St Mary’s Boarding School for Girls

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Lacey Arden hated her school.

“St. Mary’s Boarding School for Girls.” What were her parents thinking sending her away to this…this hell!?

Lacey had been 18 for a few months now and felt, since she was now legally an adult, she should at least be able to choose where she went to school. Mind you, even if the damn school would have let her leave, she didn’t have the money to get home. Two years in this prison and she hadn’t changed her opinion; she hated everything about it. She hated the cutsie little-girl uniforms, with the short pleated mini skirts and button-down blouses. And how she hated all the prissy girls; she didn’t think of herself as a bitch, but this was ridiculous! Worst of all, there were NO boys!

Well, no, she hated ALMOST everything…. There was the new, young, very good-looking guidance counselor, Mr. Peters. But being the only male in the entire school she would have wanted him even if he had been 58, short and balding.

On the contrary, Mr. Peters had to be in his mid-to-late 30’s. He had dirty blond hair that was almost a light brown, in certain lights Lacey was sure she noticed a few graying hairs. He had dark blue eyes that were warm and inviting. His skin was quite tanned and she could tell he had just returned from a holiday somewhere warmer.

Lacey missed sex more than anything since her move to this stupid school, 2 years ago. The day Mr. Peters came to St. Mary’s 3 weeks ago was a heaven-sent! At first she thought she was just fantasizing again. But to her amazement, she wasn’t. Since then, she had been thinking of every excuse and reason to get to know him. She decided today that these innocent flirtations just weren’t enough anymore. She wanted him, and wanted him BAD!

After classes Lacey went to the bathroom to “freshen up.” She looked herself in the mirror and flashed her million-dollar smile. She wore her long, wavy brown tresses in a loose French-braid during classes but this called for something hot! She untied the ribbon and shook her head to loosen her hair, letting it fall to rest at the small of her back. Next, she applied a coat of mascara to her long curved eyelashes beset upon her large brown eyes, which sparkled when she smiled. On her high cheekbones she brushed a soft rose blush.

Her smile always lit up the room; it was beautiful – straight, dazzling white teeth, and a set of full pouty lips, which she considered her best facial feature. A coat of wet shine lip-gloss made them irresistible.

Next she decided she needed to do something with her god-awful uniform. She tore off the long sleeves of her blouse (she had a closet full of them anyway) revealing her shapely arms. Then she un-buttoned all but the middle three buttons, which showed a lot of ample cleavage from her 36C soft, firm breasts. They were the envy of all the girls back home, and the lust of all the boys. She cupped them in her hands, with this memory, and pinched her large nipples. She parted the lower halves of her open blouse to expose her slim, cut midriff, and then tied them together. She pulled her short skirt down, to rest on her wide hips. Lacey took off her pantyhose to show the smooth olive skin of her mile-long legs. She turned around and looked at her firm round ass and ran her hands over it to smooth out the fabric of her skirt that now barely covered her white kırklareli escort cotton panties. Lacey stood 5’9″, “with curves in all the right places”; she had a perfect hourglass figure.

“Well, this is it,” she thought, to her self, on her way to Mr. Peters’ office. She knocked gently on Mr. Peters’ door, and opened it, relieved to find him alone. He stood up instantly and his eyes widened when he noticed how provocatively she was wearing her strict school uniform. She saw him checking her out, and it made her smile.

“It’s just…hot outside,” she shrugged, twirling her finger through her hair. “Are you busy, Mr. Peters? I need your help.”

“No! Of course, Lacey, I’m all yours whenever you need me,” he said, offering her a seat across from his desk. He sat on the edge of it and waited patiently. Lacey sat down, crossed her legs, and leaned forward slightly, which made her breasts a little more visible from the top of her shirt.

“I lost the diagram Ms. Johansen gave our Health class today and she already left. She put the extras on top of her desk. Could you please let me in to get a new one?” she asked batting her eyelashes at him.

