increasingly apparent arousal. I closed my eyes and tried to think of other things to distract me but it was no good. I was starting to get quite hard when she stood up and said ‘phew, it’s getting hot in here, I need to get out.’ With that she left the steam room and I hear the shower start up. I remained there for a short while as my erection subsided and then left and jumped strait into the plunge pool; the icy water took care of any remaining arousal. I looked up to where she was taking a shower just in time to see her pull down her bikini bottoms, she let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them before tossing them to one side with her foot. I watched her as she stood for a under the powerful jets of the shower, she had her back to me as I studied the rounded cheeks of her ass as the water flowed over it, converging in the crack and flowing down her long legs.

The shower cut off automatically and she bent over to retrieve her briefs giving me a heavenly view of her pussy for a couple of seconds. She stood and looked at her bikini bottoms for a few seconds as if she was contemplating putting them back on, then hung them up with the top half. She walked over to the edge of the sunken pool and looked down at me and said ‘did the cold water help you’ I looked at her with a puzzled expression on my face ‘sorry?’ I said, she smiled wickedly ‘well, I thought you might have to pole vault your way out of the steam room.’ She said as she sat down on the floor with her legs in the water of the plunge pool, I felt embarrassed until she added ‘It’s OK, I didn’t mind, in fact it’s nice.’ I looked up at her, she sat with her legs slightly apart and I could that she was shaven apart from a small, narrow tuft of jet-black hair. Her clitoris stood out prominently from between her pussy lips as she spread her legs a little more before sliding into the pool opposite me. An ocean of cold water couldn’t stop the blue steel erection I had now and there was no way I could have hid it, even if I had wanted to. She looked down into the crystal clear water and moved her hand towards my stiff cock but diverted away, instead she moved her fingers across my waist, feeling the ridges that the elastic from the shorts had left ‘those nasty shorts have left quite a mark’ she said in a teasing voice. She moved her hand from my waist and lightly brushed her fingers along my cock as she moved away from me. She pulled herself up onto the side of the pool again. ‘ I’m going into the sauna now.’ she said with a smile and walked off before I could think of anything to say.

I pulled the sauna door open to see her sitting on one of the top benches; her legs were spread wide apart. She had one hand lightly rubbing her clitoris and the other was caressing her breasts, alternating from one nipple to the other. I could hear the squelches of her damp pussy as she circled her clit with one long finger. Her eyes flickered open and konya escort she said ‘close the door if you’re coming in, your letting the heat out.’ I stepped into the sauna and pulled the door shut behind me. She stopped what she was doing and we just looked at each other, she was trembling and already had a fine sheen of sweat over her entire body. I looked at her engorged pussy as I studied her body, it was on eye level with me as I knelt on the lower bench, my face was mere inches from it now and I could smell her wetness.

Without further hesitation I buried my face in her pussy, she gave out a sharp gasp and I began to trace around the folds of her plump lips, probing her with my tongue, tasting the salty sweat that ran down her body to converge there. My tongue soon found her clitoris and I felt her hand on the back of my head as I gently pressed on her clit and moved it around in a circular motion. Almost immediately she started to breath in short, gulping breaths and I felt her skin turn to gooseflesh as she started to come in shuddering waves. I kept on going, increasing the pressure on her clit with my tongue until she could bear it no more and pushed my head away as she croaked ‘stop, please stop.’ She flopped back on the bench, rivulets of sweat were running down her chest between those divine breasts and she was breathing heavily, almost panting, ‘Oh my, that was fantastic’ she managed to say in between gasps.

I waited while she caught her breath and eventually she climbed down from the top bench and stood in front of me. Without breaking eye contact, she got down on her knees and gripped the base of my stiff cock in her hand and slowly opened her lips and slid her hot mouth over it, taking its full length deep into her. She lightly sucked as she moved her head slowly up and down, caressing the tip with her tongue as she withdrew it before plunging it deeply into her warm mouth, gorging herself with it until she could feel it in her throat. It wasn’t long before I started to come; I tried to hold back for as long as I could but it was too much, sensing what was about to happen, she teased the end of my prick with her tongue until I finally submitted and released my load into her mouth. She gulped my cum down as fast as she could, but it started to run out from the sides of her mouth and down her chin. She broke off and pushed my legs together as she stood up, licking her lips she sat astride me with her knees on the wooden bench. She grabbed my still twitching cock and slowly lowered her tight pussy onto it. We kissed as she rhythmically moved her hips, and I probed her sperm slick mouth with my tongue, enjoying the taste of my semen. We broke off the kiss and I looked down to watch my cock buried deep inside her cunt as she gyrated her narrow hips, she leaned back and I watched for a while, her tight pussy seemed stretched to the limit around the girth of my prick. I looked her in the face to see that she was enjoying the view as well as me. Our eyes met again and she smiled as she collected the last of my sperm from around her mouth with her finger before pushing it into my mouth for me to taste.

She rose up off me and turned around, gripping the doorframe on both sides she presented herself to me, she stood with her legs apart and I reached out and started to finger her pussy, she moaned in ecstasy as I slid my fingers inside her, her hand appeared and she ground her own fingers hard against her clit. I pulled my fingers out of her and began to rub the puckered star of her ass; she made an approving noise as I pushed one of my fingers that was still slick from her cunt into her asshole, I worked it in and out as she groaned with pleasure and as she relaxed more I inserted a second finger. She moaned in approval and turned her head to look over her shoulder and said with a smile ‘you can fuck me in the ass if you like.’ I didn’t need a second invitation. I stood up and began to push my cock into her asshole. It was so tight that I honestly didn’t think it would go in, but she was determined to take it and she pushed back hard against me, crying out in pain each time she did so until the entire length was inside her. I began to pump her, slowly at first but gradually building up speed. I could see her breath steaming up the glass door and she cried out with my every thrust, the whole cabin shook as I rammed into her, harder and harder until eventually we both came together and almost collapsed in the heat.

I gently pulled my prick out of her ass and sat back down on the bench. The sweat was rolling off us in bucket loads, she held her pose for a while, trying to catch her breath and I could see my semen leaking out of her ass and running down her legs. We both left the sauna cabin and showered together; we carefully washed every inch of each other as if we were trying to destroy the evidence of some crime, then with hardly another word we dressed and left.

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