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[b]This is story of a girl who got married to a sadistic man forcefully. Then her life becomes hell day by day and then she became complete submissive slave wife for the evil man. This is the story in 1st person.* Hi I am Neelveni. I am 23 years old. I just want to narrate my story that how I become slave wife for my husband. My husband`s name is VIKAS. (I don’t know after how many years I am talking his name. as per Indian culture wife should not call his husband my his name) He is 38 years old. This story started when I was 17 years old. My family belongs to the small village from south India. We wear Thakur of the village. We had so much of respect in the village. My father is well known person from the village. I had just completed my school. As per village rituals girls should not go to school. Girls should learn household work rather than learning books. But my father was really Nobel man. He said now time is changing girls should get knowledge of world. Though there was opposing of all my relatives and people from village my father send me to the big collage in the city which is nearby the village. I was very bright student in study. When I got admission at collage I decided that I will become good successful person in my life that everybody from will should see to me as idol. This will helps further generation girls to get better education and which leads to development of the village.* I got admission at collage and hostel as well. I got many friends at collage and hostel. All were girls off course. I was really shy type girl moreover it’s been almost taboo to talk to any other guy in the village. So I was following that rules in collage as well. I forget to tell you about how I look n all. I am 57 high with very much slim body. My boobs have started to develop day by day. Right now it’s almost 32B. I have very long beautiful hair till my waist. When I was at village I used to braid my hair with oil daily. My mother daily used to oil my hair before going to bed. In village I used to wear salwar kamiz. No jeans and skirts allowed in village as people were orthodox thinking. After marriage I only wear saree that is too when I am going out but when I home I am not allowed to wear cloths. That I will describe you as the story proceeds.* to adjust with city life I started to transform myself.* There were girls from other cities as well. I started to wear jeans and skirts in collage. I used to oil my hair very less. Rather than braiding it I started keeping my hair open, Many of my suggested me to have trendy haircut. But I was not able to dare to cut my hair. Means when I go home for vacation I can change my dressing as per village concern. But I would I face to my parents with haircut. All women in the village have long n beautiful hair so cutting hair was not at all question. In those collage days I hardly used to wear salwar kamiz. In those days I hardly remembered*that I wear anything below my knees. I started to visit parlor one in a week regularly.* One day I got a call from home that my father is very much serious. I went to home immediately. When i reach home i was shocked. There were many people around my house. I heard my mother was crying vary loudly. I went rushed inside. There was dead body of my father. My mother was crying and sobbing. I couldn’t even cry due to shock. There was aunty which living in neighbor. She told me my father is dead due to heart attack. Other people from village took my father’s body to do his “kriyakarm”. Women were not allowed to go there so all women stayed at home. As the part of tradition women broke green bangles from the mother’s hand. They also removed the red tika from mother’s forehead. (As Indian tradition woman is not supposed to wear bangles and red tika after death of his husband) from now on my mother is allowed to wear white saree only. She was not supposed to wear any kind of ornaments.*after few days of my father passed away I asked mother to go to city and join the collage again. But my mother said “your father was the only person who was earning money for home. As a woman I can’t do the farm work. So I am very sorry to say you have to leave your collage.” It was very much sad news for me. I could understand the financial position. We have to sell our farm. One day i got a proposal from nearby village for marriage. As I was very young i told my mother that i need some more time. But my mother was not in position to listen to me because she knew it’s very hard to raise money for my marriage without my father. I could have agreed for marriage but the groom was too elder for me. It was almost 32. Still due to my situation I could have adjusted that but this is not the first marriage for him. His first wife was passed away while delivering child. So the groom’s family was ready to adjust for dowry part. They also ready to contribute for the expenses of marriage. I literally pleaded to my mother to reject this proposal but she was firm on his decision.* Soon the in laws family came to see me. His mother was looking very horrified. She was having three piercing at nose One at each side and one at middle at septum. She was wearing too many ornaments. There was almost 6-7 piercing on each ear lobe. Three rings in each figures of hand. Two rings at foot figures. She was also having long hair which was plaited in braid tightly with lot of oil. Her septum ring was so big that it was almost reaching to her upper figure. It was heavy was well. A guy was black in colour with moustache. He was not good looking at all. When I saw him first time i couldnt imagine him as my life partner. He was wearing white shirt and plant at least his dressing sense was good. His father was looking fully traditional. He was wearing dhoti. He was having big white moustache. My mother carried out some initial talk. Then she called me. I was at kitchen. As per tradition when groom family come to see bride for first time girl is supposed to serve tea. As per tradition I serve tea to them. I was wearing salwar kamiz because it was my daily dressing. Before saying anything her mother asks me to go and change in saree. My mother was also stunned by hearing this order though marriage was not yet fixed. My mother in law “Manju” said saree is the woman proper dress. These salwar kamiz and all are western culture. Our family believes in following tradition. Before i came back in saree Manju told my mother that if marriage is fixed then Neelveni have to wear saree no western dressage is allowed after marriage. Then she asked me to sit near her. She then checked for my nose piercing. I had only one nose pierced at the left side of the nose. That was when I was very young. Then she asked me to walk few steps (just to check whether I have any kind of defect in my leg.) She checked my hair and appreciated for having such a long beautiful hair. Then she asked me to knot with the help of needle. (Just to check my eye sight) after this she said would I like to ask anything to boy. I was so afraid with all the process and her commands i just nodded that I don’t want to ask anything. As it is I was not ready for marriage. I have decided that after that family left our home I am strictly going to tell my mother to reject the proposal. Without asking my mother Manju asked me to go inside as she wants to discuss something with my mother. When i went inside the groom that is Vikas came in behind me. I was shocked that he followed Me.

Vikas: My mother ask me to have some talk to you so we can better know each other. I can understand that you were under pressure that you didn’t ask me anything. Would you like to ask me anything?”

Me: Nothing as such. Any ways I am sorry to herd that you lost your first wife.”

Vikas: That bitch must die. She did not at all deserve.

I was shocked, that my face told Vikas about my shocking state.

Vikas: “she was carrying girl child. When I ask her to abort it she didn’t listen to me. That’s why she got punishment for disobeying his husband.”

Me: What’s wrong with girl child?”

Vikas: There is everything wrong with girl child. Any ways don’t take tension right now I am with you. Yes… just don’t take much tension to my mother. She is bit dominant in nature. She wants to follow tradition. I don’t think it’s hard to follow her traditions. Just you have to follow her orders then your life will be very happy. Any ways I think we have spent enough time to know each other let our parents decide about our marriage.

We came out where they were discussing something serious. When we entered in all of them become silent Manju: So you think about proposal which I gave you and decide about marriage. We will be waiting for your answer.” I was thinking which proposal she was talking about? They left the home then I stared to questioning to my mother.

