SLUTS 1: The New Games Mistress

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Karen looked at the class of girls standing expectantly in the gym, waiting for her to speak. She could not help thinking how sexy the school uniform made them all look, consisting as it did of a tiny skirt that left buttocks uncovered, and an abbreviated top which tied at the bust. A thong completed the wardrobe.Her first class, in her first teaching job. She had spent the last week checking all the equipment and sporting facilities, made out wonderful, multi-coloured teaching schedules for the year, re-read all her notes on motivational approaches. So, why was she so nervous?Saint Libido’s Unisexual Tutorial School, known locally as SLUTS, a private, pre-university, special school, for select young ladies, aged sixteen to nineteen, and she was the new Games Mistress, as of today. A very nice position for someone who was only twenty-five. She just hoped she could get the girls to accept her authority. After all, she was not much older than they were, only stood five foot three, with a slim athletic body, boobs a nicely formed thirty-four B, but very fit and very eager to start.The school had only been open for two years so far, the previous Games Mistress having proved she was not up to the job with its modern outlook, which was why the vacancy had occurred so soon.She split the girls into two groups at random, designating one group as “skirts” and the others as “shorts”, meaning the two main games kits the school had decided on.Skirts would wear a tiny sports skirt that barely came down to the buttocks, with a minuscule thong, and a tiny crop top that ended just below the boobs. Shorts would wear the same tops, but with a tiny pair of stretch-fabric shorts that covered very little.When she had first seen the kits, she had thought them a little too skimpy for the usual gym classes, but the Headmistress had assured her that they were perfectly decent, and after all, all pupils and staff, even groundskeepers and caretakers, were all female.Thinking back on it, while the girls were changing into their kits, Karen could not help thinking her interview for the job was a little unconventional, compared to the other interviews she had failed at when applying for other schools. In this interview, she had been required to sit, in just her very brief underwear, for the panel, and answer questions of a rather personal nature, regarding her sexual tendencies and activities.She had thought that being bi might have counted against her, but it seemed that gay or bi was preferred by St. Libido’s. Probably because she would not be tempted to bring any men into the all-female sanctuary of the school.She saw the girls were ready, all looking even more sexy in their skimpy games kit, so much so, that she could feel the familiar dampness start between her legs. She slipped off her tracksuit, revealing her official Games Mistress uniform. .Pure white and very short, like a tennis dress, with nothing under it of course, except a tiny thong, the material so fine that her nipples could be clearly seen through the thin fabric. She reached her hands behind her to confirm the hem did not even cover her ripe buttocks.Ah well, she thought as she led the girls out onto the playing fields, maybe the girls will not notice how skimpy her outfit was. She led the girls on a few gentle laps of the running track, before putting them through simple exercises, concentrating on learning who the girls were, and who were the leaders among them. It was soon apparent that a small group of four were the leaders, Jenny, Lynne, Kath and Ginger, and it was Ginger who was the leader of that small group.This was reinforced, as the lesson came to an end, and she shepherded the girls back inside.As Ginger passed her, Karen felt a hand very firmly stroke her partly exposed bum, and Ginger said quietly, “nice ass, Miss, very spankable.”Karen blushed, too flustered to think of the correct response to the girl’s advance. She decided to ignore it, hoping it would not happen again. A vain hope. As they finished dressing and started leaving for their next class, Ginger stopped near her.”I would love to have you in my bed, Miss,” she murmured softly, “see if I could make you scream nicely for me.””Ginger,” Karen replied, “I have no plans to ever be in your bed, so you can stop dreaming.”Ginger merely smiled, as she walked away, bottom wiggling so sexily in the tiny school skirt. Oh Yes, Karen thought, she was going to have problems with that one. Yet even as she was thinking it, she could feel herself growing aroused at the thought of Ginger’s what? Threat? Promise?.The rest of the