Smita’s Life Ch. 02

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Smita spent most of her life away from Narlepur. She did her schooling from a prestigious school in Panchgani. She would visit her home town only during vacations when her parents would also come down to their small town.

Smita’s parents were very protective of her and she was brought up with very conservative way. Her association with boys had been very limited firstly because of the fear of her parents and later because of the habit of staying away from boys. Beyond hi’s and hello’s, she kept no contact with boys. She spent her school years in a strict convent girl’s school that made her very socially awkward with boys.

Smita had always been a very cute girl. When in school one could notice that she would grow up to become a hottie. When Smita hit puberty, she started blossoming into a very beautiful girl. Smita was an athletic person and participated in many sports. Such vigorous physical activity kept her in shape, with just the right amount of fat in the right places.

After she completed her schooling, Smita’s excellent academic performance and her achievement in sports made sure that she got into a very reputed college in Mumbai. After spending several years away from home, she was happy that she had moved back with her parents. In college, Smita quickly won over several friends with her jovial nature although all her friends were girls.

With time Smita warmed up to boys as well. Her friends were all very social with boys; some were in relations while others were interested in flings. Within the first year itself, Smita’s friend circle expanded from 5 people to 9 people who included 4 girls and 5 boys. She used to see her girl friends dating other boys, some of them were sexually active and were not at all discreet about their sexuality.

During their sleepovers, Smita would hear her friends narrate their escapades which would turn her on very much. Though she would not admit but she also enjoyed listening to her friends brag about their sex lives. Smita and her friends would also watch porn from where Smita gained a lot of knowledge about sex.

Smita was one of the most beautiful girls in her college. Being beautiful, smart and versatile made her very popular in college. She always had a string of boys trying to woo her. During her college years, Smita had 2 fairly long relationships. Her first boyfriend, Akash, whom she met during the 1st year of graduation, introduced her to the world of romance and intimacy. Akash was in her group of friends and was a good looking chap. He had this chocolate boy look which charmed Smita. Akash asked her out and she readily accepted.

She and Akash would go to the isolated corners of their college and would make out. She was very shy then and their sexual encounters would not go beyond kissing and feeling each others over their clothes. Whenever he tried to put his hands insider her clothes, she would push him back. She wanted to go further but the fear of her parents and the societal pressure prevented her from doing so. They both being sexual amateurs couldn’t take their relationship any further. So, like almost all college romances, her relationship with Akash didn’t last long. It just faded away with time and they parted ways.

Smita’s second boyfriend, Yash was the college cricket team captain. He was handsome and was also good in academics. Yash opened her eyes to the world of sex. It was to whom she lost her virginity in the 3rd year of graduation.

Smita, Yash and all their friends had gone on a trip to Matheran, a hill station near Mumbai. They had rented a cottage which overlooked the forests of Sahyadri. After a hectic day of sight seeing and exploring the place, the group retreated to their cottage. After a heavy mean, all the friends gathered near the fire place. Smita and Yash sat close to each other, a thick blanket wrapped around them.

As they talked to their friends, Yash sneaked his hand to Smita’s tit. He gently squeezed her boobs. He brought his other hand to her pussy and rubbed it over her pajamas. This two way assault on her was taking its toll on Smita. She was breathing heavily, beads of sweat started forming on her forehead.

With her friends just a few feet away from her, Smita had to control herself greatly. She couldn’t risk letting her friends know what her boyfriend was doing to her. Yash, then put his hand inside her shirt, pushed the bra upwards and pinched her nipples. His cold hands on her hot nipples made Smita yelp in pleasure. All her friends stared at her as Smita gave a shit eating grin. Yash also stopped playing with her for a while. He didn’t want to create a scene in front of his friend, especially the gossip queen Leena who was sitting just a few feet away from them.

After a few minutes, the rest of the couples went to their respective bedrooms. Yash held Smita’s hand and pulled her towards their bedroom. They both were very horny and threw themselves at each other. A very passionate night ensued. It was Yozgat Escort a night when Smita lost her virginity. Having tasted the forbidden fruit, Smita had now become a woman.

