Snobby Surma Ch. 04

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Rakesh’s heart jumped.

How long he had waited to hear that voice again.

Three months had passed since Deotima and Surma had stopped calling or meeting him.

Deotima had gotten married to a big shot white guy, Hugo.

Surma was married to a venture capitalist, Suresh.

Rakesh had given up hope of ever hearing from either of them again.

After all they were married to rich guys and were now part of ‘high society’.

What would they need from an ordinary boy born on the wrong side of the tracks?

Rakesh had taken up a job as a waiter in a five star hotel. It was hard work. And it left him hardly any time to breathe.

But that was what he liked about the job.

It kept him too busy to think about the past.

One evening he was working for a posh high society bash at the hotel.

The rich and the beautiful were all there.

There was more clinking of jewelry than cocktail glasses.

Then Rakesh saw her.


Resplendent in a maroon and gold outfit. Matching earrings and an elaborate designer bindi on her forehead.

The lip gloss she wore on her shining red lips reminded him of a beautiful flower blooming.

Her lovely hair was tied up on top of her head.

Just the way he liked it.

Deotima used to wear her hair that way whenever she wanted to impress him after a fight. She knew it drove him crazy with desire.

She looked the picture of elegance in her high heels with her long hair.

Rakesh gulped as he felt his heart beat quicken.

“God! She was so beautiful!”

But her eyes were not as bubbly as he remembered.

They looked tired.

Rakesh continued serving drinks.

Pretending not to notice her.

As he served drinks & hors d’ouvres to the guests, he could feel her staring at him.

A shiver ran down his spine as he continued serving the guests, purposefully ignoring her.

He had seen Surma and Deotima in the papers now and then.

Page three.

Attending this inaugural bash or that fashion show.

Rakesh’s heart would thump in his chest and pine for them whenever he saw them.

Then he would go to the gym and run on the treadmill.

Faster and faster.

Just to block them from his memory.

But it never worked.

No matter how much time Rakesh spent at the gym, the painful memories of Deotima and Surma returned to haunt his every dream.

Deotima’s breasts with her large nipples.

Surma’s eyes when she was giving him a blowjob. The way Deotima shook and shivered when she was having an orgasm.

The way Surma never missed an opportunity to brush her fingers against his cock in public.

Sometimes he would wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night with the awful feeling that the best part of his life was over.

Was it was all going downhill from here?

Tears streaming down his face, he would watch TV and slip into a restless sleep.

Now seeing Deotima in person brought all the those painful memories back.

And he could feel the start of an erection that was going out of control.

He went to the hotel bathroom and undid his fly.

His huge raging hard cock flew out of his pants.

The relief he felt as he held his cock in his hands and started to masturbate was overwhelming.

He started to think of the times he spent with Deotima.

He remembered her huge boobs and her erect nipples.

Ohhhh!! And they were so sensitive!

Tonight, in her revealing maroon outfit, he could see the tops of her breasts. Swelling out of that dress. Nothing could hold those beautiful breasts.

How he had licked and sucked those nipples.

How they would jump to his touch.

And her pussy.

Ohhhhh! It had a life of its own.

Her pussy controlled the rest of her body.

The moment she felt his mouth nearing her pussy, he would feel her hips start to thrust out at him. Like a greedy child reaching out for chocolates kept out of reach.

He would tease her endlessly as she screamed and begged for him to lick her eager pussy.

Then at last he would relent.

He would have to hold her down before he could get that first lick of her pussy lips.

She would freeze and then explode.

Bucking and thrusting her hips shamelessly against his mouth.

Rakesh would take her engorged clit between his lips and suck on it until she came violently against his mouth.

Shuddering and shaking in orgasm after orgasm.

He remembered how she would scream so loud while he fucked her.

Full throat screams.

Her tongue would dart into his mouth as soon as he kissed her.

The force of all his memories of Deotima collected in his balls and exploded through the top of his penis.

He ejaculated so forcefully that his sperm hit the door of the toilet and trickled down slowly.

He was breathing fast and hard as he opened his eyes.

He cleaned himself off, wiped the door and went back to the party.

As he left for home that night, his mind was enveloped in thoughts of Deotima.

How beautiful Ataşehir Escort she looked!

He felt ashamed.

She was a high society lady now.

