Sophie Ch. 02

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“Night,” I said as I got up and looked at him. He only replied with a grunt as he was already nearly asleep. I closed the door to the living room, leaving him sat in his arm chair, his trousers round his ankles and his penis, already flaccid with a small dribble of semen that I had missed.

I wiped the back of my hand across my mouth and chin and ran my hand down my side using the waist band of my panties as a cloth. I went upstairs and into my bedroom. I dropped the cum soaked tissue that I was still holding into the bin and grabbed my towel. I removed the panties and wrapped myself in the towel and went to the bathroom. I shrugged the towel off and brushed my teeth to remove the taste of cum. I didn’t swallow under any circumstances, but a strange sequence of events had led to the weird situation where my rent was effectively a weekly blow job.

I showered and went back to my room making sure that the door was closed behind me. I removed the towel and hung it over the rail so it would dry. I got a clean pair of panties from my underwear draw and threw them onto the bed. I brushed and dried my hair before getting into bed. It was two singles that had been separated by a bedside table, but a couple of weeks ago I had pushed them together to make a double. I was not big, and easily fit into a single, but who didn’t like star fishing on a double bed?

My name is Sophie, I am 19 years old, 5 foot tall, weigh 50kg. I had long brunette hair that I kept tied back into a pony tail. As I am naked, I wear a 28A bra, or I would if I bothered, I very rarely wear one as they are just uncomfortable. My small pea sized nipples are hard in the cool air and I could feel the tightness of my small areola as I laid on my back on top of the sheets. I am waxed, my hairless pussy exposed as I gently stroked my right hand down the front of my body.

Sliding my hand down my flat tummy I opened my legs as it got lower and lower. Pulling my heals up until they were more or less touching my own bum I let my knees fall to the side fully exposing myself. Glancing at the door to make sure that it was definitely closed I curled my fingers and hand around between my legs and stroked a single finger across my vagina and clit in one movement. A small involuntary shiver rippled through me as my body reacted to my touch.

It had been a good 20 minutes since I had been on my knees with a cock down my throat, but my body still craved what it felt like it had been promised. My excitement coated my finger tips as I stroked between my legs and using my left hand I gently squeezed and twisted my nipples as I lay on my back gently stroking myself. I was wet enough without any teasing, but I didn’t want to cum too quickly, I could have multiple orgasms, but I wanted a single intense one, and that took time.

I wished that I had been home to get my toys, I had a rabbit vibrator that made me go cross eyed and beg for mercy as it did things to me that no human could, Or there was also my 12 inch dildo that went so deep I just whimpered and shuddered speared on the end of it. Instead I gently flicked my index finger across the tip of my clit, ignoring my own desires to quit the tease and just rub myself off.

After a few minutes of just using the tip of my finger I allowed myself one finger. “Oh fuck yes,” I breathed as silently as I could as I manoeuvred my middle finger and slid it all the way into myself.

Pushing as hard as I could I fantasised about having a much longer and thicker finger, my wet pussy easily taking it and craving for more. Maintaining control and discipline I slid my finger out again even though my body and brain protested the denial. Teasing my entrance I gently rubbed at my clit as I teased myself. I switched hands and sucked my own excitement off my middle finger and closed my eyes imagining it being a penis.

A creek on the landing caused me to freeze, holding my breath I wondered if I had imagined it, but a muffled shuffle confirmed that it was Jack, my boss and landlord, going to bed. Closing my legs and dragging the sheets up over me I listened and waited. He had never compromised my privacy by walking in on me, or even knocking on my door at all. Yet still, there is no more vulnerable position that being on your back, legs wide open and your fingers doing that sort of thing to yourself.

I kept listening, only breathing when I had to until I heard the click of his bedroom door across the landing. Kicking the sheets off I picked up where I left off, every fibre of my being wanting to push two fingers into myself and bring myself to orgasm quickly. I was so horny that if he came in I would have probably asked him, in fact no, begged him to fuck me. It had only been a few weeks, but still the last guy to see me naked and have sex with me was my own dad, and that was very much against my wishes.

