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SOAPY MASSAGEA couple of years ago I was passing through Illinois and had stopped overnight in a small town along the interstate. After I checked in to the hotel I had picked, I turned on the TV. Finding nothing of interest, I got out my laptop and plugged in. Surfing the internet I found a site listing cities with sex stores, massage parlors, adult theaters and escorts. They listed them by city and type. I ignored the escorts and looked for the town I was in. It was not listed but others were. I found a review from an Asian massage parlor and discovered it was only a few miles away in the next town, which was smaller than the one I was in. I found it on a map and plotted a course to the parlor. The review did not name a provider but gave the place an excellent rating due to the full service received. So off I went. About half an hour later I found myself in front of a somewhat small, shabby building with the sign on it showing I was at the right place. I was the only vehicle in the parking lot so I went to the door and rang the bell. Soon the door opened and a middle aged Asian woman opened the door and invited me in. We chatted for a minute or two and determined I wanted the hour massage. She led me to a small room and took my fee. I waited a few minutes and a very nice looking younger, maybe early 20’s, young Asian woman came in and told me her name. “Hello, I am Mai” she introduced herself and asked if I had paid the “mother” who let me in. I told her that yes I have paid for a one hour massage. She asked “do you want a table shower?” To which I answered eagerly “YES!”. She instructed me to undress and cover myself with a towel she provided. So far this massage had mirrored all the other massages I have had at an Asian Massage Parlor. It didn’t take long before I was disrobed and wrapped in the large towel. When she returned she took me by the hand to the shower room. Standard table massage room with a hard table covered in a clean towel and shower head that would reach over my entire body. She took my towel and told me to lay face down, which I did. She then re-d****d my body with the towel. At this point I was wondering if this was going to go like I had fantasized. As she adjusted the water and got it just right, she played it over my body, wetting me head to toe, including the towel. I had laid looking away from her. She started soaping me down with a large sponge and again, covered me head to toe after removing my towel. OK, I thought, that’s encouraging. She scrubbed my soapy body with one of those scrub things women like to use when they shower. It felt really nice and I was starting to get a chubby. Then she told me to turn over. When I did I saw she had stripped to her bra casino siteleri and panties. She was quite beautiful and my cock responded accordingly. She smiled and started soaping and scrubbing me clean as before. She paid special attention to my crotch by lifting my hard cock and cleaning every inch. She swirled the scrubber around my balls, making me even more excited. I had been to quite a few Asian massage parlors so I knew the drill and anticipated the scene I knew was going to be played out once back in the room on the massage table. In the meantime I was enjoying her ministrations to heighten my desires. She was working things masterfully. And I was enjoying every minute! Soon she declared me clean and started rinsing my body. Once again she instructed me to turn over onto my face. Once I had done that she rinsed me head to toe and paid some special attention to my ass crack. I felt her fingers running across my butthole and smiled. She told me “Must make sure no soap is hiding.” I told her to make especially sure and she moved her fingers around and slightly inside my butt. I wiggled and pushed against her hand and she ran one finger deep. She asked if I was ok and I told her I was wonderful. She withdrew and ran warm water over my butt and put the nozzle up against my hole before she turned off the water and told me to stand. As I stood there with a boner she dried me off top to bottom and front to back but as she knelt to get my legs and feet dry she “accidentally” ran her tongue over my cock. She looked up and smiled “time to go to massage” she said. Leading me back to the room I saw the “mother” who let me in walking our way. Even covered by my towel my cock was poking out in front of me. She said something in what I thought was Japanese to Mai. Both women smiled and nodded with my escort telling her something that made her smile even more. Into the room I was told to lay on the table face down and was d****d once more. As she massaged my arm on one side and then my shoulder and back she moved to my legs and feet. Her hands felt absolutely marvelous and I was relaxing nicely. My cock had shrunk back to almost flacid when a knock came on the door. The door opened and “mother” walked in. Dressed in a gown she talked to Mai a few moments then moved her aside and started rubbing me also! My masseuse told me she was going to show her a special way to work my muscles so I would be very relaxed. As I was rubbed I was indeed relaxing all the way. “Mother” worked my calves and thighs expertly then moved to my inside thighs and removed the towel. No comments or asking how it feels, she moved to a place where her hands were sliding into the crack of my butt and moving canlı casino in circles on my hole! That was a wonderful feeling! Then she said something and left. Mai took over where she had left off rubbing my asshole. She smiled and asked “you like?”