Soft Baby

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* * * * *

How did I get here. I seriously questioned myself as the steel bar door slammed behind me. I looked around the cold barren cell, two cots, one up, one down, and a commode. The only luxury, a sink.

I lie down on the made up bunk and think about the last five weeks of my life. How I, a substantial, law abiding yuppie, ended up her in the county jail. A twenty eight year old housewife living in an upper class neighborhood and, for gods sakes, a Volunteer of the Year award from my community. Now I’m treated like a common criminal, locked up in jail for three days.

I knew I had too much to drink that night but that wasn’t why I hit the parked car. I swerved to miss hitting a dog. But the breathalyzer rated a .10 and a drunken driving charge was leveled against me.

My attorney virtually assured me I would get nothing but a fine. She didn’t foresee Judge Henry, whose wife was killed by a drunk driver, deciding to make an example of me. He’d made examples of a lot of people.

Right now, since I’m here and can’t change that fact, I have to be concerned about what Helen argued before the judge. I know it was her job to argue for my best interest, but my concern is whether, as a attorney, she knew what she was talking about. She told the judge, because of my good looks, I would be preyed on by other ladies in the county jail. She tried to persuade the judge to let me do my time in a half way house but he declined her request.

I hope April understood when I tried to explain to her about why mommy would be gone for three days. At least I didn’t lie to her. She’s a good daughter but she’s only six. Maybe I made a mistake by being so blunt with her.

Bill, well he was Bill. Take your punishment, accept it, and go on with your life. He’s not the one sitting in this god forsaken place. He’s just being practical, and he is a good husband. Thank god for that.

“Ginny,” I was startled from my thoughts by a loud, shrill voice. “Ginny, I’m so sorry about this.” It was my attorney. I crawled off the bunk, meeting her at the steel bars.

“I tried my best Ginny. Just got the wrong judge. I had to come down here to give you some free advice. How’s everything going so far?”

“I’ve been here less that an hour Helen,” I said exasperated. “I’m sorry. It’s alright so far. I know this isn’t your fault. If it doesn’t get any worse than this I can stand it.”

“It will get worse,” Helen said sincerely. “I defend clients in here on a daily basis. I know what transpires in this place. I wasn’t making that up, the part about you being preyed on. It’s going to happen. You’ll have two, maybe three cell mates before the afternoon is over with. You can almost bet on it.”

“Well what am I supposed to do about it?” I whimpered as tears rolled down my cheeks. “I’m here and that’s it.”

“I’m going to give you the same advice I give all my clients who are in here for the first time Ginny. You want to leave here physically unhurt. That’s the main thing. The best way to do that is don’t fight it. These girls are going o come on to you. You can’t stop it. If you fight they’ll hurt you, then rape you. Whatever you do they’re going to get what they want. And nobody in here is going to stop it.”

“What are you saying? I should just go along with it. Have sex with these, these people. I can’t do that Helen. My god, what are they, animals!”

“They have nothing to lose Ginny, or most of them don’t. Just let them have their way, That way you have your best chance of not getting hurt. Just think of your daughter. She don’t need a mother whose been maimed over a three day visit in county jail.”

“Jesus Helen, I don’t…God what a mess. I have to let women play with my body like a piece of meat just to save my body from being hurt. What about my psychic Helen. How do I get out of here with that unscathed.”

“You’ll manage Ginny. Believe me. You’ll survive. I’m just giving you my best advice. I hope you take it. Listen, give me a call when you get out and let me know how you are. I have to run, court date in twenty minutes. Hang in there girl. Okay”

“Yes, yes, okay,” I said dejectedly. “You better go. You’ll miss your appointment. I’ll call you.”

I watched as she walked down the hall and disappeared. I tried not to show it but I was really scared.

I lie down again, mulling all this in my mind. It was so peaceful at the moment I tried to put all this sex stuff out of my mind. I must have dozed off. I was roused by the clanking of the cell door.

“Come on, get in there,” I heard the guard order the two women as she pushed them into the cell. The door slammed and the guard, like my attorney, disappeared down the hall.

For a moment there was silence. I didn’t move from the cot.

Suddenly, one of them spoke. “Look how soft she is Ginger,” the mecidiyeköy escort bayan dark headed one said. “She looks like she has the skin of a teenager. And those clothes. Didn’t get those at K-mart did ya honey?’

