St. Martin Fuck-A-Thon (Part 2)

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I’m been happily married to Sue for five years, and we recently planned a much-needed vacation to the Caribbean. We are both twenty-eight years old and work long hours. My name is Derek and I’m an attorney. Sue is a CPA.Sue keeps herself in great shape and works out early in the morning before work. She is cute as can be and has a body that is the envy of all her girlfriends. 32C natural tits, a tiny waist, and well-toned legs. She turns heads wherever she goes.Sue knows the guys lust after her and is a bit of a tease. When she isn’t dressing as a professional, she wears clothes that show her ample cleavage. With her toned legs, short dresses are the icing on the cake.We have an active sex life, although long hours at work are exhausting and do limit our fucking to weekends. After five years of marriage, that is fine with both of us. We have our routine and that keeps things predictable.We were both looking forward to our upcoming vacation to St. Martin. I’d done most of the research and will admit I was looking forward to Orient Beach, which I discovered was a topless beach. And, according to the various websites, there was also a clothing-optional resort on one end of the long white-sand beach.Sue rocks in a bikini and I encouraged her to buy a couple of sexy bikinis that would show off her sexy body. She bought five different bikinis ranging from G-rated to R-rated. The weekend before our trip, Sue modeled for me one R-rated bikini with a thong bottom and tiny top that barely covered her tits. When I saw her in the bikini, I all but gasped, and said, “Holy shit Sue. That is one tiny bikini. Sure doesn’t leave much to the imagination. I’m surprised you bought one that risqué.”Sue laughed and replied, “Derek, I know you like it when guys check me out. Makes you feel macho, with guys jealous of you because you’re my husband. We won’t know anyone in St. Martin, so why not give you a thrill? Guys can stare at my ass and drool over my tits. You’ll like that won’t you?”I was a little embarrassed when I responded, “Yes, I do like it when guys check you out. You are a cute piece-of-ass and you’re my wife. I should be jealous when you show off in front of guys, but I’m not. At least, not too jealous. You know what they say – look but don’t touch.”Sue smiled and reminded me that from time to time, when we travelled, I encouraged her to go out without a bra to show off her tits. She giggled and said, “Remember when you asked me to wear that tight-fitting white tank top, without a bra? My nipples poked out and you could see the outline of my nipples if you looked closely. The guys stared at me and I could tell you were aroused. You couldn’t wait to get back to our room to fuck me good and hard.”I was a little embarrassed but replied, “Yes, I remember that weekend. You were a naughty wife, teasing the guys. I could tell you enjoyed the attention, and you were pretty horny when we got back to our room. So let’s just say we both enjoyed ourselves.”——————-The night before our flight to St. Martin we had a nice dinner and shared a bottle of wine. After dinner, Sue went into the bedroom and came out wearing her thong bikini bottom with no bikini top. Her tits looked spectacular. Sue smirked at me and said, “Should I wear this at the beach? Would you be okay if I went topless on Orient Beach? Is your cock getting hard thinking I just might let the guys see my naked tits?”Before I could answer, Sue laughed and said, “Just kidding. I’m not going topless on our vacation and I’m sure you would be mortified if I did. There will be plenty of naked tits to look at, just not mine.”Sue headed back to the bedroom to get her sleep before leaving early the next morning. I was pretty aroused seeing Sue topless in her R-rated bikini, and couldn’t help but think about her actually going topless on Orient Beach. I went to my computer and visited a porn site I like to view. I found an x-rated video of a young wife getting fucked while her husband watched. I unbuckled my pants, freed my hard cock, and started beating off as I watched the video.I didn’t hear Sue as she came up behind me. All of a sudden, I heard Sue gasp and she blurted out, “Derek, what the fuck are you doing? You’re beating off to a porn video? Are you a pervert or what? I didn’t know you liked to go to porn sites. Is this something you do a lot?”I stammered, “Sue, what are you doing? I thought you went to bed. I can’t believe you caught