“How could I say no to you Lacey? Sure, let’s go,” he said, and then he led her out of his office and down the empty hall, unlocking the door to the classroom, closing it behind them.

The walls of the Health classroom were lined with posters and diagrams of the reproductive systems and organs. They walked to Ms. Johansen’s desk and Lacey quickly found the diagram she had “lost.”

“Oh Thank-You sooo much! She would have just killed me if I didn’t get my homework done tonight!” she exclaimed jumping up, throwing her arms around his neck.

Mr. Peters laughed and put his arms around her waist and rested his hands on the small of her back. He held her close and took in the sweet smell of her long, soft hair. Lacy pulled away slightly and looked deep into Mr. Peters’ deep blue eyes.

“You have nooo idea how much you just saved me!” she exclaimed, but then added, softer; “do you think maybe you could…help me with it, too?”

Reluctantly pulling away, he responded, “If I can, of course, I’d love to help you, Lace. What do you need help with?”

“Well, we’re supposed to research safe sex, so I was thinking…what’s better than hands-on learning?”

Slightly taken aback by her more than obvious insinuation, Mr. Peters replied, “You know, that’s what I always say. Some people just learn better by doing than by seeing.”

Lacey looked deep into Mr. Peters’ deep blue eyes and ran her fingers through his dirty blond hair, then pulled him in for a long passionate kiss that he more than willingly returned, puling her closer to his hard body.

Lacey squeezed Mr. Peters to her shaking body and savored the wonderful taste of his warm mouth. She was ecstatic! She pulled away from their passionate kiss and stared straight into his deep-set blue eyes.

She whispered, “So you don’t mind helping me with my research?” Mr. Peters took his hands and ran them over her chest and ripped open the remaining three buttons and let her blouse fall to the floor. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra. He felt the softness of each of her large breasts, plainly enjoying the sight, and leaned in for another afyon escort passionate kiss.

“I’d be more than happy to, that’s what I’m here for,” he replied.

She slowly started unbuttoning his shirt and then loosened his necktie. She took both off and marveled at the sight of his well-defined muscular abs and pecs. She kissed a trail of light kisses starting at his lips and working down to his chest, each nipple, and stopping just below his belly button. She rubbed her hands down his stomach while getting on her knees and gave him a sly look as she started unbuckling his belt. She took her time unzipping his pants to build anticipation. She let them fall down around his ankles and he kicked them off along with his shoes. Even through his boxers she could tell he wanted this as much as she did. Lacey ran her fingers along the inside of the elastic and pulled them off. The sight of his hard 10″ cock made Lacy wetter than she already was. She hungered for it.

Lacey licked her luscious lips and then the length of his shaft and swirled her tongue around his head. Mr. Peters moaned at the thought of a beautiful barely-18-year-old student sucking him off. Knowing she was pleasing him, Lacey really started to get into it. Circling his head with her tongue, she sucked it into her mouth and then sucked it in deeper, one inch at a time until she had all of his 10 inches in her mouth. Mr. Peters groaned and pushed his pelvis closer to her face, leaning against the blackboard for support.

Lacey let a few inches slip from the suction of her mouth and then took it right back in again. She reached up and gripped his balls with her left hand and massaged them gently. She pulled her face back and sucked on the head of his penis flicking her tongue on the sensitive spot under the base of his head. She felt his cock harden more as he let out a deep moan. She took it all back in again and repeated this a few times. She knew he was getting close to cumming, so she squeezed his balls a little tighter and sucked harder while slowly moving her face away from his swelling member.

Lacey was a cock tease, and had been longing for this day too long not to have him cum inside her. He was so close and wanted her more now than ever. “Oh, Lacey, no don’t stop! I need this…come on please!” Hearing him beg for her to please him made her pussy convulse.