I arose from the cot and moved to a corner of the cell. I didn’t answer her. They look like hookers to me, I thought to myself. At least they’re clean looking, but their perfume, cheap and fruity. I wondered how they could wear that stuff and not get nauseated after awhile.

“Your a real lady aren’t you?” Ginger directed her question at me. “What did you do, kill your husband?” They both laughed.

“I’m just trying to do my three days for drunk driving,” I said in a quivering voice. “I want to stay out of trouble so I can get out and get back to my child. I want to be a decent mother to my daughter.”

That’s good, I thought to myself. Appeal to their basic instinct of motherhood.

“Your a mother, huh? I had a mother once. Beat me everyday till I was sixteen. That’s the year I put her light’s out.”

Ginger laughed at her friends bravado. “Me too, Ginger said. “Bitch is dead now. Just as well. She wasn’t much of a mother to me,” her voiced trailing off as she appeared to be thinking about a love lost a long time ago.

Foot steps were coming down the hall. A guard appeared, opened the cell door to let us know it was dinner time. As we followed her towards the dining hall the dark headed girl whispers to me.

“They’re going to be trying to make you in there, Soft Girl. You had better stick close to me and Ginger if you want be safe. It’s up to you.”

Sounded like good advice to me. I stuck right next to them all thru dinner. And they were right. The catcalls and whistles directed at me were numerous. Strange as it may sound I actually felt honored. I guess everyone likes there ego stroked, especially when so many seem to be confirming your appealing appearance. Really, though, I knew it was sick.

Back in the cell both Ginger and I let Terri, the dark headed girl, decide our sleeping arrangements.

“Ginger, you take the top bunk, the Soft Baby will sleep with me.”

I was petrified. Helen’s advice came back to me. “Just don’t fight it, don’t get hurt.”

I started to climb into bed. “Take your clothes off Soft Baby. We ain’t going to bite.” Terri wasn’t going to let me get away with staying dressed. “You don’t sleep dressed at home do you?” she said sarcastically.

“No,” I mumbled.

I tried not to look as they undressed. I turned my back to them as I removed my skirt and sweater and hung them neatly at the end of the bed.

I watched as Ginger climbed to the upper bunk, her firm round butt staring me in the face. The thought crossed my mind that they must make good money as prostitutes being they were both young and attractive.

Terri had me crawl in first. I was pinned in between her and the wall. She snuggled up close to me. “Hey Ginger, you can’t believe how soft this babe is. God what smooth skin.” I felt her hand caress my arm, acting genuinely impressed by my soft, perfect skin.

I felt her breath on my neck. “God, you smell so good,” she whispered. My whole body was rigid. I wasn’t moving a muscle. Her mouth was on mine. “Kiss me,” she murmured. “I want to feel those luscious lips on mine.”

My mouth was tightly shut. I didn’t know what to do. I could feel my heart beating rapidly, so scared I couldn’t move.

Her tongue was licking my lips, darting around, looking for a way to penetrate my mouth. “Don’t fight this Soft Baby, she whispered again. “This is going to happen.”

“Ohhh,” I yelped when she pinched my left nipple. Her tongue, so precise, darted in. Her kiss, her tongue, surprised me. Soft and tender, not rough like I thought it would be. I begin to think I could stand this as my body warmed to her touch.

She pulled away for a second, her mouth lowering to my breast. I let out a faint moan as she nipped and sucked my nipple the way I most enjoyed. And she was doing it better than any man had ever done it for me. She was like an expert in foreplay and I closed my eyes and lost myself to the wonderful feeling.

Her tongue trailed down my stomach. I knew what was coming. I heard her inhale deeply as if to breathe in the scent of my panties and moist pussy. She moaned her approval when, ever so slightly, I spread my thighs submissively.

“That’s it Soft Baby,” she cooed. “Give it up to Terri. Ohh baby, you smell so….her tongue now on the crotch of my panties.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned loudly.

My moan was met with the guttural grunts coming from the cot above. Ginger was doing her best to pleasure herself. It sounded like she was succeeding.

“Eat her baby,” I hear Ginger direct Terri. “Eat that clean cunt bitch. Does she taste good baby?”

“Oh yea, Terri hissed. “God, best pussy I ever had, so sweet.” Ginger’s moans from above grew louder.

