Somebody Rescue the Blue Dolphin

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After a long week at work, I was looking forward to a long, hot shower and some private time with myself. I was married, but I might as well have been single as often as he was home and showed me any attention other than to ask me if I washed his clothes and cooked his dinner. The closest we came to having sex was what my neighbor calls hallway sex. You know, when you pass each other walking down the hall and say: “fuck you” to each other.

I went downstairs to take a shower with my favorite toy. It was a dolphin shaped vibrator named the “blue dolphin”. I was extremely tense and needed some release. I slipped out of my black velvet robe and let it pool on the floor. I turned on the water and adjusted it until the steam started to pour out of the enclosure. The small room slowly filled with steam. I stepped in and let the steam take me away for a few seconds. The heat felt good against my shoulders and back. I could feel the tension melt down my body and pour down the drain.

I adjusted the setting on the shower head and let the hard pulsating water beat against my already perky nipples. I loved how the hard, hot water felt on my skin. I rolled a nipple between my fingers and I could already feel the tingling in my pussy.

I took the showerhead out of the Escort bayan holder and brought the stream down towards my awaiting clit. I spread my clean-shaven lips apart and one shot of water against my clit, my legs became melted butter. I put my arm out to hold myself up against the shower stall wall before I fell down.

I let myself slide down the back wall of the stall and put my feet up against the opposite wall to expose my clit better. I grabbed my toy and turned it on. The warm water pulsing against my clit started to send me over the edge. With one hand, I held the shower massage head. With the other hand I inserted the blue dolphin in my awaiting hole. I started to moan and buck against the toy. My orgasm was close. I slid forward on the floor of the shower and the drain cover moved with me, exposing the drain hole in the shower floor. I came hard and the vibrator shot out of me with amazing force. Some how it fell down the drain hole. I finished my shower and threw a towel around myself. I grabbed the plunger out of the corner and tried to plunge the dolphin out of the drain. I continued this frantically for about an hour, trying everything I could think of to try and get it out of the drain before it caused problems and I got caught playing with it in Escort the shower.

Panic set in and I realized that the rescue operation was beyond my scope of expertise. Someone had to rescue the blue dolphin. I called my friend Joe. His roommate was a plumber. I called him and asked if Jason was home. He laughed at me and asked me what I did now. I explained the situation and after a good five minutes of uncontrollable laughter, he said he’d call Jason’s cell phone and have him come over to my house. He said they’d both be there as soon as they could.

Jason got there with his tools and went downstairs to try to rescue the blue dolphin. He tried some kind of gripping tool, a super plunger and a snake. After an hour of him cursing and asking me how the hell I managed to get a vibrator stuck in the drain, he decided that he needed the big guns and called the firehouse. It was lunchtime so we figured that all the guys from the firehouse who worked at the apartment complex next door would be having lunch at the bar in the firehouse. One of them would know how to save the blue dolphin.

We got Guido on the phone and explained the situation. After more laughter and a “you did what with what?” from him. I knew at that point that I would never live this down. I could Bayan escort hear him put the phone down on the bar and retell the story to everyone who was in the room. More laughter then I heard Guido pick up the phone again. He was going to bring the electric snake and some help carrying it.

The doorbell rang twenty minutes later and half the fire department membership was standing on my front porch with smiles on their faces. I was really glad that I had time to put on some decent clothes by this time because they were all looking at me like I had nothing on. I guess their minds were racing with thoughts of how I lost the blue dolphin.

They all made their way downstairs to the bathroom and I soon heard the tools banging and men cursing me out. The noise kept on coming from below for a good hour more. Soon I heard footsteps on the basement stairs and the group of men were coming up to admit defeat. The blue dolphin could not be rescued.

Everyone but Jason left laughing. He waited until the front door closed for the last time before he said anything. He looked at me and laughed.

“You know, if you need help in that area until you can replace your friend, I’m only a phone call away.”

I looked at him as if he had two heads and mentally tried to remember where I left that sex toy catalog that came in the mail the week before. He left smiling and probably thinking he had a chance with me, but I liked my toy better than men. Less aggravation. Even when they get stuck in the drain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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