Sorority Girls On Vacation

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My wife’s career in Public Relations requires her to do a lot of traveling. She will usually be gone for about three days, then will return home and have another three days off. It’s pretty lonely for the three days in which she is gone, but I keep myself busy by working on the lawn and restoring my 71 Mustang. A few weeks ago my wife got an assignment to do some P.R in a city only 2 hours from our home. She was to leave on Thursday and return on Sunday. She would be staying in a Resort located on a very popular beach. Since her company was paying the bill, we decided I would come down and keep her company.

I took Friday off, allowing me to leave for the resort after work on Thursday. I arrived at her room at about 7:30, and was more then ready to test out the king-sized bed. Unfortunately she was not. She said that se was starving and needed something to eat. So being the romantic, I took her to the local Caeraba’s so that we could sip wine and get nice and cozy. My plan backfired, all the pasta and wine made her so tired I thought she would fall asleep in her chair.

We returned to the room, where she put on a pair of shorts and one my t-shirts, immediately going to bed. How discouraging, I drove two hours to sit in a hotel and watch ESPN, I could do that at home. I knew that tomorrow and tomorrow night, she was going to be working, which would probably leave me with no nooky on this uneventful expedition.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of my wife blow-drying her hair. When she came out of the bathroom she saw me laying there awake. “I’ll be back at about 9 tonight,” she informed me. I then broke the news by telling her that I was going to head home that day. I had some work to do at the house, and didn’t want to waste a whole day sitting in a hotel. She was very understanding. She told me to drive carefully, gave me a peck on the cheek, and left.

I hung out in the hotel for a while and watched some old B movies until I got enough motivation to move. I finally got up around noon, showered, and got dressed. I threw on my swim trunks and a tank top, since they were the only clothes I had brought, and left the hotel for home. While making my way back to the interstate, I saw signs pointing to the beach. I thought, what the hell, I’ll make a pit stop, have a little lunch and I’ll be on my way.

I parked my car at the peer where I took off my shirt and sandals and headed for the beach. I was a little pail but I am in pretty good shape and wasn’t worried about looking too bad. It had been so long since I had been to the beach I had forgotten how beautiful women at the beach were. I walked down the length of the beach with my feet in the edge of the surf. There were hundreds of eye candy hotties for me to gawk at. When I was near the end of the beach, I got ready to turn around, when a group of women in the distance caught my eye. I could make out 5 girls laid out in chairs wearing bikinis, while another bikini clad girl was taking their picture. I obviously needed to investigate.

As I approached, the girl taking the pictures looked in my direction while the others followed suit. I thought to myself, I’m still hot if these girls are checking me out. My ego was shattered when I heard a thick southern bell drawl say, “Excuse me sir, can you take a picture for us.” Sir!! I thought, how old do I look? I was hurt but I obliged them. The brunette picture taker came bouncing up to me in her little blue bikini to give me the camera. She ran back to her chair next to the other beauties and gave me instructions on how to operate the camera. I did the corny, say cheese, and they all hoisted their drink cups and screamed cheese as I took their picture.

“Where you ladies from,” I asked.

“Tennessee!” one screamed, as two others screamed, adana escort “Go Vols Wooooh!!” Apparently those three had gotten an early start on drinking. The girl who owned the camera went on to explain how they were sorority sister who were celebrating graduation. “Want a Margarita?” One of the loud one’s asked.

“Sure,” I replied. She got up and walked to the cooler as I followed.

As she was making my drink one of the girls sarcastically said, “Where’s your wife.” They all roared with laughter. I looked over at which one said it, and it was a little blonde who I hadn’t even noticed. She was looking at me over her John Lennon sunglasses with one eyebrow lifted. She sat there tapping her finger with a half smirk on her face.

“Working,” I replied, and they all started laughing.

“You have a sugar momma,” one of them joked.

“You got it,” I joked as I raised my cup to them.

They all raised there cups to me, as one said,” you’re the man.”

“I’m Tom by the way,” I said to the girl making my drink.

