Sofi Blows Off the Big Game

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True to her word, Sofia had not allowed Matt to leave the house for the past three days. He had just returned from a six day business trip and she vowed not to share him with anyone else to make up for it.

It had been both a stimulating and relaxing time. They had cooked together, napped together, showered together, read together, watched movies together. And most of all they talked. Sofi and Matt talked about everything. They knew how to engage each other’s minds, how to spar over the subjects where their opinions clashed and they knew how to make each other laugh. Although they had not been together long, Sofia knew that this habit of sharing even their private thoughts and fantasies was what made them true soulmates. That, and the sex.

Sofia learned quickly that she and Matt were very compatible when it came to sex. They both had intense sex drives and a desire to please. And most of all, an experimental nature. So, of course, their secluded time these past few days also provided plenty of opportunity for satisfying the physical void they had both felt while Matt was traveling.

The home they shared in Mexico was a perfect reflection of themselves and their open nature. The house was a fluid combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, filled with unique areas to enjoy the temperate climate in a natural state. Even beds were not limited to bedrooms, as many visitors were quick to notice, as they surveyed the lush garden with its outdoor shower and it’s oversized lounge surrounded by flowing curtains.

But on this last afternoon of their self-imposed seclusion, Matt and Sofia had settled into the media room to watch a football game. Sofi encouraged Matt’s interest in sports. She was not raised in an athletic home, but had come to appreciate sports in recent years. And she particularly attempted to embrace the sports that Mateo preferred, learning the nuances of the sport and trying to follow his favorite teams and players.

The media room was filled with large, oversized furniture, which made it a favorite place for Matt’s buddies to gather when a big game was on. But today it was just them, watching one of Matt’s favorite football teams. Football, in the American sense, that is — not soccer, which was what “football” referred to in the rest of the world. Matt’s favorite team was the Seattle Seahawks, from his adopted US home state of Washington. Matt was stretched out on their huge “L” shaped couch with his feet extended in front of him. He was naked, as he often was when they were at home.

As the Seahawks took on San Francisco, in what was proving to be a very close game, there was rack of ribs cooking ever so slowly outside on the Zonguldak Escort grill and Matt was enjoying the smell as it drifted in through the open door. It was the final game of the season, and although the 49ers had had a terrible season, they seemed to be making an unusual comeback for the season’s finale.

Sofi came into the room from behind him and placed an open beer on the table beside him, only after taking a swig herself. She placed her hands on his shoulders and kneaded his muscles. He felt the coolness of her hands from holding the ice cold Negra Modelo. She bent over and kissed his neck and ran her hand down the front of his chest, feeling his hair and pausing to pinch his nipples. “Who’s winning?” she asked.

“The Seahawks are ahead, but only by two points,” Matt replied “if they don’t get their defense together, they’re going to lose the lead. It’s been a really close game.”

Sofia came around to the other side of the couch and sat beside him with her feet tucked up beneath her. She ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a kiss. A short kiss at first, so as not to make him lose his concentration on the game. But as he turned toward her to return the kiss in a much more passionate way, she knew she could have his full attention if she desired.

She looked into his brown eyes and told him “Baby, I just want you to enjoy the game.” “Don’t mind me, I’m just going to rest here beside you.” And with that she stretched out along the couch perpendicular to him and laid her head in his lap. Matt looked down at his reclining wife and smiled. He loved that she not only allowed him to indulge in his passion for sports, but that she embraced it. Looking at the sparkle in her eyes, though, he sensed that something else was going through her head today. She smiled back up at him and put her hand on his cheek, and turned his head back toward the game, just in time for him to see his team lose their lead by a field goal.

He threw his hands up in disgust and voiced his disapproval towards the coach. As he did so, Sofi shifted her position and rolled over on her stomach. Her head was still in his lap. And before another obscenity could leave his lips, he moaned as her soft lips took his cock in her mouth. He looked down on her again and smiled. Sofia could do amazing things with her tongue and her mouth. She never disappointed in this area.

He felt his cock immediately begin to stiffen as her tongue rolled along the smooth head of his cock, tasting his skin. Her lips held tightly to his shaft and her fingers began to gently explore his thighs, moving slowly up to his balls. He shifted a bit lower on the Zonguldak Escort Bayan couch as he began to relish the sensation.