day went smoothly. Okay, Karen had a few Çukurambar escort other girls taking a sneaky stroke at her exposed buttocks, a few requests for private tutoring in the evenings, and even an openly stated invite from two girls, to join them in the sauna later, and they would have some fun. All of which she deflected or refused gracefully.Even in the dining room with the other mistresses, she had several invites to visit certain teachers in their rooms later that night, “after we’ve got the little bitches settled down for the night,” as one teacher put it.During the evening, the girls were free, after prep, to relax in their common rooms until bedtime, the teachers taking turns on a rota system to walk round checking all was well. At set times, half hour intervals from nine thirty onwards, each age group went up to bed in their dormitories, each dorm holding three, four or five students, depending on the size of the rooms.Again, a teacher on the rota would go to check each room was settled, shortly after the bedtime. Looking at the list, Karen saw she was down for the final check. Probably because she was the youngest, as well as the newest teacher, she had been put on the least popular time slot.Needless to say, Ginger and the other three girls in that group, shared a four-bed room and were in the third and final age group, which was the 18 and overs.Karen spent a few hours late evening in her room, enjoying her usual practice of being naked, and splitting her time between the computer and the television. At 10.45, she got ready to do the check on the girls, to make sure everyone was settled down for the night. She debated if she should put her uniform on, but decided her short robe covered just as much as the uniform.All was quiet and peaceful, as she made her way from room to room, the girls all seemingly settled for the night. Then there was just the one room left to check. Karen wondered how Ginger had arranged it, for herself and her friends to get the room furthest from the teachers’ rooms. Everything was silent as she listened at the door. She opened it quietly, taking a step inside, then a second, to make sure everything was in order.Without warning, a velvety bag was thrown over her head, and strong arms pushed her across the room to fall face down onto a bed. She felt the robe pulled off her, then she was flipped over, and wrists and ankles were pulled wide, and tied to the four corners of the bed.The bag was partly removed, just enough so her eyes were still covered, and a familiar voice addressed her.”Well, Miss, ” whispered Ginger, “are you going to scream for help, and demand we let you go? Or do you want to stay, and see if I can make you scream nicely for me like I told you I could?”Karen could not believe how calm she felt. Or how aroused she was. She smiled.”Would you release me, if I told you to?” she asked.A finger snaked along her slit, feeling the wetness already there.”Would you really want me to, Miss?” Ginger queried, “let’s pretend I said no. Besides,” holding up a finger, glistening with moisture, “this seems to say that you are looking forward to this.”Her finger rubbed gently at Karen’s clit, forcing a soft moan, and a squirm from her. Then lips were on hers, and she was responding to the kiss, tongue teasing the invading tongue, inviting more.The bag was removed, and Karen looked around the room. Four double beds, with the other three girls sitting on their beds, all wearing brief tops and shorts, and all watching in fascination, as Ginger ran her hands over Karen’s helpless and naked body.The desire in the watching girls was obvious, and when Ginger motioned to them, they came over to Karen, reaching out hesitant hands to touch bare skin. Gaining confidence, when no protest was forthcoming, they were soon exploring Karen’s body, gleefully pointing out sensitive areas to each other, and enjoying the squeals and moans they forced from their helpless sex toy.After a while, Ginger intervened.”Back off, let her be. We need to get something sorted out before we go any further,” she announced, “Miss? Karen? Do you want us to stop? If so, tell us now. Or would you like us to carry on?”Karen was already at that wonderful tingly, squirmy, stage. It took brief seconds for her to decide.”Carry on, please, Ginger,” she said, almost begging, “please?”Ginger went to lie next to her, a hand teasing a nipple as she kissed Karen deeply.”Something you should know, Miss,” Ginger explained, “we never take anyone who does not want us. We don’t need to, there are always lots of girls who want to be demetevler escort bayan in the group.””What group?” queried Karen, “and Ginger, as you have me tied and