Skinny Dipper Ch. 02

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I was taking a holiday up in the mountains. Just camping out, going hiking and fishing to keep myself occupied. On the first Friday I was feeling a little out of sorts so I headed down to the nearest town (if you can call it a town) to seek a bit of company.

I guess my luck was in reasonable shape. The community was holding a dance and so I wandered along to it. Officially it was a dry dance. Unofficially, you could get a drink at the back of the local hall, as long as you didn’t make it too obvious. Not being a big drinker I just grabbed a beer and left it at that.

There was the usual assortment of people you find at these venues. Young ladies and not so young ladies. The main trouble was that the not so young ladies were married and tended to dance with their husbands and mutual friends. The young ladies were all either married, engaged, or going steady, with jealous husbands, fiancés, and beaus, hanging around.

Still, I managed to get in a few dances, although never with the same girl twice. Mind you, I wouldn’t have minded dancing with some of them several times, but self-preservation suggested I not push it.

There was one lovely young lass there, Annette by name, and I couldn’t work out what category she belonged to. There were a constant flow of young men swirling around in her vicinity, and I didn’t blame them at all. If they had a queen for the dance, she would have been the runaway winner. I did manage to snag one dance with her, but I think it was more sympathy than my sparkling personality that got me the dance.

I chatted to her while we danced, finding her personable and friendly. Hopefully she found the same where I was concerned. It didn’t help when I suggested a second dance. She firmly refused, saying she had a full agenda and it wouldn’t be polite to dump one of them.

I also hinted that I’d have no objection to a stroll in the starlight between dances. She hinted that I’d have a better chance of winning the lottery, but at least she smiled when she said it. From the killing looks being directed at me by her entourage I think she was really making sure that there wouldn’t be a fight, with me the outnumbered victim.

All in all, I had an enjoyable night, a couple of beers, a number of dances, and a bit of innocent flirting with the local lovelies. I was feeling pretty happy with life when I finally headed back to my camp.

The late night and those beers caught up with me. I slept in the next day until the middle of the morning. Not that it mattered. It’s not as though I had to get up for work. I was going fishing and the fish wouldn’t mind waiting.

What with one thing and another it wasn’t until after lunch that I headed out to do a bit of fishing. In one of my earlier hikes and general explorations I’d found this nice deep pool. The river kept it fed and I suspected that there were a few trout in it, probably along the west side where some weeping willows were growing. I like willows. They’re greedy trees; they use a lot of water and also overshadow a largish area where nothing else grows, except some scrubby grass. They provided a choice spot for a fisherman to sit out of the sun while waiting for a bite.

I heard splashing as I approached the pool. Not a lot of noise, just enough to raise my hopes that the fish were jumping. Active fish were hungry fish, and I was prepared to feed them. In return, I’m quite sure they would be willing to feed me.

I came up under the willow I wanted to settle under and found out that someone had beaten me there. There was a neat little pile of clothes folded up next to the tree, with a towel on the ground. The splashing I could hear was apparently someone having a dip. Irritated, I moved out from under the tree to the water’s edge.

“You do know that you’re scaring the fish,” I called out to the back I could see rising up out of the water.

There was a shriek and the back went below the water. Not for long. A head bobbed cautiously back up, facing me.

“Hey,” I called, “Annette, isn’t it?”

It was. No way I could mistake that pretty face, even if she didn’t look too happy to see me.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded. “Go away.”

“I’m just here to do a bit of fishing. Why don’t you hop out and let the fish get their nerve back and start feeding. I’m depending on those little suckers for dinner tonight.”

“Well, there’s no fish in this pool,” Annette snapped. “Why don’t you try further down the river?”

“I don’t think so. I saw some nice trout here the other day. If you haven’t traumatized them I should be able to land a couple. You’ve had your swim. Why not hop out and let me fish?”

“Fine! I’ll get out and you can do your fishing. Um, can you move elsewhere while I get out? My clothes are under that tree.”

“Ah, no, I don’t think so. Don’t mind me. Just hop out and I’ll promise not to look while you change.”

She dithered, not wanting to come out of the pool.

“Is there a problem?” I asked innocently.

“Ah, I, um, I’m not wearing anything,” she muttered.

“I’m sorry, but could you say that a little louder. I casino şirketleri didn’t quite catch it.”

“I said I’m not wearing anything,” she nearly shouted, face a nice rosy hue.