I felt Terri remove my panties. She began fingering me slow and rhythmically while her slurping lips on my clit suckled me like she would a raw oyster.

My body was now in full response. Pleasure was everywhere. My hips heaved against Terri’s mouth, her fingers sinking deeper into me with each thrust.

Suddenly a womanly smell engulfed my nostrils as a furry ball wrapped around my lips. Ginger had abandoned her cot for her share of pleasure, straddling my face and squatting directly onto my mouth. Her pussy, already dripping, deposited freely over my lips. So vulgar, so intoxicating.

I began imitating Terri, fingering Ginger’s cunt while my mouth, as inexperienced as it was, found her clit and rolled it between my lips. I must have done something right because Ginger was now moaning uncontrollably.

“Suck me baby, she mewed. “Suck meeeeeeeeeee.”

Suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, my own body stiffened, convulsed, causing me to slam my cunt against Terri’s mouth uncontrollably. She grabbed my ass cheeks and held her mouth to me, her lips humming my clit to a quivering little knot.

I came… nothing ever in my life feeling this dark and depraved, delirious and delicious all wrapped in one. My body ached from the most intense orgasm I ever experienced, and the numerous little spasms, even as my orgasm waned, were totally new to me.

I now concentrated on the flavored juices flowing between my lips as Ginger gushingly served up to me her wet, wet orgasm.

We all three lay together, exhausted, but not to tired to repeat again and again, long into the night.

My three day stay was one long slut fest. I think I had sex with seven different women, each a rapture never experienced by me before.

When I arrived home I smelled of sex. I inhaled the stale aroma as I stood in my bedroom. I stroked myself as I filled the tub with hot water and oil. As I slid into the tub I pondered my last three days and wondered how it might change my life forever.

Life seemed to go on as usual in our house. Bill laughed and teased me about being his little jail bird. April didn’t act like she missed me at all.

But why would they think any different. As far as they knew, I sat in a jail cell for three days and came home. Extracurricular activities never entered my husband’s mine.

I even called Helen, my attorney. She acted surprised when I told her my three days were pretty uneventful.

Anyway, I was ready to pick up where I left off. Shopping and lunch with friends, helping at my daughters school when they had any kind of events, and attending other functions at the many clubs and women’s groups I belonged too. I shouldn’t forget golf either. I played at least 3 mornings a week and life was never better.

Or so I thought. Today was a golf day. I teed off with my two friends, Carol and Betty, and a new girl who just joined the club. She was young, 22 or 23 years old. I’ve had my moments since jail but this girl lit my lust button the minute I saw her. God, the long tanned legs, the white socks accentuating her sinewy calves, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. By the time I left the golf course I was soaking wet.

I went home and masturbated twice, which helped. By 8 o’clock at night I was fully sexed again. I had a quick meeting to attend downtown and as soon as it was done I cruised the area where the prostitutes gathered. I was looking for Terri. I found Ginger.

I pulled over too the curb and watched as she walked toward me. What a slut, I thought to myself as I watched her try to score on some guy in the car in front of me. She was wearing a skirt so short it didn’t leave much to the imagination, and thigh high white stockings.

I honked my horn to get her attention. She strolled back to my car and stuck her head in the passenger window. “Soft Baby,” she said when she recognized me. “How ya doing babe. What you doing down in this part of town?”

“Just happen to be driving by,” I said, “and saw you on the street. Thought I would stop and say hello. How are you doing?”

“I’m doing great. It’s good to see you.”

“Jump in, lets take a ride,” I said trying to act casual.

She got in the car and I pulled out into the street. “You want to eat my pussy don’t you,” Ginger said seductively. Without waiting for an answer she told me to pull into a nearby alley.

We drove about 100 feet when she told m to stop. It was dark, a street light a block away allowed only a silhouette of our bodies.

She slid out of the car and walked to my side, opened my door and spread her legs. “Here you go Soft Baby, get down and suck Gingers ripe pussy. Come on, I don’t have all night.”

I slid out of the car to my knees, my mouth went straight to her cunt. She wasn’t wearing panties so I quickly had my tongue up in her, my nose bobbing her clit which added to her pleasure.

“Oh God, baby do me, do me you fucking slut,” as I slurped her hairy gash, I noticed a strange new taste to her weeping güngören escort bayan cunt. Not distasteful, just different.