naked, have already fingered me, and are, I presume, intending to fuck me, don’t you think “Miss” is a little formal? My name is Karen.”Ginger grinned, “Okay, Karen. The Gay Girls Group. Got to be gay or bi to get in, and have to satisfy each of we four leaders, not necessarily all in one session.” Another wicked grin, as her hand stroked Karen’s pussy, “after tonight, you will be a member.”Karen squirmed, as Ginger’s stroking started having the desired effect.”Mmm, so I am going to get four climaxes in one night?” Karen mused, “never had that many before.””Four? Where did you get that number from?” Ginger asked,”You said the four of you,” Karen told her, “one each makes four.”Ginger laughed. “You think we are going to be satisfied with one each from you?” she asked, “Karen, we never had a young, sexy teacher before, we are going to enjoy you.”She sat up, slipping her top off, then squirming out of her shorts, revealing she was a true redhead, her tight-looking pussy surrounded by a faint ginger fuzz, that made Karen long to taste it. Beautiful perky tits, not big, but very nicely shaped, nipples erect and crinkled with desire, perfect to nibble or tease.Ginger slid down the bed, between Karen’s wide open legs, her hands gripping Karen’s bum cheeks, and the other girls moved around the bed, one lying each side of her and the third astride her waist, facing away from her face.They worked together so smoothly, it was either practice or the result of many previous seductions, The two girls either side of her started teasing her tits, hands squeezing while fingers and teeth teased her nipples.Ginger was probing and teasing between her tied open legs, hands on her bum cheeks, pulling her pussy towards Ginger’s eager mouth, while the fourth girl was using a vibe on her erect and sensitive clit.Karen’s bum was trying to bounce up and down on the bed, her head went back, and she screamed softly as she came, and then again minutes later, as she was made to come more strongly, when Ginger and the girls carried on with the stimulation, until they were satisfied she had come hard enough..Ginger kissed her soaking pussy, then slid up, and kissed Karen deeply on the lips, letting Karen taste her own love juices. She squirmed as Ginger moved to her side and started sucking and teasing a nipple. Lynne moved from her waist to straddle Karen’s head, pussy nudging her lips, inviting Karen to taste and tease.As if on a signal, the other girls started touching and teasing again, as someone took Ginger’s place between her legs.She looked down, long black hair, rich dark skin, like a young Halle Berry, that was Jenny. And, oh wow, she was good. Karen had thought Ginger was talented, but Jenny took it to a whole new level. Karen tried hard to focus on Lynne’s open pussy, working on her as Lynne pushed down. From the sounds coming from Lynne, Karen gathered Lynne was enjoying her efforts.Karen was certainly enjoying Jenny’s. No vibe was needed this time, as Jenny had Karen bouncing and thrusting up at her teasing tongue, the girl using just fingers and thumbs to rub, while her tongue probed and tormented, until Karen came for her, her scream muffled by Lynne’s wet pussy over her mouth, as Lynn came too.As she lay trembling, Ginger nuzzled her neck, nibbling along it from ear to shoulder.”Having fun, sexy teacher?” Ginger whispered into her ear, biting down gently on the earlobe.”I would have more fun, if I could get to taste that sexy cunt of yours,” Karen replied, smiling as she wondered if Ginger would accept the invitation.”I thought you’d never ask,” laughed Ginger, as she moved to straddle Karen’s head, her own head down near Karen’s soaking pussy.Karen nuzzled into Ginger’s warm wetness, even as she felt Ginger start tonguing her. Ginger was already very wet, her clit erect, and clearly sensitive, as Karen found when she started flicking it with her tongue. Ginger pushed down into Karen’s face and increased pressure on Karen’s pussy, burrowing into it, tongue probing, fingers holding her pussy lips open while her thumbs rubbed the clit.The other three watched fascinated as the two brought each other higher, both trying to hold off their climax as long as they could. Ginger though, had more freedom of movement, and also could apply more pressure, so it was Karen who exploded first, bucking wildly as she came, but still working on Ginger, until Ginger came moments later, collapsing Escort dikmen on Karen as the climax washed over her.After a few seconds, Ginger moved up to lie next to Karen again, the two kissing with loving affection. Ginger reached a hand across, idly tracing patterns around Karen’s nipple, making her squirm with