“Oh. Well, don’t worry about it. It won’t bother me. I’ve seen a naked woman before.”

“Not me, you haven’t. Just go away for five minutes.”

“I’d rather not. I like it here. Come on. Out you hop. I won’t bite you.”

“It’s not biting I’m worried about,” she pointed out. “It’s what else you might do.”

“Well, I can guarantee that I’ll look at you with sincere appreciation. I noticed last night how lovely you are. I can’t wait to see if my imagination is anywhere near the beauty you will prove to be.”

Why she gave me a nasty look is beyond me. I was complimenting her.

“Look, just be a gentleman and go away for a few minutes. That’s all I need. Surely that’s not too much to ask?”

“Ah, yes, I rather think it is. It’s not often I have such a lovely lady at such a disadvantage. It would be criminal not to take advantage of the fact. I’m quite sure my man-card would be revoked if I left without seeing you.”

We both fell silent, neither of us moving, each waiting for the other.

“Um, you can’t stay there all day, you know,” I pointed out. “Your skin will get all wrinkled and you’ll look like a giant prune. Why not hop out now while it’s still nice and warm.”

I was certainly getting some nasty looks, but I sensed that she was about ready to capitulate.

“Alright,” she finally said. “I’ll come out, but if you touch me with anything but your eyes I’ll scratch your eyes out.”

“Um, the trouble is, I fully intend to touch you as soon as you’re within reach of my greedy hands. First by stroking your breasts and then by kissing them. After that, who knows what I may get up to, although I do have a fairly good idea.”

“Oh, great. I’m supposed to come on out of the water so you can have some fun groping me.”

“You wrong me. I’m not a teenager. I have much more in mind than a simple grope.”

“What, you expect me to agree to have sex with you?” she said, in a voice that was really a strangled shriek. She wanted to scream at me but probably thought it impolite. “There’s no way. You’re a complete stranger to me.”

“Ah, no, Annette, I’m not,” I pointed out, quite willing to correct her misapprehension. “We were introduced last night at the dance. I’m Colin, the guy you wouldn’t go outside with.”

For some reason she did a face palm, shaking her head.

“Oh, great. I met you at the dance and we danced. Once. I guess that makes everything OK.”

“Really,” I said with some surprise. “That’s great. I thought you might be a bit more resistant to the idea. Come on out.”

“That was sarcasm, you unfeeling oaf. Everything is not OK. I just want to get dressed and leave.”

“Well I’m not going to stop you. I came here to do some fishing, remember? You can get dressed as soon as we’ve finished, although I find that normally young ladies like to snuggle a bit afterwards.”

Annette was glaring at me. She was also looking distinctly nervous and worried.

“So you’re saying that I have to come out there and get raped? I think I’d rather stay in the pool for the rest of the day.”

“I’m saying no such thing. I wouldn’t dream of raping you. Well, I might in my dreams, but not while I’m conscious. Far too animalistic for a gentleman like me. I said that I’m going to do is touch your breasts and kiss your nipples. Anything more than that would require your enthusiastic cooperation. Where’s the fun if your partner isn’t enjoying herself?”

“A gentleman would turn his back and let me go unmolested.”

“Ah, I am a gentleman up to the point where it would be idiotic to be more so. That point is reached when it means I can’t stroke your breasts. Remember I saw you at the dance. I’d be mad to pass up a chance to touch and taste breasts as lovely as yours.”

It was fun watching her face. She was both irritated and flattered at the same time. At least, she was no longer on the verge of panic. Still, if she wasn’t coming out I guessed I’d have to depart. Too, too, undignified to run into the pool and chase her around in it. Unless she didn’t run.

“Would it be easier for you if I stripped off and joined you?”

The look on her face said not this century, thank you very much.

“If I come out, you won’t do anything other than touch my breasts?”

“Scout’s honour,” I said, holding up a couple of fingers in a salute.

“You were a scout?”

“Ah, no, but I did think about becoming one.”

What did I say? She just did another face-palm, as though she had trouble believing me.

“All right,” she snapped. “I’m getting out, but if you lay so much as a finger on any part of me apart from my breast I will scratch you so hard you’ll need to get stitches.”

Well, that was a surprise. I honestly thought she’d stay right there until I gave up and went away. Maybe she had an appointment. I watched with appreciation as she stood up from where she’d been crouching in the water.

