Snowed In (Part 3)

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Snowed In (Part 3)She could hear him finishing up his shower. She had started the coffee and bacon when he got in so he could smell them when he was done. She had just pulled on her sweater. It was long and covered enough but she had no intention of letting him guess at what she had on underneath. It was still snowing and the national weather guy was camped at the nearest turnpike exit. That’s never a good thing. Was saying it would snow until dark. The foot and a half that was down already was causing problems. Roads were closed, crews were doing just enough to keep the main roads open, and travel was not advised. The trees were straining under the load and the everything had an odd shape with it’s fresh blanket. She just started the first pancake when he showed up in the kitchen.She showed him where the mugs were and he helped himself to a hot cup and sat down. She could feel his gaze as she cooked and they discussed the weather. Both had been contacted by somebody who was worried. She had enjoyed the text from her ex wondering if she was okay. Oh yeah. He’d know just how “okay” she was when he dropped the little ones off on Sunday evening and saw the bare spot in the driveway. For now, she was happy with her company and purposely reached up for a cup above her head, making her sweater ride up and revealing her bare body beneath. She was quite comfortable showing off. She liked her body and apparently he did too as he coughed a little on his coffee. She smiled to herself knowing that she had his attention.The talked and laughed over breakfast. She had nailed it and he seemed happy. After a couple cups, he helped her clean up. She made sure to bend over to put dishes in the dishwasher and give him a show. He politely admired but was a gentleman. Dammit, she wanted him again but he was determined to kayseri rus escort shovel some snow for her. She really didn’t care but he was persistent. She watched him working as she started soup. He was tall and strong. He moved effortlessly and was in good shape for a man his age. She could tell he took care of himself. He had been shoveling for an hour or so and was nearly finished. Already, the fresh snow was undoing his work but it would make a lot less work later.He shook the snow off as he walked in the door. She watched him from the other room. She left a note for him to toss his cold, wet clothes in the dryer. She heard the door shut and he walked in to the living room to a roaring fire, hot coffee and her wrapped in a blanket. He had wrapped in the blanket she left him and they sat for a bit and talked til he warmed up. When she figured he was warm enough, she moved over towards him. He welcomed her with a hug. She thanked him again for doing the shoveling but he insisted he needed to work off that wonderful breakfast. She slipped down in front of him. He looked at her a little funny as she let her blanket slip off revealing her naked body. She opened his blanket and tugged at his shorts. Though she despised the notion of rewarding simple chores with a favor, she really just wanted him again. She slid them off and exposed his somewhat aroused cock. Apparently she wasn’t the only one who thought this was a good idea.She held his full length in front of her again. She thanked him. Let him know how much she appreciated having him there. How much she wanted him to return. At that, she slipped him in her mouth. He wasn’t nearly hard but he was still plenty in her mouth. He slid to the side and spread his legs. She looked up and made eye contact. She loved the smile on his face. He was enjoying himself. She worked at his cock with her mouth and hands. She had perfected her technique over the years and was quite proud of herself. She handled his balls gently and licked them as well. Occasionally she stopped and stroked him. He was hard now and she had him under her spell. She slipped a hand down and rubbed her pussy. She was wet. She had been since she started teasing him. She had been touching herself under the blanket as he was coming in from outside. She liked to play when she had the chance and now she was just so turned on. Her fingers felt good in her pussy as a big cock slipped in and out of her mouth.She looked up and she could see he was straining to see what she was doing. She let him out of her mouth and as she was stroking him she asked if he liked watching her play with herself. He nodded yes. Then she got a devilish idea. She sat back and told him to sit up. She spread her legs and started rubbing her body with both hands. She touched herself all over. It felt good and she could tell he was loving it. She told him to stroke his cock as she slipped her fingers in her pussy. He complied and she enjoyed his eyes focused on her body. She felt sexy and desired. She wanted him so badly but she was going to make sure he enjoyed every second. She slipped two fingers in her pussy and rode them hard. She was feeling really good. A few more minutes and she would cum. She closed her eyes and had committed to her task when she felt his hand grab her arm. She opened her eyes and noticed he had leaned forward. He kissed her and told her no, not yet. He raised her hand to his face and licked her fingers. She told him no, she wanted to pleasure him. He told her she could but had to cum first. He lifted her to her feet and pulled her close. She straddled him and he held her as he slipped into her hot wet pussy. She was still a little sore from the previous evening but it was a good hurt. She sat still as he thrust upwards into her. It didn’t take much and before she knew it, she could feel her pussy gushing as the first waves of her orgasm swept over her.Spent, she collapsed into his chest. He asked her if she felt better. And she did. She could feel his stiff cock throbbing inside of her. He was soaked in her pussy juice. He kissed her and told her she could finish what she started. She smiled. It was all she wanted but this lover wasn’t going to let her want. She went at his slippery wet shaft with a renewed vigor. She was sucking and stroking him hard and he was moaning loudly. She was talking to him when she paused to stroke him. She told him how good he felt. How he was so big and such a good lover. She asked him if he liked being sucked and he nodded. She told him that she wanted a mouth full of cum. And with that, she felt his balls begin to tense up. She sucked faster while stroking all at once. He moaned and told her how good it felt. She loved feeling like this and having a man in her mouth. She kept stroking and released him from her mouth just long enough to tell him to fill her mouth. That’s all it took. She slipped the head back into her mouth when the first burst of cum filled her mouth. He came hard and with amazing volume considering he had cum twice the night before. She kept sucking on him until he begged her to stop. She was satisfied with herself. His body had fallen limp while his stiff cock started to relax in front of her.She had him turn and lay down. She laid down on him and pulled the blankets around them. The drifted off to sleep together. Her head on his chest. They were fast asleep as the snow continued to fall. She had a smile on her face as she slept. This was far better a weekend than she had ever imagined. (To be continued).

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