Sorority Supplicant Ch. 02

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Kim hung up the phone with a satisfied smile. She had just finished reassuring her mother that while a little shocked at what was being expected of her from the sorority she was content to persevere. Her mother had sounded so worried about possibly pushing Kim too far and was more than a little relieved that Kim would at least try to walk the path she had set out for her. Kim’s fingers went to her neck and touched the golden chain she had been ordered to wear. It was tight and almost fitted like a choker. It was the only piece of jewelry she was allowed to wear during the month of her initiation. Her Tester, Jamie, or more accurately, Ms. Holly, explained that all initiates wore the same chain and that she could identify the Testers by the matching gold wristbands they wore. She had told Kim that while she was her assigned Tester, anyone wearing the wrist chain was to obeyed without question.

Kim began to walk back to her room. This was her fourth day of college. For three days in a row she had masturbated in various positions and in various ways under Jamie’s tutelage. She now looked forward to these sessions. Each time she experienced new and more surprising heights of pleasure. No, there was no question of failing now. There was just too much fun to be had. She was excited and curious to discover what Ms. Holly had in store for her today. She had hinted that there might be something more ‘progressive’ expected of Kim. Kim was prepared to keep an open mind.

As she walked along the hallway she nodded and smiled at Joan. She was a 6-foot tall black girl who shared a chemistry class with her. She noticed the gold chain that Joan wore and was tempted to ask her about it but decided against it. Ms. Holly had been quite clear about the consequences of careless talk on the subject of initiation. Joan smiled back in her familiar absent-minded way. Her tall lithe frame was somewhat marred by the rounded shoulders and stoop. Kim could not discern if this was a congenital abnormality or just rank poor posture. Joan was the clichéd ‘science geek’; in class even her lecturers were a little intimidated by her intellect and wealth of knowledge on all things chemical.

Kim had to hide a guilty blush as she imagined this nerd busily exploring her pussy with the same intent concentration she gave chemical equations. Kim paused at her own door as she realised that the thought of Joan masturbating was actually making her hot. While she was growing accustomed to Jamie’s presence when she was fingering herself to orgasm, why did the idea of voluntarily having Joan present make her feel hot? Wow was she possibly turning gay? She would have to speak to Ms. Holly.

She opened the door of her room and walked in. Jamie was sitting at her desk, studying through her black rimmed reading glasses and wearing an over sized black bathing robe. She didn’t look up to acknowledge Kim’s entry. Kim stepped closer to her and clasped her hands in front of her. She cleared her throat nervously.

“Ms. Holly, I’m beginning to worry that I might be turning gay” she gushed in one breath.

Jamie continued to read.

“Kim you have not the physical experience or emotional sophistication to make that judgment. Your sexuality is in the possession of the sisterhood till we deem you ready to make those decisions yourself.”

Kim felt a momentary spark of anger at Jamie’s dismissive tone.

“I’m sorry Ms. Holly and I don’t want to sound disrespectful but that sounded so much like a rehearsed answer.”

Jamie paused from her reading and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully. She stood and took off her glasses. She walked to her bed and sat down. She indicated to Kim that she should join her. Kim did so and found herself being pushed down so that her head rested on Jamie’s lap. Jamie rested a hand on Kim’s waist and used the casino şirketleri other to stroke her hair. Kim felt herself regressing to childhood, to a time when her mother would comfort her in this manner. She wasn’t sure if she was happy that Jamie had assumed this maternal role.

“I owe you an apology Kim. My answer was insensitively given. I did not mean to belittle your concerns. Through your mother’s efforts and your own inherent reticence you have managed to reach 18 without really having to confront any questions about who or what you are. How could you not have questions or experience at least some confusion in this environment? My only advice is not to worry about answers at this time. Concentrate solely on experiencing and I promise you that answers will come to you as if without effort. At present your initiation tasks involve only other women. In time this will be expanded to include men. At the end of your initiation not only will you have the answers you crave but you will have better questions and the means to explore those questions.”

She continued to stroke Kim’s hair. Kim found herself growing sleepy and despite her original anger at Jamie she felt comforted and no longer concerned about her thoughts of Joan.

“Thank you Ms. Holly. I promise to try and follow your advice.”