She casino firmaları did the standard ‘Venus on the half-shell’ approach. One hand modestly across her breasts while the other was covering her pussy. Or nearly covered it. She had a definite swing to her hips as she moved towards me, and her hand moved back and forth across her front, letting me see her pussy quite clearly every other step. A nice smooth mons meant no fur obscuring those enticing curves.

She stopped in front of me, blushing and nervous. I reached out and gently pushed her arm down away from her breasts, letting her see my appreciation. Reaching out I placed a fingertip onto a nipple, not really surprised to feel it start to pucker under my touch.

I trailed my finger down, across her breast and slowly down over her tummy, brushing aside the hand she had covering herself, until my finger was tracing along her slit. Her eyes were getting wider and wider, the lower my finger descended until she started spluttering.

“My breasts,” she exclaimed. “You said you’d only touch my breast.”

I slowly retraced my path, stroking back up over her tummy until I reached her other nipple. This one didn’t need to unfurl. It was already standing out in sympathy with its twin.

“And did you really believe me?” I asked with interest.

“Yes,” she said quickly. “Of course I did. I’d still be in the water if I hadn’t.”

“My, my. You said that almost as if you believed it,” I murmured. “You knew exactly what you were inviting when you walked out of the water like that.”

“What are you talking about,” she spluttered. “I wasn’t inviting anything. You made me come out.”

I couldn’t answer right away. My mouth was otherwise engaged, tasting a nipple. I teased it with my tongue before letting my teeth rasp across it. Reluctantly I lifted my head to look at her flushed face.

“No woman walks naked towards a man who had been saying that he wants to touch her naked body without knowing just what will happen. Even if you are a naïve virgin you would know what the man intends. You may not know what it will actually be like, but you would know what was going to happen.”

To emphasise my point I let my hand drift down and close over her mound, just cupping her, while my mouth sought her other nipple. I started sucking lightly and rhythmically, my hand lightly squeezing her mound in the same rhythm.

“Ah, stop that,” she said in a breathy little voice, at the same time hitting my back with her clenched fists. At least, I think she was trying to hit me. It felt more like a series of pats.

I reluctantly relinquished her nipple.

“Why stop it?” I asked. “I said that I was going to stroke and kiss your breasts.”

“Not my breasts,” she said. “I meant your hand.”

“Ah, so this is OK,” I said with satisfaction, head bending to catch a breast, completely forgetting to remove my hand.

“Just stop it,” she gasped out. “All of it. You’re confusing me.”

I stood up straight, one hand resting on the small of her back, the other just resting lightly on her mound, just lightly touching for now.

“I’ll make you a deal,” I told her. “I’ll stop holding you and stroking you here,” giving her pussy a little squeeze, “and instead you can hold me and stroke me here.”

I’d already undone my zip and arranged my erection for easy access. Hell, my erection came very early in the encounter. Arranging access to it for an interested participant had just seemed logical. I took hold of her hand and guided it past the open zip, feeling it close around me.

“You can’t make me do that,” she gasped, but she didn’t let go.

I started stroking her breasts, hand crossing from one to the other and back again, rubbing them firmly, rolling her nipples around in my palm. She was breathing hard, pulling a little away from me, but not so strenuously that she broke away from the hand holding her still. Neither, I was pleased to note, did she let go my erection. Her hand was actually moving slowly up and down on it, tentatively exploring it.

I again captured a breast with my mouth, letting my hand drop down and slide back over her mound. Annette started yammering and it took me a moment to catch on to what she was saying. She was protesting my holding her mound again.

“You said you wouldn’t do that,” giving my cock a squeeze to point out the bargain I’d made.

“You’re right, I did,” I conceded, at the same time easing a finger between her lips, testing the waters, so to speak. I was pleased to note that the waters were wet.

I pulled back a little from her. (Not so far back that she had to release my cock, but I did pull back a little.)

“I think we need to have a little talk,” I said.

“What about?”

“You. Do you seriously think I’m just going to touch you a bit and then let you go?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that in a very few moments you’re going to be on that towel,” I said, indicating the towel spread on the ground next to the tree, “while I am going to be putting my cock deep inside you. Sex is what I mean.”

“You can’t do that,” güvenilir casino she protested.

I indicated my erection, which she had managed to pull free from my trousers.