me beating off to a porn video. Ankara escort I’m embarrassed. Let’s just forget you saw this.”Sue answered, “Derek, move away from your computer. Pull your pants up and put your dick back in your underwear. I want to check something out. You can leave me here by myself.”I did as I was told and Sue sat down in my chair. I was mortified and embarrassed. I went to the bedroom and sat on the bed.Sue clicked away on the computer and didn’t say a word. After ten or fifteen minutes, Sue came into the bedroom. She didn’t seem pissed off, but had a blank look on her face. Sue calmly said, “Derek, I’m speechless. I looked at your porn history. Fuck-my-wife, touch-my-wife, hot-wife, share-my-wife, hot-wife extreme, gang bang, big-black-cock, cream pie, topless beach. You obviously have a genre that turns you on. Do you want to watch guys fuck me? Do you want me to get gang banged in front of you? Do you want guys to cum in my pussy so you can see the cum drip out of my cunt? Do you want to watch a big-black-cock penetrate my tight white pussy? Do you want me to go topless on our vacation? What do you want?”I was so embarrassed I was all but speechless. I stammered, “It’s just porn. Guys like porn. It’s actually fairly normal for guys to beat off watching porn. I don’t actually want to watch you get fucked by another guy. Sure, it’s a turn-on to think about, but not actually something I want you to do.”Sue was quiet for a minute or two. She looked serious when she said, “Here’s your punishment for sneaking around and beating off as you watched fuck-my-wife porn. No sex for you until I digest your behavior. You were obviously turned on seeing me topless in my R-rated bikini. I’m not sure what the week in St. Martin will bring, but you might be surprised at how naughty I might be, now that I know what really turns you on. Let’s go to bed and get a good night’s rest before our trip tomorrow. And, you are not going to fuck me tonight.”—————–I got some sleep, but did not sleep soundly. I was mortified that Sue caught me beating off and looked at my porn history. Oh well, I couldn’t change what happened. Only time would tell what price I’d pay.Our trip to St. Martin the next morning was uneventful. Sue wore a low-cut, very revealing sundress on the trip. I complimented her on her outfit, and her response was to shrug her shoulders and say, “Whatever.”We grabbed a taxi that drove us to our hotel on Orient Beach. The hotel was very nice, not luxurious, but conveniently located on the beach. The hotel had their own pool, hot tub, and very nice outside dining.Changing planes, layovers, and the drive to the hotel was exhausting. We had a quick bite to eat when we got to the hotel, but decided to go to bed and get some sleep before starting our vacation the next morning.We got up in the morning, put on our bathing suits, and headed to the outside dining area for breakfast. Sue wore a G-rated bikini that showed off her great body without being too risqué. You can’t hide 32C tits, but her tits were completely covered. I complimented Sue on her bathing suit, and she seemed pleased, but she was still fairly quiet.We ate breakfast and headed down to the beach where the hotel had lounge chairs and umbrellas for the guests of the hotel. We set up camp in the front row of the chairs, to have a good view of the ocean and the activity on the beach.It was about 9:30 AM when I saw couples walking the beach. Half the women were topless. Some young women with very nice bodies, and some old women who should have kept their tops on. After an hour or so, Sue suggested we go for a walk. We held hands as we walked on the beach, looked at the beach shops, and checked out the people lounging in front of the various hotels.We turned around before we got to the clothing-optional resort. We got back to our chairs, relaxed and sat back to enjoy the morning. A few people were lounging next to our chairs. We said hello to them, and settled in.Sue nonchalantly reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. Her tits flopped out. I was in shock. I looked at Sue and commented, “Sue, what are you doing? We didn’t talk about you going topless, and here you are with your tits exposed. The guys can see your naked tits and nipples.”Sue looked at me, grinned, and said, “Just like your porn videos. Is your cock getting hard? Do you like that other guys are looking at my tits? I find this pretty Ankara escort bayan naughty and exciting. I’m going to enjoy this vacation.”Two guys next to us noticed Sue’s