. I told her that I loved what she was doing. She then used some more oil on my ass and asked if she could make me feel better so I told her whatever you want to do to make me better is OK with me. She moved her fingers into my asshole and wiggled them. Then she told me she would make me very very happy for a tip. Soon we had negotiated the usual tip for this kind of full service and the massage resumed. Once she had fingered me a bit I felt something a bit bigger slide into me with hardly any trouble at all! I glanced back and saw a rather thick dildo being slid in and out of my butt! I must admit, I had been used back there some time ago but it was not very comfortable so I had stayed away from most anal play, especially penetration. THIS however felt wonderful as the toy was pulled almost all the way out and back in! This went on for a bit then, while still using the toy with one hand she reached between my legs and pulled my turgid cock backwards into the open as I lay face down. Soon she was massaging my cock and ass and I was getting close to being over the edge. As I was starting to pour pre cum from my cock onto the table and her hands, she stopped and told me to turn over. As I did she disrobed completely and bent to kiss me. I took her kiss and caressed her tits and pussy! She was not shaven but I did not care. I ran a finger into her with no problem and found her wet. She moaned and moved her mouth from my lips to my cock. Sucking slowly and gently she had me almost to the edge again. I was in such throes of pleasure I did not care when the door opened and “mother” came in. But along with her was another person. A fairly young Asian man. I thought he would be smacking me around for having the girl suck me off. I was wrong. “Mother” once again talked to my girl and the man. They both nodded in agreement as Mai stopped and “mother” took her place on my cock. My look at my girl made her ask “you did want everything did you not?? I affirmed that I wanted EVERYTHING and she motioned to the man who moved over to the girl and I. Before I could say anything he dropped his clothes and stood there naked. The girl bent to his cock and sucked it in front of me. He was enjoying the action and she stopped a moment and spoke to him. As she went back to work on him he moved to me, pulled his cock from her mouth and plopped his cock right into my mouth! I was somewhat surprised but not enough to not enjoy it! I forgot to mention that kaçak casino among the massages I had enjoyed some were from men and most of the happy endings included mutual blowjobs. So having a guy push his hard cock down my throat is nothing I had not done before. As I was sucking it I noticed my Mai had moved behind “mother” and was on her knees licking pussy, which was driving “mother” to even better cock sucking! I was once again on the verge of a cum when she stopped sucking. But I did not stop and the women both smiled when the young man unloaded in my mouth and I swallowed it all! They actually applauded a bit! The told the man thank you for helping with me and he left. I was wondering what next.Without missing a beat both women, now nude moved over to me and straddled the table. The Mai straddled my hard cock and slid down on it while “mother” sat on my face almost drowning me with her wetness! As I licked her wet cunt the other woman rode my cock driving me ever closer to the happy ending. But a happy ending like I had never had in a parlor before. Every second I had my mouth full of hot cunt and a wet cunt on my cock, I drew closer to a cum. When “mother” screamed softly she collapsed on the table with me. Leaning down she kissed me and smiled. Saying something to the woman with my cock in her she smiled. The Mai smiled and between moans told me “mother” says thank you and that your mouth tastes like little brother and her pussy together. I asked, almost out of breath how she knows how little brother tastes and was told she sucks little brother many times and enjoys the taste. With that information I exploded deep in her cunt! Floods of cum left my cock, it had been edged to the point I gave her every drop of cum possible. It flooded out and across my balls onto my asshole. As I started to shrink she moved off my cock and onto my face! I licked and sucked her as I felt a mouth once again on my cock. It was “mother” sucking and licking me completely clean. Soon we all were standing or laying there with a laugh and smile about how wonderful that was! “Mother” and the other two took me to the shower where everyone got sparkling clean! Licking and sucking then washing vigorously to get all the cum off. It took a little while but we got it all! We made sure of that. I must admit, it’s wonderful fun getting dirty while getting clean! As I was dressing I was told to come back again. I told her perhaps my next trip I may just do that. She told me “tomorrow please, we give you a special rate for a special time”. I answered that I was completely empty and that she had gotten every drop of me inside her. She told me that “you got every drop out of little brother and mother got every drop out of me when she licked me clean!” I smiled and agreed that I would be happy to come back as soon as I can.This year on vacation I’m going to go past that little town again and hopefully Mai, “mother and little brother” are there still!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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