pleasure.”You had enough yet, Karen, my sexy slut?” asked Ginger.Karen looked at Kath and Lynne, lying near the bottom of the bed, gently stroking her inner thighs and along her slit.”Ginger, darling, if you try stopping this now, I strongly suspect you will find yourself tied next to me until those two have had enough fun,” Karen warned, “besides, I am loving every minute of it. Have you any idea what it is like, to enjoy bondage sex, and yet have to keep up that “oh so proper” façade?””That is something you don’t need to worry about here,” Ginger told her, “nearly all of the mistresses, and the Head herself, have all enjoyed most of the girls, as well as each other.”Karen turned shocked eyes on Ginger, who merely nodded, knowingly. They were interrupted by a call from Kath.”Hey, Ginger, are we carrying on yet?” she demanded, “I am so horny, thanks to the show you two just put on for us.””That goes for me too,” added Lynne, “not right, having this horny cunt wide open like this, and not fucking it”.”Help yourselves,” Ginger told them, “like you say, it is there for fucking.””About time, ” said Lynne gleefully, “pass me the strap-on, Kath, I have never fucked a tied down teacher before.”Kath bent to a bedside cabinet, coming back up with a strap-on, the double ended dildos each looking massive to Karen. Lynne strapped it on, fitting her dildo in place before tightening the straps. A quick test and the device buzzed briefly, before being turned off.She positioned herself between Karen’s legs, stroking a finger along the glistening slit, to check how wet Karen was. A soft moan told her, sensitive as well as soaking. She slid slowly and easily into Karen, then pulled almost all the way out. A flick of the switch, and then a massive lunge that took Karen’s breath away, as she was impaled on the monster, feeling it fill her completely, before starting to plunge in and out of her.The vibrations were intense, and the damn thing was ridged, rubbing and stimulating every fraction of an inch of her love tunnel, as she was rough-fucked. The cries forced from Karen, along with the vibrations from Lynne’s own half of the dildo, were already having an effect on Lynne too, and her thrusting grew harder and wilder, as she struggled to keep control, while every lunge forced the double-ended false cock further into her, as well as into Karen.A kiss from Ginger, and one of her tits being squeezed, and Karen was exploding, fluids squirting from around where the strap-on was still lunging into her, and then Lynne was screaming, as she came too, with a final massive thrust deep into Karen’s twitching cunt.Ginger lay kissing and caressing Karen, as the other girls pulled Lynne out of her, and over to a bed, turning the vibes off and undoing the strap-on. Kath took it over to the wash basin, and cleaned it off, drying it carefully.”I might try that on you myself, next session,” Ginger whispered in Karen’s ear, “you certainly seemed to enjoy it.””I think I would enjoy anything you tried, Ginger darling,” Karen whispered back, “what is Kath doing with that?”Kath was wearing the strap-on, as she approached the bed, putting KY gel on the protruding cock. Karen felt her ankles being untied. From the way the girls were acting, Karen was sure they knew what was coming. Ginger grinned at her.Karen’s legs were raised, and the cords tied to the headboard, almost bending her in two, and presenting all at the foot of the bed with a perfect view of her arse. Suddenly, Karen realized what was coming.”Kath, no, don’t you dare…”Her words ended in a muffled groan, as Kath slid the well-lubed false cock into Karen’s arse, sliding it softly until it was all the way in.The vibes were turned on, and Karen felt the stimulation in the unusual area. Kath slid in and out a couple of times, as though taking a practice swing at golf. Even that gentle shafting forced soft moans from Karen. Then someone had the bright idea of sliding a vibe, on full, into Karen’s pussy, just as Kath started shafting her in earnest.Karen felt like someone had lit a firework deep in her cunt, she was being bum-fucked hard by Kath, and every thrust compressed her pussy, so the vibe had so much more effect. Kath must have been already so turned on, as she was gripping Karen’s hips, pulling hard at them with each thrust. Karen was coming already, screams of pure pleasure forced from her, as her arse was violated over and over until Kath came with screams of her own.As she pulled out, legs unsteady, and pussy twitching delightfully, she staggered around to Karen’s head, bending to kiss her deeply, a hand stroking Karen’s tits.

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