Sparking Ch. 07

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I nestled into the leather passenger seat with a small sigh of contentment. How Mr. Ryan talked me into coming home with him I don’t know. I definitely didn’t want to return to the scene of my humiliation nor did I have a reservation at any of the local motels. He gallantly extended the use of his guest bedroom: “After all, how could I call myself a gentleman if I didn’t shelter my late partner’s daughter?”

Looking at the interior of his sports car (what model I couldn’t tell in the dark, but expensive nonetheless), I began to understand I did not know my father’s life as well as I thought I did. Does every child, upon discovering new truths about his or her parents’ lives, not feel bewildered and lost? I now understand poor Alice’s confusion when she fell down the rabbit hole.

I turned my head when the driver side door opened. I was mesmerized by the smile on Mr. Ryan’s face as he slid into the seat. I wondered if his lips could possibly be as soft as they looked; how desperately I wanted to touch them. Taste them.

“I saw you didn’t touch any of the food at the wake. Are you hungry? Would you like to stop somewhere?”

His words shattered my lustful haze. I was grateful he had closed the door because he wouldn’t be able to see my red face. Here I was thinking about sex and he thought about the other hunger.

“Uh…not really. I’m jetlagged and tired.”

He chuckled, the rich sound filling the space between us. Though I’d only known him a few hours, I could tell it wasn’t meant to be cruel. He understood the reasoning behind my statement and concurred.

“Well, relax and I’ll have you home soon.”

He turned the ignition and the engine purred to life. I hid a quick smile as he seemingly caressed the steering wheel; obviously this car was a female. Glancing over his shoulder, Mr. Ryan carefully backed out.


James glanced at his passenger thoughtfully. During the short fifteen-minute ride to his house, Penelope hadn’t spoken a word. He knew she wasn’t crying, as her face didn’t shine with tears beneath the passing lights outside the window.

“Here we are, Penelope. Home sweet home.”

He looked at the porch with it’s welcoming light and all his cares seemed to lighten. Despite the strong emotions of the day, he knew once he walked through that door he was truly in control of his world.

The rustling of his passenger brought his attention back to her.

Fuck, I want to be in control of her!

His penis, semi-hard through the drive, reared its ugly head and James desperately wanted to unzip his pants. He knew her pouty lips would feel heavenly as he thrust in and out of her mouth, saliva easing the passage as she slobbered over him.

“Mr. Ryan?”

He heard the questioning note in her voice and wondered how long she’d been trying to grab his attention. Opening his door, he stretched for a moment then looked at Penelope over the roof of his car.

“Sorry, it’s been a long day for me too.”

She shyly smiled.

“I just asked if you still had my suitcase?”

A chuckle escaped as he thought about the erstwhile case she kept leaving behind. Fortunately for her, he’d had the presence of mind to grab it before leaving the house.


Her smile bloomed and he felt something in his chest tighten.

Leading the way up the sidewalk after retrieving the luggage from his trunk, James inserted his house key into the front door. Once inside, he flipped a light and motioned her to follow him through the living room and up the stairs.

“This,” he pointed to a door at the top of the stairs, “is the guest bedroom. That is your bathroom.”

Penelope ardahan escort nodded, the smile sliding from her face as weariness set in. James marveled at her composure and had to stifle his curiosity. He wanted to ask exactly what caused the rift between her and John, but refrained from asking.


Frustration ate at him momentarily as he contemplated the wasted years he could’ve had training her. ‘If onlys,’ however, were a luxury he rarely indulged in, so he cast it from his mind. It didn’t matter the whys or whens, but the now. And she was in his house now.

“Down the hall is my room. Please don’t hesitate to knock on my door if you need anything.” Anything, a sly voice whispered.

“Right now I just need sleep. I want you to know how much I appreciate this, Mr. Ryan.”

Nodding, desperately hoping she couldn’t read the lusty bent of his thoughts, James cleared his throat.

“Please, James. My father is Mr. Ryan.”

They shared another smile then he wished her a good night.


I knew as I lay on the bed I wouldn’t sleep.