” Sasha,” she replied as she lightly shook my hand. “And these are my sorority sisters, Karen, Kristy, April, Tammy, and Lisa. “Howdy baby,” said Kristy, who was obviously on her way to being inebriated. They were all rather attractive. They all were basically wearing the same bikinis in different colors, except April, the one who made the sarcastic wife comment. April was wearing a yellow on piece bathing suit. It definitely wasn’t due to her having a bad body, it was probably because she was a little on the prudish side.

April was very petite. She was probably about 5-2 100 lbs. She had normal breasts that were probably a B-cup. They were smaller then I liked, but they fit very well on her small frame. She sat there drinking her water rather then margaritas like the other flirtatious girls. I made small talk with the girls, but she continued to ignore me. I on the other hand couldn’t help but to continue to admire her smooth legs, rock hard stomach, and firm breasts.

I sat there and drank margaritas with them for a while until they decided to hit the water. We were all feeling pretty good, so I joined them. They begged April to come in but she said she just wanted sun and would watch their things. So I hit the water with the girls acting like I was still in college myself. I splashed one of them and they gang tackled me until they finally were able to give me a team dunk. It felt good to have all those young healthy breasts being pressed against me.

During our wresting match a boat cruised by about 50 yards off shore and blue it’s air horn. The girls hopped off and began waving. The boat turned and came towards us to say high. There were four tanned young guys on the boat, who the girls obviously thought were hot. They forgot about me and began waving at the boat. “You girls want to go for a ride,” asked the driver. Sure, they answered. The guys began pulling them up into the boat, so I headed for shore. “Are you two coming,” hollered Karen to April and I. “I’ll stay,” screamed April, “me too,” I hollered. They didn’t even try to convince us they just waved and pulled off. There was no way in hell I was going to compete with those guys for some drunken pussy.

I returned to the beach and got in the chair next to April. She laid there silent so I followed suit and soaked up some sun. I dozed off for a while and awoke extremely hungry. April was awake reading a book so I was politely asked her if I could buy her some lunch. Surprisingly she agreed. ” They’ll probably never come back,” she joked. We gathered up all the valuables and put them in her bag, and then headed to the outside restaurant up the beach. When we got there I ordered a beer and she did the same. ankara escort She does have a hint of wildness I thought. ” I hate fruity drinks,” she said as she gulped her draft.

I asked her some questions about The University of Tennessee and she began to open up. It turned out she was a straight A+ student who was going to Law School in the fall. She had gotten her Bachelor’s degree in three years. No wonder she was such a tight ass. She asked me questions about my wife and I was completely honest. I told her how much I loved my wife and would do nothing to hurt her. She stared at me with that puppy dog look and told me how sweet I was. I couldn’t be too sweet if I was there having lunch with a hot blonde behind my wife’s back, I thought.

After lunch we stayed at the restaurant and drank a few more beers. We went into the lounge area and shot a few games of pool. I was really enjoying watching her narrow ass bending over the pool table. After a while we decided to go find her intoxicated friends. We returned to the beach site and they still were not back. We sat there and made small talk as I assured her that they were O.K. They finally returned around 7 P.M, and were absolutely drunk. They jumped off the boat and were using each other as a crutch in order to get back to the beach. ” Oh great,” exclaimed April, Tom can you help me watch them?” I agreed and began to gather up the lawn chairs, to bring back to their motel. Thankfully the motel was close and we were able to coral the drunken ladies back to their rooms.

From what I gathered they were going to take showers and meet the guys back at the beach for a party when it began to get dark. When we got back to the motel Karen and Shasha took off their bikinis right in front of me. They walked around the room getting their lotion, shampoo etc totally nude. April was laughing hysterically at the fact they didn’t give a crap that I was there. I obviously didn’t mind watching their huge naked breasts and young firm asses.

After bumping around for about an hour the girls were finally showered, and in new beach clothes. April had waited for them to shower and was still in her bikini, but that didn’t matter to them. See you at the party, they said, as they piled out the door for the beach. “I’m going to take a quick shower, then we can go,” said April as I sat on the bed watching T.V. “O.K,” I replied,” I just need to go give my wife a call.” So I walked down to the car and gave my wife a call at her hotel before she decided to call the house. I told her how it took me no time at all to get home and that I was heading to bed. We said are goodnights and said goodbye. Thank you Alltel for free statewide roaming.