Jack was nice, maybe too nice and it could probably be argued that I was taking advantage by what I was doing for rent. Cooking, cleaning and a weekly blow job for rent manisa escort was hardly expensive, he could go down to the docks and get sucked off for 10 bucks if he wanted, for 20 he could get a big breasted cute whore to suck him off then let him watch her cum, but he was happy, so advantage or not, here we were. Still, he could maybe be a little less nice and put the rent up to sticking his dick in me once in a while.

I rolled onto my front, trapping my hand between my legs as I did so, my fingers rubbing my clit as my breathing became heavier and more laboured. Lifting myself up onto my knees, my ass in the air and chest on the bed I fingered myself allowing my index finger to join the middle one inside me. “I’d even let him take me up the ass if he wanted,” I muttered to myself as I pushed my pillow down between my legs and started to hump it.

Manoeuvring the seam of the pillow case to where it was required I bucked my hips as I had sex with it. My tummy was dancing as the pleasure radiated out from between my legs. Gripping it between my knees I buried my face into the mattress and went for it. The soft feel of the cotton on my clit made me weak at the knees and I could feel my climax building as I rocked my hips as fast as I could. I wanted to cry out, but not in climax, in frustration as I needed something in me. Flipping onto my back I used my thumb to rub my clit and pushed two fingers inside myself. “Fuck yes,” I said in a low whisper as my body started to lose control.

Holding my breath and pumping my two fingers in and out of myself as quickly as I could I hit my thumb against my clit on each in stroke and it felt like an explosion as I orgasmed. I heard myself squeal softly as my body let go, all my sexual frustration from the last few days released as pleasure quickly turned into discomfort and I stopped. Laying on my back, my legs still open, my excitement glistening between my legs as I caught my breath. I stayed liked that for a while staring at the ceiling enjoying the warm glow of my orgasm. Fumbling around for my panties that I had thrown onto the bed I put them on, curled up and went to sleep.

“Sleep well?” Jack asked as I sat at the breakfast bar eating some cereal. He made me jump as he was not normally awake so early. Glancing at the clock it wasn’t even 8am yet, for him to be up and about this early was not the norm.

“Er, yeah, thanks” I said, rattled by his presence as I was only wearing a t-shirt and panties. I know it is weird to have such thoughts when around 10 hours earlier I was topless with his dick in my mouth, but I was a tenant and it just didn’t feel right to be sat around half dressed, not that he seemed to mind. “You are up early,” I said looking at him.

“Yeah, got to do the books,” he said rolling his eyes, “I always leave it until the last minute and lose sleep worrying about it.”

“Oh, don’t you have an accountant?” I asked him some what surprised that he was still doing his own accounts.

“No, they are expensive,” he replied, “My time is free.”

“Yeah, but your stress isn’t,” I replied as I adjusted my sitting position to hide myself as best I could. The t-shirt was no where near long enough and after a few moments of failed attempts to cover myself I just settled for crossing my legs and accepting he would be seeing my underwear. Or he would be if he was looking, his eyes had scanned me when he came in, clearly seen I was not overly dressed, and like a true gent he hadn’t mentioned it, and more amazingly he wasn’t staring at me.

“It isn’t too bad,” he said as he placed down a large cardboard box, which when opened was full of receipts and bills.

“Wow, paper?” I observed, “At least do it electronically?”

“I don’t understand all that nonsense,” he said in his dismissive tone.

I just grinned at him and shook my head. “Let me get dressed and I will make you breakfast,” I said, “What do you want?”

“Think I am going to need bacon butties,” he said, “Gonna be a long morning.”

I went upstairs and dressed, which basically consisted of putting on some tights, denim shorts and a different t-shirt. Heading back downstairs I made his breakfast and sat chatting with him for a while. I showed him how much easier his job could be if he did it electronically, but even I notuiced that half way through he was just nodding and grunting at the right times. Somehow I managed to volunteer myself for keeping the books, which meant I was now cooking, cleaning, doing his books and sucking him for rent.

I hated accounting things, it bored me, but I was living here practically rent free and watching him do it manually was painful. As long as I kept up with it then it wouldn’t be too bad, I hoped. “Oh, Steph is coming later today for a few days,” he said, “She is okay sharing though if you are.”

“Oh, yeah, it will be good to meet her,” I lied. Selfish I know, but the thought of sharing with a kid was depressing. Inane conversation and tedious endless questions was not my idea of fun after a long day behind a bar. It also meant that I needed to nip into town to get myself some pyjamas which was just annoying.