The sorrow from my father’s death and my fake mother’s defection combined with pussy clenching lust did not make for a peaceful mind. I was beginning to worry there was something seriously wrong with me as I couldn’t cry. I wanted to cry, wail, gnash my teeth and bare my breasts, but there was a blockage preventing me from doing so. Despite our problems, I loved my father dearly and it hurt I couldn’t even summon a crocodile tear for him.

Sighing, I flipped onto my back and turned my head towards the door. How I wished I could slip from the bed and make my way down the hall towards him. I only knew him a few hours, but at this point I was willing to try anything to take my mind off my situation.

As if you want him just for a distraction.

Is it possible to hate a voice only you can hear? Of course, it was the unvarnished truth, but that’s beside the point. I cannot think of worse timing then hours after a disastrous wake to entertain lusty thoughts about a man.

What do you think he’s wearing?

Seriously, the voice in my head is like a teenager mooning over the high school quarterback. As if it matters what he’s wearing to bed; he’s probably asleep, not having conversations with imaginary voices. More than likely he’s dreaming about tall Nordic blondes who are fighting over him because he’s so hot…

Their supple lean bodies curve and twist, fingernails flying as they try to rip each other’s clothes off. Grunts and screams of fury rent the air until one is able to dominate the other. Sitting on top of her rival, the winner grins at him, her hair in disarray with small scratches showing through the gaps in her clothing. He strides to her side and pushes her flat on her back, ignoring the loser. He spreads her legs wide and gently licks up her thighs until he reaches the apex.

He chides her with a “tsk, tsk” when he notices she isn’t wearing any underwear beneath her tight mini-skirt. She lies there in sheer bliss as he bends his head again and starts swirling his tongue in her pussy…

A groan slipped from my mouth as my previously catty fantasy turned into an all out raunch fest. What was it about this guy that turned me on so?


James cursed himself even as he continued to tiptoe towards Penelope’s door. He didn’t understand himself at all. This wasn’t the first sub woman he’d been attracted to nor would she be the last. He was a very sexual man who demanded a lot from the woman in his bed. He very much doubted a shy untrained sub like her would interest him for long.

If adıyaman escort that’s so, why are you standing outside her door like a jackass?

He really hated the snide voice in his head, especially when it pointed out the truth. Shaking his head, he turned to go back to his room when he heard a small sound. Immediately his sexual thoughts dissolved as he realized she was finally shedding the tears he sensed she held back. He was torn between staying and finding out if she wanted company or giving her privacy.

The unlocked door that opened with a slight push (he accidentally brushed against) decided him. He should stay and comfort her.

Or not.

James looked at the woman splayed on the bed, her eyes closed, one hand frigging her pussy and the other pinching her cloth-covered nipples.


I watched with my mind’s eye as James fucked the winning blonde, neither caring about the poor loser who was trapped beneath their thrusting hips. I enjoyed her humiliation as she felt his cock brushing against her bare buttocks, but unable to do anything about it.

A warm hand brushed against my stomach and I languidly opened my eyes. There was enough moonlight coming through the window for me to see it was James bent over the bed, his green eyes burning with lust. I dreamily smiled.

“What are you doing here?”

“Comforting you.”

I nodded.

“I’m very sad you know.”

He chuckled, the throaty sound warming my soul.

“I can tell. Need help?”

I pondered this for a moment. Did I need help from the very man I was fantasizing about? If the voice in my head had feet, it would’ve kicked me square in the eyes.

“I was thinking about you and this blonde fucking. She fought another woman for you and you were rewarding her.”

Surprise suffused his face for a second before wicked delight replaced it.

James captured the hand I was using to masturbate and brought the fingers to his lips. He carefully sucked each fingertip into his mouth and tasted my lust. I panted and squirmed, the motion causing goose bumps to ripple down my arms.

“Cold? Might help if you take your night shirt off.”

Right now would’ve been a perfect moment for the voice to point out taking my shirt off wouldn’t warm me up, but it was acquiescent to his suggestion.

He helped me sit up and tugged the shirt over my head as I sat there quietly. James murmured something and then hugged me close. It was about this time I realized he was half-naked, wearing only cotton pajama bottoms. I relished the feeling of his warm smooth skin against my cheek and nestled into his shoulder. It felt so good; there wasn’t anyone to hold me for a very long time.

