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I’m a spa fanatic. It’s the one thing I like to treat myself to. I’m pretty good about my spending every other way. I always put money from each paycheque into a retirement fund. I bought my own house as soon as I had the minimum down payment. I bring my own lunches to work. I don’t make impulse buys, when I shop. However, I find it perfectly reasonable to spend $100 an hour to have someone exfoliate me with sea salt. I know it’s unreasonable, but it’s my one splurge. As soon as I walk out the doors of one spa, I’m already anticipating next weeks’ visit to another.

I was especially looking forward to today. I was on vacation. I had one whole week of staying at different cute little bed and breakfasts, with various spa treatments sprinkled along the way. My last stop on the schedule had a service that was going to be the highlight of my trip. I have sampled every treatment my local spas had to offer, and gone on a vacation every year searching out more exotic and unusual treatments. There wasn’t a rejuvenating facial or hydrating mud wrap anywhere that I haven’t had. I loved all of them. My favourite is always a good mani-pedi. But I was excited by the service I had booked today.

A small spa in a nearby seaside resort village had just put a new item on the menu, called the “Full Body Dessert”. First you are wrapped head to toe in oatmeal and honey masque. Then you drink bittersweet hot chocolate, while you bathe in warm water with milk and honey. Next you get an all-over exfoliation with cocoa and raw sugar. Then you rinse off in a shower with a cocoa butter body wash. Then they give you a full body massage with a warmed mixture of cocoa butter and almond oil. I couldn’t wait.

I drove my little convertible along the country highway, enjoying the peace of a resort spot in the off-season. I checked into the small inn that the spa was attached to. It had 10 rooms and a couple of private cottages. I had gotten one of the cottages at a great rate because it was the off-season. My cottage was a great little place that practically sat on the water. It was basically just one room, with specialized areas in it. There was a wraparound deck with a hot tub. The sunset and sunrise were going to be amazing.

After dropping off my suitcase, I got out on the highway again, looking to grab some food before my few hours of utterly hedonistic pampering. I picked a small restaurant in town that looked like it had a great ambiance and a decent menu. I got a few glances from the lone waiter. I don’t know whether I’m actually that attractive or whether it’s just hard to ignore a 5’9″ blonde in 3 inch heels and a miniskirt. My best assets are by far, my long legs. I take every chance I can get to show them off. The waiter was pretty cute, so I put a bit more swing into my step, and flipped my hair as I sat down.

A few minutes of flirtation with the waiter was fun and a little exciting. His name was Scott and their specials today were pasta salad and champagne cocktails. I love watching a man’s forearms, and his were toned, with a nice amount hair, that looked incredibly touchable. He was blonde and had an amazing mouth. His easy-going attitude, and good humour relaxed me and I let myself look a little too long, and laugh a little too much.

On the way back to the cottage, I just kept thinking of some of the delicious things I could do to Scott. As I drove back at the hotel, I was caught up in imaging how the hair on his arms would feel on my body, the temperature of his skin, the softness of his earlobe as I sucked and bit it.

In just a few minutes, I arrived at the beautifully restored heritage house tucked demurely off the road. I was feeling sexy and sensual as I walked into the quietly luxurious lobby. I was charged and relaxed at the same time by my little fantasies. I thought about being late for my “Full Body Dessert” so I could stay in my room and masturbate quickly, but I didn’t want to waste even a tiny bit of my spa time.

In the spa, they gave me a fluffy robe, so soft and warm, I felt like I was wrapped in kittens. As I exited my private locker room, one of the attendants led me to the Serenity Room and left me there to enjoy a glass of champagne while I was waiting for my aesthetician. I sat there sipping champagne in the sensuous room. Instead of being soothed by the dim lighting, and soft colours, I felt like all the elements of the room were contriving to put me into an exquisite sensual haze. My nipples were tingling from the gorgeous sensations every time the fabric of the robe shifted over my breasts. It felt deliciously decadent to be sitting there, in a public place, with only my robe to cover my nudity. Leaning my head back to take a good drink of my champagne, my nipples pushed against the texture of the robe more and I let my legs fall open ever so slightly.

