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SMELLY TIGHTS FETISHTWO FLATMATES DISCOVER THEY SHARE A HYSTERICAL FETISH FOR TIGHTS AND ASS SNIFFING. After returning from the stables, Beth was about to remove her boots and put her sweaty jodhpurs in the washing basket, when she noticed Geraldine’s high shine Lycra cycling shorts on top of the pile. Beth paused and bit her lip. She thought about her flatmate. Geraldine was a lawyer. By all accounts she was shy, dependable and conservative. Boring, in other words. Where Beth was popular and enjoyed getting glammed up with her friends at the disco, Geraldine was happy enough, curling up with a good book. The cruellest amongst Beth’s friends would casually say of her ‘Who wants to be with a boring fat-arsed cow?’ It was true that Geraldine was plump, but Beth could see the beauty in Geraldine’s dark Italian looks. Beth’s opinion really changed when she discovered Geraldine sometimes went cycling, and was so serious about cycling that she had the correct biking gear. It was surprising how a particular outfit could transform someone otherwise plain, into a sexy creature. In her tight cycling vest and skintight Lycra shorts, Geraldine’s plump body compressed and redefined her voluptuous shape. To her surprise Beth couldn’t keep her eyes off Geraldine’s curvaceous arse, whenever she was wearing one of the many pairs of skintight cycling shorts. How the lycra sheen gripped her thighs, crotch and hugged her amazing arse. Watching Geraldine push off on her bicycle from the balcony, Beth could see how confident and graceful Geraldine looked in the saddle. How she yearned to have her nose and sweet, pretty face smothered and squashed under Geraldine’s plump rear, compressed in cycling shorts. How it would make her wide, blue eyes water with lust and happiness, she thought.Beth picked the cycling shorts out of the basket and gingerly stroked the fabric. She carefully lifted the crotch area to her nose and sniffed. She could smell Geraldine’s sweat. Fuck how sweet it was! ‘Oh Geraldine!’ she whispered. Beth perched herself on the toilet seat and inspected the lycra shorts. Beth closed her eyes and sniffed. Meanwhile her other hand stroked the crotch of her jodhpurs, pressing her knees together, making her riding boots squeak with friction. That’s when Geraldine walked in. Fuck. She hadn’t locked door. Geraldine was about to apologise for disturbing her, when she noticed Beth’s face flush as she dropped the shorts and jumped to her feet.‘Oh, I thought you were out!’ Beth panicked.‘I didn’t hear you come in,’ said Geraldine, cautiously. Beth placed one leg behind the other and swayed nervously, with her hands behind her back. ‘So, um, how long were you there?’Geraldine smiled shyly. ‘Long enough,’ she said. ‘It wasn’t what you think,’ said Beth.‘I hoped it was actually,’ Geraldine shrugged.‘Really?’ Beth blinked.‘Now I don’t feel so guilty about sniffing your worn tights whenever you’re out,’ said Geraldine.‘Gosh! They must be stinky,’ said Beth.‘Like my cycling shorts,’ reasoned Geraldine. Beth stepped over to Geraldine and said quietly, ‘That’s what I like the most,’ she said. Geraldine eyed Beth, as she spread her arse over the toilet seat. She noticed that Beth was stroking her own crotch. Beth was imagining this conservative lawyer’s housemate’s eyes closed, as she deeply inhaled her smelly tights, probably with her panties still inside, while she slept or was at the office. But what really stirred Beth’s lust was the image of Geraldine on the saddle, in her cycling shorts, her arse packed into the tight shiny stretch. Beth could imagine Geraldine secretly smiling under her helmet. Beth tentatively leaned forward and placed a soft peck on Geraldine’s full sensuous lips. The moist sound echoed in the bathroom. ‘Come, sit here,’ said Geraldine, patting her lap. Beth glanced her wide eyes at her housemate and swallowed. She nodded and placed herself on Geraldine’s lap. Geraldine cupped Beth’s chin, closed her eyes and they kissed slowly and deeply. The sound of their lips echoed inside the acoustics of the bathroom. Geraldine’s hands moved down to Beth’s arse and stroked the skintight material of her cream jodhpurs. After some moments kissing, Beth placed her hands on Geraldine’s shoulders. Beth smiled secretly, looked down and said sheepishly, ‘Would you wear your cycling shorts for me?’