Skinny Dipping

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Sensual EntAngelments Inspired by Angeleyes

Angel and Bill are lovers, having been together for almost two years. They don’t get to see each other nearly as often as they would like. Tonight is the first time she is staying over at his house. They have been looking forward to this day for a long time. Living on a lake, Bill entertains her with boat rides, swimming, laying on the beach, and dinner on the boat, not to mention a good fucking on the living room couch when she first arrived and another in the afternoon, up in the cuddie cabin on the boat.

The sun has set and twilight is all that remains of the day. They settle down on the screened-in front porch of his cabin. At a table, Bill sits playing computer games. Angel, all curled up on a rattan couch reads her book.

The windows are open and there is a lovely, almost tropical breeze. Looking up from his computer, the sight of the lovely creature so intent on her book mesmerizes him. He feels a lust building in his loins as he looks down the top of her bathing suit, knowing two very sensitive nipples are waiting for his lips and tongue. Clearing his throat, he suggests, “I was thinking it would be so nice to take you outside and go for a swim.”

“Know? It’s almost dark.” She protests.

“The best time – the water will feel warmer compared to the air and no one will notice when we take off our swim suits.” He predicts.

“Ummm. A little skinny dipping, then?”

“Sound like fun?”

“I’m game.” She says standing up.

They walk out to the water hand in hand. Stepping off the shore tentatively, the water does feel warm just as Bill predicted. Slowly they walk out towards the drop off and the raft. As they get chest deep Bill pulls her into his arms and kisses Angel tenderly for a long, long time, exploring her mouth with his tongue and sucking on hers as she explores his.

Still kissing, his hands cups the firm cheeks of her ass and pulls her in tight to his hardening cock. It rubs through their suits and Angel welcomes the feel and thrill of its pressure against her belly. She rotates her hips adding to their joy. Lifting one hand, Bill finds the tie behind her neck. He slowly pulls it loose and lets it fall. With both hands, he pulls the top down off her breasts. Pulling her back into his arms, he can feel the hard little nipples pushing into his chest as they kiss some more, still grinding their pelvic mounds together with desire.

“Let’s swim.” Bill suggests.

“I’d rather have you hold me.” she protests.

Bill kisses Angel again with a lot of tongue and then pulls away. He reaches for her suit. Taking the loose ends, he dives under water and pulls the remainder of her suit down her thighs and off her legs. Coming to the surface, he balls it up and tosses it onto the raft. As he takes her naked body in his arms again, Angel’s fingers are busy finding the string on his trucks and loosening it. She pulls the waist open and pushes the loose material down his thighs as best she can without going under. Letting go of her, Bill helps her out, taking them the rest of the way off. Again, he balls them up and lobs them up on the raft.

As soon as he returns to take her in his arms again, Angel’s hand palms his now very hard and aching cock, while her fingers grasp his balls and squeeze. It feels so wonderful, he kisses her with more passion than ever, hoping to give mecidiyeköy escort back a little of the thrill she is giving him. Instantly he wants her and wants her right now. In a room with a bed or a couch, he would throw her onto it and be inside her like a wild man. Here in the water he has to be content to just kiss and fondle her. As Bill pulls Angel tightly to himself with one hand, the other is busy roughly mauling one of your teats. His tongue flies in an out of your mouth as if fucking it.

Still kissing, his hand drops down between her legs. He pulls away slightly to give his hand room to explore. It soon finds her pussy. The edge of Bill’s hand works itself between the lovely lips and begins a sawing action, up and down the length of the vulva, rubbing her clitoris on each stroke. Her kisses become more urgent, her knees begin to weaken, although she is able to flex her hips to match the rhythm of the sawing hand between her legs.

They kiss and kiss, sort of moving in a circle as she continues to pump his cock with a free hand and he works his hand between the folds of her labia. Angel’s breathing gets harder and her need more pronounced. Her other hand is at the base of his neck pulling him tighter to her lips, irregularly running through his hair, only to return to pull him even tighter and with more desire.

