Squirting Frenemies? Pt. 01

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Me and my girlfriend Amy have been going out for a few months now. We’re freshmen in college and I never thought life could be so blissful. I was the quiet kid in high school and never had much luck with girls, I never thought I’d get such a cute girlfriend in college, least of all so soon. It caught all my friends by surprise too, they wouldn’t believe me until they saw us together. I’ve never been the manliest guy and have always felt insecure about that, but next to my girlfriend, I like to think I look like a proper man and we make a nice looking couple. I’m kind of short and skinny, about 5’7. She’s 5’2 and has the cutest petite body. She makes me feel like a man when we’re out together, she’s also very naturally feminine with her voice and mannerisms, I love the vibe she gives off, she’s just perfect.

The only problem is her group of friends. They are the SJW feminist type, I always steer clear from those folks, they get offended by anything and the last thing I need is drama. When I do encounter them, I try to be polite and keep to myself. Whenever I say anything, they find something to nitpick, they don’t really like me. Lately though, me and Amy are spending more time together just the two of us, so thankfully I haven’t had to deal with them in a while. I’m glad she’s distancing herself from them, she’s not like them, I think she’s just a very agreeable and impressionable person so she just followed the group to fit in. Good thing she has me now, I’m all she needs, I will protect her from those influences.

Yesterday, after a long day of class, I arrived in my flat and Amy surprised me with her legs spread open on the couch. She was wearing a pink sundress with no panties underneath and a mischievous smile on her face. I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear and rush to bend down between her legs and shower her with kisses. To be honest, this is most of our sex life, me eating her out. We do have normal sex, but not as often since she can’t cum without oral. In the beginning I was frustrated, but a quick internet search put me at ease. It’s pretty common. According to Google, a whopping 75% of girls don’t reach orgasm through penetration alone, surprisingly high right? I thought so too. But apparently it’s the truth. So I don’t feel too bad, google also says my penis is perfectly average at 5 inches, so that couldn’t be the problem either. That’s just how she is, and I don’t mind going down on her at all, in fact I love it. Even back when I was a virgin in high school, I always got off watching pussy licking videos on porn sites. I could keep licking her pink flowery lips for hours, there’s nothing like tasting her creamy juices. We make a perfect pair.

As I was helping myself to her sweet rose as per usual, she put her hand on my hair and gently pulled my head up from her dress. We made eye contact and she looked like she wanted to say something but was hesitating. We just looked at each other for a few moments, I was almost entranced urfa seks hikayeleri admiring her cuteness. Then she suddenly blurted out “Do you a kink you’d like to do?”

That took me by surprise, she’s not the type to bring up new stuff like this. A kink tho… until now I don’t think I’ve thought about it, I was having a lovely time as things were. I said that I love eating her out, to which she responded “Well, I know that…” she gave me an adorable shy look – “but do you have a fantasy you wanna try?”

-“Lemme see”. I dug into her pussy while thinking about it. I didn’t want to seem boring, she’s looking for a new thrill and she wants to cater to me, so I have to think up of something new and exiting for us to try. I started kissing around her thighs and quicker than usual made my way to her most sensitive parts. I like to take my time to get to the best part, but this time I didn’t beat around the bush because I wanted to distract her while I thought of a good answer to her question. I sucked on her lips, circled around her clit and rubbed my nose all over her juices, she was really wet. After a good fifteen minutes of that, I noticed she started to shiver and I knew what was coming. Her trembling soft body looked adorable when she was close to climax.

So I began flicking my tongue faster focusing on her clit. To my delight, she was orgasming in no time, that’s when we I took a glimpse of her wet urethra, that moment almost felt like it was in slow motion, I was almost expecting something but I didn’t know what. Then I realised it! I screamed “A squirt! I’d love if you squirted all over my face!” She looked startled. She got kinda red and then tightened her face like she was making an effort. Her pussy also stiffened a little, but after a few seconds she relaxed. Nothing came out. She said “sorry I couldn’t do it” and got up and ran to the bathroom. I asked “what’s wrong?” She said she was fine, she was just afraid to end up peeing on me by accident instead.

When she got out, she laid down next to me but she didn’t snuggle up as usual. She seemed tense. I told her not to worry about it. In the time she was in the bathroom, I’d just searched on google and apparently only about 10-54% of women experience it, so if that’s not you, it’s completely okay. It’s just a porn thing, I told her. “Don’t get too caught up over it”. She looked over at me kind of irritated. Apparently I said something wrong? She proceeded to get up and go to her dorm. I went to sleep feeling awkward about the abrupt way she left, but it’s okay, she’ll get over it.

The next morning, I saw Amy at the cafe and waved at her. She turned around and seemed extra lively, even more so than usual. I was glad she wasn’t upset anymore, but weirded out that she’d forget it so fast. She skipped over to me gleeful as ever. I asked what got to her, and she smiled in an oddly daring way.