naked tits. The two guys were gawking at her. Sue sat up and started chatting with them, like nothing was unusual with her being topless. Greg and Roger introduced themselves and told Sue they were friends traveling together. Roger said that their wives had enough sun and went back to the hotel. Greg laughed and said, “I wanted to come to Orient Beach to enjoy the view, if you know what I mean.”Sue smiled and replied, “You mean you were hoping to see topless women, like me. I don’t mind you checking out my tits. My nipples are hard and seem to enjoy the attention. I’ve never done this before and like being naughty on vacation.”Greg looked over at me and asked, “Derek, I assume you don’t mind having Sue go topless here at the beach. She has a great body. You are one lucky guy. Roger and I are certainly enjoying the view.”Before I could answer, Sue chimed in and said, “Greg, this was my idea. Derek didn’t have any idea I was going to show off my tits at the beach. But, I know that Derek is the kind of guy who doesn’t mind sharing his wife. Isn’t that right Derek?”I was embarrassed, but answered, “Sue makes her own decisions. I’m okay with whatever she wants to do. If she wants to go topless and show off her tits, that’s fine with me. She can go naked if she wants to show off her pussy. This is a vacation, so we are here to enjoy ourselves.”Sue stared at me after my answer to Greg. She stood up and took off her bikini bottom, letting Greg and Roger see her naked pussy. I was speechless. My cock started getting hard in my bathing suit as I saw Greg and Roger check out Sue, completely naked.Sue sat down, smiled at me, and said, “Derek, I am happy to hear that you are okay with whatever I decide to do on vacation. I like being naked in public. Who knows, maybe I’ll decide to take some cute guy back to our room for some adult fun. Are you okay with that? Can I be as naughty and adventurous as I want?”I started to laugh and addressed Greg and Roger, “Sue is kidding. I’m shocked she is here naked, but I’m fine with that. There is no way Sue is going to take some cute guy back to our room to fuck. She is pulling your chain.”Sue laughed and answered, “Don’t be so sure Derek. I think you’d enjoy watching another guy fuck me. Who knows, maybe Greg or Roger would like to fuck me.”Roger laughed and answered Sue, saying, “I’m game. I can tell you and Derek are egging each other on. So, I’ll call the bluff Sue. Why don’t you and I go back to your room and fuck. Derek can watch if he wants.”Sue stood up and put her bathing suit back on. She walked over to Roger, took him by the hand and said, “Let’s go. I’m ready to fuck. Derek, you can tag along and watch. You too Greg. I’m only going to fuck Roger, but I don’t mind an audience.”I didn’t know what the hell was going on. Sue and Roger started walking back to the hotel, hand-in-hand. Greg looked at me and said, “What the fuck. Is your cute wife actually going to fuck Roger? And she wants us to watch. Holy shit. Are you okay with this?”I looked at Greg and answered, “I have no idea what’s gotten into Sue. I’m beyond shocked. I think she is teasing me and will back out before anything happens.”Greg and I followed behind Sue and Roger. We got to the hotel and they headed to our room. Sue directed me and Greg to sit down. She calmly removed her bathing suit and went up to Roger and started kissing him. Roger’s hands roamed all over Sue’s naked body. Sue reached down and pulled Roger’s bathing suit off. His cock was hard. Sue took Roger’s cock in her hand and stroked the hard shaft. I was dazed as I watched Sue. This was going to happen. Sue was going to fuck Roger.Sue went to the bed and sat down. Roger came over and stood in front of her. Sue looked at me and said, “Derek, I hope you are enjoying yourself. I’m going to be really naughty.”Sue bent over and guided Roger’s hard cock into her mouth. She licked the tip of his cock with her tongue. She played with Roger’s balls as she sucked his dick. Sue got on her back and spread her legs. Roger went down on her and licked her pussy. Sue was in heaven. She blurted out, “Eat my pussy, Roger. That’s it. This feels so good, don’t stop.”Roger got on his knees and approached Sue’s cunt with his hard cock ready for action. I watched Escort Ankara as his cock penetrated her pussy. This was unbelievable. Greg was in a daze as he watched his friend fuck Sue. I saw Sue reach under Roger as she started to rub his balls. Greg and I could see Sue massage Roger’s balls as he drove his hard