Special Counseling Session Ch. 02

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I had waited all week for his next counseling session with Ellen. The last time she had seen me, I had been the last client of the day and she had helped me work on my feelings of “shame” regarding my penchant for eating women’s asses. I feel no shame about this little perversion whatsoever, but Ellen doesn’t need to know everything about me!

When 4:30 Friday rolled around, I was in the waiting room. There was no one else in the office. The door to Ellen’s office opened. She was wearing a tight tee shirt and obviously not wearing a bra. She seemed happy to see me.

“Hi Bill! Come on in. My last client cancelled at the last minute and i have spend the last hour reviewing what I want to work on with you today…” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was an inflatable mattress on the floor. The room smelled, reeked rather, of the smell of sex. I knew then that Ellen was not wearing panties and had probably spent the better part of the past hour touching herself.

“OK,” Ellen said, “I have decided that our sessions need to be completely open…” She peeled off her shirt to reveal her enormous breasts. Sure enough, no bra. She peeled off her skirt and, as expected, no panties.

“Come on, Bill, don’t be shy…You need to get over this shame you have been feeling. Getting completely naked will help you feel more comfortable with your body…”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I stripped and laid my clothes on the sofa where I usually sat during our sesssions. Ellen’s breasts had my attention. I had been ogling them for 3 months. Ellen usually liked to show just the tops with her revealing low-cut tops. Now I was getting the full view. Her nipples were huge and erect. I looked down at my penis which was throbbing in time with my pulse.

“Ah, Ellen, I am glad you want to work with me on my shame güvenilir bahis problem. But I really feel the most shame about what I do to women’s bottoms.”

Ellen smiled cheerfully. She had a very pretty and positive smile. She really put me at ease.

“Bill, I know. I have been doing a lot of reading about this. I have loads of ideas for us to work on today. I need to you lie here and put your head on this pillow.” She motioned to the air mattress on the floor. I lay now on it on my back, my erection pointing straight at the ceiling.

“Now,” she began, “I have been reading about what makes male clients feel completely accepted and comfortable. Turns out there is no better way to make a male client…that is, a man… feel totally accepted that to fellate him. You know, go down on him.” She smiled her huge, comforting smile.

“I think that if I do down on you while you practice kissing my ass, you will learn to feel really good about yourself while you are rimming me. I think that this will help to teach you that it is all right to suck a woman’s ass.” There was no maliciousnous or irony in her eyes or her voice. She earnestly wanted to help me. It doesn’t hurt that she is an absolute ass freak like me, though.

She straddled me backwards and leaned down to take me in her mouth. I felt the incredibly warm, happy, secure feeling of her mouth starting to suck me. Already I felt better and more relaxed. Then she moved her knees a little wider and lowered her round ass to my face. She lifted her mouth off me for a moment to talk but she kindly kept her hand gripped firmly around the head of my cock so I wouldn’t miss her mouth too much.

“OK, I want you to start kissing my asshole. I am going to sit on your face now.” She took my dick in her mouth again and started to suck again. She lowered her ass down güvenilir bahis siteleri to me.

Ellen has a nice, round, delicious ass. He has dark hair and a few little curly dark hairs around her anus. Her anal skin is darker than the creamy white of her ass cheeks. As her cheeks parted to show me her hole, the smell of her ass crack opening reached my nose. Women’s asses are of two main varieties. Those that smell sexy and those that don’t smell much at all. Ellen’s ass smelled incredibly sexy. She must have just the right number of sweat glands or something. It’s not just bad wiping that gives a woman’s ass a sexy odor. She has to have a certain something that not every woman has. My girlfriend Shari has it. My ex-wife did not.

I decided to enjoy her smell up close. I put my mouth on her vagina and stuck my nose in her asshole. I ate Ellen’s wet vagina while sniffing her anus up close. All the while, Ellen’s lovely tongue and lips were treating my dick to a special kind of heaven known as an excellent blow job. Now this was perfect. But I couldn’t let Ellen know that I really didn’t need her help. I had to keep her thinking she was helping me with my “shame” issues.

Ellen stopping sucking again, putting her hand firmly around my cock head.

“Bill, don’t forget, you’re here to eat my asshole. It feels good to have you eating me out, but I don’t want you to forget we need to work on rimming….”

“I was just doing what I always do with Shari…I start like this because I like to sniff the anus up close. It’s really dirty. I know.”

“Bill, you know that anything you do is OK with me. If you need to sniff my anus for a while before you eat, that is OK.” She went back to sucking my dick and I went back to eating her out. Finally, I decided that I couldn’t not suck her ass any longer. I iddaa siteleri parted her cheeks even further and stuck my tongue up her asshole and started making huge circles in her ass with my tongue. Her ass tasted just as sharp and funky as it had at our last session when I was introduced to the pleasure of eating out my psychologist.

Ellen began to groan with pleasure. She is a total ass freak and the last time I was in her office I fucked her up the ass and she had had a huge anal orgasm around my dick.

She came up for air again but kept my dick happy with her hand.

“Bill, I want you to eat me as long as you’d like, but I want you to know that you can come in my mouth whenvever you want to. My research says that men feel completely accepted when they can come in a woman’s mouth. I so want for you to have the experience of being completely accepted while you are rimming me. So don’t hold back. Eat my ass and just come in my mouth. I promise to drink you all up!”

Now that was a real invitation! I began to relax thinking about Ellen drinking me. I imagined how thirsty she must be for my come, all the while while I was licking and sucking her delicious asshole. I imagined her huge tits and I could feel them on my stomach.

Finally, I shot a huge load of come in her mouth. As she promised, she drank every drop, nursing on the end of my dick until she got the last bit. I was almost unconscious from the pure bliss of it.

I must of have napped for the rest of the session, because when I opened my eyes, Ellen was dressed and she was handing me my clothes.

“I hope today has been helpful for you…I think we need to do that more until you can really associate the acceptance of being in my mouth with the activity you feel ashamed of.”

“Oh. Yes. I do feel a little better about myself. But I think you are right.”

“Don’t worry!” she said “We will fix this so that you have really good self-esteem when it comes to anal sex! I have a slot next Wednesday at 4:30. Would you like that time?”

“Sure,” I said. “That would be great.”

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