Calm, composed, classy.

Her wild crazy days were over.

And he, Rakesh, was just a waiter.

The glaring class difference was not that obvious when they were in school.

But now it was screamingly obvious.

Back home as he lay in his bed, way past midnight, he was still immersed in his thoughts.

His hands repeatedly stroking his large penis, ready to masturbate again.

Then the phone rang.

He answered the phone, his thoughts still with Deotima.

Her voice did not register at first.

When it dawned on him he jumped out of his reverie, completely delighted.

His biggest fantasy had come true.


Hearing Deotima’s voice after so many months, awakened every muscle in his body.

“Yes?” Rakesh replied casually.

He did not want to show Deotima how excited he was to hear her voice.

“Oh hiiii! How are youuu?”

Deotima’s voice betrayed a false sense of enthusiasm that he could sense immediately.

” I am fine Deo. How are you?” he replied, trying to keep his voice balanced and controlled.

” I want to see you today. Come to the maidan by 3 PM? Don’t be late.”

Deotima was not as authoritative as she always was.

It was obvious that marriage had made a difference to the haughty Deotima.

Rakesh disconnected the phone and paused for a second.

Then every cell in his body erupted in joy.


He screamed and punched his fist in the air, jumping uncontrollably.

He left the house, went onto the empty streets and began to run.


Faster and faster.

Till he was completely out of breath.

He collapsed on the stairs of a building, looked up into the sky and screamed, “Thank You God!”

Rakesh could hardly sleep that night.

The excitement was too much.

When he awoke, Rakesh whistled nonstop and found a spring in his feet.

He put on “singing in the rain” and danced like Gene Kelly.

He hadn’t listened to this song since the time the girls had left him.

Now he was back!

To keep himself occupied, he cleaned his room.

Rakesh knew he dared not think of the possibility of resuming his relationship with Deo.

But he thought he had better be prepared.

Just in case.

Just in case.

Rakesh went fifteen minutes early to the maidan.

He went to the same spot where they had met for the first time.

It brought back so many lovely memories.

He remembered how angry Deotima had been when she found out that he had fooled her into thinking that he was Sushil. (Chap 3)

And despite knowing he was a fraud, she had surrendered to the needs of her body.

Her libido held primacy then.

Was her husband Hugo satisfying her?

She was a married woman in high society now.

Could she allow herself to give in to her libido?

Deotima arrived on time and was dressed to kill.

Rakesh watched her as she walked across the field towards him.

Her designer clothes and understated jewelry made her stand out in those inelegant surroundings.

But then there were no surroundings where Deotima did not stand out.

She had straightened her hair. She looked as beautiful as ever. Despite having put on some weight.

As she came closer he noticed again, that her eyes had lost some of the radiance he remembered so well.

The fire was missing.

“Hi Deo. You are looking as beautiful as ever,” he whispered as he gave her a light hug.

“And you have been living in the gym it seems,” she replied giggling, betraying how excited she was to see him.

“So. How is marriage treating you?” Rakesh asked her, looking straight into her eyes to get the real answer, despite whatever she may say.

“You are looking really good, Rakesh,” Deotima said, avoiding his question and his probing eyes.

She had a far away look in her eyes that seemed to say she longed for the days when they were together.

“Hugo is fine,” Deotima said abruptly.

She was definitely not fine.

Rakesh could tell.

Not just her eyes, but her cheeks were puffed up.

Like she had been crying.

The naughty look in her eyes was missing.

Deotima could feel his eyes probing her soul as she pretended to observe others in the park.

Suddenly she turned to him and stared into his eyes.

A look of lusty longing.

They did not break eye contact for over a minute.

Rakesh felt like he was swimming in the turbulent flood of Deotima’s raging libido in that one look.

This was the same look she had given him long ago. At the night club. When he was with Surma. (Chap 3)

Rakesh felt the tell tale stirring in his loins.

Right at that moment Rakesh knew.

If he played his cards right.

Deo would be back in his life.

“What is it with white guys? Don’t they understand our culture? Hugo’s sister tells my mom that Anadolu Yakası Escort Hugo had a girlfriend. Then she tells them how she lived with two different guys before meeting the guy she is living with right now. How could she say that? And then Hugo tells my Dad that his brother is a school drop out and does not live with them. And that he is unemployed. Why does my dad need to know this stuff?

