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Subject: Spanish Samuel (5) This is a fictional story about this God perfect man I had met on the Internet some time back. He was on one of those video chat sites. The gorgeous man is from Spain. I mean a real luscious, rugged all male Spaniard. I mean he oozes sexuality. Body, cock and voice. And oh my God his voice. Deep, raspy and pure sex. I have chatted with this hunk online. But thats it. And as he lives in Spain any chance if my meeting him in real are slim to none. So this is only for a fantastic ‘what if’. So this is for you Samuel. To everyone else. Enjoy. Spanish Samuel (5) Lucky Allesandro…. … I sat there in my room. Watching the most arousing show in history. At least I thought so. I stared at the live feed before me of what was happening several thousands of mile away. Happing in Spain was the worship of the most astonishing male person I have ever laid my eyes upon. A man I had chatted with online many times before I ever saw him. My Samuel. If course he was not mine. I don’t believe the gorgeous man belonged to anyone. But as I watched the stunning Allesandro as he sat there at the mans feet, gazing up at the big dick the man had. His hand holding the studs sex weapon for myself and the hundreds that followed Samuel could see. “This shall be for all” he said as he gripped tightly the dick in hand. Lightly shaking it for us all. “But for now. I have it” he added Yes he did have Samuel all to himself right now. He was the one holding that awesome cock in hand. He was the one that had access to a human God. He stroked on Samuels big dick. Moving up and down the large shaft in his hand. Storking Samuel with long loving strokes. And Samuel groan his deep sensuous groan. The manly groan that reverberated in my skull. Just hearing him moan had me hard again “Suck him” I typed to the message board “Suck on Samuels big beautiful dick man” Many other typed there longings to join Allesandro in his deed. To aude him in the worship id this God. I would have said so too. But I wanted Samuel all to myself. I wouldn’t share him with anyone. And this I knew to be true. Samuel was to be worshiped slowly and thoroughly by one lucky recipient a time. That way they could experience all that he was. “Yeah man, suck him” I said again Then Allesandro, as if lead by the words and chimes of all the horny followers of the man he was.lucky enough to be next to did as he was requested. He moved in there next to the mans thigh. kocaeli escort Then his mouth opened and he slid down Samuels dick. I gasped and I was sure the world itself gasped as this one lucky of millions tasted a God. His mouth slowly moving over the meaty shaft. Slid g sown half of samuels length. He gunned as he sucked down on that perfect cock. “Yes dude. Ugh God yess!” I shouted “Look at that. He is sucking on him” “My God yess” I excited just from watching him blow Samuel. I had to release my dick from hand. I was afraid I would bust a hard nut from the intense heat I was feeling there from this awesome viewing. So I just urged Allesandro. Along with the followers I urged him to worship that man and his big dick. “Do it man. Suck on him” I typed “Swallow that big dick” “My God I wish I was you right now” My eyes continued to watch as Allesandro slurped and eat up dick. His mouth moving up and down on Samuel. Feasting in his big cock. Getting it wet and covered in his drool. So that when he lifted off that dick to get air, I could see that beautiful cock glisten with the sheen of his saliva. The big proud Latin dick a fantastic obelisk rising up from Samuels hairy bush in his crotch. The hand held tightly to the towering cock as Allesandro held it, shaking the cock at the camera. Show I g the world the big perfect thing he had just had in his lucky mouth. “See this” he said to all “It is a beautiful thing. No?” I nodded in my state of stupor I was currently in. Eyes locked to the stem he held. Locked to the big cock Allesandro was offering to all. Lost in the sheer magnificence of that perfect cock. “My God I am soo jealous” I finally typed Then Allesandro directed a comment to me and mine. Telling me by name how I should come over and join them. “You will adore this” he said And I know I did not doubt him. I could never doubt what he said. Then I watched him go back down Samuel. Again Samuel groaned his pleasures. “Yes baby, yess!” He moaned “Suck that cock. Suck it soo good baby” Samuel licked his lips as he spoke. The wetness on them making want to just through the screen to get at that sexy mouth. To kiss him as he was getting his worship by his boy. To rub and caress his fantastic body as he received his blowjob. His voice luring me in to the desire to be there with them. “Come here baby” he said as he looked at the camera “Come here with me” “I am yours to have” I again grabbed at my dick and kocaeli escort bayan began to return to stroking myself as I watched. But as I looked at the beautiful