Just then a petite brunette came in, wearing a simple uniform consisting of an expensive white T-shirt and a pair of linen trousers, in a neutral tan colour. She had dark, curly hair and a mildly exotic look that came from her olive skin and dark eyes. This was Maria, bahçeşehir escort my aesthetician. In a quiet, husky voice she asked me to follow her, and then we would begin with my treatment. I walked behind her, admiring the way the light colours of the outfit contrasted with her warm toned skin. She looked like she had year-round tan.

In the private treatment room, I suddenly realized she would have to see me naked. Sometimes I get a little self-conscious when people see me naked, as I have fairly pale skin, and B-cup breasts. Other than that though, I have a nice body, slim and well-cared for. I was sneaking a peek at her for comparison’s sake. I have found that most women do this if they’re about to get naked around another woman – check her out and see how you stack up, so to speak. As she was giving me a brief description of the treatment, I was realizing she had a very different body than I did, but nothing to be ashamed of. Her T-shirt was not tight, but fitted enough to see a distinct hourglass shape – distinct enough that you could see the outline of her bra, as her full breasts pulled her T-shirt tighter than the rest of her outfit. She wasn’t as slim as I was, but the roundness in her arms and legs and hips was pleasingly solid. She was used to doing physical work with her body, and was comfortable with her muscles and her softness. As she was directing me to lie on the table on top of the cloth, I figured she saw a ton of naked women all the time and probably wouldn’t even think about it.

Shrugging, I got out of my robe and hung it up on a hook. I padded over to the table and lay down on a sort of lounge chair, in semi-reclined position. The air was warm and there was a lovely vanilla scent in the air, coming from all the flickering candles. Maria placed a small amount of the oatmeal masque on my arm and asked if the temperature was okay. It was warm like towels fresh from the dryer. I nodded yes, and enjoyed the feeling of her slowly applying the warmth to the entire backside of my body. She smoothed it over my shoulders and into the small of my back. She used her hands to round it over the curves of my buttocks. When I was completely covered, she asked me to turnover so she could do the front. Between my waiter fantasies, the champagne, the sensual surroundings, and Maria’s hands smoothing the warm moist oatmeal all over I was seriously aroused. My nipples were rock hard, and there would be a flush over most of my skin. I could feel the dampness between my legs. As I turned over, I wondered if she would notice. Maybe it was common. Maybe she would assume it was the warmth of the room. As I lay face up, with the air feeling sweet and almost cool on my exposed skin, I tried to see if she was looking at my body, whether she approved or was repulsed by it. I couldn’t see a sign either way in her inscrutable dark eyes or serene face. She covered both my arms and legs and I felt almost restrained as my limbs were weighted down in the gooey concoction. I couldn’t help myself from getting more excited, with all of my body except for my torso and chest covered in the warm gooey mixture. I closed my eyes as Maria mounded the mixture over my breasts, trying to concentrate on whether I could feel her skin on my skin.

Once I was completely covered, Maria wrapped me in the cloth that had been on the table and said she was going to leave me for approximately 30 minutes. I drifted in and out for the allotted time, thinking of Maria seeing my naked body and thinking about Scott’s naked body. Being wrapped up, I couldn’t touch myself, but I squeezed my thighs together over and over, trying to induce even a small orgasm to relieve my tension. Then Maria came and woke me by turning the lighting and music up a little in intensity, and speaking gently to me. She un-wrapped me and began to peel the cooled mixture off me. It felt amazing to have my slightly overheated skin exposed totally to the air.

When I was somewhat clean Maria led me to a deep tiled bath in the corner of the room. It was emanating warmth and the smell of honey. I was so thankful this was part of the treatment and that it was time for it now. Maria helped me into the bath like some type of body servant from some ancient time. She placed a cup of bitter-sweet hot chocolate beside me, and an icy glass of champagne with it. I was to soak for 15 minutes. I thought about what I wanted to do – something I had only done once or twice before on my spa excursions. Occasionally I had been in a similar state during a treatment before. And if it was intense enough, and if there was a discreet opportunity, I would take the chance to relieve myself. I drank the chocolate as Maria quickly and quietly cleared the table and put new clean sheets on it. This was an intense need and I could be discreet.