Me: What kind of proposal Manju was talking about?” My mother slaps me very hard. My mother says ‘She is going to be your mother in law. Don’t call her by her name. Have some respect.” There were tears in my eyes but somehow I controlled my tears. I was more interested to know about proposal rather than that slap. My mother said “Manju ji was saying that if i agreed for the marriage proposal their family will give us some amount for my expenses. I think that will be great deal as I am worried about money after your dad. I said ‘Are you trying to sell me for the good amount of money just like any farm animal? This is pathetic.” My mother: No dear… the family is good. You would be husband is well educated. It will be win-win deal. You will get a good home in returns I will leave my life worry free. Moreover they will manage expenses of marriage on their own. We don’t have to spend anything for it.” Me: Didn’t you see how much dominating she was? Moreover her so called traditions. I don’t want to live my rest of life in following ridiculous traditions which has no meaning as such.” My mother: “whether you wish or not you are going to marry Vikas ji. As it is he is not living with his parents, He his living in Delhi for his job. So you don’t have worries for following traditions. You just have to follow tradition when you are with your in-laws. Whenever you will come here for vacation you will leave life tradition free. I am your mother I can’t give pain to my daughter in returns of money. They are going to come back next week for engagement. So you have whole week to prepare your mind for marriage. I know everything is so sudden to you. But believe me this will be for your better future.” Me: “what about my education which I left after dad?” My mother: “ohhh… I just forget to ask Manju ji about it. After three days when I will go to their home I will defiantly ask her. But I am sure she will not deny it.” Me: It’s ok then. If they allow me for further education i will defiantly prepare my mind for marriage. After all i also have to think about your life when I will leave this home.” After 4th day my mother came back from their home she was bit tensed but happy as well. Me: Amma did you ask about my education?” I think she was expecting this question before answer me she thought for couple of seconds my mother: “yes dear I did ask her. She said I will allow her for further education but not which she wanted to have. I will give her different education in which I will see to it that she should be master.” I don’t know what kind of education she was talking about. Me: “let’s see I will convince my husband after marriage doesn’t worry What about marriage date?” My mother: “Manju ji was saying marriage will be after three months. As there is no shubh muhurat for next three months. But engagement will be after 3 days. So she said tomorrow we are going for some shopping for engagement. So be ready for tomorrow early morning as we are going at 9am to nearby town.” Next morning I wake up early. As per my mother in law’s instruction i wear saree. I had only one blouse. Because I used to wear saree on very few occasions just like durga(a Hindu goddess) pooja. But I didn’t want to create mess at shopping place. It was very much difficult to carry this attire. But i had to prepare my mind because I am going to get married with Vikas just for the sake of my mother. I was praying that something should happen and this marriage should get cancel. But there were so little hopes. We reached town. Manju was there before we reached the place. For engagement ring we went to jewelers shop there she ***********ed heavy ring. It was too much costly as well. If my father would be alive then also we couldn’t afford this much costly ring. But the cost of the ring I had to pay after my marriage. That you will come to know as the story proceeds. Then we went to cloth shop. There she got 7 saree for me. It was really tiresome job to try every saree by wearing it till the time she gets satisfied. Then again we went to one old blacksmith shop. I didn’t understand for what reason. Old black asked me to lift my saree to naval level. Then she took measurements of my waists.* Manju: This is tradition. Bride must wear metal waist ring. See mine.” She showed her metal ring to her waist. It was so tight that hardly a figure could pass through ring and waist. I didn’t understand for what purpose.* me: does it really necessary to wear this? Means its old tradition now. Manju: “YOU HAVE TO WEAR this. I told you on first day only I believe on following traditions. There will no way out of this.” Her voice was so sharp that i could say a single word after that. Blacksmith then fitted the ring to my waist. He showed to it Manju. She slid a figure inside the ring and asked him to reduce size. Blacksmith did as instructed and fitted again to my waist. To my surprise he welded that ring at my back so the waist ring is now permanent. I can’t remove it unless it cut down.* Manju: This ring will also prevent you to wear western dresses. From now on you will only wear saree if you want comforts with this ring.”

After some days of marriage you will like it’s a prestige of our family tradition. I looked at my mother because I remember that she said to me that me and Vikas going to live at Delhi so I don’t have to follow traditions much. But it seems Manju have made the plan that I should follow it. I was going to make adjustments for my mother’s sake so I decided that i will make minimum complaints to my mother. After the shopping was over we went to home. It took more than 4 days to adjust with my new permanent accessory.* Next week engagement took place. We could afford silver ring to Vikas. It was embarrassing. But still Vikas family didn’t say anything as they knew our condition. So engagement went well. There is nothing to describe for engagement as such there were only 10-15 people for the ceremony. The real story begins here. After engagement Vikas gave me one handset so that we can have chat. I have started to wear saree on daily basis as it was difficult for me to adjust but i did it just for the hope that when we shift to Delhi Vikas will allow me to live as i* want. Every day vikas used to ask me to click a photo of me in saree and send it to him. Initially he used to praise me for colour and style of saree. But after some days slowly slowly he started to detect me which saree I am suppose to wear that day which blouse I should wear. That was really annoying to me but I thought I will wait till the time of marriage then everything will be fine. One day when I send photo to him my hair was open. That day I just washed me hair before sending him photo that lost his temper.

Vikas: This is first and the last warning for you can’t keep your hair unbraided anytime. You hair should always neatly braid with oil. I am not going to repeat this again. If u can’t understand this then I will see to it how to correct that with punishment.

Is he joking?? I am kid to punish.

Am i kid to punish? The question was hammering in my mind. What the hell he got right to punish me? My father didn’t even do that. But i didn’t want to create any kind of mess so to cut the topic short i said Vikas

Me “OK. I didn’t know u hate open hair so much. Next time onward i will take care of it.”

Vikas “You better remember this otherwise you will be sorry for your mistakes.”

Me “But why punishment? Are you going to correct my small mistakes by punishment only?”

Vikas “Of course punishment always give lesson for not to repeat the mistake again. Make a note of it mistake never be small or big for punishment. Punishments are lessons to correction of future.”

Me “My father didn’t even do that to me. You are going to be my husband. How can u punish your wife? That is for just keeping her hair open? It’s my hair i can do anything i want with it. I didn’t want to take this topic but i hate this waist ring and your mother’s instructions for me what to wear.”

Vikas “First of all you are going to be my wife means you should follow my orders without any hesitation whether you like it or not. After marriage there is nothing belongs to you not your hair as well for that matter not your name even because after marriage your name will be in front of me. About the waist ring this is our tradition you have to follow it whether you like it or not.”

Me “I can understand about tradition but does it make any sense to wear this waist ring? I don’t think so. About my hair and my name it’s all mine i have my own identity in this world.”

Vikas “No your identity will get vanish after marriage. You will wear bangles for me. You will wear Thaali (mangalsutra) for my name. Even though it’s your maang but sinddor will be for my name only. At the time of marriage it will be your hand but the name in mehendi will be mine in u r hand. Look at your mother does she have any identity after your father? No.

Me “See wearing all those things again will be my choice. You can’t force me to what to wear.”

Vikas “Ha Ha Ha Ha … nice argument. Do you think you are going to win?” After marriage everything will be changed. So hope for the best

After 3 months there was the marriage day. I was wearing red colour saree. Now i become so much use to wearing saree. But my salwar kamiz are still there in my cupboard. They were hunting me. bayan escort gaziantep So i decided to take it with me to Vikas home. There was slightest hope that I would get chance to wear them. Vikas mother gave me many ornaments to wear. At the time of marriage Vikas wore thali to me. Then he applied red sindoor to my maang. After all the spiritual chants we become official husband and wife. There were very formal programmed of marriage very few guests were there. As it was vikas’s second marriage his family invited very few close family relatives. From my there were few guests only as my family is very small there were very few people that we could invite. After marriage and dinner we started to go to Vikas home. I and my mother cried a lot. I didn’t understand how she would take care of her alone? Manju “Don’t worry; we will take care of her. From now on she is just like our daughter. So you go home without any worry in mind.”