“Good girl” answered Jamie with a playful swot to Kim’s bottom, “now off you go and get any study you need done out of the way. I want you showered, naked and on your bed by 6pm. As I promised your testing will be a little different today.” Kim got up with a smile and kissed Jamie on the forehead.

“Yes Ms. Holly.” Kim studied for two hours at her desk as Jamie returned to reading. Kim then showered and with growing excitement sat on her bed, naked and expectant.

Jamie was still at her desk. She paused to look at her watch then at Kim. “Remain here while I shower.”

“Yes Ms. Holly. Ahm.. sorry Ms. Holly but you could you give me a hint as to what my testing will involve.”

Jamie smiled, “be patient supplicant. I promise you it will be nothing you can’t handle.”

Jamie got into the shower and allowed herself to feel the butterflies of concern in her stomach. This testing was less about Kim and more about the Testers attempting something new in order to help another supplicant. This morning Jamie had attended the dorm’s Tester meeting. The ten Testers discussed their new initiates and the progress they were making. All had passed the first hurdles but one was causing concern. Her Tester had asked for any and all help the other Testers could provide. The Tester, Megan, was the most experienced of them all but her supplicant, Joan, was proving difficult to help.

Word had been sent down from the Inner Council that the priority of all the Testers was to ensure Joan’s success in her application. The Council had made it clear that the presence of a bona fides genius within the sisterhood was an opportunity not to be missed. They also deemed Joan to be a diamond in the rough and expected the Testers to find that diamond. Jamie knew her own advancement might be tied up with Kim but all the Testers of this dorm would suffer in some way if such an extraordinary directive from the Inner Council were failed.

Megan described Joan’s progress to date. She had shown extreme shyness when asked to strip and masturbate. She had managed to do both over the last three days but appeared to take no real enjoyment or enthusiasm in the experience. Megan described the untrimmed bush, hairy pits and legs and painful looking hunching of the shoulders. It appeared to Megan that Joan was aware of being tall and thus shied away from notice and was not aware of being a sexual woman. Megan was almost in tears as she described the frustration she felt. Joan just refuses to believe herself to be anything casino firmaları but an ugly geek.

Jamie had cleared her throat to indicate that she had a suggestion. She asked Megan to bring Joan to her room this evening so as to test both of their supplicants together. Hopefully a relationship could be fostered between Kim and Joan. Kim had Joan’s inexperience but had none of her blind spots. Maybe Kim’s enthusiasm and confidence would be infectious. The other Testers had silently nodded their assents. Megan had smiled in gratitude at Jamie. The two of them had spent a few moments discussing the details and then returned to their studies with rueful smiles and crossed fingers.

Jamie finished her shower and got dressed in a pair of loose jeans and t-shirt. She returned bare-footed to the main room and glanced quickly at Kim to ensure she hadn’t begun without permission. She sat on her bed and faced Kim. There was a knock on the door, which then opened quickly. Kim saw a plain looking brunette walk in, followed closely by Joan. Her tall, stooping frame still several inches taller than the brunette. The surprise at their entry had momentarily made Kim forget her nakedness and lewd pose. Her legs spread and her fingers absent-mindedly circling her fully erect nipples. She gasped and made to dive under her bed covers. Jamie snapped her fingers and pointed angrily to where Kim had been sitting. Kim reluctantly returned but kept her legs closed and her hands firmly clamped over her breasts.

“Hi Megan,” Jamie said, “Joan can sit beside Kim on the other bed.”

Megan pointed at Kim’s bed before she took a chair for herself. Joan sat beside Kim being careful to avoid any and all eye contact.

“Kim this is Megan and the initiate beside you is Joan. Joan, my name is Jamie and the girl beside you is Kim.”

Joan and Kim made muttered acknowledgements at the introductions, both distinctly uncomfortable with the present situation.

Jamie continued to talk, “Joan you may remove your clothes now please.” Joan looked at Jamie in shock and then at Megan as if looking for some escape. Megan smiled at her encouragingly but indicated that she should obey Jamie’s instruction. She slowly stripped, giving the appearance of preparing for a firing squad. Kim watched closely, unconcerned at this violation of the others girl’s modesty. She had never seen a black woman nude before and marvelled at the athletically slim, chocolate skinned body being revealed to her. Again she felt the stirring of reaction between her legs. She sighed silently and decided to follow Jamie’s advice. If it’s turning me on then it’s turning me on, so what?