-Well….. I got bummed last night cause I couldn’t do the thing you wanted… and even more bummed because you gave up so easily on me like it wasn’t meant to be… but now…

I interrupt her -it’s not like that! I just wanted you to know It’s okay if you aren’t part of that 10-54%…

-Stop! It’s stupid! You always obsess over these dumb numbers…. It doesn’t matter what they say, those things are never completely accurate you know, you shouldn’t trust everything you read online!

-Says the astrology girl….

-At least I know it’s something that takes faith. You act as if everything on google is the absolute unquestionable truth! Anyways, that doesn’t matter now, I’ve got good news for us!

-Y-you do?

-Yes!! And you’re gonna love it! I talked to my friend Emily, and she said every girl can be a squirter! She knows all about it and she can show me how to do it!

I was taken aback. Emily is essentially the leader of her old friend group. She’s a pink haired lesbian feminist and we’ve never really gotten along. She is hot though, I’ll give her that. She is a senior, has a more developed body and is quite tall for a girl at 5’8. Needless to say I was always intimidated by her. I’m more into cute than hot, so my girlfriend is a lot more my cup of tea. Also, I’m not really into the nose piercing and tattoos, I’m all for my innocent looking Amy. Not that it mattered anyway since she is a lesbian. The main reason I was scared is because Emily never really seemed to like me around. I always thought she was jealous of me stealing Amy from their group, there was always some animosity in the air whenever she’d see me. So it’s strange she’d be helping us now.

-Listen Amy, I’m not sure she’s the right person to…

-She is the right person! I trust her. And you should too, I’m doing this for you!

-Amy… I don’t think she likes me. I don’t know why but….

-Chill out! I know Emily can be cold to men sometimes, so i get why you think she doesn’t like you, but it’s not personal at all! She knows how happy you make me and she likes you for that! She just wants to share what she knows with us!

-I know (hope) she has good intentions, but…

-You’re jealous?

-No, it’s not that…

-Then what?

She looked at me with a curious innocent look and i felt backed into a corner. I didn’t wanna veto her idea when she was so excited and i can’t bad mouth her friend. so i just replied:

-It’s nothing. If you think this will be good for us then i am open to it.

-Great! then it’s settled!


See you tonight!

She left before I could change my mind.

I walked home haunted by fears of what Emily would be up to.

Later that night, i was back in my flat just chilling on the couch. I was trying to get my head off of it playing on my switch. I was already feeling relaxed, i wasn’t even paying attention to the game anymore, i was about to fall into a nap… when i suddenly heard a knock on the door and almost jumped from my seat. “Crap… it’s them! i should’ve tidied up the place better” – i though to myself looking at the empty coke cans and clothes thrown around. I quickly started cleaning things up but before i could finish, i heard another knock, louder this time.

I stopped what i was doing and walked over to the door, then I opened it.

It was Emily, alone. Amy was no where to be seen. I just stood there for a moment.

Emily goes – Soo… are you going to let me in?

Uhg I gasped; of course! Come in!

As she walks in, she looks around confused and asks:

-Where’s Amy?

-Not here yet, I thought you two were coming together.

-Oh. She just said to come at 8.

-Then she’ll be here in no time! Make yourself at home.

She proceeds to sit on the kitchen counter and pulls out her phone. She was wearing jeans shorts and a white tank top with a cleavage. She also had a blue backpack on her, who knows what she could’ve brought. Meanwhile I kept just standing next to the door, awkwardly looking down at her and hoping that Amy would arrive the next second. For the next couple of minutes she’d look over at me a few times and I’d muster up a smile, then she’d go right back to her phone.

I quickly realised i had to do something to break the ice. So i said:

-Would you like something to drink while we wait?

She looked vaguely intrigued – Sure, what have you got?

-I have coke… oh… actually that was the last one, but I got ice tea if you fancy…

-Yeah, i’ll have that. thanks

-As I pour some tea on her glass, she looks over at me and says “you’re really okay with this?”

-Sure, I got plenty of tea.

-Not that. With me and Amy.

-Oh, yes, of course. If it was another guy I wouldn’t allow it, but since it’s just a girlfriend it’s fine.

-huh, why is that?

She frowned over

-Well, you know, if it’s just two girls playing around it’s not the same as another man stealing my girl…. haha

She looked slightly ticked off

-So you don’t see girl on girl sex as real sex?

Fuck! I messed up again! There’s always something!

-it’s not like that! I just meant….

Her disapproving expression disappeared as she took a sip and was replaced by a slight grin.

-It’s fine boy. I don’t mind you thinking that now. You’ll change your mind soon enough.

I don’t know what she meant by that but the way she said it sent chills down my spine.

The door abruptly opens as Amy rushes in panting from all the running

-Sorry!! -heavy breathing- Im late!!

-It’s okay, I just got here, your boyfriend only had time to serve me a drink

I’m glad Amy’s here! Now things will be a little less awkward (or so I thought)

Amy gave me a peck on the lips as she passed by me and jumped into a tight hug with Emily. The girls started chattering and giggling among themselves, I was leaning into the counter trying to listen in a non conspicuous way, but before I could catch any word, they quickly moved into the room, I followed suit.

(End of part 1)

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