My mother “That’s so nice of you. I will hope for her best. She is young forgive her for her mistakes. She will learn to follow traditions slowly slowly. My best wishes are with both newly wedded couple.”

I and Vikas touched my mother feet to take blessing. We sat in car to go.

Vikas “That was first and last time i touched her feet. In future i won’t do it.”

Me “She is elder to both of us. So what’s wrong to take her blessings?”

Vikas “I don’t like to bend in front of anyone and she is your mother so i have no value for her.”

No value? How can he just say that? But i didn’t want to ruin my memories of marriage so didn’t argue with him.

We went to his home. It was dark outside. He was having bid home. There were many servants. I didn’t see his home before because as tradition girl should not go to her would be husband’s home before marriage as per tradition its sin. Then Manju put earthen pot on my head.

Manju “Without falling this pot you have to touch all guests’ feet. Start from your father in law. Then the pots will increase as you proceed. It will be test for you to check how you can balance your life with husband. Then you have to make tea with all the pots in your head and then you can put those pots down.”

By balancing pot how they are going to judge my balancing ability in life?

After touching father in laws feet one more pot added on my head. As the process went on finally i hand 8 earthen pots on my head. Then Manju showed to kitchen. There she guided me for making the tea without falling pot. With the pot on my head i took the tray in my hand Manju filled the tray with cups and soccer. I came out slowly and served tea to everybody. Thanks to god not a single pot was fell down.

It was going to be my first night with Vikas. I knew few things when I was at collage at city. But that was very less knowledge. I was started shivering with fear. Manju prepared me for my first night. She braided my hair again as it was mess in whole marriage ceremony .she braided my hair so tightly that I moan at some points. But i didn’t dare to say anything as everything was new to me.

Manju “From today onward you will tie end of your braid to this metal ring. But as it’s your first night i am letting it free.

Then she added few flower garlands to my braid.

Manju: “Vikas like the flower garlands very much. You should wear it daily to keep him happy.

The garlands where so heavy in my hair. Does it really need to wear this much of flower garments daily because just my husband likes it? Again one more instruction for what to wear. Then she asked me to wear red saree. She then asked me to apply some more sindoor. She then asked me to wear saree below my naval. My naval area was fully exposed below that the metal ring was there. She took me to the bedroom but vikas was not there i asked her about it. She giggled and said “He will come soon don’t be so eager he will be all yours for whole night. There is glass of milk. When Vikas will enter in room touch his feet and ask him for blessing. Then offer him glass of milk and then he will drink half of the milk from the glass then you will drink remaining part. Now sit here i will do adjustments “I sat on bed. And then she covered my face with pallu. Now I have to listen footsteps of my husband to guess whether he came or not. There were flower garlands all over hanging from top White bed sheet on the bed with decoration of rose petals. I become nervous. Vikas came in. He locked to door from inside. Then he sat in from of me.

Vikas “It was exactly same as my first marriage. But the little change is my last wife didn’t sit as you are. That bitch was half naked before i come. Let it be i will narrate that story some other time tonight i don’t want to west my time i am very much egger to ripe your virginity. I hope you are virgin”

Me (behind the pallu): “What’s the virginity is? I don’t know about it.”

Vikas (while lifting my pallu) “You will know soon and all family members as well (he giggles little) didn’t my mother gave you instruction about what to do?”

I just remember that i stood up from bed are gave him milk.

Vikas: “There must be something before that didn’t she tell you?”

Opps i forget. I bend on my knees and touched his feet but didn’t say anything.

Vikas “Don’t you want to ask something?”

I didn’t recall what to ask. Vikas helped me out with it

Vikas “You should say my place is at your feet. My whole life is dedicated to you. I will obey your each command. Even my existence is to serve you. I will never do the things which you don’t like? I will try my best to follow the tradition. Please give me blessing for your long life” Is that i am supposed to say? I couldn’t gather words as it was too much humiliating for me. I tried to gather words.

Me “I…. will….. Follow your orders… ahhhhhmmmm… i will obey you. Give me blessings”

Vikas “Did i say that? Just remember what i said and say it again. I want you to say loudly without hesitation.”

Me “I will follow your orders. I will obey your without hesitation. I will follow the traditions of family. Kindly give me blessing.”

Vikas “Didn’t you miss something?”

Me “Ohhh… my existence to serve you. I will never do the things which you don’t like.” After saying this i started get up. But with his strong hands on my shoulder he pushed me on the ground. I was again at his feet bending in my knees

Vikas “Did i ask you to get up? You must say give me blessing for your long life because you will be nothing without me.”

Me “This is too much. I am having my own identity in this word. Moreover how can you give blessings to me for your own long life?”

Vikas “I am your god… master everything from now on. You will worship me only. You said you have your own identity let me show you how you are wrong. What’s your name?”

Me “Neelveni….”

Vikas “Complete name.”

Me “S. (Subbarao- my father’s name) Neelveni.”

Vikas “(just had cruel smile on his face) No S. Is no more for you now? Your name is V. Neelveni. So tell me again what’s your name?”

He was true that girl should have his husbands name in front of her. So really my father’s name is no more for me.

Me “V. Neelveni” with shaking voice. There were tears in my eyes.

Vikas “I didn’t hear you. Say it loudly one more time.”

Me “V. Neelveni” with firm voice now.

Vikas “You should be thankful that I didn’t change your first name. so now touch my feet with your forehead and then you can get up.”

Am I supposed to touch my forehead on his feet just like I used to do in temple? Is he really my god? I didn’t want to ruin this night so i did what he said. I got up on my feet. He then drank 1/2 milk from the glass and offered me to finish the remaining. As per my mother-in-law’s instruction i finished the remaining glass without any thoughts.

He slowly started removing my saree. It was first time that any man touching me. I am now on my blouse and petticoat. I tried to hide my boobs with my crossed hands. Then he slowly removed knot from my petticoat it fell down to my legs. Without any words he made me turn around and started to unbuckle blouse. I turn around again and he pulled the blouse neglecting my resistance. Now I am in panty and bra. Then he pulled the drawer of cupboard and took scissors. Then he cut the tip of my blouse. Now my nipples were probing from that hole in my bra. He then started pinching my nipples. A wave of sharp pain ran in my body. Ahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm….. A moan escape from mouth. He started kissing my neck and chicks. Then he suddenly started kissing my lips. I didn’t know how to kiss. I just kept my lips open and allowed his tong in my mouth. While kissing he pinch my another nipple very hard that again got a sharp pain. This time my moan didn’t come out because our lips where locked. I was wearing big nose ring which attached to my ear with chain. He slowly removed my ring from the nose and ears. I was feeling so shy that i couldn’t even look directly into his eyes. He then started to undo my other ornaments. He started to remove my panty. He touched my pussy lips.

Vikas “There are so many hairs down there. You need to remove that frequently. I like clean and shaved pussy. Come let’s do it.”