Joan was also the hairiest nude Kim had ever encountered. She wondered if this was an ethnic thing or just Joan. She tried to decide if asking Jamie about this would make her appear laughably naïve. She filed the question away to ponder later. Joan was striking and even Kim could see that with better grooming and attention to detail, Joan would be a warrior goddess. Kim shrugged away the unworthy jealousy she felt that someone whose IQ was through the roof could also be so stunning.

Joan joined Kim on the bed, but was careful to keep as much distance between them as the small bed allowed. She hugged her legs to her chest and stared at the floor.

Jamie nodded to Megan who began to speak, “as you both know you are expected to pass a number of tests, there are however other expectations we have for members of our sisterhood. These include better than average grades and well-groomed appearance. Kim, Jamie has spoken to some of your teachers and your mathematical ability has been found wanting. Joan you shamefully neglect the grooming your beautiful body deserves. As of this evening you will both coach the other in these areas. If within a week there are no improvements güvenilir casino you will both have failed in your applications. Are there any questions?”

Kim and Joan looked at Megan before looking at each other. They both shook their heads. Kim was pleased and worried. She knew she needed help with the work and wanted to spend time with Joan but was unsure how she would deal with the strange new feelings she had for her.

Jamie smiled, “good girls,” she looked at her watch. “It’s getting late so it would be more convenient if you were both to masturbate here and now. So please proceed. Kim face Joan, I want your feet flat against her hips. Joan you will sit in the same way. Your feet flat against Kim’s hips.”

Kim quickly got into position, but it required Megan to clap her hands angrily to motivate Joan to join her in the described pose. Kim smiled reassuringly at Joan hoping to make her feel less uncomfortable. She felt guilty about the excitement this situation was causing her, but being so close to a beautiful woman overwhelmed this feeling. Thoughts of hair, shaving (especially shaving) make up etc all became sexualised as Kim’s fingers found their way to her pussy. She could hear Joan’s nervous breaths and was fixated on her perfectly formed dark-skinned breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing. She watched as Joan’s fingers hesitantly found their way to her dark hairy lips. Kim’s fingers were already slick with her flowing juices as her eyes examined the dark puffy lips of Joan’s pussy. She imagined her own fingers examining those inviting folds of skin and she gasped as she felt an orgasm rush through her body. She could have only been touching herself a few moments and already she was experiencing charges of electric hot ecstasy rushing through her body.

She noticed Megan moving silently to Joan’s side. Megan began to speak softly in Joan’s ear, but not too softly that Kim could not hear what was being said.

“Did you notice that Joan? Having you so close, naked, exposed has made Kim cum so fast that she still isn’t even sure if it happened. You did that Joan. Just by being here, beautiful, sexy and nude. You have made this girl in front of you cum so quick that there’s a pool of her juices on her bed.”

She pointed to the growing circle of dampness below Kim’s still busy fingers. She then ran her index finger over the spot and brought it to Joan’s face. She held it under her nose.

“Breath in deeply Joan, smell what you have caused Kim to do. Smell the juices that you have caused to flow.”

Joan’s eyes opened wide as she listened to Megan’s words. Her nose hovered over Megan’s extended finger and she gazed at the still growing puddle beneath Kim. Her fingers were now moving faster over her pussy. Her thumb concentrating on her clit. Her breaths turning to gasps as her body began to surrender totally to the sensations her fingers were creating within her. She watched as Kim continued to stare at her, their eyes meeting as they both approached an orgasm they desperately wanted to experience. Kim fell back on her free hand as she worked her fingers furiously inside her sopping cunt. As her body grew more and more rigid her moving fingers brushed against those of Joan’s that were similarly engaged.

Without thought or word their hips jerked forward so that both could feel the others fingers, hands and wetness. Finally their eyes closed as they gasped and screamed out their intense, breathtaking orgasms. Kim fell onto the flat of her back, her chest heaving as she struggled to restrain her heart from beating itself out of her chest. Joan slumped forward, tears falling from her eyes.

“I never knew it could feel so good,” she sobbed. She continued to cry quietly as Megan helped her to dress. They left with Joan’s head resting on Megan’s shoulder.

Kim turned onto her side and rested her head on her hand as she looked at Jamie.

“Well Ms. Holly, have I passed this test?”

Jamie smiled in response, “yes you did, but don’t get too cocky, there’s a lot more for you to do yet.”

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