I went back to their hotel to get April, and she looked stunning. She was wearing a pair of white short-shorts and an orange tank top. The white and orange really brought out the color of her dark tan. “Look at you,” I said. “Thank you,” she replied. We grabbed a six-pack out of her cooler and began making our way back to the beach.

By the time we found the girls they were in the water skinny-dipping with the guys on the boat along with about 4 additional guys. We stayed a few minutes and April suggested that we walk down the beach farther. We walked until we found a little section of beach that was surrounded on three sides by high rocks. We took a seat on the beach and began to talk about how beautiful the night sky was. She smelt wonderful, I was happy sitting there inhaling her intoxicating sent. ” Do you really love you wife?” she asked. “Of course I do,” I replied. “If you had sex with someone else would you love her less?” she said. “I’m not sure, why do you ask,” I inquired. ” Well I have a boyfriend who I love, but I really want antalya escort to have sex with you.” ” And I want to have sex with you,” I replied.

I reached up with my right hand and ran it through her soft blonde hair. I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck and slowly pulled her to my lips. I lightly kissed her. She sat there with her eyes closed and let out a gasp. She wrapped her arms around me and grabbed me in a tight embrace. She returned my kiss by kissing me with a deep French kiss.

I laid her down in the sand and began making my way down her neck, kissing every square inch of it. I made my way down to her breasts and lifted her tank top exposing her round naked breast. I caressed one with my left hand and slowly sucked upon the glorious orb. I then licked down the center of her stomach and began kissing the area just above her waste line. She was obviously extremely aroused. She was arching her back and thrusting her stomach to every kiss. She finally reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. She began sliding out of her shorts and underwear so I helped and pulled her slowly out of them, making sure not to get sand on her awaiting pussy.

I began by licking the outside of her lips with gentle licks. As I licked she took one of her fingers and began massaging her clit. Her breathing got heavier and heavier, as I licked harder and harder. She took her free hand grabbed my scalp and began to pull. She pulled harder and harder until I heard the tell tale whimpering of a women cuming. A high-pitched Oh, Oh, Yesss, Yesss! Followed by a quick gasp and her going limp.

“Let’s go in the water so we won’t have sand in our asses,” she said. She got up and ran into the water. I quickly stripped and followed her into the waste deep water. I put my arms around her cradling her lovely ass. The light of the cresset moon was more then adequate to admire her lovely face. We again began to kiss, when she reached for my rock hard member. She took a step back and looked deep into my eyes. ” Is that for me?” she asked. “Most definitely,” I replied. We waded into deeper water were I could easily hold her high enough to insert my aching cock into her burning pussy.

She wrapped her arm and legs around me as I cradled her small ass in my hands. When I attempted to insert my cock. It was hard at first. For one her pussy was very tight and when you do it in the water it is hard to get started. I finally was able to penetrate deeply into her pussy. The hot and cold sensation on my dick as I went in and out of her pussy was exhilarating. She held me by the back of the neck while she kissed me feverishly. She rode and bucked until she began to cum again. This time she came twice, one after the other.

I couldn’t take it anymore I had to cum. I got her to get off me so that she could jerk me off until I came. “Too bad we’re in water, I would suck the hell out of that big cock,” she said.” “Don’t let the water stop you,” I joked. She smiled and said O.K. She went under the water. I couldn’t believe it. I was getting an underwater blowjob. It was very quick, she came back up in less then 30 seconds, spitting out the salt water. It was erotic enough so that it was all that it took. She stood their getting the salt water away from her eyes with one hand, while pleasuring me with the other. I began to cum. My knees were buckling and I was as stiff as a board. You liked that didn’t you, she joked.

We got dressed and headed back to the party so that we didn’t arouse suspicion, but they never noticed we were missing. I spent the night in bed with her that night. We didn’t have any more sex but we slept spoon style. They teased us the next morning but we both stuck to the story that nothing happened.

I bid my farewells and April and I exchanged our alternate emails in order to stay in touch. We write daily jokingly, referring to each other as dear sex pal rather then pen pal. I emailed her a picture of a scuba diver underwater and she got quite the kick out of it. We are currently trying to coordinate some plans to have sex again, I hope it works out.

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