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sister-in-Law Models PantiesI’ve always had fantasies of my sister-in-law, Kristie. She recently turned 18 but from the moment I met her I knew she would be a knock-out! She’s petite and skinny with A-cup breasts. Her nipples are typical Asian-type and very much the same as my wife’s, mother-in-law’s and other sister-in-law’s. Brown, quarter-sized and pencil-eraser hard. I also love shopping for lingerie…for my wife, that is. Whenever there is a Victoria’s Secret or Fredericks sale I would be all over it. In one of my recent purchases my wife decided to gift some to her sisters when we flew back home to the Philippines. Kristie loved the yellow panties that she got. But when she asked my wife to get her more all she k**dingly got back “Go ask Jimmy (that’s me) to buy you some! He’s the one who loves to buy those anyway!” I’m guessing my wife was just trying to embarrass me. Little did she know.Fast forward half a year and I started to accumulate panties of different varieties for Kristie. Thongs. Hiphuggers. Lacies. Tangas. Pink. Bright Red. Sexy Black. Sequined Purple.I knew Kristie would be visiting us in the summer so I planned to take advantage of it. The day I picked her up at the airport was one of the hardest days of my life. Pun intended. I could not keep the tenting on my golf shorts from showing. She waved and rushed towards me to give me a big hug! Oh yeah! A-cup boobies. Tight tushy. I was in heaven. She anadolu yakası escort kinda hesitated a bit when my boner pressed against her crotch area but quickly dismissed it.After the long drive home I got a text from my wife that she’d taken the k**s to the grocery for some supplies and won’t be back until an hour. I knew this was my chance!I walked into Kristie’s room while she was unpacking and told her that I had a welcome suprise for her. She beamed with excitement and was jumping and giggling.“What is it?” “Close your eyes!”Then I handed her a pink Victoria’s Secret box. Her mouth “O”-ed and her eyes opened widely.“Is this what I think it is?” “Go check it out!”She opened the box and after the tissue was removed she riffled through panty upon panty upon panty in delight.“These are so nice! Thanks, Jimmy!”“I knew you’d like it! I definitely enjoyed buying them for you!”“You did?”“Yeah, I kept imagining how they’d fit your tushie nicely. How your slender legs would be accentuated by the high cut crotch…”“Awww, you’re too kind! She said this as she was blushing.“Well, I better get up and prepare some lunch while you get to try them out!”“Don’t you want to see them?”I gulped hard. “Your sister will kill me!”“Well, she’s not here and I’m not telling. Now, go on and close your eyes. I have a surprise!”As I turned back to check her out she had her skirt held ataşehir escort bunched up to show the purple satin tanga from the top pile. “Wow! That looked better than I imagined” She just smiled.“Why not let me model each one for you. Just get comfortable (yeah right) on the bed while I try each one on. So we know which ones I’ll keep and which ones you can return.”With each panty she turned around, bent forward, pulled the panty down and replaced with a new one. Each time I’d get a glimpse of her slender legs and hairless pussy lips. My cock was straining to get out.On about the 8th panty she tried on I took the liberty of taking my cock out of my golf shorts and started stroking it.She was shocked as she turned around.“I always imagined what that would look like!” was the only thing she uttered as she climbed onto the bed. She ran her hands on my legs upward toward my cock, looking at me intently all the while. “May I touch it?” I just nodded as she gently took it and stroked my cock to full mast.“May I taste it?” I just nodded as a million thoughts raced through my mind thinking how wrong this was but how good and amazing it would be.It was obvious that she’s never sucked cock before but the innocence of it was driving me to the edge. I lightly kneaded her tushy as she played with my cock. I slid my hands under her panty, in the process finding her love hole. I probed, teased and ümraniye escort flicked it. She moaned.With that I pushed her off my cock, drove her onto the bed and started to remove her top. I was in between her legs splayed wide with that nice satin panty about an inch or two from my hardened cock.“May my cock touch your pussy?” I asked her.She just nodded. With that I slid the crotch to the side and I slid my cock onto her glistening slit.I was in heaven at that point. I began humping her slowly and gently. She moaned ever so lightly. She then took her hand and pressed my cock harder onto her clit to heighten the sensation. She moaned more!“Put it in me, Jimmy!”With that instruction and with no hesitation I angled my hips slightly and the next thrust pushed into her velvety virgin pussy.“AahhhhhhhH!” was all Kristie could muster.I made love to Kristie gently and slowly. Pulling out and pushing back in with gentle rhythm. Letting her experience sex beautifully for the first time. I wet my thumb before I massaged her clit as I thrust in her. She moaned even more. Then I felt her pussy starting to clench. I knew she was going to cum. I thrust harder and faster, consistently keeping my thumb on her clit.“It’s so good, Jimmy!’ she shouted as her pussy convulsed, amazingly massaging my cock. “I’m cumming, too, Kristie!” and with that I exploded into my virgin sister-in-law’s pussy. Spurt after spurt my semen pushed into her. She was in her own orgasmic ecstacy as I was in mine. Gradually I slowed down my pace as I let her pussy sensations subside and my cock return to half mast.I looked her in the eyes and then brought my lips to her and kissed her. She kissed me back, hugged me tight while my cock lay deep in her now satisfied pussy.

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