He pulled me to the bathroom. He took out shaving kit and razor. He asked me to sit on wash basin and started applying foam there. He slowly started removing foam with hair. Vikas “Don’t move! It can cut your sensitive part.” After 5-10 minutes he washed everything from my pubic area. Now my pubic area is fully clean and smooth just like new born baby. Again we came in bed room from bathroom. He asked me the sleep on the bed. I was sleeping on the bed on my back. Then from cupboard he pulled out one small plastic sheet which he spread under my hips. I didn’t understand what the purpose of that Then has started undressing. He climbed the bed naked. He took my hand and put it on his cock. It was huge. As much as I have knowledge he is supposed to put in my pussy. I was feared that how this big size cocks fit in my small pussy. He then started to enter in my vagina. I almost screamed. As if my vagina is tear by his big cock. He took my long braid in behind my neck and asked me to bite my braid.

Vikas “Bite your braid whenever you want to scream. Don’t scream.”

I bite my hair braid in my teeth. There were garland flowers with my own hair in my mouth my screams and moans get subside due to braid gag. He started pushing his cock in and out with speed. Now i was also started enjoying the pain and pleasure. It was awesome experience. Suddenly wave passed from my vagina to spine. I was top of the pleasure (later I came to know that’s called orgasm) Kept on pumping his cock. Again I felt the same wave. I wanted to scream in pleasure i did that but my braid gag was prevented that to escaping from my mouth. Now it was Vikas turn to roar His load of cum folded in my vagina. He collapsed on my side after emptying is load. Then he took my panty to clean his cock.

Vikas “This time I am cleaning on my own as this is first time for you. Next time i will teach you how you are supposed to clean. Now get up wash yourself. And get dressed while coming to bed bring your all bras from the cupboard with the scissors.”

I didn’t say anything. Just did what Vikas asked me to do. I didn’t have much bra with me when i was at my mother’s place i was not having much cloths. He started to cut all the tip of bra just like he did for my bra which i am wearing. Vikas “You will always wear a bra from which your nipples peeped out. Me “What if somebody comes to know then?” Vikas “for that you have wear saree properly so that nobody will see your nipples. It’s your responsibility to hide it properly you should be thankful that at least I am allowing you to wear bra. For my previous wife I didn’t even gave privilege to wear bra. Till the time she dies she was having only one bra which she allowed to wear at the time of functions.” He giggled. He took the white sheet from the bed. It was having red blood staining. Vikas “See this is your proof of virginity. Your pussy is tare now these bloods stain means a lot that you will understand it tomorrow morning.”

Next day i got up early because of fear that what will my in laws would say if their daughter in law sleeping for late. Manju woke up before me. No other members were got up at that time. Manju asked me to have a bath and come to kitchen. I did as she told me. I changed my saree. I was careful this time to wear it below my naval area. Now my naval area and metal ring both are exposed. Moreover I have to take care that I should hide my breasts properly so that nobody would see my nipples. I was still thinking why Vikas did this to my bra?