Their relationship ended when Yash applied for admission to a college in the US. He dumped her and moved on with his life in another country. Smita was heart broken. She loved Yash and wanted their relationship to continue to its logical end. Smita healed her broken heart in a few months. She graduated from college with excellent scores.

Smita stayed away from relationships during her entire Master’s course. She concentrated completely on her studies and passed the exam with flying colors. After she completed her studies she was offered a job as an assistant lecturer in a reputed arts college. There she met Anand.

Anand was her boss, senior professor of psychology in her college. He was a widower, his wife died in an accident. He was 40 years old and Smita was 23 when they met. They clicked immediately and grew close to each other. Anand was a good looking, mature and a very well read man. He would share his deep knowledge of psychology with Smita. His worldly ways impressed Smita and she developed a huge crush on her boss.

It was the month of July. It was raining heavily as it usually does in Mumbai. Smita had completed her work and was waiting in the lobby of the college for the rain to subside but it didn’t slow down at all. She learnt from a colleague that the local trains had shut down. Smita was now worried. How was she supposed to get home when the fastest and the most reliable mode of transport had come to a grinding halt?

As she was thinking of how to solve this problem, Anand came to the lobby. He saw the worried expression on her face and asked her what was wrong. She told him her problem. Anand, like a true gentleman offered to help.

Anand: Don’t worry Smita, I have a car. I will drop you to your house.

Smita: Ohh sir, why do you have to go all through this trouble for me? It’s ok; I will somehow make my way home.

Anand: Don’t be foolish Smita! Look at the rain, it has been raining since noon and there are no signs that it will slow down or stop any time soon. Come with me.

Smita: Yeah…you are right. Ok Sir, I will come with you. Thank you so much!!

Anand: Don’t mention dear.

They proceeded to the basement of the building where his car was parked. They got into the car and left the campus. It was raining cats and dogs, visibility was very less. Anand switched on the radio to ease Smita’s tension. Suddenly there was an announcement on the radio that the Milan subway was closed due to flooding. Smita was now in big problem. Milan Subway was the only road that was connecting her workplace and her house.

Smita: Oh Shit…Now how do we get to my house?

Anand: That’s exactly what I was thinking about. We sure are in a problem. But I have a solution. My house is 5 minutes from here. Why don’t we go there? You can wait till the rain subsides and then I will drop you home.

Smita: Ok Sir, we don’t have a choice but to go to your place.

Anand drove towards his house. It was situated in a middle class suburb. He parked his car in the open parking lot of his apartment complex. His building was at least 50 meters from there. They both sprinted towards the building and got in. They made their way to his 10th floor apartment. He opened the door and they both entered his house.

The house was spacious yet simple. The hall had decent furniture with a sofa set, a few showcases and a TV cabinet. Anand went in the bedroom and brought a couple of towels for them to wipe themselves.

Anand: Smita, you clothes are completely drenched. If you stay in them for long, you will fall ill.

Smita: What am I supposed to do? I don’t have a spare set of clothes. Anand: I have a shirt and a pair of pants inside, do you mind wearing them for a while till your clothes dry?

Smita was reluctant to change into his clothes but the cold winds blowing through the window weren’t helping. She had no option but to change into his clothes. Anand took out a shirt and a pair of pants from his cupboard and gave it to Smita. She excused herself to the bathroom to change. She came out in a few minutes and sat on the couch. Anand sat on the sofa chair next a few feet away from her. Anand offered her a hot cup of tea which she readily accepted. While Anand was preparing tea, Smita looked around the room. She saw a picture of a beautiful woman on a wall. The photo was covered with sandalwood garland. That must be Anand’s wife; she was so beautiful Smita thought to herself.

Anand returned with two cups of tea and saw Smita looking at the picture. Anand: She was my wife. She died 7 years ago.

Smita turned to look at him. He kept the cups on the table in front of her and sat on the sofa next to her.

Anand: She died in a car accident on Pune-Mumbai Highway.

Smita: Didn’t you have Yozgat Escort Bayan kids?

Anand: My wife was 6 months pregnant when she died. We were going to have our first baby. We were at the top of the world, a happy couple before tragedy struck and god took away the love of my life and my unborn child.

