Spankings and More from Uncle Mike

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Spankings and More from Uncle MikeThis story is written by Jennifer for a very special friend, Uncle Mike (Tusker). This story is fiction with a little bit of subtle truth in it. Enjoy, Jennifer.Sitting and relaxing on British Airways flight 202 at 35,000 feet and on my way back from London England I have my eyes closed and thinking of all that has happened over the last 7 years to get me to this point in time. I had turned 18 a few weeks ago and had been visiting my Uncle Mike every summer, during school break for the last 7 years. I remember the first time I went to visit him I was pretty excited and a real hand full. Uncle Mike was not sure how to handle a young girl and one Saturday night while I was sitting on his lap and teasing him he suggested that maybe what I needed was a good spanking. The word “SPANKING” rang in my ears, my parents never spanked me but starting about a year before the 2 neighbour boys, who were a couple of years older than me began paying attention to me and while playing house and games they would always find a reason to turn me over their knees and smack my bare bum. I found that I really enjoyed this kind of attention and would go out of my way to get these 2 boys to spank me, it also gave me funny feelings in my tummy and would soon learn how it enhanced another pleasure as their fingers wandered in between my legs.When Uncle Mike suggested a spanking I through myself over his lap and looking back at him said sure it will be fun, but Uncle hesitated and said oh it wouldn’t be proper. I pushed him further reaching back and pulling up my dress and pushing down my panties, come on I said no one will know, it will be our secret, please Uncle please spank me. Mike looked down at this cute, round, flawless, spank-able bottom and against his better judgment began to smack me. It was a light spanking but was completely different from the ones I got from the neighbour boys, better some how, more real in some strange new way. When he said he was done I hoped up and sitting on his lap gave him a big hug saying we should do this every kırıkkale escort Saturday night from now on as our special time an no one will ever know. He looked relieved that I was so intent on keeping our special time together a secret.As the years and summers went by I went to visit Uncle Mike, but this summer when I turned 18 was the most special summer of all. My Birthday was on Saturday night a couple of weeks ago, Uncle took me out to a lovely Restaurant for us to celebrate and while at dinner he mentioned that since I was an adult now I was probably too old to get spanked anymore. I replied that I would never be too old for him to spank me and then added that since I was an adult maybe I should get an adult spanking. His face beamed at this thought but he still had no Idea what I had in mind for latter that night. We took our time walking back to the house, he held me close because I was quivering and he asked if I was cold, I said yes I was cold but didn’t want to let on the real reason and that was I was so excited about latter.We arrived back at the house and Uncle mike sent me upstairs to have a nice warm bath and then change into my pajamas for our ritual Saturday night fun. He also had a warm bath, changed into his heavy warm robe, and settling down in his cozy chair in the den to wait for me, started a nice roaring fire in the fire place. I took my time to make sure I looked my best, brushed my hair out, put on some nice perfume and unwrapped my new “pajamas” that I had purchased at the lingerie store. My hands trembled as I lifted the thin sheer black nightie from the box and slipped it over my head, looking back at me from the mirror was a perfectly attired young lady ready to loose her virginity. As I descended the stairs bare foot and carrying my new hairbrush I made no sound and kind of surprised Uncle Mike. The look on his face was priceless as as I stepped in between him and the fire place, slowly turning around so he could take it all in, the glow of the fire penetrating my nightie and showing every inch of me. escort kırıkkale He just sat there, stunned, mouth open and not sure what to do but that was fine because I had every thing planned to the last detail. I stepped in between his legs and handed him my new hairbrush, I reminded him that earlier that evening I said that since I was an adult now I should get an adult spanking. I then turned and d****d myself over his left leg so he could trap my legs with his right leg. I waited patiently as Mike lifted my nightie and ran his hand over my bottom feeling and kneading the soft flesh. He started the spanking slowly and gently and increased the tempo and force gradually, watching my response so as to not go too far but I looked back at him and said it was OK he could spank me as hard as he wanted. There was a short pause and then he started to smack me for real, the sound of that hairbrush impacting my soft fleshy bottom was electric, splat smack whack smack smack smack, ooooooooooooh whack whack whack owwwwwwwww thank you Uncle Mike spank me harder please. SMACK SMACK SMACK WHACK WHACK WHACK SMACK SMACK SMACK I stared to moan like a cheap whore ooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm more more. Uncle Mike really let me have it next almost forgetting that this was his love-able precious niece WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK. He put the hair brush aside and as I lay across his knee he gently caressed my swollen well beaten bottom and as he did I could feel his fully erect cock pushing against the side of my thigh. I lifted myself up to sit on his lap as we usually do but this time I straddled his hips and sat down right on top of his cock. Mike tried to get me to move but I put my arms around his neck and planted a big wet kiss right on his mouth, I then lifted my bottom up a little to allow his cock room to stand up and point right at my wet hungry pussy. I could feel it nudging its way in between my lips so at that moment I dropped down hard and fast onto his lap driving his hard cock up inside me and piercing my hymen, I gave out at little squeal kırıkkale escort bayan from the pain and Uncle Mike pulled his head back quickly blurting out “YOUR A VIRGIN”. I gave him the biggest most contented smile I could muster and replied not any more sweetheart, not any more. Mike pulled me in tight as I rocked my hips back and forth and it was more than he could take as his cum erupted inside of me. My orgasms followed quickly moaning and grunting as I held him and buried my face in his chest.I fell asleep that way sitting on his cock in his lap and it was quite awhile before he decided to move me down onto the floor on a blanket in front of the fireplace. He curled up behind me and covered us with a quilt, it was so nice laying there cradled in his arms with the warm glow of the fire and the satisfaction of knowing that the evening was progressing just as I had hopped. I rolled over and facing Uncle Mike I said we will have to do this every day until I have to leave in 2 weeks, he smiled, gave me a big kiss and I could feel his growing cock pushing against my tummy again. I looked at Mike and shyly suggested that I was also a virgin with my mouth, Mike looked at me with amazement and replied you are full of surprises tonight dear girl. He had me kneel in front of him, told me that he would do it all since I had no idea what to do, and standing in front of me with my hair twisted in his hands he proceeded to fuck my mouth. It had such a silky texture as he tried to push it in and out of my mouth but only about half its length would fit in my mouth and Mike asked if I was willing to swallow his cum and all I could do was nod yes. He was very careful and took his time but I was not expecting such a large amount of cum as it erupted from his cock, quickly filling my mouth to overflowing and making me gag. Mike could not help but laugh at the spectacle in front of him, his lovely young niece coughing and spitting up cum, dripping from my face and also what was left in my pussy. Well needless to say the last couple of weeks that I stayed with Mike we never did put our clothes back on, not until I had to go to the airport.This is where my story begins, me on the aircraft heading home to pack up my things and move to London England I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Love Jennifer.

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