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Spiders WebEver since Adams Party, and Sally’s little antics in the kitchen the following day, I have steered clear of being alone when she’s around. I did not want it to seem as if I was taking advantage of mine host, but that was soon to change which I had nothing to do with it. I had seen Helen a couple of times after the party. The first time was pure lust, wanting to repeat the night of the party; I had the space, she wanted a fuck, why not and the second time she called me. Her old man was away for a week and did I want to pop over and sleep in her bed. Why not I thought! Any way that didn’t last long and we both moved on. One Sunday morning Sally and Adam had friends stay overnight; all seemed well except Sally was not in her usual joyful mood “hi Sal” I remarked” all ok, good night had by all” I said “Hu”; she huffed “he was all into himself, left me hi and dry” with that she left with her coffee and I did not see them for the rest of the day. That evening I was catching with some paper work I needed to do for the following day when I noticed Adam’s car leaving, then about 15 minutes later I heard a cursory knock on the door that led to the stairs and up to me, a couple of seconds later a little head popped over the rail. “Hi” a little voice said in a whimper. Sally came over and sat down with me on the sofa. I guessed the few glasses of wine she had, had not cured her problem. “Still feeling a little out of sort” I said, “yer, and you not wanting to see me with nothing on. Ahh the penny dropped. Adam must have said türbanlı mardin escort something to Sally when we had the conversation in the pub that evening. “Also” she said in a commanding voice, Helen still lets me know how good the party was. “Where’s Adam” I asked, “Off on business trip, the project has hit a problem so he’s away for the rest of the week” and with that she put her hand on my thigh and started to rub slowly, getting closer to my cock with each stroke. She then turned and started to kiss me on the neck, “don’t you want to see me naked” she pouted. I lifted her head slowly so our lips were not quite touching, I lightly touched her and her little pressure vessel popped. Sally went full on and I had to throw my arms around her to stop her falling, but it brought her in closer to me. It was too late; I had fallen into the spider’s web. We stayed like this for a few moments her eye’s looking into mine wantonly. I put my hand on her thigh and slid her around so she dropped to her knees in front of me. Sally instinctively knew what was coming as I slid slightly down on the sofa. She massaged my thighs with both working inwards, and then she undid the belt and slid down the zipper. Sally then bent down and drew in a breath of musky man, “ah such a sweet aroma makes a girl feel all wet and horny”. “I have a hungry hole and it needs filling” with that she slid her hand around my now very hard cock and freed it so it sprang free and into her greedy little mouth. Sally türbanlı mardin escort bayan was enjoying her little play as I pulled off my shirt. She was definitely in another world already as she played with my cock with one hand, rolling it around her tong and lips as if she was putting on a lipstick, and rubbed my balls at the same time. “Gee I though, I have been missing something here”. There was no stopping Sally now. So I gently pushed her to the floor. “Your turn lady, I think this fanny of yours needs a good seeing too” I knelt between her legs, I pulled off her skirt and tights to reveal a lovely pair of wet pink knickers that were now see through. There was no hiding that lovely shaved pussy with swollen red lips that were opening like a little red rose. Sally wriggled out of her top which had a lovely sexy wiggle to her thighs as she did so. I leant over her to move stuff out of the way and she grabbed by hard cock again and pulled me towards her very wet mouth. So I relaxed and slipped my hand into her knickers and pushed two fingers into her sopping fanny. Sally squealed as I did so and gradually I let myself down into a 69 position alongside her. Like Sally, the aroma of a wet fanny was too much, I pulled them aside and started to nibble on her pussy, sticking my tong into her wet fanny, eventually I covered her hole with my mouth and sucked and played on her clit. Burying my head into her had a fantastic effect on her, she screamed with delight and suddenly, türbanlı escort mardin she clenched my head between her thighs as she cum in bucket loads. Wet sticky juices were everywhere. I could not leaver there at that point as it was cock she wanted so I gently prized myself away and turned around. Somehow, I never have imagined it but there she was, dear Sally with her legs wide open for me. Suddenly she got up and pushed me over threw her leg over and started to slide down my body towards my rampant cock, then using mussel power and clenching my with her sharp nails, she pushed herself onto my cock till she was right in. Sally and I stayed like this only for a short while, working her fanny mussels around my cock while lying there breathing heavily, I held her on and steady with one hand and tweaked one of her nipples with the other while kissing and nibbling at her neck and ear. She suddenly tensed and whispered hoarsely “finish me off” as I rolled her over and fucked her for all she was worth. Each stroke penetrating deeper into her, she, holding her legs wide so I was unobstructed as I fucked her hole, both of us were breathing heavily and rolling in the passion of the moment. Harder she cried, I am I cried, and then a sudden a wave of hot sweets hit us as we both cum together and she wrapped her legs around my hips so as not to escape. I put a hand around her head as she suddenly grabbed my shoulders and I pulled her towards me with her legs and gripping me in her thighs. I collapsed onto her and we lay there for a few moment. Neither of us daring to move but enjoying the sensation, me having just fucked my college’s wife for all she was worth. She looked up at me and we gently kissed and I stroked her heir. “Do you want to stay the night” I said knowing what she would say, “Oh but of course, I have already switched the house phone through to my mobile” she grinned.

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