‘These are a bit filthy,’ teased Geraldine.Beth felt her cheeks go red. Her heart was beating. ‘Please,’ Beth insisted. ‘I’ll do anything. You can sniff my smelly tights anytime you like!’They exchange a serious güvenilir bahis look. ‘I’d rather sniff your tights while you’re wearing them,’ said Geraldine, testing the water.Beth smiled. ‘Sure,’ she said.The exchanged a soft, moist peck. ‘I want to watch you put your lycra shorts on,’ whispered Beth.‘I want to watch you put your tights on,’ said Geraldine. ‘I’m obsessed with you and your tights,’ she admitted. ‘Okay! You can help me chose my tights and outfit,’ said Beth with a casual shrug. ‘Your place or mine?’ she joked, knowing that they had separate rooms, under the same roof.2.In Geraldine’s room, they exchanged careful looks as Beth carefully ran her silky dark brown gloss tights over her legs and red satin panties. She smoothed her hands over the sheen of her hips and arse. ‘Mm, so luxurious and smooth!’ She wiggled left and right, into her waistband, giving Geraldine an amazing sight of the shimmery weave on her panties. She then fixed her body into a tight black satin corset. Beth then stepped into her black buckled shoes and perched herself into a chair. They exchanged a complicit smile. Beth ran both hands up and down one leg, closed her eyes and exhaled, ‘Oh so sheer and silky!’ She fixed some extra lip gloss to her sweet lips.Geraldine slowly took her high shine lycra shorts and pulled them tightly over her legs, smoothing her hands over her arse. With her finger in her mouth, Beth eyed Geraldine, as she bent over, making her lycra stretch her voluptuous arse. Geraldine opened a box and took out her barrister wig. ‘I really want you to wear this for me,’ she said softly, with slight hesitation, as she carefully fixed it on Beth’s head. Beth looked at her own innocent expression in the mirror, under the wig. Meanwhile Geraldine fixed a cycling helmet over her own chin. They exchanged a secret smile. ‘I have to confess something,’ said Geraldine, with a guilty expression. She went to the closet and grabbed a sack. She emptied the load onto the bed. Tights. Many styles and shades. ‘I’ve been rescuing my friends and colleagues tights for years,’ she said. ‘There’s even a few pairs of my ex mother in law’s. Even a couple of pairs of yours. I couldn’t resist.’‘There must be a hundred pairs here,’ gasped Beth, grabbing a few pairs in her hands, and fingering the shimmery material. She held up a mound of them to her cheek and closed her eyes. ‘I never thought tights were a thing. Always thought people preferred stockings.’‘Stockings have some uses,’ Geraldine admitted. Beth let the tights slide out of her hands. She carefully placed her hands on Geraldine’s tight, round arse. Geraldine placed her hands on Beth’s shiny, skintight arse and they exchanged a long, full, moist peck. They looked at each other indecently. Geraldine touched Beth’s chin. ‘You really want to do this?’ she said. Beth nodded. Geraldine smiled and took Beth’s hand. They turned, and stepped towards the bed. Beth noticed the exercise bike in the corner. ‘Wait, I have an idea,’ Beth tentatively said, indicating the bike. ‘I’d like you to do something for me.’The saddle creaked under the weight of Geraldine’s arse, as she pedalled very slowly, carefully looking round at Beth, who was squatting on her heels, as she stared at her wide and curvy skintight sheen of her cycling shorts in front of her face. Beth caressed Geraldine’s wide, curvy arse through the shiny stretch. She closed her eyes and pressed her check tightly against Geraldine’s skintight swish. No other sound in the room could be heard, other than the creak of the saddle and the skintight swish of the moving lycra against Beth’s face. Carefully, Beth placed a few soft pecks against her flatmate’s moving arse. In between pecks Beth confessed that for as long she could remember, she had a thing about female cyclists. ‘Something about their curvy hips and plump arses,’ she said, adding a peck. ‘Something about their strong thighs, squeezed into the skintight lycra!’ She added a peck. ‘Something about the compressed padding on the back of the saddle. I’d wonder what their shorts would smell like.’ She added a peck. ‘I had a thing for the German and English Olympic cyclists. My hands would be inside my tights, watching them, and imagining my face was their saddle,’ panted Beth, as she fully kissed Geraldine’s arse and pressed her nose against the tight sheen to deeply sniff. She rubbed her nose left and right with so much enthusiasm that her wig slipped to one side. Beth’s eyes watered with happiness. She paused, got to her feet and asked Geraldine güvenilir bahis siteleri if they could change positions. Geraldine carefully dismounted the saddle and stepped over to Beth. ‘You really like that, don’t you?’Beth nodded hysterically. She linked her hands around Geraldine’s arse and smoothed the tight sheen of her lycra. She looked sincerely into her brown eyes, from under her barrister wig. They clinched each other and kissed deeply and passionately. Geraldine’s hands found Beth’s arse and gripped and smoothed the tight sheen of her panties. After their lips parted, Beth placed the wig on Geraldine’s head.Beth mounted the saddle and gripped the bars, her arse poked out, stretching her silky knickers under her glossy tights. She pedalled slowly, making the saddle creak, as Geraldine, looked on. She kept looking over her shoulder, in a sultry way, to gage Geraldine’s reaction. Geraldine was almost hypnotised at the combination of Beth’s silky tights gave her silky red panties a shiny weave, as she pedalled. ‘You know what to do,’ Beth said finally.With open eyed sincerity Geraldine went down and pressed her nose right up against Beth’s encased arsehole. ‘Sniff, sniff,’ eased Beth.Geraldine inhaled deeply. ‘Sniff my tights, go on!’Geraldine’s arse stretched her lycra shorts, as she got on her parted knees and sniffed deeply. Beth was beaming, as she looked over her shoulder, to see Geraldine’s big eyes peering over the silky ridge of her arse. ‘How do you like my smelly tights?’ laughed Beth.‘Oh Beth! You wouldn’t believe! Oh tights, smelly tights!’ Geraldine cooed. ‘Oh tights, naughty tights, shiny, smelly, smelly tights! Oh Beth, you can do anything, just please do it in your tights, in your tights!’ she wailed.All of a sudden Geraldine rushed to the mounds of tights on the bed and stuffed them down the inside of Beth’s panties, forming a misshapen compressed bulge. ‘What are you doing?’ Beth giggled, noticing Geraldine was trembling.‘It just looks dirty. Keep pedalling.’ Beth grinned. ‘You dirty fat bitch!’Geraldine’s eyes were wide with a look of good faith. Beth’s knickers shimmered with pantyhose bulge. ‘That feels so good,’ sighed Beth, as she resumed slowly pedalling, making the saddle creak under the glimmering, bulging panties. Her mind momentarily wondered to the old couple next door, who thought that she was a sweet, polite, kind young lady, with her morning hellos. What would have they made of her now, her panties bulging with tights she had willingly allowed Geraldine to push down them?‘Now sniff my tights,’ she said.Geraldine trembled with lust, as she edged her nose against the bulge, closed her eyes and deeply sniffed the hot silky bulges. ‘Oh Beth! Your tights are delicious. Oh your tights, tights, tights!’ Her nose nuzzled the moving bulge under Beth’s pedalling. ‘We should be cycling partners,’ said Beth. ‘All the men would be perving on our arses but we’d only have eyes for each other’s arse.’‘Oh god, yeah!’ panted Geraldine. Beth laughed, as she pedalled faster.‘Oh Beth! I want it, I want to do that!’ ‘Swap our sweaty cycling tights over!’‘Oh, oh, yes!’Geraldine couldn’t take much more. She started to lick, kiss and munch the bulge. If her colleagues and clients could see her full lips sucking and kissing Beth’s soft bulge. For a moment she even imagined that it was her severe boss’, Charlotte’s bulge, she was sucking through her immaculate tights. She often dreamed of Charlotte frantically pumping her arse with a strapon over her immaculate tights, in her tall heels and barrister wig, whilst accusing her of being a tights thief. Once, while on the phone to her at home, Geraldine, rubbed herself off in her luxury black tights. Then even squatted over the speakerphone.Beth got off the saddle and took her tights off. She handed them to Geraldine. ‘Put them on over your cycling shorts,’ she said firmly. Geraldine’s hands trembled as she took the tights. To actually wear Beth’s tights! It was quite a job squeezing her hips into them, considering Beth’s compact frame. She pulled them over her arse with a twang, smoothing her hands over her arse. Fuck, they felt so tight! ‘Oh Beth, they’re so tight!’ Geraldine whimpered approvingly.Beth meanwhile found a pair of light toasted danskin tights on the bed and pulled them over her bulging panties and stepped back into her heels. She moved over to Geraldine and placed her hands on her fat compressed arse and smoothed the sheen. They pecked slowly. ‘Oh they feel so smooth. Ooh. You said something about iddaa siteleri stockings?’ said Beth. ‘Yeah, it can be kinky if you wear them over the face,’ said Geraldine. She had no need to be embarrassed. They tilted their heads and shared another slow and mouth open kiss. Geraldine caressed Beth’s compressed bulge, as they kissed. Open and closed. Open and closed mouths. Lips on lips. Their lips parted. Geraldine bit her lip as she grabbed a packet of luxury semi-opaque champagne stockings. She rolled a thick shiny stocking on her fair and sweet features. Immediately Beth felt her glossy face and checked herself on the mirror. Fuck, it felt good. ‘I do this most nights.’ Geraldine confessed. ‘Usually with someone’s worn tights.’ She rolled the stocking over her plump face, instantly giving her features a high lustre finish. The way it added a glossy weave to her matted dark hair was particularly stunning. Beth caressed Geraldine’s features, as her wide eyes couldn’t hide her awe. Beth ran her hands delicately over Geraldine’s compressed mouth and squashed nose. Geraldine sleepily closed her eyes under Beth’s fascinated caresses and sighed ‘Oh tights, tights, tights! Fucking hell, Beth, I love it!’ Beth’s hands moved to Geraldine’s arse again, caressing her glossy curves. She moved her head in and her encased lips found Geraldine’s. They abandoned themselves to a compressed, restricted glossy kiss. They opened their mouths as wide as the nylon would let them, and brought their lips together, as the light danced on the shimmering heads.They paused. Beth looked at Geraldine deeply. ‘Will you sit on my face?’Geraldine’s eyes opened in surprise. ‘Really?’‘Please! I want to feel your tight encased lycra shorts on my face.’They exchanged a deep complicit nylon peck. A mutual agreement.Beth stepped onto the bed and lay back. ‘Sit on my face. Smother me,’ she said.The weave off the tights danced on Geraldine’s lycra shorts, as she cocked her leg out to climb onto Beth’s sweet head. She lowered her voluptuous arse, engulfing Beth’s nose and mouth, as her buttocks spread over her head. If she looked over her shoulder, she could see Beth’s sparkling eyes through the stocking mask. Happy eyes. Beth immediately sniffed. Even through the tight layers, she could feel Beth’s nose pressed against her arsehole. She heard Beth’s affirmative groan. At one point she caught her own stocking expression in the mirror. Her wide beam almost looked hysterical. She looked at Beth’s crotch, and realised that Beth was stroking her silky knickers under the tights. She felt Beth’s nose sniff deeper and her mouth kiss her. She felt Beth’s hands caresses the wide sheen of her arse. Geraldine bobbed and rocked gently. It was all so perfect. Beth gave her arse a big slap. She wanted to get up. She asked Geraldine to bend over by the dresser and look in the mirror. Beth got behind and started to hump the tight rump. The mirror seemed to magnify the incredulity of her own glossy expression, as Beth humped her harder and harder. Geraldine uttered low moans. ‘Tell me to leave my boyfriend, beg me, and I will, you fat fucking slut!’ Beth seethed.‘Leave him for me, Beth! Leave him today! PLEASE!Beth’s hips slapped Geraldine’s tight, shiny compressed buttcocks harder. She could fill the wobble of the bulges in her knickers.‘Your fat ass is so tight!’ Beth cried, quickly squatting down and nuzzling her shorts, before resuming her frenetic humping. ‘You’re actually wearing my tights over your cycling shorts! Do you understand that? You’re wearing them for me!’‘And because I want you to see me dressed like this!’ Inside her mask, Beth laughed hysterically, as she humped her fat cow. ‘It would so destroy my boyfriend if he knew I left him for you!’ yelled Beth. ‘Oh Beth! Just tell him! Tell him I love you! Aw, Beth! Tell him how my nose can’t get enough of you in tights!’Beth’s beam stretched her mask.‘You dirty bitch! You love this! Like you love sniffing my tights!’ cried Beth.‘It’s true! I love it. I love sniffing tights! Tights, tights,’ said Geraldine in a pathetic nasal way, as Beth’s encased head pressed up to Gerladine’s encased cheek. ‘Oh Beth! I love you!’Geraldine came violently.Beth’s legs vibrated as she came as well.In bed Beth rested her head in Geraldine’s huge breasts and smiled contently. ‘I could leave my boyfriend for you,’ she said, shifting her head onto her elbow and smiling at her lover. ‘But I’d have more fun us doing this behind the loser’s back.’Geraldine beamed and pressed a moist peck on Beth’s lips.‘Sounds good to me. After all, we’re just flatmates. Tomorrow you can come cycling with me.’‘And after that, I’ll take you shopping for tights!’ said Beth, beaming as she pronounced the S with more power. They kissed deeply.Pics. Yours Truly x

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