They kiss on and on, until he works his fingers between those swollen lips to find her clit. When Bill feels the little bump, he rubs it softly. Just a little in slow circles at first, until he feels her grow tense and pulls his head just a little tighter to her lips. He then responds with a little more pressure and a faster circling motion. Angel’s head turns frantically, back and forth as she tries to some how transfer the passion she is experiencing back to her lover.

Within a few minutes, the torture becomes too much. She breaks the kiss gasping and begs, “I can’t… can’t take… take any more! I’m… I’m so hot!… You’ve got to take me!… Eat me!… or Fuck me!… I don’t care which!… I have to have you now!”

Bill grabs her by the hips and pulls her up off the bottom. With one hand around his neck to support her, Angel reaches down with the other to guide his cock to her entrance. They work and work, but it just will not slide in. The lake waters wash away all the natural lubricants.

Frustrated she lets go and bites into his shoulder to vent her frustration, then says, “I’ve got to have your cock!… You’ve got to fuck me!”

Pulling away, Bill takes her by the hand. He pushes off, swimming with one hand and pulling her along with the other arm around her waist. Hooked together at their sides, they move to the raft. The cooling water coursing across Bill’s cock feels great. Angle feels the same sensation as it flows over her breasts and down across her feverish pussy.

At the raft, he lets go and climbs up first. Turning, he reaches down to help her up. She climbs out of the water and crawls across the deck of the raft.

Bill rolls her over on her back and immediately drives his face into your genitalia, finding and sucking in her clitoris immediately. Angel gasps at the thrill of it, grabs the back of Bill’s head and pulls it in tight. Instantly she is thrusting into his face, fucking it with that wonderful pussy. “Eat me, Bill!… merter escort Eat my pussy!… Oh, God, that feels so good!… Oh yes!… Oh yes!… Make your little nympho cum all over your face.”

Finding her clit with his tongue, Bill ravages it, slapping his tongue back and forth across it as fast as he can. Every few moments he stops and sucks that little bundle of nerve ends into his mouth, munching on it with his lips, as Angel continues to thrust her hips into his face, causing his head to undulate in order to stay with her.

It only takes a few minutes and Angel is tugging at his head and gasping for breath. The waves of her orgasm are flooding her body. Taking her cue, Bill pushes his lips even harder into the surrounding tissue and by rolling his tongue flat he can wiggle it with even more downward pressure across her entire clitoral area.

The intensity is too much and Angel starts beating on his head and shoulders trying to push him away, begging him to stop. Her heels dig into the boards trying to push herself out of his stubborn grasp. Bill wraps his arms tighter around her thighs and keeps eating, keeps wiggling his tongue on that little bundle of fired up nerves.

“Stop!… Stop!” Angel begs. “Please stop and fuck me! Cock! Your cock! I need your cock! Stop and fuck me! Please fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, please… fuck me!

Bill finally relents and quickly pulls himself up on top of her. With ease his cock slides all the way into her hot, tight, slippery wet pussy. Immediately he begins fucking her, not tentatively, not lovingly, no build up; but with hard, fast and deep stokes. Bill takes her as hard as he can, slamming his cock into her cunt with so much force that his balls swing under and slap against her ass. Raised up on outstretched arms he gazes down into that beautiful face. Even at 51, when he is fucking her like this she looks like a teenager again. He sees a virgin of his youth, giving herself to him for the first time.

“Do you love me?” he asks.

“Oh God. Yes! Bill. I love you with everything I have.” She exclaims.

“I love you too.”

“I can tell.” She coos.

“Are you my whore?”

“Oh, you know I am. I’m always your whore. Your slutty whore. Your bitch. Anything you want me to be. I’m yours, forever.”

Going down on his elbows, he kisses her with all the passion he can bring about, while his hands run through her hair. Angel’s arms lace around his shoulders in a desperate hug, as she attempts to match his passion with her kiss. He keeps thrusting deep, deep into her tight pussy, feeling it pulse around his cock, attempting to milk the cum from his balls.