In short order she began to cum. She filled my mouth till cum juice was dribbling from the corners of my mouth. No girl could cum this much, I thought to myself. It just continued to flow. I licked her legs, up in the crack of her ass, till I was sure she was clean.

I stood up, thinking she would go down on me. I was so hot I was about to burst. I forgot my surroundings, I had to cum. She extended her leg and told me to hump it to get off. She was now all fidgety and urging me to hurry up. I had my arms around her neck, humping her leg like a dog when she whispered in my ear. “Did you ever see so much cum from a girl before Soft Baby?

“No,” I whimpered. “But I loved it.”

‘You sucked the deposit of nine men out me, Soft Baby. You sucked all their cum right out of me.”

I immediately began to cum. I fucked her leg like a mad woman. The sickness of her statement pushed me right over the edge. It was the most depraved thing I had ever heard, let alone be a part of…I wanted to suck her cunt again.

I came all over her thigh high stocking but she didn’t seem to mind. All she was interested in was getting back on the street and making money. I insisted on cleaning her, dropping to my knee’s and licking up my own discharge from her slimy stockings. She finally pushed me away and climbed back in the car. I dropped her where I picked her up and went home. At least my horniness was satisfied for the moment.

In the morning Bill was feeling amorous, mornings being his favorite time for sex. For me it was becoming mechanical, faking passion for the sake of my marriage. But I was fascinated by the new lust I felt, the latent desires I had for particular women. It all seems so vulgar, so depraved and dirty, yet I gambled my marriage last night for the pleasure it brings me. I also knew it was of no use to vow never to do it again. I could, at the very least, try not tempting fate by doing it in a public alley again!

I thought about the new girl I played golf with yesterday and shuddered with anticipation of seeing her again today. I didn’t have a clue on how to seduce another woman, knowing I would have to lust after her from afar. I just couldn’t take a chance around the club and my circle of friends.

It seemed strange not having April around and made a mental note to write her a letter to see how she was enjoy summer camp. Unlike the other girls who climbed on the bus to Camp Weneche she was eager to go. I was happy to see she was so adventurous.

At 1:30 pm I teed off the first green with my friends and the new girl. I say girl but she’s actually a young married woman. She just seems like such a young girl to me.

She didn’t disappoint. I think the skirt she’s wearing today is shorter and tighter than yesterday. My god, her legs were so long and tanned, her ass so round and tight…get a grip, I warned myself.

On the seventh hole, Sarah, that’s the new girl’s name, hit her tee shot off into the woods. When we reached the point in the fairway where her ball entered the out of bounds area I walked in with her to help search for her ball. We found it without too much effort in the dark underbrush.

“Ginny,” Sarah called out to me. “You think anyone can see us here in the woods?”

I looked around. “No, It’s pretty hidden in here,” I replied. “Why?”

“I have to pee,” she said giggling. “Would you watch out for me?”

She immediately wiggled her tight skirt up to her waist, pulled her panties down to her knee’s and stooped down in the brush. With her legs spread I could see her mound, all covered with soft blonde hair, parted in the middle by her moist, pink slit.

She startled me. “Do you have any Kleenex,” she asked for the second time.

“No, no I don’t,” I said. What I wanted to say was who needs Kleenex. You can use my tongue! I’ll lick your pretty pussy dry.

“Oh well,” she said matter of fact, as she arose, pulling her panties up tight into her lovely crotch. I watched as the wet spot spread, and suddenly I had this insane idea I might be able to steal those panties when we all changed in the locker room later. Another one of those perverse thoughts that’s liable to push me over the edge again, I thought to myself. Christ, my panties were already soaked, I didn’t need to make them any wetter.

While changing in the locker room, I never had a chance to get her panties, finally putting it out of my mind as a bad idea in the first place. But I got the next best thing! Fate intervened for me.

As we walked to our cars Sarah informed us that her husband was out of town on business. She wanted to know if anyone, or all of us, would like to go to dinner and a movie with her later in the evening. My other two friends begged off, kids, husband, middle of the week. Not me. I accepted immediately.

We made arrangements for me to pick her up at her home around 7:00 pm. We would have a 7:30 dinner and just make the 9:00 pm movie. I wanted to masturbate when I arrived home but refrained, just in case the night got interesting. I knew in my heart of hearts that chances of anything happening were next to nil. One can hope, I suppose.

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