Slutty Sarah’s stripper audition

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Slutty Sarah’s stripper auditionSlutty Sarah is back guys – and she’s getting worse.”I was talking to Sarah in a cafe one day. We weren’t dating and to be honest, I didn’t admire her slutty ways, which seemed to be getting worse. I’d just come back from working in London (UK) for a month and she asked me what was the best part about being there. I told her it was in the evening, after I’d finished work, going to a strip club, well really a strip bar, near the Old Street area. I won’t give the name of the place, but anyone who knows the area will know the bar I mean.I told her how it was a really long bar, with a stage just inside the door and how, every 15 minutes or so, some girl would get up on the stage and strip naked, as maybe, depending on the time of day, between 20 and 300 men would watch as the girl stripped off. Sarah hesitated for a moment, thought about it then said ‘Oh, I’d love to do that. I can just imagine the lovely sexy feeling I’d get stripping in front of all those men. Do the girls have to show a lot?’ I said ‘Well, yeah, they’ve got to show their tits, obviously, then they have to take their g-strings off and spread their legs wide apart for the guys’.Sarah looked down at her drink and thought for a moment, then said ‘Do you think my body is good enough that they’d like to see me stripping?. I love the idea of getting naked with hundreds of men looking at me’. We talked for a while longer, the I said ‘Look, I’ve seen the manager of the place a few times now, since I go there quite a lot. I’ve never talked to him but we sort of recognise each other. I could talk to him and ask if you could do some stripping there, but the best thing is if I could give him a video of you doing a strip, so he could see what a sexy girl you are and what a fantastic figure you’ve got’. Sarah seemed really keen for that. She said ‘I know you’ve got a really good video camera, so would you shoot a video of me stripping and show it to him? I promise you I’ll strip really well and I’ll practice lots’.I wasn’t going to turn down an offer like that, so we arranged a time samsun escort a few days later when I could shoot a video of Sarah stripping. I won’t go into details guys, but I’ll tell you, she was a really good, natural stripper. The video was so, so sexy.A few weeks later I had to go back to London to work there some more. On the first evening I went to the strip bar, watched some girls, had a drink or two, then asked to see the manager. He came out of his office and immediately recognised me. We shook hands and I told him that I’d got a DVD of a girl who wanted to strip in his place and asked if he’d be willing to watch it. He invited me into his office and in there was a TV and a DVD player. I gave him the disc and we started to watch it. Within 15 seconds of the DVD of Sarah stripping started he said ‘Wow, she’s got a great figure and certainly knows how to move’. A minute later Sarah had taken off her bra. He said ‘And she’e got really nice tits, too’. Another couple of minutes of video of Sarah stripping went by and then she took her g-string off and opened her legs wide. He said ‘You know, she actually looks like she’s enjoying showing her pussy and the guys really like that. They love it when a girl looks like she really enjoys spreading her legs for them’.At the end of the video I explained that I wasn’t Sarah’s boyfriend and that I didn’t care what he or other men saw of her body. He said ‘That’s good to know. Boyfriends can be a nightmare when they see hundreds of men seeing their girls stripping. Look, the video is really good. She’s a natural tease and her body is fantastic. But she’s got to have an audition here, in front of me and maybe another one or two guys. It’s okay for a girl to strip on camera, but a lot of girls can’t deal with having to strip for strangers. Get her to come here in a few days and we’ll have a look at her’.I phoned Sarah an hour later. I told her the deal and she was so, so happy. She said ‘Yeah, I’ll strip in front of him and whoever else is there, if I can get a job stripping in his bar’.A few days siirt escort later I me Sarah at Paddington railway station. We got a taxi and Sarah was so excited and not at all nervous. The coat she was wearing had come open and her dress was riding up her legs, showing me that she was wearing stockings and suspenders. We got to the club, went inside and the manager invited us into his office. He sat behind his desk and pretty soon the subject of the conversation got round to whether Sarah would be okay about stripping naked and spreading her legs in front of hundreds of men. The manager said ‘Look Sarah, the video showed that you certainly know how to strip in such a sexy way. And your body looks amazing, but sometimes we have girls come here who can do all that, but once they are on a stage with men they’ve never men before watching them, they freeze and they just can’t do it’.Sarah said ‘I totally understand. Look, I know the club isn’t open right now, but you must have some men still here in the building. I mean, I’ve already seen a security guy and some man who was doing something with the electrics here. Let me go up on the stage and strip in front of all of you’. And, that’s what she did. The manager got one security guy, the electrician, some man who was cleaning the place, some man who was delivering the beer, some man who was doing the accounts, a postman who was delivering a parcel and a few other random men to watch. The music came on and Sarah walked up the steps to the stage. And she did a fantastic striptease. All the men were right in front of the stage, watching Sarah as she stripped. After less than a minute Sarah took her bra off and stood in front of us, topless, and shook her shoulders so her tits wobbled back and fore. I cheered, as did all the guys, seeing Sarah’s tits wobbling around. Sarah looked so relaxed and pretty soon her g-string was off. She walked to the edge of the stage in front of us and squatted down, just like I”d told her that she would have to do. She hesitated just for a second, then suddenly spread escort bayan her legs really wide. The guys cheered and applauded, at the sight of Sarah’s pussy. Her pussy lips were open and her pink flaps were showing really nicely. She held that pose, looking down at our faces and smiling at us, as we had a good close look at her open pussyThen she stood up, walked over to where her discarded clothes were on the stage, moved her legs astride and bent forward to pick them up.The manager shouted, above the sound of the music ‘That’s brilliant Sarah. That’s a great finish to your act.’.We went back to his office and he got out some simple documents for her to sign. Nothing too legal, agreed how much she would earn, the date when she would do her first strip-session, and a few other things. He asked her if she’d enjoyed it. Sarah said ‘It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I’m glad that you were able to find some men to watch. I wanted to show you that I’m not shy about showing my body off to men who I don’t know”.A week later it was the day of Sarah’s first strip-session. The place opened at midday, I think. The girls had to strip once or twice over the lunchtime, when the business men were in, then again during the afternoon, then again in the evening. I was working and couldn’t get there until the evening. I went in, got a drink, watched a few of the girls strip, then eventually Sarah walked up the stage. By then she’d done maybe three of four strips.. She was brilliant. She looked like she’d been stripping for years. And, with the men gathered around the stage, she soon had her lovely tits our, her g-string off and her legs spread wide, showing that pretty pussy off as they cheered.She went back to the changing room. I’d sent her a text to let her know I was in the place. Soon she’d dressed – well, sort of – she walked out in a very tight, skimpy outfit that only just covered her nipples, pushed past the guys and we met up.Her fist words were ‘Do you see me? Did you see me stripping? What did you think?’I said ‘Amazing Sarah. So professional’. Whereas what I was thinking was something like ‘So, now you take your clothes of several times a day and show your tits and pussy off to hundreds of men. You are so, so not girlfriend material’. But I told her how great she was. Slutty Sarah has just got more slutty. No that I care”.

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