Breaking the kiss, Bill rises up on his outstretched arms again, in order to keep fucking her at the same pace and with the same ferocity. As he looks into her face again, he watches as her eyes slam shut, she gasps and her face becomes contorted. Another spasm surges through her body.

It passes and that teenagers face returns as she begs, “Fuck me Bill!… Fuck your whore!… Fill my cunt full of your hot, rich cum… I want it, Babe… Give it to me!… Give it to your slutty whore!… Give it to your horny bitch!… Oh, God, another one!… Fuck me!… Fuck me!… FUCK MEEE!” she screeches, as yet another orgasm ravages Angel’s body and her face becomes all distorted again.

Bill mutlukent escort fucks her and fucks her even harder, getting closer and closer. “Fuck me Babe.” He begs himself this time. “I’m almost there for you. Fuck me!… Fuck me!… Fuck me you whore!… Fuck me, my lovely slut!… My goddess of lust… Fuck me!… Fuck me!… Fuck me!”

He can feel his cock beginning to swell.Can she feel it as well?He asks himself.Is it my imagination or is it really getting bigger. Can she sense it?He feels a pulse of pressure deep behind his balls, almost back to his ass. Then there is another, centered in his balls. On the next thrust his cock pumps once. It pumps again on the next thrust. When it pumps the third time, the first blast of cum sprays deep into Angel’s pussy. She can feel it splashing against the entrance to her womb. Another and another. Bill is gasping and Angel is still yelling, “Fuck me!… Fuck me!… Empty it all inside me!… Fill this fucking whore with that wonderful… ummm, hot,… creamy spunk.”

Bill tries to keep fucking, but has become very uncoordinated. He thrusts, but with out rhythm. He has to think about his actions as his cock continues pumping his seed into her pussy. Bill can thrust hard when he thinks to do it, but it is very difficult to withdraw afterwards. Through a force of will, he slams it home again. With his rod deep inside, it pulses two more times and he wills himself to slowly withdraw. His breathing is ragged as he gasps. Angel tells him, “Calm down. Take deep breaths.” He thrusts again and squeezes off yet another couple of times.

Then, Bill’s head begins to swim. He rolls to her side, panting in short quick little breaths. His peripheral vision begins to close in. He believes he is about to pass out and rolls flat on his back. Angel sooths him again, telling him, “Take slow, deep breaths.” He tries. Slowly his vision returns and his breathing becomes more patterned.

“Are you all right? Angel asks concerned.

“Yes, yes. It’s passed now. I’m okay.” Bill assures her.

Quickly Angel mounts his face. Her cum drenched pussy spreads all over his mouth and nose. She rocks back and forth as he licks up as much of the cum as he possibly can. Slipping a little, Angel slides off to one side, giving Bill a chance to yell, “Yes, Baby. Fuck my face!” Righting herself, she really bares down on him now, fucking widely until yet another little orgasm races through her body and she topples over onto her side next to him.

In control of himself again, Bill quickly rises up, rolling on top of Angel. With an open mouth, he kisses her, allowing all that cum he cleaned up to roll into her waiting open mouth. She responds immediately by grabbing his head and pulling it tight to her lips. She kisses him with more passion than ever before, her head twisting this way and that, as their tongues fight for possession of each other’s mouth. They kiss and kiss swapping the rich cum back and forth until it is finally gone.

Slowly they calm down and eventually break apart. Bill sits up and grabs their suits. They climb back into the water. Arms around each other’s waists they slowly walk to shore. About half way in, Angel’s hand reaches across and palms Bill’s cock again, her fingers clasping his balls. They turn into each other’s arms and kiss. Angel can feel his cock starting to harden in her hand and she rubs it against her tummy and through her short crop of pubic hairs.

Breaking the kiss, Angel leans her head back, inquiring, “When we get back to the bedroom, can we do it all over again?”

“You’re insatiable!” Bill exclaims.

“Are you complaining?”

“No. Just in awe.” He smiles.

“Don’t think you can handle it? She teases.

“Just get me another pill.”

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