He rocked me back and forth, his large palms rubbing circles on my shoulder blades. He leaned back far enough to look at me before cupping my face and licking the tears sliding down my chin.

“Why did he have to die?”

Why indeed? Why did he die before we could make up? Before we worked beyond this stupid pride we shared?

I wasn’t aware I spoke aloud, but James answered in monosyllables as I clearly didn’t expect an answer. I blindly reached up and frantically peppered his whiskered jaw with tiny kisses even as I pushed at his bottoms. I desperately wanted to forget; I needed the oblivion that drove me into the bar earlier. His arms tightened around me and suddenly I was prone, his lean body covering mine.

Our lips mashed against one another, teeth clicking as we both sought to control the kiss. James grasped my hair and pulled – hard – tilting my chin upward.


I felt incredibly karabük escort vulnerable, the soft underside of my throat bared to his intent gaze. His eyes softened and he reluctantly loosened his hold. He stroked the side of my face and settled his harsh breathing. I tentatively brushed a hair from his forehead and he smiled.

The second meeting of our lips was much softer, sweeter. I grew intoxicated by his taste, the texture of his skin, his sinewy body. As our kisses became deeper and deeper, my thighs parted, legs settling around his hips. I didn’t understand, nor did I care, how we came to this. I just knew I desperately wanted it.


James opened his heavy eyes and saw the passionate look on Penelope’s face. He wasn’t sure how it changed from comforting a crying woman to seducing her into sex, but there was no going back. He liked how her curvy body filled the planes and hollows of his own. Shifting slightly, he slid his cock into the warm hollow between her upraised thighs. They both moaned appreciatively when he was completely inside her pussy.

“Open your eyes.”

Penelope’s lids slowly rose until she looked at him fully. His cock twitched involuntarily at this small sign of submission.

“Don’t move or make a sound until I allow you to.” Her mouth opened, but no sound emerged. James smiled indulgently and rewarded her with a forward thrust.

“Good girl.”


I silently ordered my hands to release his broad shoulders so I could smack him, but they remained in place. I couldn’t understand why I was allowing this man – a stranger – to control my movements. Then he thrust forward again and I remembered. I hadn’t had sex in so long my brain was rotting and I was in serious danger of other important parts falling off.

I whimpered instinctively when he pulled out completely. He brushed a fingertip against my lips to still my protests then expertly flipped me over. An involuntary shriek escaped me at this movement.

“Wha-a-a” I stammered.

Damnit, I never stammer!

A second later he answered with a sensuous brush of his tongue against the sensitive skin on my shoulders. I closed my eyes as he began trailing wet open-mouthed kisses down my spine to the sacral area of my lower back.

“Yessssssssss” I hissed as he tenderly parted the globes of my ass and licked around my asshole. I probably should’ve worried about the smell or taste, but I was so far gone in lust with this man, I’d given him complete control of my body. He could do what he wanted with me as long as he didn’t stop licking and sucking.

A few heavenly minutes later, he urged me to my hands and knees before he slid deeply into my pussy. His hands tightened around my hips and I bit my lip to keep from screaming with pleasure. James knew exactly which places to hit as he slowly pulled out then drove forward. Soon our bodies were slick with sweat as he pushed me higher and higher until I felt as if my soul would break.

“No more” I cried, my sensitive flesh making an audible slurping sound with each push.

I was suddenly afraid of the intensity of my pleasure; I’d never been pushed so far so fast and I wanted to shield myself.

“Now” he commanded, leaning down to bite my neck hard.

For the first time in my life, I understood the term “seeing stars” as they exploded behind my closed eyelids. James followed me into oblivion a few seconds later, his cum molten lava searing the walls of my pussy.


James licked the salt from Penelope’s shoulder and hugged her closer. He didn’t understand the connection he felt with her, a mere stranger a few hours before. She made a small kittenish sound of contentment then relaxed into sleep. He felt drowsy as well, but was disinclined to stay in her bed. He’d never slept next to a woman and he felt no compunction to start.

Just one more minute he promised himself as he snuggled into the soft pillows beneath his head. One more minute won’t hurt.

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