shaft in and out of her wet pussy.It dawned on me that Roger wasn’t wearing a condom. This fuck session wasn’t planned, so Roger fucked Sue without protection. Roger humped Sue with a frenzy and I could tell he was about to cum. His body started to shake and he dumped a huge load of cum into Sue’s pussy. I watched as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and could see the cum drip down her leg.Greg stared at Sue and Roger and simply said, “Wow. That was a hell of a fuck show. Any chance I can have sloppy seconds.”Sue looked at Greg and answered, “Sloppy seconds, no. But take off your bathing suit and I’ll suck your cock. You can shoot off in my mouth or all over my face. Derek will enjoy watching me give you a blowjob.”Greg immediately took off his bathing suit and came over to Sue with his hard cock standing at attention. He climbed onto the bed, laid on his back, and Sue positioned herself to suck his cock. Sue smiled at me and said, “Derek, are you enjoying this? I’m going to be your hot-wife on this vacation.”I stared at Sue, found my iPhone, and started taking a video of Sue sucking Greg’s cock. Sue looked like a porn star as she sucked Greg’s cock, licked the tip of his shaft with her tongue, and played with his balls. Greg was thrusting his cock in and out of Sue’s mouth. Greg shouted, “I’m going to cum.”Greg let loose with a huge load of cum in Sue’s mouth. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed cum onto her face. Gobs and gobs of creamy cum splattered all over Sue. I was in shock. Greg was in shock. Roger was in shock. Holy shit. Sue had serviced both Roger and Greg like she was a professional whore.Roger and Greg put their bathing suits back on, came over to Sue, kissed her and headed to the door. Greg looked over at me and said, “Thanks for sharing Sue with us. This is the highlight of our vacation. Hope to see you both tomorrow at the beach.”After they left, Sue looked at me, laughed and said, “Wow. That was fun. I hope you enjoyed watching. I plan on fucking several more guys before the week is over. You’ll enjoy the show. You are my cuckold husband now.”Sue was naked and I wanted to fuck her. As I approached her on the bed Sue got up and headed to the bathroom. She looked over her shoulder and said, “Derek, why don’t you beat off. I know you must be horny as hell, watching me fuck Roger and suck Greg’s cock. But, I’m not going to fuck you for at least a couple of days. That’s your punishment for watching porn videos. You can watch me over the next few days as I fuck other guys. I’ll be your hot-wife and you can be my cuckold husband. For now, have fun beating your meat.”I was confused, upset, and horny as I thought about Sue’s x-rated behavior. Holy shit. I actually saw a stranger penetrate Sue’s cunt with his hard cock and dump a load of cum into her pussy. And, watching her suck Greg’s cock and letting him cum in her mouth, and all over her face, was surreal.I sat on the bed, watched the video of Sue sucking Greg’s cock, and jerked off. Sue came out of the bathroom naked and sat down to watch me beat off. Sue chuckled as she watched me and said, “That’s a good boy. Beat your meat. I was very naughty, and you had a front-row seat as I misbehaved as a hot-wife. There is more to come over the next few days. If you are a good cuckold husband, I’ll let you fuck me soon enough.”We decided to order room service, relax, and get some rest before day two of our vacation. Sue asked me if I was okay watching her nasty behavior with Roger and Greg. I simply answered, “I am still in shock that you fucked Roger. When I watched his hard cock slide into your wet pussy, I thought I was watching a porn video. When I watched Greg shoot gobs of creamy cum all over. your face, I didn’t know what to think. It was all surreal. I’m not angry or mad. I have to admit I enjoyed watching. And, I’m fine if you want to continue to misbehave the rest of the week. I’ll follow your lead.”——————Sue wore her r-rated thong bikini to breakfast the next morning. We saw Greg and Roger having breakfast with their wives and sat a table next to them. Sue smiled and went up to them and introduced herself to Carol and Debbie. They were both attractive ladies, but not in the same league with Sue. Sue looked over at Greg and Roger and said, “It’s nice to see you both again. I enjoyed talking with you both at the beach yesterday. It’s nice to meet your wives. I’m sure we will see more of you this week.”

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