Anand’s eyes filled with tears as he told Smita how his life was ruined in a few minutes. Smita cursed herself for asking him such a question and brining him to tears. She couldn’t bare her crush to be sad.

Smita: I am so sorry sir. I shouldn’t have asked you about this. I am really sorry Anand wiped his tears and just nodded his head. He gave a cup to tea to Smita and took one for himself. They quietly sipped the tea for a few minutes before Smita broke the silence.

Smita: Sir, it has been 7 years since she passed away. Have you never thought of getting married again?

Anand: Sunaina, my wife was the love of my life. I just can’t bear the thought of marrying someone else. Even if I do, who will marry me? I am 40 years old, my hair is graying. I am not a very good catch.

Smita: Don’t think like that sir. Even though you are 40 years old, you still look good. The grey hair just adds to your mature and smart personality. You are well educated, cultured man. Any girl would marry you.

Smita’s words brought a smile on his face. It was after 7 years that Anand looked at a girl with affection. Smita got close him and put a hand on his shoulder and pulled him a little close to her. Anand looked at her. Their eyes were locked for a few seconds. Their hearts filled with affection and their minds bursting with desire to devour each other. The rain and the cold were adding to the fire.

Smita was really close to the man that she liked to so much. She just wanted to grab him and kiss him. But the shy girl in her prevented this from happening. Anand made the first move by bringing his lips close to hers. Anand kissed her softly at first, moving his lips to kiss her upper lip.

Smita’s breathing quickened. She hadn’t had sex in 3 years and here she was with a man that she desired so much, kissing her so tenderly. She responded to his kiss by kissing him in return. Within few minutes, they were kissing each intensely. Anand brought his tongue to her mouth. She opened her mouth to invite his tongue in. Their tongues met as they now furiously kissed each other. Their tongues mashed as they licked, sucked and bit each others lips.

Anand pulled her closer to him, making their kiss even more intense. He placed his hand on her stomach to which she did not resist. She placed her hand on his thighs, slowly making way to his crotch. Anand slowly moved his right hand to her boobs and started pressing them over the shirt. He noticed that she had removed bra when she changed. This turned him on even more and he started squeezing her boobs. He then started to kiss her ears, sucked her earlobes, making his way down to her nape and kissed her there.

Smita was in throes of passion; her hand had by now reached Anand’s crotch and noticed the bulge there. Anand shuddered in pleasure as Smita started rubbing his dick over his trousers. They broke their kiss and looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with lust and they just wanted to rip off all their clothes and consummate their newly established relationship.

Anand took his shirt off, exposing his clean chest. It didn’t have any hair on it. From the look of his chest, Smita realized Anand worked out regularly. She let her hands roam on his body. She delicately moved her fingers from his shoulder to his toned chest to his tight abdomen. Anand one by one started unbuttoning her shirt, slowly revealing her cleavage. Anand removed all the buttons and slowly removed the shirt of her shoulders. Her magnificent pair of boobs came into the view. He just stared at them for a few seconds. He had seen a woman top less after a long time.

Anand made her sit on his lap facing him. He dragged his tongue from her chin slowly down her neck to her collar bones. Smita trembled as he sucked on her collar bones. Anand then again traced a line from her collar to her chest before settling his mouth on her left breast. He sucked on them like a man starved for days. He kept on sucking her breasts, moving from one breast to another. Smita grabbed his head from behind and pushed him more towards her boobs, urging him to suck harder. He continued sucking enthusiastically and all Smita did was moan. His feverish sucking brought Smita to her orgasm. It was a powerful orgasm, the first she experienced after 3 years of celibacy.

Anand made her lay down with her head resting on the arm rest. He removed her pants to reveal her pussy. Smita’s pussy was clean shaven, the way she preferred. Anand then removed his pants and his underwear in one swift motion. His dick sprang out.

Anand was decently endowed. His dick was 6 inches in length and had decent girth as well. Escort Yozgat There was pubic hair around it. He got on the couch near her head, his one leg rested on couch next to her chest and one on the floor. He brought his dick near her lips. Smita knew he wanted a blowjob. She used to give Yash blowjobs when they dated but she didn’t like them very much. She just did it to please him. But right now she was with Anand, her man of the moment. She was so enamored with him that she was ready to do anything to please him.

