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“Can we invite a girl into our sex life?” Tristy asked Shane.“You already know my answer,” he replied simply.“Get her to suck you off while I eat her out?”“Yeah, sure.”———————————————————————————————————————————————-After a long day at work. It was finally time to relax.Or something else!All that could be heard in the atmosphere was a strange moaning coming from the bathroom. It wasn’t strange, per se, but Shane wasn’t expecting to hear it as soon as he returned from work. He remembered Tristy saying that she’d have her friend, Tasmin, over for the night. It was eight o’clock right now. The moaning was high-pitched, enticing, and the sound came from upstairs.“Tristy, you up there?”Walking up the flight of steps, Shane crept towards the bathroom door. The moaning became louder. The door was firmly shut, albeit the keyhole was visible. Lowering his torso, Shane took a peak through the hole, and his eyes widened in surprise at what he saw. Tristy appeared to be fingering Tasmin, having four fingers knuckles-deep inside Tasmin’s vulva. They both were in the bath, albeit Tasmin was standing up, bent over with her butt in Tristy’s face.Clearing his throat, Shane straightened his back, and then soon he knocked on the wooden bathroom door. Of course, he pretended he didn’t see anything.“Tristy, you in there?”“Um, meet you in the bedroom. I’m almost finished in here,” answered Tristy. “Just lay down on the bed or something!”Yeah, right.“Sure, okay.”Moving into the bedroom next door to the bathroom, Shane sat on the double bed, laying down onto the mattress. A tent formed in the crotch of Ankara bayan escort his trousers. He couldn’t exactly admit it, but the moaning turned him on. Hands rested behind his head, elbows bent, while he rested his head on the pillow beneath him. He ignored his rising erection for the time being.Then suddenly, he heard the bathroom door open. The bedroom door was wide open, so the two women could see him. Shane didn’t bother looking at them, though, seeing as he felt embarrassed already for knocking on the door. He swallowed his own spit nervously.Tristy was his girlfriend, and Tasmin was a friend of hers.Of course, he’d be embarrassed.Whispering echoed from the hallway, an exchange between Tristy and Tasmin.“Let’s surprise him,” whispered Tristy, laughing “or scare him.”“What should we do?” Tasmin checked, placing an index fingertip onto her bottom lip. Azure hues stared into those emerald eyes of Tristy’s, while long cyan locks bounced when she tilted her head to the side. “ … Like, surprise him? By fucking him?”Green hues glanced down Tasmin’s naked body, and then back up to her face. Tasmin’s figure was curvy, while Tristy’s was slightly on the chubby side. Hands reached forward, cupping Tasmin’s breasts into both palms. “Use your imagination,” answered Tristy with a flirty wink. Tasmin’s breasts were exactly one cup larger than Tristy’s, 36DD cups.“Oh, okay!” Tasmin nodded.A hand stroked Tristy’s short blonde locks, as Tasmin’s fingertips brushed through blonde strands. Tristy’s sunshine blonde hair was short, chin-length, and fluffy. Tasmin’s hair was dyed sky blue, and the tresses extended to her backside. Tristy always calls Escort bayan Ankara Tasmin’s hair ‘pretty mermaid hair’ out of affection.“Just guide me along the way, okay? He’s your man, after all,” stated Tasmin.Leaning into Tasmin’s gentle hand, Tristy simply nodded. “Okay.”“Uh, Shane,” she called out, still standing in the hallway. “Close your eyes!”Shane just groaned, “Okay.”Holding onto Tasmin’s hand, Tristy ran into the bedroom. She crawled onto the mattress, heavy breathing present. Tristy straddled Shane’s torso, shortly before sitting on his face. Her short blonde locks swayed gently when she started to move her hips, smothering her vagina over his mouth.“What should I do?” Tasmin whispered over to Tristy.“Just … anything!”“Oh, sure.”Sitting on Shane’s face, Tristy leaned back, having the palms of her hands on the pillow Shane’s head was resting on. Shane opened his mouth, as his tongue started to lick Tristy’s engorged clitoris. The blonde woman appeared wet, moist, and her vagina was scorching hot against his tongue. Tasmin, on the other hand, hugged her large breasts around Shane’s length, having them work at the base. Tasmin’s lips hugged around the mushroom tip, sucking half the length while her breasts stroked the other half.Her breasts were plump, fat, and soft. Her nipples were erect with large areolas circling them.Tongue licking Tristy’s clit like as if it were a snake slithering through the hot desert sand, Shane started to suckle on the swollen bean. Tristy moaned out in pleasure, squeezing her eyes shut while he suckled. Her hips swayed with each lick, which caused him to hold her thighs down while she straddled Bayan escort Ankara his face. Her ample C-cup breasts bounced when her hips danced.“F-fuck…” Tristy gasped, a quiver in her moan.Tasmin continued to stroke her large breasts along Shane’s veiny cock, stimulating him, all whilst her lips enticed his sperm to the surface. Aqua hues kept their gaze fixed on the manhood she was pleasing. She raised a hand every now and then to brush loose blue strands out from her face, then behind her ear. Long hair was messy during blowjobs! Both her hands pressed onto both her breasts, keeping them cuddling Shane’s cock. Her nipples were erect, appearing a pinkish colour.Juices dribbled from Tristy’s moist clitoris, covering Shane’s mouth with the wetness. A dribble of clear fluid drooled out from her g-spot, running down her clit and then into his mouth. The walnut of her clitoris appeared swollen, adopting a bright reddish hue, and it throbbed from the stimulation. Moving her hands up, Tristy cupped her own medium-sized breasts, squeezing onto them for comfort reasons.When Tristy experienced an orgasm, Shane released an immediate load inside Tasmin’s warm mouth. Then again, orgasms came quicker when the party was horny as fuck.Rising up to her feet, Tristy hastily sat beside Shane, seconds before she moved down and slipped off the bed. Hands gripped onto Tasmin’s plump buttocks, Tristy soon leaned forward, immediately digging her pink tongue into Tasmin’s juicy love hole. She pumped her tongue inside and out, over and over again.Reaching down, Shane gripped a fistful of Tasmin’s cyan locks, as he drove his cock deep into her hot mouth. Her eyes squeezed shut, a gag could be heard in her throat, and even her face flushed a vivid crimson hue. The cock in her throat, and even the tongue inside her pussy, both caused her orgasm to be at peak. It became worse when Tristy moved a single hand in between Tasmin’s open thighs, as her fingers then began to caress Tasmin’s swollen g-spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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