Sister In law

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Sister In lawI have written some of this before and the internet crashed and I lost all the Info.I will make it short. I have had a sister in law who has flirted with me over the last few years, She enjoys flashing her panty covered pussy to me in exchange for some repairs to her house or car. I enjoy this and tend to make the job last longer “nothing like a camel toe in your face to slow the job down”I have jerked off to the images in my mind of my sister in law squatting in front of me while I change a Tyre for her, I have done this more times than I can count and I am sure the tight camel toe image in me mind is not what was in my face. One time I remember jerking off 5 times because of her panty covered pussy being in my face and I even measured how far I could come while thinking about my sister in law, it was over a meter, but I had to do more than masturbate for that result I had to try to pull my cock off,, She made me soo horny.One time we were alone after drinking heavy she asked to put some porn on, my wife was in bed and her sister was keen to watch some porn so I hooked up the computer and searched XHamster. “my Favorite Porn site” bahis siteleri canlı Knowing full well that my cock will be hard in about 5 minutes.15 Minutes later I had a full blown Hard On. I needed to do something about it so I apologized to my wife’s sister and said that I needed to have a wank. I proceeded to take my cock in my hand and get comfortable with my self, with in minutes she was kneeling in front of me taking a good look at my technique. I had never had any female sit in front of me during a wank and I decided to show her how hard I could Wank, I tried to Pull my cock off but it wouldn’t come off, I grabbed my balls at the same time and stroked long and fast only inches away for her face.she then stared to lick the end of my shaft. I stopped wanking and let her have a good lick around my shaft.After awhile I suggested I should lick her cunt out, “I was about to blow my load and didn’t want to do that just yet” She lifted her skirt and basically shoved her panty covered pussy in my face. I sniffed her and rubbed my face into her crotch and with my left hand I continued to pull that cock of mine.She was enjoying my canlı bahis mouth and tongue and was eager when asked her to remove her panties for a reward of a clit licking. after removing her panties I pushed the skin of her twat up towards her naval and that popped her clit out from the hood that protects it, I then licked and gently and sucked on that clit as if it was the first one I had ever tasted, Pushing her to the couch I not only tongued her out but I rubbed my face into the wet nest that I was making.I shoved 2 fingers into her twat as I sucked on her now hard clit and massaged her G-spot.I did this while she pushed her wet cunt into my face even harder.I needed to fuck her as my left hand has moving as fast as it could trying to pull that cock of mine off, I told her I was going to shove my shaft into her cunt. She told me not too as I was her sisters husband, But I didn’t listen and as she said that as I was pushing my cock into her “too late” I started to count out loud 1 to 10 then took my cock out of her and dived down to eat her out again giving 10 long licks as if licking a ice cream followed by a suction suck on her clit, bahis siteleri Pushing my cock back into her again she was ready for some fast action and not to disappoint I gave her the full length as far in and out as I could “with out falling out” and in so far that it made her hips rise and my balls slap against her arse Then back to rub my face in her wet twat and again count to 10 followed by a clit suck for an extended time.I made her squirt that night and as she did she hit my belly with her pussy juice, I didn’t come then because after she squirted on me and then she came around and realized what was happening with her brother in law. She got up rather quickly and rushed off to the spare bedroom for the night. I was still hard and with my sister in laws pussy fresh on my lips and cock I was covered in her juices all over I continued to wank my self off . I looked up my friends on XHamster and gave them a Tribute “sorry no video” I Wanked and pulled like there was no tomorrow and blew my load full of jiz into my own hand.I hope one day one of my XHamster friends reads this and enjoys the fact that although I was eating out a tasty pussy it was you that made me blow my load. I hope you enjoy this story as it is a true event and if you want to watch me pull my cock off let me know.Haven’t fucked the sister in law since then “not going to happen” but memories still give me a morning wood

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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