Anand rubbed his dick on her lips softly. Smita opened her lips to take him inside her mouth. Anand’s dick slowly started disappearing between her red lips. Smita sucked his dick hurriedly without using any technique just the way she used to suck Yash’s dick. While Yash was happy just to receive a blowjob, Anand on the other hand felt the exact opposite. He realized that she was an amateur at giving blowjobs. He would have to teach her to give a proper blowjob. He was more than happy to do so.

He removed his dick from her mouth and told her the basics of giving a good blowjob. He instructed her on how to go around sucking a cock. Smita listened intently, like an obedient student. Once Anand was done lecturing her on the essentials of oral sex, he again inserted his dick in her mouth. Smita followed his instructions to the word and quickly grasped the art. She was soon using her own techniques.

She licked his entire shaft from the base to the tip, sucked the head and bit it lightly, flicked her tongue on the pee hole. She grabbed his butt and forced more and more of his dick into her mouth; his pubic hair tickled her nose. Anand moaned in delight as his sex student was excelling in the art.

Anand removed his dick from his mouth and got off the sofa. He went to divan which was in one corner of the room and lay down on it. He motioned Smita to get on top of him with her pussy at his face and her mouth at his penis. They again started to pleasure each other. Anand who tasted a pussy after years was uncontrollable. He licked her pussy, sucked her clit so intensely that Smita orgasmed for the second time that evening. She couldn’t suck his dick properly because Anand’s pussy licking was making her squeal and grit her teeth in pleasure.

As her orgasm passed over her, Smita resumed the blowjob. She was hell bent on giving Anand an equally intense orgasm. And she succeeded. After a couple of minutes, Anand grunted loudly and spurted his load into her mouth. Smita was taken aback with this sudden eruption in her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow his load which she managed to do very well. This was the first time she was tasting semen. She liked the salty taste and the thickness of his load.

They both got off each other and sat up. They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed. After a couple of minutes, they broke their kiss. Smita was all charged up now, ready to fuck

Smita: Anand, I want you to fuck me now. Take me! Make me feel like a real woman!!

Anand: But sweetheart I don’t have a condom. Do you want to risk getting pregnant?

Smita: It doesn’t matter anymore. I will take the morning after pill. Don’t worry; just fuck me to your heart’s content.

Seeing Smita in such excited state turned Anand on. He had orgasmed a few minutes ago but his dick was again showing signs of revival. He got off the divan, lifted Smita in his arms and took her to the bedroom. The bedroom had a double bed, large enough for their carnal adventures.

He threw her on the bed and stood at the edge. Smita sat on the edge and sucked his penis till he was hard again. He got on the bed, between her legs and positioned his dick at her pussy entrance. He lowered his body on her such that their lips met. As they kissed, Smita held his dick and placed it at her pussy hole and he pushed forward. Smita broke their kiss and moaned as Anand’s shaft made its way through her pussy. She was very wet, her pussy drenched with her own juices and Anand’s saliva. She had no problem accommodating his dick inside her.

Anand slowly fucked her. With their eyes locked, they kissed. He kissed her neck, sucked on her boobs again and again. After a while Smita uttered words that encouraged Anand further.

Smita: Fuck me hard darling. Pound me with your jack hammer. Rip apart my pussy….ohh yesssss…baby c’mon…

Anand now raised him self on his elbows and started shafting her fast. The fucking was so intense that Smita had an orgasm within a minute. Anand had 7 years of sexual frustration inside him which he was now unleashing on her body. He was fucking her at full speed, his dick going in and out of her pussy, his balls slapping against her ass making the ‘splat, splat, splat’ sound.

The bedroom was filled with smell of sex, screams of joy and moans of pleasure. Their love making was very loud but the thunderous rain and winds outside prevented others from hearing their grunts. The bed was creaking with Anand’s every powerful thrust. Smita was thrusting equally fast in the opposite direction. Soon they were fucking in co-ordination, as if their fucking was choreographed. Anand bit her on her tits, leaving his teeth marks, elsewhere he left a trail of love bites.

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