I nipped into town and got a few things and made it back in time to open up. It was quite busy for a change, which meant that I had to work all day and not sit on my bum for half the day watching sport, or perving on the men playing sport anyway. I am not sure why it was so busy, faces that I had not seen before came and went, but they tipped generally quite well which was fine in my books. As the day got later a couple of small fights broke out, but they broke up before I had to do anything, which was good, as short of shouting there wasn’t much I could do really.

One guy in particular seemed to be causing trouble, goading people and generally being loud and obnoxious. I had told him to tone it down a few times, but each time he ignored me, the last time receiving a slap as his hand grabbed my ass in a way that was not at all welcome. “Beer please,” he said, noisily slapping down five dollars onto the bar.

“I think you have had enough,” I said pushing his note back to him.

“What are you? My mother?” he asked looking at me, his eyes still glinting with lust as he ogled me.

“See you tomorrow,” I said, “Have a good night.”

“I will, if I get another beer,” he said standing up off the bar stool and stumbling.

“I believe you have had enough for today,” I said as calmly as I could manage.

“Are you throwing me out?” he asked, in a tone that was too measured and calm to be genuine.

“No sir,” I said, “Just asking you politely to lay off the booze.”

“Isn’t that my choice?” he asked, the look in his eyes switching from lust to anger.

“We reserve the right to refuse service,” I said trying to hold my voice steady. If he kicked off properly there was very little I could do and I glanced around looking for backup, but no one was paying attention.

“Slag,” he spat as he turned to walk away, but fell over the bar stool that was behind him and went down in an untidy heap. Jumping up hoping that no one had seen he strode out of the bar and I breathed a sigh of relief placing his five dollars into the cash register. If he came in tomorrow he would have the credit, but I wasn’t chasing him.

“Nicely done,” a young girl who was stood to the side said.

“Thanks,” I said smiling at her warmly, “Wasn’t at all worried.”

“You’d have taken him,” she said with a giggle, “Dick tripped over a bar stool.”

“Fair point,” I smiled back, “What can I get you?”

She was around my age, a few inches taller, even though she was wearing flat trainers, long blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail and she had warm blue eyes. She was slim and clearly exercised a lot. She carried a large rucksack which she had placed by the bar and judging by the dust on her I assumed that she was either hitch hiking or walking everywhere. “I”ll just get a coke please,” she said.

I poured her a drink and placed it in front of her as I took her two dollars. “So…” she began, “Are we sleeping together tonight?” she asked grinning at me.

I stared at her for a second, not sure where to go with that. She maintained her smile and held my gaze as my brain worked. She must be Steph. I smiled back at her. “Steph?” I asked to which she just nodded.

“Hi,” she beamed extending her hand, “Did you think you just got lucky?”

“Yeah a little,” I smiled at at her taking her two dollars out of the till and handing it back to her, “Very forward.”

She took it, but then dropped it into the tips jar. “Grandpa in the back?” she asked.

“Yeah, doing the paperwork,” I said.

“I’ll go save him,” she said.

She hopped off the bar stool and headed into the back taking her drink with her. “At least she isn’t an annoying 10 year old,” I said to myself as I watched her walk out. Pretty cute ass as well I observed as it disappeared behind the closing door.

She came back about two hours later. She had changed, she was wearing a black vest top, with a white skirt that was short enough for her grandad to not approve of. She was still wearing the vans trainers that she had come in wearing. She came behind the bar and smiled at me, “So what is your story? You taking advantage of my grandpa?” she asked.

“No,” I said defensively. Yeah I kinda was, I had a roof over my head and all of life’s luxuries for basic accounting, cooking his meals and cleaning, plus sucking him off once a week. I didn’t even have to swallow. I was ready to defend myself, but she was just smiling at me in a friendly manor.

“Chill,” she giggled, “He likes you, plus he is crap at cooking,” she added with a smile.

It was strange that she had been in my room to change. I know that it was her room and I was the one who was encroaching, but still, it was odd that she had been in my room. Even more so as I hadn’t tidied it so there was likely some of my underwear scattered on the floor. Not to mention a dried crispy tissue of her grandads cum in the bin as well. “So why you here? Fallout with parents?” she asked.