As I watched Maria, I ever so slowly moved the fingers of one hand over my nipple, under the water. When Maria was removing the laundry and leaving the room, I stilled my hand. As soon as the door was closed I slid my other hand down over my hip and bakırköy escort to the curls between my legs. I slid one finger over the lips of my labia and pressed it against my clit. Moving my hand to my other nipple, I tweaked and twisted it until my breath was coming faster and faster. I swirled the tip of my finger over my clit faster. I knew I wasn’t far from orgasm. I rocked my hips against my finger and suddenly the orgasm washed over me and I had that fast and hard feeling where it seems like every muscle in your body is clenching and relaxing at the same moment

I lay back and finished my champagne knowing that I would be able to relax and enjoy myself now. Shortly Maria returned and moved me to the table for my sugar scrub. She started on my back, at my feet. I was in a slightly drowsy state when she started rubbing the slightly gritty sugar and cocoa into my skin. As she worked my body started to wake to the slightly rough treatment it was receiving. I could feel the soporific effects of my orgasm dissipating. The various sweet aromas from all the ingredients of the treatments were mingling, and it smelt of fresh-baked cookies in the small room. Soon my whole body was tingling and buzzing. When Maria stopped to lead me to the shower to rinse off, I felt a mild disappointment that she was no longer touching me.

As I was rinsing in the shower, I realized that I was excited by Maria. I had never been attracted to a woman before – never been excited by the idea of having a woman touch me, or me touching her back. But as the water was pouring over me, I was thinking about Maria’s breasts. I had always been a little envious of women that had larger breasts than mine, and I was intrigued by Maria’s generous looking D-cups. With her dark skin, what colour would her nipples be? Would they be a lot larger than mine? Could I wrap my hands around her breasts? What would it feel like to touch another woman’s breasts? With the hot water running over my sensitive skin, thinking of Maria’s naked breasts, I knew that I had not relieved all my sexual tension. Today I felt like my mind was keyed up and my body was thrumming with sexual energy.

I stepped out of the shower and slowly patted down my skin with a large fluffy towel. I almost couldn’t bear the texture on my nipples, but it felt amazing on my arms and my ass. My inner thighs were damp with more than shower water, as I brushed the towel over my pubic hair. I was definitely looking forward to this last treatment as I tried to subtly press my hand in between my legs while holding the towel. After turning the lights lower and turning the music up a little, Maria looked at me. I dropped the towel, and went to the massage bed, which had another new set of clean linens on it. I lay down on my stomach and waited for Maria to begin.

I was picturing what I could remember of her hands. She had short, neatly trimmed nails with a sheer pale pink polish on them. Her hands were small, but strong and capable looking. I felt them settle firmly between my shoulder blades. With firm strokes she began spreading the not unpleasantly oily liquid over my body. I could feel the bumps and mounds of her palms and the soft pads of her fingertips. Occasionally she would use her knuckles. I could feel her body tensing and flexing as she applied more or less pressure to my muscles. When her hands moved to the outside edge of my back, I thought her fingers may have brushed against the curves of my breasts, pushed out against the massage bed. A breathless moan slipped out before I realized it.

“Is this okay?” She asked quietly.

“Great.” I replied succinctly. I wasn’t even sure if that had happened or if she noticed it if it had. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, if she was aware of how I was feeling.

When she worked her way to my lower back I was writhing in anticipation, inside. Would she massage my ass? How much would her strong fingers knead the muscles in my buttocks? Finally we came to it – the point where some masseuses would recover you for modesty’s sake and move down to your feet. I felt her hands on the side of my buttocks and felt her fingers kneading me slowly and deeply. After a while her hands cupped my whole ass cheeks, while her thumbs and fingers rhythmically pressed into my muscles. I was trying so hard to control myself, because my body wanted to push my ass up into her hands. With all my sexed up thoughts, this massage was becoming less than relaxing.

Finally, Maria recovered my upper body with the sheet, and moved down to my feet. I was enjoying the great attention was giving every part of my body. The oil was warm and fragrant. The music was soothing. The lighting was dim with flickering candles. But the best was her skin. It was so smooth and soft. The feel of her skin sliding over my skin was unbelievable. As she moved higher up my legs, all I could think of was her hands between my thighs. In my mind she would gently press my thighs apart and move her hands up the inside of my thighs until her thumbs were almost brushing the outer başakşehir escort edges of my labia. My legs fell slightly more apart, seemingly out of my control. I wondered if she would be able to smell my arousal. Dimly, I realised that all these sensations weren’t coming out of my fevered brain. Maria was slowly and lightly stroking up the inside of my thighs over and over. Her strokes were ending just before they would cross the line of impropriety, but they felt just a touch too lingering to be completely professional. When she said my name I suddenly realized that she had asked me a question.