I came in kitchen where Manju was busy with the preparation of pooja. She said” there are fresh flowers why don’t you make fresh flower garlands so that you can wear it after finishing pooja? There are many more work to do just do everything fast”. It was my first day at vicars home and my mother in law expecting me to work from day one. When I turned to go to garden for getting fresh flowers Manju stopped me. Manju” didn’t I tell you to tie your braid ends to the metal ring. That will prevent your braid to become obstacle while you are working.” I used to work at my home as well but I never felt the obstacle of my braid. “Moreover your braid is too lose. Hair are coming from braid this is not acceptable. See mine “she continued.* Her braid was shining with lot of oil. She braid was so tight that hardly single hair strand was missed from the plaited. Her braid was below her waist ring she tucked it from inside. The small upbraided portion was coming out from waist ring. It was looking like her tail in upward direction. Manju now go to garden collect flowers make garlands till the time I will finish the pooja preparation. Then I will braid your hair and teach you how to do it properly. Its your first day at home so you have to do pooja today”. I went to garden and collected flowers, collecting the flowers were as difficult as there was still dark outside. It was about to dawn. I prepared garlands with the help of string and needle. Manju came out and asked me to sit just outside the room. She brought comb and bottle of oil with her. “Braid your hair here daily. Your hair should not be find anywhere in house it’s a bad signs. Let me tell you as your mother… not mother in law that men can’t understand how hard to maintain and carry these long hair. They just want hair in neat and clean braid. When I was at your age I used to tempt to keep my hair open but my mother in law punished me heard 2-3 times then I can’t even think to keep my hair open. Now I am used to it. Even I feel bad now.” While talking to me she undid my hair then oiled it with almost 1/2 oil bottle. While combing my hair she was talking” hair should be smooth a d shiny after combing. My husband means your father in law used to say gramophone disk shine hair. See now your hair is properly shining. I am going to braid it bit tightly so that you can carry it till night without any worry” she braided my hair tightly. It was tighter than last night. I was now worrying that how am I going to carry this tight hair braid whole day. Now the last but worst part is she tied my braid end to the metal waist ring. She almost pulled my braid before tying. It was almost impossible to bend my neck more than 80°. How am I supposed to do my daily chores with this tight restrains? I was thinking. Then she added those flower garlands which I made in my hair on the top of braid. One more torture thing. Then she asked me to do the same for her hair as well. Now we both have garlands in our braid.* we went to kitchen. Manju: “we have to make today’s breakfast, lunch, dinner everything. Show me your hand.” I showed her my hands. “See how red it is with beautiful color of henna. Now listen to me carefully. You have to cook all the days till the henna color from your hands get faded. This is tradition to newly married girl for this house.” No…. not again so she wants me to work for whole family from the very first day after marriage? What kind of tradition was that? “I know how to cook. But I didn’t cook food in large amount before that because we were only two people at home. Will you ask servants to help me? And I will need your help as well.” She just laughed cruelly. “No…. other servants are not allowed to enter in kitchen till the time your mehendi faded from your hand. I will be with you to help you, but you have to do everything I will just guide you. My presence will be for day or two. After that you will be alone to cook. Now get started.” She showed me the place where vegetables are kept. Few things were kept at the bottom of cupboard so it was difficult for me to bend my neck due to this hair braid restrains. I didnt know for how long I have to suffer this hair torture she told me about that days menu. I started to wash and clean the vegetables, and then I chopped it. Manju went out from kitchen as I was busy with vegetables. It took almost one hour to wash and cut vegetables. Manju came in and guided me for sweet for today’s menu. She asked me to make tea. I had to carry tea to bedroom to serve it to Vikas.* I went in bedroom Vikas was still sleeping. Me “tea is ready. Have it otherwise it will get cold” there were no response from him. I tried to move his blanket. “Is this a way to wake me Devayani?” Devayani? Who Devayani? I am Neelveni. These are all in mind but I didn’t utter a word. “Didnt I train you for how to wake me up? Close the door and get your mouth working” I closed the door; he was still in the sleep. I was thinking how to make my mouth working. He opened his eyes and he realize that I was Neelveni. “I was in deep sleep. I thought you are Devayani. Ya…. Devayani was my last wife. I train her to wake me from sleep. I will train you as well but not now. Did you bring tea?” “Yes it’s of teapot” I said in low voice. It was irritating for me that he still didn’t forget his first wife. I was thinking what kind of training he was talking about? “Don’t you have manners to serve tea to your husband?” He said in hissing voice. I didn’t say anything just handover the tea cup to him. While sipping the tea he said” we will start training some other time on how to wake me. But for today I will show you how to respect and show your loyalty for husband and his family. Bend at the corner of the bed so that your nose is touching the bed.” I was confused now. Was that one more tradition? Ohhh not again. But without saying a word I did as he told. Now my face dag in the bed in from of his foot sole. “Good girl now touch your head to my foot soul and say what you said last night when you touched my feet.” I lifted my head and looked at him. “Didn’t was that enough whatever I said yesterday night? Why I need to repeat it now?” He laughed “you have to do it every morning when you will come to wake me. Now do it I don’t have to lay on the bed for whole day.” Again I dig my face on bed now I touched my head on his foot sole. “I will obey your command. I will follow all the traditions. My existence is to serve you. Kindly bless me for your long life.” I said in trembling voice. Now anger flooded in my mind that tears started to flow from my eyes due to anger, When I was saying that his toe of foot playing my hair partition. I was so humiliating for me. How can he touch his feet toe to my hair partition? But I got the answer immediately. “This hair partition specially belongs to me. Why didn’t you wear sindoor? Did you forget that you are a married girl now and you should wear a symbol of your marriage proudly? Don’t you feel proud?” That was my first day after marriage any everybody in that house was behaving like I am married for 5-10 years. “Everything is new for me. So I forget to apply it. I will do it now.” I got up and opened the cupboard where the sindoor was kept. When I took small amount of sindoor in my index figure and thumb and i was about to apply in my maang i.e. hair partition on my head Vikas said “wait! You forget to apply it before I say it so now we will change the style that how you should apply sindoor henceforth” now what? He was not leaving a slightest chance to humiliate me. I was now thinking what’s going in his devil mind. “Come here and*bend on bed just like you did to take my blessings.” I did as he said. “Now open the lid of the sindoor cup dig my right foot toe in that and apply it on your maang.” With shaky hands i did what he said. “Now look at mirror whether you did it correctly or not.” I got up went in from of mirror I was almost 90% ok. I did my best to do it with his foot toe. I turned to him and nodded that it was perfect. “Ok. So its a rule from now on. Every morning you will take my blessing just like you did and apply sindoor to your maang just like that.” It planned to humiliate me for everyday for rest of my life. “Now go outside and help mother. She must be in need of you. By the way what’s there for breakfast?” He knew all the tradition about I would ask to cook. Of course he should its my first marriage but it’s his second marriage. So he must be aware of all the tradition with the slightest hope in mind that when we will shift to Delhi I won’t need to follow everything. There won’t be mother in law to monitor mi every time.* I came out from bedroom. Manju was waiting for me to start pooja. “Wasn’t it enough for night? You have started it in the morning as well” I asked her “started what? I went there to serve tea to him.” There was anger in her eyes. “This much time you need to serve only tea? Then you will serve lunch at dinner time.” Was that my mistake that my cruel husband teaching me some humiliating process to wake him? But I didn’t say anything. “Did you had tea?” “No I think I will have after my Vikas” she slapped me hard. “Didn’t your mother teach you that you should not take name of your husband? Don’t you have manners?” I recalled my mother’s slap when I took the name of Manju in from of her. “Sorry this won’t happen in future.” I said casting down my eyes downwards. I tried to bend down my neck as much as my hair braid allowed. “If this happen again you will face punishment that’s for sure.” Again punishment. Was that in their blood to punish for mistakes? Where is the cup and saucers from which Vikas had his tea?” “Its in bedroom I forget to take it back. I will just come back” I went to bedroom and pick the cup. Vikas was still sleeping. I went to kitchen sink to wash it. “Wait! Don’t you want to have tea?” Manju asked me. “Yes I am going to have it. Just this and will have it from the same.” I said. “No! If you want to have tea then you should have it from the same cup from which Vikas had it without washing it. It will increase the love between you and him” she giggled. What? Was I supposed to have tea from this unwashed cup? But I didn’t dare to utter a word. I pour a tea in cup and started sipping it. But the puking sensation started building side of me. “You will be going to have your breakfast,lunch,dinner from the same plane from which Vikas had it. You have to follow this till the time you both are in this house.” I heard Manju when I was sipping the tea. I finished the tea as fast as I can. It burned my tong as it was very hot but I wanted to get rid of the sensation. I started thinking how was I supposed to have food from the half eaten plates? Just tea gave me puking sensation I was sure that food will actually make me puke. Till the breakfast I prepared everything for lunch as well. After breakfast I just have to do some simple things then my breakfast would be ready. In between Vikas called me from bathroom. He was asking me towel. I went to bedroom. Vikas kept the door fully open. I stunned by the view of seeing my husband fully naked having bath on the very first day of marriage. Last night that was different situation as the lights were deem and we were in different mood. “ come inside and apply some soap to my back and rub it.” I went inside and did as he said. I had to take precaution to not to get my saree wet otherwise that would have been a different issue. He came our asked me to dry him with the help of towel. Last night I didnt realise that he was too much hair on his body. I was wondering that if there is so much hair on his body then why he hates so much my pubic hair that he shaved it on the very first night?* After drying him I again went to kitchen. As per instruction i prepared the table to serve the breakfast. I and Manju were waiting for husband to come and then we can start breakfast. Both men came out from their rooms. We were stood at the table just like any hotel waiters who eagerly wait for the orders. Both men took their place on the chair. I and Manju were serving him as per their demands. Vikas was carrying the white sheet with him to show everybody. No one said anything. Manju was truly happy that she got a virgin daughter in law. But on other side i was turned red due to embarrassment. I couldnt make direct eye contact with anybody. Vikas” I had doughty about your virginity as you went to college city. But this blood stains gave the proof of your purity.” Purity what the hell was that. Its his second marriage he lost his virginity to the first wife. Wasnt he impure for me in that aspect? I count say a word due to humiliation. I just kept staring on ground.* I was started feeling hungry. But as per Manju`s instruction I have to wait for my husband to finish his plate. After they finished their food we gave pot to wash their hands. Both father and son went to farms. Vikas hardly got time to visit farm as he was living far from the home. But whenever he came for vacation he never misses the chance to visit the farm Manju gave me that information. When both left I took plate of Vikas. And started to sit on the chair where he was sitting. “We cant take food on table our place is on floor. Take that plate down.” Respecting in laws and following the tradition is the one part but I was human. I must get treatment as per human standards at least. But I knew there wont be any use to argue with Manju. Though she is my mother in law but her status in that house was below men always. Not only I but she also sat on the floor with the father in law’s plate with her. I saw that both men have left over large amount of food. First we had to finish that before taking anything extra. “Vikas likes food more spice. So now you have to make habit of having spicy food.” Now I have to change my likes and dislikes of this cruel tradition? Thought came in my mind. “This tradition is meant to mold wife as per the likes and dislikes of husband. So future like will be smooth” added Manju while chewing food. “But just want to ask you cant husband change their likes and dislikes as per wife? I am not saying fully but I will change myself 50% he will do the rest. Cant this happen” I asked Manju. “No husbands are god. They are born perfect they cant change their likes and dislike for a wife. Wife’s duty is to adjust with everything as husband’s wish” now I understood why Vikas didnt want her first wife i.e. Devayani to give birth to girl child.* “Are you wearing bra?” Manu asked me. She must be known to the tastes of his son. “Yes why?” I asked. “Just asking casually. I knew what he used to do with Devayani. He is very naughty man” while saying this Manju blushed. “He just cut the tip of my bra so this happen” I showed her by taking my saree from blouse. My nipples are clearly visible from my blouse. Manju” what else did he made you to do last night?” Mother- in-law asking her daughter in law about sex life. How disgusting! But I couldnt avoided the question. “He made me shave my pubic hair” Manju just patted my hair “he is the same taste which his father has. Both men are same.” What? Manju also shaved her pubic hair regularly?

