Southampton St Marys st

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Southampton St Marys stHaving just read the story about Southampton Common I thought I would tell you about my first bi experience which also occurred in Southampton in St Marys st. Back in the 80’s I was a policeman walking the streets in the city centre with a pregnant wife. On nights one morning in Northam rd I saw a suspicious figure looking in the antique shop windows. It was dressed in female clothes but appeared to be playing with its groin area. As I crept closer it saw me and turned to run but tripped on the high heels it was wearing and fell to the ground displaying a massive hard cock about 9-10″ long and thick with it. He then started crying and asked me not to arrest him. Turned out he was a closet crossdresser back when it was still socially unacceptable. After telling me his story he told me he only lived around the corner if I wanted to verify it so I agreed to check his story. So all the time we are walking and he is telling me his story I am thinking about that big hard cock I saw as he fell and my own cock was getting hard. When we entered kırıkkale rus escort his flat he offered me a cuppa which I said yes to looking at all the feminine clothes laying around and also a VERY LARGE dildo which I picked up. He saw me and said it was for him to use on his girlfriend and boyfriends. I must have blushed as my cock was hard and he must have seen it as he said his lovers loved the dildo as it was as big as his cock. At this he lifted the dress he was wearing off over his head and his massive cock was hanging semi hard like my forearm. He said are you married to which I said yes but she is 6 months pregnant and he laughed and holding his monster cock said was it a cock as big as this that fucked her. I said no, I am the only cock she has had. He came over and looked me in the eyes and asked how big is it then and took hold of my cock through my trousers. It immediately got even stiffer betryaying me, Mine is about 6.5″ but thick but just then it felt about 12″ long. He then started rubbing kırıkkale rus escort bayan my cock saying I must need to cum with a pregnant wife, I couldn’t answer as I was trying not to cum. He suddenly let go of me and went to finish the drinks but he started asking intimate questions about the wife and our sex habits and before I knew it I was telling him how she liked me to fuck her arse slowly while squeezing her nipples really hard from behind and I saw his cock had hardened again. Just then I would have done ANYTHING to get hold of that cock but he said let me see your cock and I don’t know why but I just undone my trousers and let them drop with my cock standing proud like his. He came over and said very nice and took it in his hand and started wanking me very roughly and hard asking did I want him to fuck me while my wife watched him penetrating me and playing with herself. I could only say yes I was desperate as his hand played with my balls and squeezed my cock hard. He asked me could he fuck rus kırıkkale escort my wife in her cunt and her arse and I agreed instantly as I just wanted to cum but he suddenly let go of my cock and told me to get on my knees which I did. He then hit me across the face with his cock and asked me if I had sucked a cock before and I said no, to which he said start now and pushed his cock hard against my mouth. I don’t remember much of the next ten minutes apart from the pain in my jaw muscles but he suddenly took his cock out and told me to stand up and remove my trousers which I did. He then made me bend over the settee which I found really horny as I was still rock hard. I suddenly felt pressure against my anus and he said don’t worry it’s not my dick it’s your truncheon and he proceeded to fuck me with my truncheon handle while wanking me with his left hand. Every time I came close to coming he would squeeze my balls hard but I guess after about half an hour he rammed my truncheon harder into me while really tugging my cock and i had the greatest orgasm in my life. He made me stand up straight with my truncheon clenched up my arse while he cleaned up my cock with his mouth. What an experience. What I only found out later that it had all been caught on video. There was plenty more after that first night including the wife as well but they are other truths to be told if you want to hear them

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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