Sofia was wearing a very short summer halter dress that she would only wear around the house. He loved that only one small bit of fabric tied behind her neck was keeping it in place and covering her otherwise naked body. Her smooth, tanned back was totally exposed, and the skirt just barely covered her bare ass. He slipped the skirt up over her hips and began caressing her firm round ass. He felt the suction of her mouth grow stronger.

Her lips moved up and down his now hard shaft, breaking stride only long enough for her to look up and say “Turn your attention back to the game”, which he dutifully did.

It was a sensation that he had really never experienced before… enjoying the action of an exciting game while this pleasure began surging through his body. His left hand remained on her ass, and was almost absently mindedly doing its exploration as he tried to multitask. He dipped first one finger and then two into her ridiculously wet pussy. “Stop it, she said, “you’re not concentrating”.

Once coated in her wetness, he obediently removed his fingers. He ran his hand up her back and then easily slipped his fingers under the open side of her dress to moisten her nipple with her own juices. He cupped her breast in his hand and he turned his attention back to the TV.

He refocused just in time to see the Seahawks intercept the ball and run the length of the field to score another touchdown. He thought he might choke Sofi as he thrust his cock even deeper into her mouth with his excitement. But Sofia took it all in stride. In fact, she composed her performance as she might an orchestra… closely reading his reaction and building his excitement to a crescendo before pulling back ever so slightly as she sensed that he was ready to cum. She was going to draw this out.

It was at just such a moment that Sofia shifted her position ever so slightly. She pulled Matt down into a more reclined pose and spread his legs to allow her better access. Then she ran her hands up his thighs and gently began to circle his anus with finger. Without removing her lips from his thick penis, she dipped her finger into some lube that she has positioned within reach for just this purpose. And then she gentle began to work her finger between his tight muscles until he relaxed and welcomed the sensation as she pushed inside and began to press against his prostate.

Matt was thankful for the game to watch. He feared he would have exploded in her mouth already if it weren’t for the distraction of the rivalry Escort Zonguldak going on in front of him. He was amazed at her ability to bring him to the brink of climax and then back off at just the right time. He knew when he finally gave over to this tension building inside, that it would be a huge orgasm.

But little did he know that Sofia had no intention of letting that happen just yet.

Sofia and Matt loved living in Mexico and would have it no other way. But, like most of their friends, they often found the supply of goods and services to be somewhat lacking compared to the states. And, for that reason, it was customary whenever someone traveled to the states, to bring back things that their friends and neighbors – and spouses – might need but couldn’t find locally. On Matt’s recent trip, he brought back some vitamins for a golf partner and a coveted cosmetic item for his wife. Leave it to Sofia, though, to want only one thing… a particular sex toy. And just like a kid with a new toy, Sofi couldn’t wait to try it out.

And this was the opportunity that Sofia had been waiting for. She paused for a moment to pick up her new toy. The butt plug that she has asked Matt to bring from the states. With his hand still on her breast, he watched intently as she covered it with lube and then carefully began to insert it where her finger had been just moments before. He closed his eyes as he relaxed to accept it inside.

Sofia resumed the rhythmic movement of her lips on his stiff cock after reprimanding him “You’re not watching the game!” The gentle massage to his ass seemed to intensify the suction that was causing his penis to throb.

It was nearing the end of the fourth quarter, and the Seahawks had once again allowed their opponents the catch up to them. The game would be decided in these last few minutes.

Matt breathed deeply. His body was tingling with the new sensation of this constant vibration against his prostate. He breathed deeply to take it all in. He breathed deeply to keep the tension in check. His hand was still reaching inside Sofia’s dress and cupping her breast. He absently toyed with her nipple which was now hard and very erect. At times he felt himself clutching her breast tightly as he experienced a wave of tension serge through him.

The Seahawks had the ball. It’s was a 3rd down, with 9 yards to go, and the clock would surely run out on this play. The quarterback dropped back, but then made a break towards the goal line. He jumped the carnage of players that had fallen in front of him and hurled himself toward the end zone. Touchdown!

And with an enormous groan and savage shudder throughout his body, Matt shot his hot cum into Sofi’s mouth. She didn’t stop the methodical massage with her lips until wave after wave had passed and his cum was spilling from her mouth faster than she could swallow it.

Matt slumped back against the pillows with a huge exhale. This was a fucking great afternoon.

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