“My dad looks at me like, will your brother be influenced by their behaviour? I can see the thoughts running through his head!”

Rakesh listened patiently to Deo’s ranting.

Her lips were quivering like they always did when she was angry.

Meeting Rakesh had obviously kindled the embers of a fire inside her.

Rakesh knew Deotima so well.

When she raved and ranted about some non issue, he knew the real issue lay elsewhere.

And this time Rakesh knew exactly what the real issue was.

Deotima was horny and wasn’t being satisfied by Mr. Hugo.

She needed Rakesh to put out the fire that was raging inside her body. Only he could swim through those wild flames and find the source of the fire.

Not one thing she was saying about Hugo was worthy of this much anger.

The obvious, simple fact was that Hugo was lousy in bed.

And Deotima’s fiery libido was not being quenched.

The tempestuous, vivacious Deotima needed to be fucked into submission.

Rakesh knew how much Deotima loved her orgasms.

And Hugo was obviously not giving her any.

Rakesh suddenly felt a surge of power.

Only he could satisfy this girl.

When she finished, Deo started to cry.

Rakesh held her close to his chest and found her hands moving behind him feeling his strong body and his rippling muscles.

Rakesh took his chance.

He lifted her head and kissed her gently, rubbing her soft delicate lips with his, his heart thumping, awaiting her reaction.

Deotima took the cue and slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Rakesh’s joy knew no bounds.

They kissed hungrily.

Rakesh ran the back of his hands lightly over Deo’s lovely breasts.

How he had missed them!

“Can we go to your room?” Deo asked breathlessly.

“Lets go.”

Three months of sexual starvation was more than Rakesh could take.

“Your room is cleaner than I remember it” Deo said, teasing Rakesh as they entered his room.

“Well now that you don’t come here to mess it up, what do you expect?”

Rakesh could not wait any longer.

Deotima stood there like a beautiful goddess in his room. Alone with him. Waiting for him to make the first move.

Rakesh pulled her towards him. She came to him willingly. Lifting her lips to be kissed.

Rakesh knew. Deotima was his. He could do whatever he wanted with her.

He kissed her again and again. Her lips felt soft and shivered against his. Her tongue shot into his mouth as his fingers caressed the side of her face and his thumbs rubbed the soft skin of her neck.

Rakesh sucked on her tongue as she moaned in pleasure. She knew the feel of his lips and tongue so well.

Rakesh’s hands moved down to cup her gorgeous breasts through her top.

Was she not wearing a bra?

Then he started to undo her clothes.

She undid the jewelry around her neck as he unhooked her top.

Her long lovely hair felt so soft and smooth against his hands.

Deotima had not worn a bra or panties.

She knew how excited Rakesh got when she went about in public with no underclothing.

And she knew she was going to let him fuck her today.

She waited for Rakesh’s reaction when he found out that she had come prepared to be fucked.

Men really have no control in these matters, no matter how much they may think so.

Women rule the bedroom.

Rakesh undid her bottom and noticed the missing panties and looked up at her in pleasant surprise.

So he really need not have worried so much.

She had come prepared to get fucked.

Deotima gave an embarrassed smile that quickly turned into a gasp as she felt Rakesh’s lips on her bare thighs after all these months.

Rakesh threw the bottom of her Salwar Khameez on the chair and now Deo was completely naked in front of Rakesh.

He had never dreamed that he would see her beautiful naked body again.

Rakesh felt his cock get so hard that he thought he would burst. This bitch was going to get so badly fucked today.

Now Deo wanted to see what she had dreamt of for so long. She was impatiently unzipping his pants.

As she pulled down his underwear, her heart was pounding in excitement.

And then as she knelt before him, Rakesh’s huge cock finally flew out of his underwear onto her face with such ferocity that she had to rear back to avoid being struck by it.

She smiled as she felt it whiz past her face.

Now this was a penis.

Not that stupid tiny penis Hugo had given her.

Deo was mesmerized as she remembered her favorite toy.

It was just as she remembered it. With that big vein on the side of it.

She touched it, caressed it, played Kadıköy Escort with it, kissed it, licked it, fondled it and stroked it.

She moved the foreskin back and looked at the purple head.

Drops of precum were already forming in celebration of her arrival.