scene before me Allesandro again pulled from that dick. Samuel again groaned as the wonderful mouth left his cock. “See how big it is” Allesandro then said “I will fuck his cock” “I will fuck it hard” Then the guy got up from his seated position between Samuels thighs. Allesandro then crawled up in the couch. He stood over Samuel. Then we all watched as he spit on his hand and brought the saliva covered fingers to his rear. He was swabbing up his backside for what was about to happen. He was going to sit down in Samuel. I watched as Samuel held up his raging bone stick up in wait for the butt that would soon lower itself down on his dick. “Shit!” I huffed “He is gonna sit on that cock” “My God he is gonna get fucked” And then he lowered his ass to that dick. His ass cheeks spread as he moved down to the cock. And then he pressed the head if Samuels dick to his hole and along his butt crack. I was glued to the aight as Allesandro then plunged sown on it. That big perfect cock pried opened the mans hole. Then Samuel’s dick started to disappear into the cavern that was swallowing it up. I heard Allesandro groan deeply as more and more dick went into him. “Ohh yes. Ohh yes” he moaned “You should feel this inside” “Soo big. Soo big” Allesandro then started to fuck himself on the big dick in his ass. Moving up and down the hardy length of Samuel. Moaning and groaning with each downward push. I could only imagine what wonders he was feeling at the moment. The utter fullness as that dick disappeared into his bowel. He bent forward and kissed his God as he rode him. His hands on the mans chest and his lips to the lips of a God. “I love you Sam” he moaned “We all love you Sam” “Yes we do” I huffed to myself as I watched this awesome show. “Ride his big dick man. Ride him” I was stroking harder on my aching dick as the scene before me unfolded. I was so close as I watch the beautiful sex, as I watched the luckiest man alive as he was impaled on Samuel. Samuel held the buttocks and smacked it a few rimes as he started to duck the man back. Shifting under Allesandro to give him dick. “Yes baby. Yess” his sex voice said “Feel this cock inside you” “I fuck you now” He leaned over so the world could see his stunning face as he held his fucked on his lap. Then he izmit escort had Allesandro climb up and off that dick. The action stopped for a bit as the two men got up off the couch. Then they moved the camera and themselves to the floor. Allesandro getting on all fours for his God. Then Samuel climbed up behind him. Then he jumped on him doggy like and then he thrust back into him. “Ughhn” I heard below him “Yes Sam. Ohh yess!” Them Samuel began to fuck his boy. Banging away at his ass hard. He grabbed at Allesandro’s sides and just started to throttle his rear. Allesandro cried out as he was taken. Fucked into a submission of his strong masculine stud. “Use fuck him stud” I cried, then typed “Take him as I wish to be taken.” Samuel smiled at the comment and began to pound harder at Allesandro. Giving him his mighty cock over and over. I glanced between the two as the thick hard stem appeared and then disappeared into the guy. My hand moved faster on my dick “Come to me” he said “Come here and have this too” He pulled out and showed his slimy dick. It was wet from the guys dripping ass. From Allesandro’s lucky bowels. Samuel started to blow kisses to the camera. Telling me and the world how he would fill up then up with his cum. That voice as he said those words. Brought me to the point if no return. I blew “Ughn Fuck. Awee fuckk!” I crowd “Samuel. I love you Samuel. !” “Ohh God I love you!” I blew as he continued to speak to me (that was how I was feeling at that moment). Saying he was going to breed me and make me him. Then he did cum. A low baritone groan the reverberated through the laptops speakers. It seemed to even rumble across the bed as I lay there in my mess. Moaning from my intense orgasm. I looked at his fave as it contorted in his eruption. And even then he was stunning. He slammed and ground his body to the now whimpering Allesandro. Emptying his stud balls into the guy. His hands tightened on the man under him. His body hard and tight as he thrust his last thrusts at his lucky victim. “Yes, yes, yess!” Allesandro moaned under the man “You at any master Sam.” “I am yours. I am yours.” Samuel leaned his awesome body on Allesandro and kissed his back and shoulder. “Such a good boy” he said “Such a good boy” The God then pulled off Allesandro and sat back against the base if the sofa. His big dick softened and covered in cum and ass. Allesandro turned and crawled down and lay his head on Samuels lap. His face against the mans dick. He kissed it several times as he lay there with his God. “Come my friend” Samuel said “Come join me” I them decided I had to go see this man. If it was the last thing I did….. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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