“Why the hell do you think I’m like that? It’s so I can put it into you and I have every intention of doing so.”

“But, I don’t do that sort of thing.”

“That’s why I’m talking instead of already taking you. Why don’t you do that sort of thing? It’s pretty obvious from your reactions that you’re a virgin. I just can’t understand how come? You’re old enough and the men were buzzing around you like flies last night.”

Annette just shrugged, blushing. It suddenly dawned on me.

“That’s it. You’re either never alone with a man or, if you are, he’s so awed by being with the local beauty that he doesn’t dare make a grab. Any bad boys are probably fended away so you don’t have to cope with them.”

From the look on Annette’s face I’d hit on it. She was the untouchable queen, which left her rather frustrated. Ah, well, I wasn’t a local. I could rush in where they feared to tread.

“Right,” I said happily. “Now that we’ve got that sorted out we can progress.”

I ushered her over to the towel which she had so thoughtfully provided.

“I hate to make you let go,” I murmured, “but I want you to kneel on the towel.”


“I thought I already told you what we’re going to do. Sex, remember?”

“Oh. But why do I have to kneel?”

“Picture this in your mind. You’re on the towel, your bottom high in the air, while your head is resting on your crossed arms. Your breasts are dangling, swaying gently. I’m kneeling behind you, my cock approaching you. It rests gently against the entrance to your vagina, its size vaguely menacing you. My hands come around to capture your breasts. Then my cock presses forward, driving deep into you, taking you.

After that we’ll see how you cope. Now kneel.”

Annette settled down onto the towel, moving slowly and nervously. I knelt next to her, steering her into the position I wanted. My hand slid over her bottom, down to her pussy, and started to massage her some more. I didn’t need to look. I could feel her lips were swollen, her inner labia puffed up and protruding.

“Listen, I’m not sure I want to do this,” she muttered, giving me nervous little looks.

“Maybe, but are you sure you don’t want to do it?” I asked.

While she was thinking that one through I settled down behind her. I stretched her lips slightly apart, hearing her gasp when I pressed the head of my cock lightly against the exposed flesh, letting her lips relax back onto me.

I ran my hands up her back and around, finally closing them upon her breasts.

“Now just relax and let it happen,” I told her, squeezing her breasts slightly. At the same time I leaned into her, starting my cock on its journey.

Annette made a gasping sound as I eased forward. I didn’t force the pace, just pushing steadily forward. I was slightly surprised to find that I slid in relatively easily. She was tight, but her passage yielded willingly enough, and her natural lubrication eased the way. Finding the going reasonable simple I just kept on going, not stopping until I was fully inside her. It wasn’t until then that I realised that Annette had been making a series of little yips and ahs, and oh my gods as I moved in.

Now that I was firmly inside her I just held myself there, giving her time to adjust to it. She squirmed a little, shifting position slightly, adjusting her stance until she had me where she wanted me.

“I thought it was supposed to hurt when it went in,” she said, sounding curious.

“Everyone is different,” I said reasonably. “Sometime it hurts sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe you’ve been a naughty girl and have been experimenting and broke your hymen without knowing. Does it matter? If you feel it should have hurt I can always smack your bottom to supply a little pain.”

“Ah, no, that’s all right,” she said quickly. “Um, what do you do now?”

I showed her, pulling back and thrusting firmly back in. She gave a startled gasp, while I paused again.

“Hmm. Nice?” I asked, and she nodded eagerly.

“Then let us do it a little more,” I said softly. “You’ll find it gets even better, especially if you push back to meet me when I drive into you. Let’s take it slowly, shall we?”

I pulled back and then returned fairly slowly, encouraging her to push towards me as I came. She did so, tentatively at first, but then with increasing enthusiasm as she felt the responses inside her. I took her along slowly, gradually picking up the pace as we moved.

It wasn’t long before I was taking her at a decent pace. Annette matched my rhythm easily enough with appreciative little cries seeming to involuntarily burble up out of her throat. She seemed to be having a fine old time, her initiation into things sexual being suitably pleasurable.

I prolonged out little coming together as much as I dared. It was fun holding myself back that little bit while continuing to build Annette’s arousal, feeling the passion rising within her. It seemed to me that she was approaching her climax all too quickly. I’d have enjoyed holding on, relishing the contact of flesh on flesh. Still, bringing Annette to a peak and just holding her there wouldn’t be fair for a first encounter.

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