“Did you drift off? That’s okay. I just wanted to let you know that I’m done your back. If you want to turn over, I’ll work on your front.”

She held the sheet up for me to turnover, but I could feel her eyes on my body. She had not offered to leave the room, or even turned away. When I caught her gaze, she looked me straight in the eye and asked,

“Is everything satisfactory so far? If you need more or less pressure or want me to go faster or slower, please let me know.”

“Everything is great so far. Thanks.”

Was there an invitation there? Was I imagining things? I still couldn’t read anything in her eyes. I felt a little crazy. I couldn’t remember ever being so sexually aroused and I had never been aroused by a woman. Was I just projecting my own feelings onto Maria to make myself feel better about all this? I lay back, trying to think of what to do. How could I see if there was anything there without offending her? And if she wanted me, what did I want? Did I really want a woman to put her lips on my nipples and suck and lick them? My body definitely seemed okay with that idea. I could feel my nipples grow painfully hard, begging for attention. Then, as Maria slid the sheet over my body, I felt her knuckle brush over my nipples. My breath caught in my throat in an audible gasp. I looked at Maria, but she didn’t meet my eyes. She said nothing as she began working on my shoulders and chest.

Instead of moving to the side of the bed, Maria was standing over my head. As she worked, her breasts swayed gently over my face. I thought how little effort it would take for me to be able to touch them with my mouth. And I was struck with the thought that I not only wanted Maria’s mouth on my nipples, but I wanted to suck and lick her nipples too. I wanted her hands all over my body, but I also wanted to get my hands on her body.

“Is everything good? Anything you want?”

I decided to push it a little and see what would happen.

“Can we skip right to my legs? My thighs feel really … tight.”

“Of course. Whatever you’d like.”

When she moved down to the other end of the bed, I made eye contact and held it while I let my legs fall apart more than necessary. Her face continued to be a serene mask. Gradually, her hands inched up my legs, kneading and massaging me into mindlessness.

“How’s that?”

“Could you work on my hip flexors?”

“Of course. Whatever you’d like.”

“Really get in there.”


Her thumbs were so close! So close to touching the part of my body that was screaming for her. A jolt shot to my core as I felt her breasts brushing over the skin on my knees.

“Oh yeah. That’s great.”


My body was so sensitive that I made a sound between a gasp and a moan the moment her thumbs lightly brushed over the curls off my pubic area.

“Is that okay?”

“Oh God, yes.”

Her thumbs caressed my lips lightly. I could hardly breathe. Then one finger slid up and down the center of my slit. When I opened my eyes to find her staring at me, I said, “I want to take the sheet off.”

“Of course. Fine.”

She continued rubbing my clit in small circles.

“How’s that? Is that okay, or is there anything else you wanted me to work on?”

I was gripping the sides of the massage table now and panting. There was a slight sheen of sweat on my chest. Obviously we were way too far now.

“My breasts. I want you to work on my breasts.”

“Of course. Fine.”

Then she was at the head of the bed. Her hands grasped the sides of my breasts and her thumbs brushed over my nipples. The she was using her fingers to lightly tweak and twist my nipples. I was practically writhing now.

“Is that okay?”

“Oh yeah. That’s so good. But….” I closed my eyes. “I want you to take your shirt off. I want to see you.”

Her fingers stopped. I froze. Was that too much? Not okay?

“Of course. Fine.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and opened my eyes to see Maria pulling her T-shirt off. Then she removed her bra. When her bra was off I could see that her breasts were as full and firm as I had imagined them. Her nipples were large and dark and proudly erect. She bent over and wrapped her lips around my nipple and began to suck I moaned in pleasure. When my lips moved I became aware of her breasts against my face. I poked my tongue out and started licking whatever I could reach. That wasn’t enough, so I reached up and gathered both her breasts with my hands. I felt the plumpness and the softness of the skin in my hands, as I directed her nipples to my mouth. When my lips were around her nipple and my sucking was echoing hers, I exploded in a small orgasm. It came on me hard and fast. I wasn’t expecting it. I bucked hard and squealed around her nipple.

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