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Slow handHiya im D…And my Long time Friend is J..We both meet when we were Neighbours at a young age…J she was 15yo and myself D 17yo we both went too the same school.While we were attending high school we would play sport’s..Basketball,Netball,Touch Football etc But the best we both like is Swimming sport’s..J was a awsome swimmer i would wacth her win her racer’s..Be her Support team lol.i was very proud of her..She would glance’s at me an smile an a crazy wave was her way of sayn hey thanks for comming an supporting me D I glance and gave her a hug and said thats what Girlfriends for.We would have sleep over’s we both had Dream’s in what we both would do after Finishing school..We both would stay up all nite and talk Laugh and have Awsome Cuddles.After the holidays My mum came in too speak too me she said there some News we need to tell u i said what is it mum…J and here family are moving Her Dad got a higher position in his job and i ran outside all upset.i rush over too J place and call out too J she came out is it tru u guys are moving she said yeah D..I started too cry she grab my hand and we brrowed her mother car and took off too the beach where we always went too when we were younger.When we stop j Turn toward’s me an says dont cry i was more upset then u were D.. Then J says i just finish arguing with my dad that i didnt want too go he told me i didnt have a choice..I Look at J and some türbanlı kırıkkale escort how it just come out I LOVE U J an i dont want u too go..Too my suprise J says I LOVE U TOO D Your my Close Friend,I could tell u anything and it would be just between us..Then J lean over And kiss me I think she shook herself..I open my eyes and look at her and gentle put both my hands on face an kiss her back.This time it was with our mour mouth open an swirling our tounges left and right we both were breathing a bit heavy..we stop just incase ppl didnt approve of what me and J was doing in a public place at the beach..She wipe my tears and said Mum and dad gonna throw a party on tonite.It Reach 3pm in our NZ afternoon The BBQ was going My Dad was talking too J Dad and me an J and my Mum and J mum was doing the cooking J had 2 brother’s and 1 older sisterAs for i hav 4 brothers an 2 sister’s..As the party went on everyone was getting pissed and Aunty and uncles was singing and playing the Gat and the spoons..Laughing singing then i heard a whisper..D psss D i look and turn J was telling me too follow.Mum yelled u girls going too bed and we both look yehhh mum ok..We both went back too my places we made too my bedroon J took some Hot stuff loli told her too wait in the bedroom and i went too get some canddles..i lock my bedroom door behind me and lit up my bedroom türbanlı kırıkkale escort bayan with candles i wanted it too be a romantic night..So we played our Fav song which was sung by the Pointer sisters ( Slow Hand )As the music was playing we both gazed at each other while the song was playing and i reach out too J and held her hand and as i pulled myself over too J we both put our glasses down and gentle pashing each other not too hard we just connected..J look at me an says I LOVE U so much D..And i too J Then we started kissing again i Laid J back down on the blankets and slowly put my hand on her Stomach she whispered in my ear and said our song finish and we stop and both crack up laughing..We both had a another glass of hotstuff and played our song and stuck it on Auto Repeat ( Slow Hand ) by the pointer sisters..J ask me Hav u every been with a women before D isaid Noooo Wat about you J she said No..I said to J im willing to if u are..Then we both smiled and had another glass of hotstuff..We both strip off and Kneeled in front of each other we both leaned towards each other started kissing each other my hand gentle cup her Breast an we decided too lay on our side pashing each other J slowly correst me admiring my body and i glazed in to eyes and slowly correst J body I slowly Laid J on her Back and lead my body on hers gentle rubbing türbanlı escort kırıkkale my Clit on hers slowly i reach over her head an turn our music volume up a bit more so no one could here me an J moaning..She open her eyes an whisper D make love to me..So we carryed on passion each other up and started breathing heavyer..J legs started too open and i started really grinding here i felt her body pushing in hard against mine and we bothed started moaning i love u D then too show my feeling for her i slowly went down on her i statred licking her belly button and gentley slowly stared tounging her clit my tounge was slowly going up an down left too right.Then J put her 2 hands on my head and wanted too go deeper inside her..By then she was moaning with joy..15mins later J said i wont too do u D i said why dont we Top and Tail J said ok so we did i Felt J slowly putting her tounge in me an man what a feeling i look up at hers and i put my tounge into her and we both lick each other out we both rub each other then i slowly slid my finger in her she gave out a deep moan and says awww babe i love u so much D yes babe finger me my Body is all yours D i slowly in and out and begain too go a little quicker Go for it D yes babe Got for it and i did i fingered her not too long J slowly fingered me man wat a rush J fingered me in an out i moaned and moaned when she stop she pulled her finger out and lick them i smiled. we both hop out of our top an tail and laid side by side and crosslegs and rubbed each other clit man did we go for it..its was sensual and so relaxing as we laid there we both look at each other and crack up laughing we both said OMFG..We hug and kiss and Of course had another glass of hot stuff and we change the song lol..We both laid there an fell alseep..This is part 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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