“No, not yet…You’re coming inside me!” she said standing up and licking her lips. She went into the top right drawer of her teacher’s desk and pulled out a box of condoms. She took one and opened the wrapper. “I think this is going to be better practice than that silly banana we used last week.” She walked back over to him and slowly slid it onto his cock.

Mr. Peters pulled her close to him and kissed her HARD. He moved her to Mrs. Johansen’s desk and cleared it with one smooth sweep of his arm. Papers, pens, binders went flying around the room. He yanked down her skirt and it fell to her ankles. Her white cotton panties, exposed, were dripping wet and smelled of her sexual arousal. He ripped them off with his teeth and then laid her down on the desk. Instinctively, Lacey spread her legs in anticipation. He looked at the neatly trimmed bush of her pubic hair and opened the clean shaven lips of her young, hot pussy with his fingers. amasya escort He licked her cunt and sucked it into his mouth. Lacey moaned and thought she was going to cum right then and there – she had only had self-pleasure for the last 2 years, after all. Mr. Peters inserted one of his thick fingers into her gaping hole and started to finger her. Then he slid in another finger and simultaneously finger-fucked her while sucking her clit. Lacy had to stifle a scream so they wouldn’t be caught, but still let out a loud moan and bucked her hips. God, she was so hot! Her fucking counselor was eating her like it was a matter of life or death!! She wrapped her legs around the back of his neck, pulling him in closer, forcing him to finish her off. He added a 3rd finger and started moving them in faster and deeper, sucking her clit harder, circling it with his tongue. That just about did it for her. Her hips lifted her ass off the desk and she tightened her grip around his neck. She leaned her head back and yelled, “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING…OHHHHHHH GOD!!! OH YES…Mmmmmmm……” and then let her muscles relax.

When she opened her eyes, minutes later, with a huge smile on her face, she noticed he was sucking her large right nipple and caressing her left breast with his left hand. His right hand was massaging his still rock hard cock.

“Oh, no you don’t,” she said as she pulled his hand away. “I’m not going to allow that!” She kissed him again and nibbled his right ear lobe, then whispered, “I want you to cum inside me Mr. Peters, now.” Then she pulled off the condom that she had put on him earlier.

“It would be my pleasure, Miss Arden.” He didn’t need to be told twice.

He pulled her forward so her ass was resting on the edge of the desk, and put her legs over his shoulders. She laid back and Mr. Peters touched the head of his throbbing penis on her hot little cunt and circled it a few times. Then he pushed it in about 2 inches and she let out a soft moan. But he didn’t want this to be a soft-core fuck. So he held onto her hips and rammed the rest of his cock into her in one smooth, rapid motion. Lacey gasped, but she wasn’t sure if it was from pain or pleasure. He pulled in and out, hard and fast, using his entire body. He let out a long deep moan expressing the built-up frustration since Lacey’s hot cock tease. He stood there pumping her with quick, deep thrusts, panting heavily. Lacey met each thrust with a rock of her hips. He massaged her soft breasts and pinched her nipples. Lacey was so turned on she arched her back and moaned so softly it was almost inaudible.

Mr. Peters had never before felt anything as hot as how his cock felt inside Lacey’s tight young pussy. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer with his cock clenched so tight inside her. But he also never wanted this to end; it felt so damn good to be fucking this hot young girl who was nearly 20 years his junior.

Lacey felt his balls contract and she knew he was close to cumming. She was going fucking insane! He was going to fucking cum inside her! That thought sent her into a wild frenzy. They were both on the verge of orgasm. Mr. Peters started fucking her even faster, harder. Lacey felt her second orgasm start and screamed in ecstasy. Mr. Peters did the same and shot load after load of hot cum deep inside her hungry hole.

After they had both recovered, Mr. Peters said in his deep voice…”You know Lacey, that wasn’t really a good display of SAFE sex, I think we should try it again… should we say…4:00 in my office tomorrow?”

“I’ll be there.” she said, and put her clothes back on, leaving Mr. Peters to clean up their mess…

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