I was feeling ashamed to discuss those things with my mother-in-law. Later I came to know she was a slave in that house just above me. She was an obedient wife. After so many years spending in humiliation she became used to it. Later as the story proceeds I will let you know about how she was an obedient slave for that house.

We finished our breakfast and started to give final touch for the lunch we as in I was working and she was there just to monitor me. Father and son came from the farm after 3 hours, Then Manju asked me to give water to wash feet of Vikas. But when I gave water in bucket my father- in-law said why “don’t you was his feet yourself? It will increase the love and respect between husband and wife.” Why should I wash his feet? I was feeling indifferent. Moreover my father-in-law spoke like that. I assumed that he would be the man who can save me from those pathetic traditions but alas he is the one who forced all those traditions in that house. After washing Vikas feet father in law asked his wife i.e. Manju to wash his feet. Manju was very use to such traditions. She did it without saying a word. Moreover she drank small tea spoon of water from which father-in-law’s feet washed. She had it just like holy water. Both men sat on the table. Readers I suppose there is no need to tell we were standing at table to serve properly. In the middle of the lunch when Vikas asked to serve vegetable I did mistake. I pour small part on Vikas lap. Vikas “can’t you serve properly? I think you really need to teach lesson so that you will do your work carefully what’s say father?” Father-in-law “as this was her first mistake you should punish her mercilessly. So that there will be minimum chances to repeat the same mistake again. But my only suggestion would be punish her in your bedroom behind the close door. Means it’s her first punishment. Don’t make her awkward to face us after the punishment.” Vikas “ok then you will get your punishment after lunch. Now hope you will not commit mistake until we finish our lunch.” I couldn’t say a word. I knew I made mistake but that was casual mistake there was nothing to give punishment, but then I remembered words of Vikas before marriage. Punishment are for learning lessons to not to commit the mistake again. I was in state of fear till both finished their lunch. Till the time I didn’t know what kind of punishment it would be so I couldn’t prepare my mind for that also. When they finish lunch Vikas ask me to take his plate and drop in sink. As far as I remember the tradition I knew that I am suppose to have food from the same plate which my husband had food. But if I put the plate in the sink then how am I supposed to have food. But I got the answer immediately. Vikas “as the part of your punishment you will not have lunch today. Well this is not actually punishment. It’s a part of punishment. Now clean the table serve food to mother and come to bedroom. I am waiting for you there.”

I served to Manju. She was sitting on floor and I was standing beside her. I was serving her food. Manju “this is going to be your first punishment. I know it will hurt you. But this is the way to teach lesson to woman in this house. I am sure that you will be careful in future after receiving punishment. Now you go. Vikas must be waiting for you. I will clear everything. Don’t make him angry by any kind of argument. There will be no use of arguments. Arguments will increase the severity of punishment. This is just advice for you.” I left Manju there and went to bedroom I didn’t know what will happen for punishment. When I entered the bedroom I found Vikas was sitting on bed only with boxers. There was sting of vegetable oil on his lap. Vikas “come here. Before punishment starts correct your mistake. Lick my thigh and make it clean. You body part should not touch bed. Now don’t just stare get your tong working.” I kept my hands on my knees so that I should not touch bed. I didn’t want to make angry Vikas by making any kind of new mistake. I recall words of Manju. It was taste of vegetable oil and smell of his dick (I used to refer that as pennies but after training my master… Vikas told me to use word dick.) After continuous licking for 5-10 minutes I felt that work is done. I looked at Vikas without saying word. He already seems to be angry I didn’t want to spoil his mood more. Then he asked me to undress myself. Vikas “only bra is allowed make sure your nipples will peeped out from it.” I started undressing slowly. I was not used to get undress in front of my husband though there was episode of yesterday. Vikas “we don’t have whole afternoon to make you naked. Get your hands working fast” I removed my saree then followed by blouse. Then I opened the lace of my petticoat. I was on my bra and panty. Then Vikas asked me to climb of chair. My knees were resting on seat of chair. He asked me to bend my head on the back of the chair. Now my ass is fully exposed to Vikas who was standing behind me. He opened the cupboard. He took something from cupboard. He asked me to turn around. It was long transparent rod. It was almost 4-5 fit long and very thin. Vikas “kiss this. This is your weapon for punishment. You should worship it as good as you worship me.” He held the rod in front of me. I slightly kissed rod. Vikas “get down from chair get on your knees. Close your eyes and kiss it properly.” It was just a rod. Why on earth I had to worship it? But I already thought that I am nothing in that house. So now this plastic rod is also superior to me. I got on my knees and closed my eyes. Kiss the rod. Vikas “get on the chair just like I told you. There will be 25 strokes you will receive. You will count each and every stroke. You will not utter a single word rather than count.” My head was hanging from the back of the chair. Vikas straighten up my feet. My feet sole was in air and fully exposed. The first stroke landed on my feet sole. That was very harsh blow. The load moan escaped from my mouth “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I started to rub my sole with my hands. Vikas pulled my braid from behind. That time my whole body was arched like bow. Vikas slapped me hard. Vikas “did I asked you to rub your punishment area? Anyways this stroke is not going to count. You forget to count.” The pain was tremendous so I didn’t remember to even count. “Sorry I will give count hence forth. But please have a mercy. Can’t you just hit slowly?” He pulled my braid more forcefully this time. Vikas “you don’t need to teach me how should I give you strokes? This is your punishment. You don’t have any choice to say anything. Now get in your position. Remember if you don’t count the stroke will not be count. No more moaning. It’s irritating.” I took my position. Next stroke landed on the same place like previous “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 111111” tears started flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t imagine how am I going to take 25 strokes if that situation on first stroke actually second but as per rule first. The next landed again with the same intensity. “Aeeeeeeeeeee 222222” Vikas didn’t stop after that he gave 10 more strokes to my feet sole. My sole were numb. I couldn’t feel any pain. After that he asked me to lie on my back on bed. He asked me to hold my legs with my hand. My feet sole were facing the ceiling and I held my legs behind my knees. That was really awkward position. Vikas “do not bend your knees unless I told you.” His first stroke landed behind my thighs. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” that was more painful. I literally cried loudly and again forget to count. Vikas” we are not going to count this one. You forget to count. Get up. I need to do something for your sound. That was really irritating.” I got up from bed. He asked me to turn around. He started to unbound my braid from the waist ring. I came to know what he is up to. Again he asked me to take the position. I held my legs with my hands again. He took my braid and put it in my mouth. He pushed the maximum amount of hair braid in my mouth. That started giving me puking sensation. I started to gasp for air. Vikas took the position with rod in his hand. Vikas”you can’t make sound now. So there is no worry about counting. I will do that for you. At least this hair gag will prevent your pathetic sound” first stroke landed at the same place as previous. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” the only sound I could make. All the 10 strokes Vikas finished with the same intensity of blow moreover he counted each and every stroke. I really started to cry. I wanted to beg him to stop. I could take any more. But he stopped when he was satisfied. My back thighs were full of red welts, so do my soles. I couldn’t walk properly as it started paining beyond imagination. Now he asked me to lie on my stomach. It was my back which is going to endure torture. He didn’t allow me to take hair gag out. The hair in my mouth was wet due to drooling. I didn’t know how he understood that. So he pushed more hair in my mouth and filled the remaining space. He started to stroke my back. There were 5 strokes only. Vikas “I think this is enough. You must have learned your lesson. Now you dare to make any kind of mistake and punishment will be worst than this. Now get up. You can take braid out from your mouth. My x-wife used to get rotten smell socks as a gag. You should thank me that I am using your own hair.” I got up from bed. I started to cry. Me “my mistake was very small. You gave me punishment just like I committed murder.” I said while cleaning my tears from my chicks. Vikas “no mistake is small or big. Mistake is mistake. These punishments will avoid the future mistakes. Don’t you think so?” I didn’t know what to answer. He was the cruel man. I was thinking about my future life. That was my second day at that place and he beaten me as if I was animal. I thought he was enjoying that. I could see his manhood was clearly showing how much he was enjoying. He stood near bed. Vikas “come kneel in front of me with hands behind your back. This is the time to give you some training.” I obeyed what he said. Rather I didn’t have energy to argue anything. Every part of my body was paining now. He removed his boxer. His dick was in front of my face. That was fully enlarged in size. Vikas “open your mouth take this in. Lick it like lollypop. Don’t you dare to use teeth. Single touch of teeth and you will get 10 strokes.” I opened my mouth. My hands were behind my back so dicks directly touch at the back of throat. I got Vomiting sensation arises with the sound “yuuuuuuuaaaaakkk” he held my braid again from behind my back. He crushed the flower garlands with braid as well. He started to fuck my mouth with speed. The salty taste found as he was pushing his dick in my mouth (later I came to know it is called pre-cum) then he asked me to get on bed. I laid there on my back. Welts on my back constantly made me realise the pain. Me “I can’t sleep on back. It’s paining.” I tried to get up. He pushed me in the position where I was with his strong hands. Vikas “I punished your sole as well so are you going to stop walking? Be on your back. Don’t spoil my mood.” I tried to find better point in which welts would hurt less. But I couldn’t found any. Vikas pushed his dick in my pussy and started to stroke rapidly. He was fucking me like rabbit. I got orgasm instantly. The orgasm made to forget the pain for some moment. With a loud roar Vikas cummed in me. My vagina now flooded with his cum. He collapsed on me. He was really heavy person. I couldn’t breathe properly. When he came out from the sensation of orgasm he shifted himself on other side and asked me to clean him. I started to search for cloth. Vikas “no need to search anything. Your mouth is enough to clean me.” I took his dick in my mouth. It was totally salty taste. Still I could manage to clean it. I started to wear blouse and petticoat. Vikas “no need to wear anything. I am sleeping for some time. You have to kneel beside the bed. You can take sleep in kneeling position if you wish. From now on you have to earn privilege to sleep on bed. Till the time you are going to sleep on floor.” After receiving so much of painful punishment my husband didn’t think that I have privilege to sleep on bed. I thought that was my fate and I knelt at the bed side. Sometime later I could hear the sound of snoring. I could have sleep in kneeling position but that pain in body didn’t allowed me to sleep. I was there for around 2 hours at kneeling position. (My master thinks that waiting will increase the respect towards the master)