Watching Deotima’s fascination with his cock, Rakesh realized that she had missed his cock far more than she had realized.

She was unable to take her eyes and hands off it.

Rakesh let Deotima hold, squeeze, caress and kiss his cock endlessly as if she was reunited with an old friend.

Rakesh stood triumphantly and watched her. Deotima, a beautiful, haughty, classy, high society girl, kneeling before him, like she would before God, surrendering to the power of his manhood.

He held her long lustrous hair in his hands.

She had visited the most expensive spa where they had shampooed and dried her hair to make sure her hair was soft and smooth and her skin was scrubbed and scented.

Just for him.

Yeah baby. Suck that cock.

Rakesh stroked her hair like he was a God handing out blessings to the needy, feeling the power of being a man who had something that would bring even the most beautiful, high society girl down to her knees.

Deotima was one frustrated Bengali lady.

And she was determined to rectify that today.

Hell hath no fury more powerful than the rage and libido of a frustrated Bengali lady.

Deotima was sucking on his cock so greedily that the sucking noise that her saliva was making filled the room.

Like a baby getting life giving milk from her mothers nipples.

Rakesh teased her by moving backwards.

Deotima followed him on her knees without even looking up at him.

Rakesh smiled at the irony of the situation.

For three months he had wept in frustration without this girl and she was demonstrating that she had been even more frustrated than he was.

She was sucking on his cock like she was drinking water for the first time after months in the desert.

The fact that he was just a waiter was the last thing on her mind.

She just wanted to get what her body was craving.

A real man with a real cock.

Hugo, her husband, may be rich but he had gotten himself a trophy wife.

Watching Deotima on her knees in front of him, greedily sucking on his cock Rakesh realized, cock trumped money for his classy, high society Deotima.

Deo was sucking his cock and stroking it so vigorously that Rakesh was having a hard time controlling himself.

It had been so long.

So long.

Too long.

Deo was licking, sucking, squeezing his engorged cock so hard that Rakesh was beyond the point of no return.

He leaned back and moaned loudly.

Deo knew that moan so well.

Her Rakesh was going to come.

She looked up at him, made eye contact and squeezed his ripe hard cock with her dainty feminine hands.

She rubbed the vein along the side of his throbbing cock as she licked the tip of the head glistening in front of her open mouth.

She squeezed his hard cock, feeling his strength, looked hungrily into his eyes, desperate for his approval and masturbated him with her fingers until he exploded into her waiting mouth.

She swallowed his cum in gulps, not wanting to miss a single drop of this sexy, sexy man.

She covered the top of his engorged penis head with her lovely lips and squeezed his cock hard, from base to tip, back and forth, sucking every drop.

She made sure he emptied his gorgeous cock into her waiting mouth.

Then she looked up at Rakesh with her big innocent eyes, to see if he approved.

Rakesh almost fell to his knees.

The feeling of exhilaration was overwhelming.

Three fucking months.

Three fucking months he had dreamed of this.

Oh God! It felt sooo good.

Deo was still licking his balls and the base of his cock.

How she missed this cock!

Rakesh fell on the bed and pulled Deo on top of him.

Deo reluctantly let go of his cock, giving it one last squeeze.

She knew what he wanted.

She lay naked on top of his nakedness so he could feel the weight of her naked body on top of him.

Her naked body on him was the best feeling Rakesh had had in a long long time.

Rakesh could feel her bare breasts on his chest and her naked thighs along his.

Deotima pushed his thighs apart with her knees and slipped in between them as she entwined her naked body with his.

Deo knew what he liked.

She started to rub her bare breasts on his chest so he could feel the pointy tips across his chest.

She knew he loved that.

Rakesh could feel her nipples moving across his chest like a live wire across his chest.

She was also continuously moving and rubbing her thighs against his, so that he could feel her soft skin caressing his body.

Rakesh was moaning as he felt his body tingle in pleasure.

Rakesh needed to tell Deo nothing.

She knew his every need. His every desire.

Deo was kissing his throat as she rubbed her nipples and bare breasts on his chest.

Rakesh felt like his body was on fire.

Deotima knew Rakesh would be ready for her again in minutes.

She knew this man so well.

She ran her soft, feminine hands between his thighs and stroked his manhood, inviting it to play. Squeezing it gently.

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