“Yeah, something like that,” I said avoiding the direct question.

Did they not approve of a boyfriend?” she asked smiling at me still.

“No they,” I said, “Would rather not talk about it though,” I said looking at her.

“Sorry,” she said, “Nosy bitch. Mind if I join ya?”

“Feel free,” I said, “Halves the work.”

We finished the shift together and much to my protesting she wouldn’t take half the tips. She was good at getting tips, she was young, hot and very flirty. It also helped a lot that the skirt she was wearing was very short, especially when she had to bend over to get something from the lower shelf in the fridges. She could have crouched, she could have twisted to the side before bending over, but as it happens it seems that guys tip a lot more when they know what colour panties you have on. She helped me lock up and we went and sat in the back for a while chatting with her grandad. Most of the conversation didn’t involve me as they just generally caught up, but I listened and participated when I could. We went up to bed at around midnight and she used the bathroom first.

“What side?” she asked nodding towards the bed.

“Oh, either,” I said, “Do you want them separating?”

“Nar, not unless you do,” she said, “I normally sleep on the left.”

“Okay then I’ll go right,” I said, “I’ll just go and get sorted.”

“Okay dokay,” she said.

I picked up my new pyjamas and went to the bathroom. Brushing my teeth and having a quick wash I changed into the pyjamas, which were long trousers and a t-shirt style. Switching the light off I went back to my room. I hovered outside for a second not knowing if I should knock or not. I did, and went in when she replied. She was already in bed and looked at me when I came in. I placed my clothes on the floor at the side and pulled the duvet back on my side. “What?” I asked as she just watched me.

“You don’t normally wear PJs,” she stated.

“How do you know that?” I asked as I checked they weren’t on inside out or something equally foolish.

“Label on them,” she grinned, “Here,” she added as she perched up on her elbow and took hold of it, breaking the plastic clip and throwing it in the general direction of the bin.

“Thanks,” I smiled back at her, “No, not normally.”

“Well thanks for buying some,” she replied.

“No prob,” I said as I got in bed next to her and pulled the duvet up. Pyjamas feel weird when you are not used to wearing any. It is very grabby, when you move or change position there is an added resistance which feels very odd.

“Do ya normally sleep nakey?” she asked as she messed with the side light and clicked it off plunging us into darkness.

“No, just undies normally,” I replied very aware how small two single beds pushed together are when you don’t really know the person you are in bed with. When she moved I could feel the heat generated from her body and that is quite odd when I met her less than 12 hours ago.

“Topless?” she asked.

“Yeah, just panties,” I said wondering why she was quizzing me so intently on what I normally wore to bed. “I assume you are a PJ girl?” I asked. When she perched up on her elbow I could see that she was wearing a short vest top and assumed that she wasn’t bottomless.

“Yeah, I spend a fair bit of time in hostels when travelling and there is no way in hell you don’t wear PJs in those,” she said, “When at home I don’t tend to bother though.”

“Nakey?” I asked using the word that she did.

“Yeah, sleeping naked feels ace,” she replied.

“Dare ya,” I said without thinking. It was what I would say to Hanna and my mouth engaged before my brain had time to stop it.

“Ha, maybe not on night one,” she laughed, “Double dare it back though?” she said suggestively.

“Not on night one,” I agreed, pleased that she hadn’t told me to get out or something.

“Physical challenge then?” she said smiling at me. She was referencing an old kids TV show where if you dared someone and they double dared it back to you, if you refused the dare you had to do a physical challenge.

“And what is the physical challenge?” I asked her smiling back at her.

“Erm. How about you go down into the bar and get us a couple of drinks,” she said smiling at me.

“Sure, I can do that,” I said.

“Yeah, but that is hardly challenge is it,” she said, “How about you do it naked,” she added after pausing for a few seconds.

I froze, and looked at her, she grinned back at me and broke into a laugh. “Only kidding,” she said, “I like how you didn’t just refuse though. This is gonna be a fun few days,” she giggled.

“Hopefully, it does get a little dull around here,” I said adjusting the sheets and rolling onto my side to face her.

“It is fairly quiet at times isn’t it,” she agreed, “No idea how you live here.”

“No money to go anywhere,” I said.

“You don’t need money,” she said, “Just pack a bag and set off in a direction.”

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