When he got up he found me there only. Vikas patted my head “good girl. You had chance to get dress when I was sleeping or for that matter you could have gone out of bedroom as well. But you didn’t do anything from that. That’s impressive. You are learning very quickly.” Fact that I didn’t want to made him angry. I didn’t have any energy left in me to such things. I got dressed again. Vikas “your hair is so messed up. Go and braid your hair. Don’t forget to add fresh garlands. You have to be ready for evening show” evening show? I didn’t know about it. I was afraid what next going to happen. I went outside where Manju showed me place to braid hair. Walking was really painful like hell for me. My thighs started painting at every step I took. My feet sole were already damaged no question about it. I opened my braid and let my hair free. Then I started to comb hair. Manju came there “was that painful?” She patted my back. I couldn’t say a word my tears gave answer. I hugged her and again started crying. “Make sure you will not commit any mistake in future. Every small mistake leads you to punishment. Vikas is just like his father. So be careful here after.” She combed my hair and braided it. It was as tight as morning. Manju “how many types of braid you know?” I didn’t fond of wearing different types of braids. So I didn’t experiment any different braid in past. Me “I can braid my hair in simple way. I tried once long ago but hands started to pain with unusual angle. So after that I didn’t try any. My mother used to braid my hair in different styles on special occasion. But that was also for short time. I couldn’t bare my hair in braid for longer time” Manju “ then you have to learn it. Hair braid is one of the ornaments for woman. It’s a kind of skill you should be master.” I suddenly realise I didn’t had lunch. Hunger started knocking my stomach. The pain and hunger what a cruel mixture that was. Manju bound my braid to my waist ring just like morning Again it pulled and very tight. My face was oily due to lot of oil in hair. I hated it to my guts but now I have to get used to it. It’s my new life now I have to accept changes whether I like it or not.

We went inside. While going inside Manju “after tea go to garden and get some flowers. Also make garlands of it. You and I will need that for evening show. This is your first time but after me you have to carry my responsibilities.” Vikas already destroyed my sole. I couldn’t walk normally and Manju was asking me to go garden and get flowers. That was crueler for me. Me “Vikas was also saying something about evening show what is that?” Manju smiled at me “evening show will show our exact place in the life out these men. I really want to curse the person who started this evening programme tradition.

I went to garden. It was really hard to walk in the garden with barefoot and which hurt more due to afternoon torture. It took almost 1/2 hour to collect those flowers due to my slow walk. I sat on the floor. I was afraid that if I sat on sofa or chair it would break a tradition. I don’t know how I am going to spend my entire life in that hell. I made the flower garlands of those flower. It was almost 8-9 garlands. It would b too much heavy for the woman who would wear it in her hair but I followed order of my mother in law without thinking for it twice. I was about to finish my work there was a man who came in house. He was elder man. He asked me about Vaijayanti. I said there is no one named vaijayanti in this house. But he just stared at me. “You must be Vikas new wife. You got very nice body. I would really love to mould it” this was really odd for me. Just imagine a stranger person came to your house and commenting on your body. It was really frustrating to me. Meanwhile Manju came out from her room. She put her forehead to her feet. “Masterji you can go upstairs. I will come in 10 min. Where are other people?” Masterji” they will come in some time. You go and get ready. Otherwise Sahebji won’t like to wait. You must know that” Manju” yes Masterji. I am not going to take much time. I will b there in no time.” This is all confusing for me. Who was that Masterji? Who is Sahebji? Who are the other people? What did it mean to get ready?* He went upstairs and my mother in law called me in her bedroom. She asked me to plait her hair. Manju” it should be tight. Take these gold chains and attached it to my all piercings.” I did what she asked me to do. Then I attached other end of chains to the another ear piercing. There were almost 7 chains that mean 7 piercing to her ear as well. Then she asked me to wave all the ear chains to her braid. I can imagine that braid was so tight with the chains already very small movement of the braid can cause pain to ear through chain which were braided in the hair braid. She removed her small septum ring and replaced it with large and heavy ring. Manju” I know everything is new to you. But you are not going to ask a single question. Just go with the flow and you will come to know what is going on.” There were many questions in my mind but I didn’t dare to ask as per her instruction. She started to apply light makeup and lipstick. After makeup she was looking really whore. I started thinking what she said when I was braiding her hair. ‘Am I going to be like this if I start following so called tradition?’ The question started haunting my mind. Then she took long silver chain which was about 7-8 ft in length. She opened the cupboard and took saree and blouse from it. She asked me to wait outside while she done while changing her saree. She called me inside again after few moments. She was now wearing saree and blouse just like any classical dancer. She opened the drawer of cupboard. She took ghungharoo from it. She sat on the floor and wore it on her feet. Now the small moments of her feet made a nice jingle sound. Manju “now I am ready. Let’s go upstairs. She took that long chain in her hands. Her septum ring was bouncing at each step she took. It was rested on her upper lips. I didn’t understand the use of this silver chain. We went in big hall. After marriage it was 1st time I came to upstairs. There was couch and 3 chairs at the corner. In front of couch there was big hookah with 2 pipes. Whole floor was having rich carpet. Big Sandler was hanging from ceiling. The person who came before us was sitting at low height couch. His mouth was red as he was having paan. Manju sat at the centre of big hall just below that big Sandler. She asked me to kneel just beside couch where that hookah was placed. She indicated me keep quiet and not to utter any word. I sat there casting down my eyes.* The long chain she wrapped around her waist belt. Manju placed her forehead on the floor.Her hand was behind her back. I didn’t understand what she was going to do. After few moments few people came with instruments like Sitar, pakhvaj and other. Everybody took their place beside the person who called Masterji. When all were coming in Manju didn’t lift her head to see who came. Then Vikas and his father came in. His father was wearing dhoti. He was wearing big gold chains around his neck. He was looking very much rich person. Manju was still kneeling at her position. Vikas and his father took their place on that big couch. I was at kneeling at the right side of the couch where Vikas sat just above me. He placed his hand on my head. I tried to look at him but he forced my face just like I was not allowed to see his face. Vikas” don’t look at me. From tomorrow you will be kneeling just like vaijayanti before we came in.” Again question… who vaijayanti is. I know the lady in from of me was Manju my mother in law but again I didn’t dare to ask anything because of Manju’s instructions. My father in law “vaijayanti how do you feel to start the show in front of your daughter in law for 1st time?” Manju answer but didn’t lift her head” I am feeling very much humiliating. But also feel responsible now as I have to teach this tradition to her so she can carry this family tradition after me. I will see to it that she will be better than me.” Father in law ” yes you have to I am very much egger to see both of you pleasing men in the house.” Manju” it will be my and her privilege to do it. But she will take time so I humbly request you to be patient for some time so she can learn.” Father in law (why I am mentioning my husband father in law name as ‘father in law every time because I really don’t know his name. Neither Vikas nor Manju called him by name) “Masterji you can start her training from tomorrow. So before my son takes her to Delhi with her she will learn it. At the last day before Vikas will start his journey to Delhi we can have show with both ladies in house” he said this to Masterji. Masterji stood from his place and bowed as if he got the order. Father in law” vaijayanti you can get up now and start the show.” Manju got up from her kneeling position. I could see she became red with the humiliation. She stood up came to couch where both men sat. She then touch father in law feet and said exactly the same which Vikas asked me to say in afternoon. I came to know where it came from. Then she went to the corner where coal was placed. She started to heat the coal it took 5-10 minutes.Till that time the other people were fine tuning their instruments and both men were talking casually to each other as if they were sitting on dining table. Manju came back with red hot coal and put them in hookah. Father in law started puffing the hookah. Now both men started to have hookah. In between nobody even notice me, Vikas constantly patting my hair as if I was dog. Manju stood again at the centre under Sandler again. She looked at people and Masterji. All of them started playing instruments. Manju started dancing. I came to know what they meant by show. As the music rhythm goes high Manju’s feet started to move accordingly. She must be master in the dancing. She was dancing constantly for about 45 minutes. Then father in law signed the people to stop Father in law” refill the coal.” Manju came forward and took the coal pot and went to the same corner again. Again it took around 5-10 minutes. I didn’t have food. Now hunger started pushing its limits. After refilled the coal pot with fresh hot coal she again started dancing. She again danced for next hour or so. She already started Sweating. I could she was tired now. The music was at the high tempo. She couldn’t stop without permission I guess. Father in law signed the people to slow down the tempo. Now the tempo slowed down bout didn’t stop. He signed the Manju to come near him. Manju kneeled in from of the couch. She didn’t look at me for single time from this so called show started. Father in law asked Manju to remove the silver chain from her waist. She took the chain in her hand and gave it to father in law. Father in law connected that silver chain to her septum ring. Father in law got complete control over her with that silver chain leash. I came to know at that time what was the actual purpose of that septum ring and that silver chain. I was confused what is going to happen next. Manju took her long hair braid in front and lied on the floor on her back. She started to do nagin dance on her back. I guessed she took her braid in front of her to avoid pain from the ear ring chains. She danced with same style for some time and still other end of chain in father in law’s hand. He pulled the chain and Manju’s head lifted while she was dancing. She assumed that pull was to order her to get up. She got up and sat on the floor in kneeling position. Father in law again pulled the ring. She came closer to couch crawling. Father in law took her braid in his hand and pulled it harshly. I could imagine how it would be painful to her as she screamed. Her face was at the feet of father in law. “Lick your master’s feet fingers” father in law ordered. That was really very much humiliating. I thought myself that I would not go to do anything like that. But then again I though did I have choice to accept or deny anything as I was watching the humiliation of my mother in law in front of me. If she couldn’t deny anything then how i would? Manju took shoes from father in laws feet and flowed by socks. She started to lick the feet just like she was worshiping those feet. When father in law got satisfied with feet licking he again pulled the nose chain and asked her to dance around the couch. Before that she was doing typical classical dance but after that command she started doing seductive dance. She passed from me many times but she didn’t glanced at me. Her eyes were constantly casted on father in law as if there were no one in that room other than him. Vikas still patting my hair just like pet. That smallest act was giving me feeling of humiliation and degradation. The music was playing at very slow tempo and it was really very much romantic.The jiggling sound of ghongharo added to that soft and romantic music as Manju made smallest moment of her feet. Father in law asked all musicians to leave. He said Vikas to give their payment. After giving payment Masterji said something in Vikas ear. He became read with anger. But he didn’t say anything to him. When all left Vikas” vaijayanti, there were 17 mistakes in your dancing today as Masterji said. Can’t you concentrate on your dance properly?” Manju was kneeling at that time in front of couch again with eyes casted down. Manju” sorry master, I was little nervous because of Neelveni. It was first time I was performing in front of someone outside the home I hope you will forgive me today” master? She just called Vikas master her own son? How ridicules was that. Vikas” no you know the rule. Mistakes should be punished time to time as it will be lessons that you will not dare to repeat the same mistake again. If I forgive you today it will be wrong impression to Neelveni. I don’t want this to happen.” Manju “master its 17. I don’t think I can handle it.” Vikas” did I ask u your opinion whether you can handle it or not. Let’s make it more interesting. Today’s punishment will be given by Neelveni. You and her both are slaves to the men in house so today you will understand that properly”. Am I going to punish my mother in law? Shiver of cold ran through my spin. I felt really really awkward.


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