sister in law and the Tanning Bed: A Story of Blac

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sister in law and the Tanning Bed: A Story of BlacThis is my first story so please leave comments/reviews and tell me what your favorite part is. Also feel free to send me links to similar content.Everytime my wife and I go to visit her parents her sister will randomly decide to come visit as well. We had been at the house for about a day when my wife and her mother decided to do some shopping in town. Not being my thing I elected to stay behind and use my off days to lounge around.Upstairs at my wifes parents house there are three bedrooms, my sister-in-law sleeps in the one closest the stairs and my wife and I take the one at the end of the hall. The third bedroom is relatively sparse except for an old tanning bed.As my wife and her mother pulled out of the driveway. I went upstairs and checked on my sister in law, as she had arrived before us to see if she wanted to hang out. But she had fallen asleep with the TV on. I couldn’t help but stare she was laying on her side away from me sleeping in just a pair of white cotton panties and a white tank top with no bra on. I wanted so badly to go over and touch her athletic ass as she lay there but I decided against it. Her and her sister are very close and share everything with eachother.My sister in law is a pretty typical 21 yr old college girl personality wise, not to bright, not to ambitious, she likes to do whatever she wants. She is around 5’7″ with hazel eyes and blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders. She has a gorgeous set of CC breasts that really fill out her form nicely and a shapely athletic ass from her days as a former athlete.The last time I had visited, when I had been tanning, I had sensed that my sister in law had come into the room (the floors are wooden and you can hear the movement in them) while I was naked and exposed in the tanning bed. At first I couldn’t figure out why but I quickly realized in the confined space of the tanning bed I could not raise my head to see out the gap at my feet so she must be sneaking a peak at my nakedness. I was sure I had heard her moving around. The thought of my sister in law sneaking around just to get a look at me naked was incredibly arousing.As I entered the tanning bedroom I took out my phone, set it to record video and placed it so that it could see the doorway and the end of the tanning bed (parallel to the door) where my feet would be. Then I stripped naked, put on the tanning googles and some ear phones in so that she would think I was listening to music then turned on the timer and laid down in the tanning bed. Sure enough after about 5 minutes, as I was laying there naked and totally exposed with my ear phones in. I could heard movement in her sisters room. I could feel her footsteps through the old wooden floor. As she moved into the hallway and toward the door the sound increased. As she pushed the door open slowly it let out a creak and I knew I had her. The video shows her tiptoe quietly as she could to the foot end of the tanning bed and bend over to look into the end and get a good look at my cock and naked body.It was exhilerating to know that not only did she want to see naked but that she was such a horny little slut. Since I could hear her without any music and knew where she was I decided to give her a little show and make the blackmail more incriminating. I begin playing with my dick, slowly stroking it until I grew hard (while thinking about what I was going to do with this video!) and proceeding to jerk myself off.The video shows my sister in law on her knees with her back to the wall away from the door looking sideways into the tanning bed so that you can see her sideways in the video. As soon as she saw me begin to jerk off. You can see her breathing increase as she starts to touch herself. First running her hands over her breasts and playing with her nipples through her see thru tank top and finally sliding down her body and disapearing into the front of her panties as she began to finger herself at a very fast pace bringing herself to a supressed orgasm in less than two minutes.Inside the tanning bed without music I could hear her building up to her orgasm. Her breathing heavy, which of course caused me to cum so much faster. As the tanning bed timer clicked and the lights turned off I could hear her scramble to get out of the room and pull the door shut.As I got up, still naked I went immediately to the camera and watched the video. The sight of my sister in law fingering herself to orgasm was more than I could take. At the end of the video when she scampered off you could see the wet spot on her panties and you could still smell the sweet aroma of pussy in the air.Phase III knew I had to act now or I would lose my window of opportunity or my nerve. My wife rarely leaves the house for long when visiting her parents. I toweled off and put on my clothes and then went directly to her sisters door camera phone in hand.She was laying on her stomach watching TV, having put on a pair of Nike shorts and t-shirt with a V-neck that showed off an ample amount of cleavage.”Hey sister good to see you how did you sleep?” I asked.”Hey ! I slept fine I was having the best dream, did you just get in?” she replied with a straight face acting as innocently as she could.”No, we got here about four hours ago lazy bones. Your m*m and sister are out shopping and I have just been lounging around……I did some tanning.” I said watching for a reaction.”Oh I thought maybe I heard you in there. I’m glad someone still uses that old thing.”She had one hell of a poker face not letting on that she had just masturbated to the sight of me naked and playing with my cock.”Yeah funny thing about that……. I could’ve sworn I heard someone in the room with me… wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” I asked keeping as straight a face as I could.She gulped slightly her whole body tensing slightly, her breasts heaving celtabet giriş as her breathing increased and she sat up to face me indian style, her face blushing a light shade of red. “Uh……nope, I mean I was moving around in here folding some clothes…. you know how these old houses are someone moving across the house sounds like they are right beside you.” She said.I could see that she wouldn’t admit to it outright. I had expected as much which is why I had laid the trap. I pulled out my phone opened the video and started non-chalantly scrolling while I moved from the doorway to the bed and sat down on the edge of it next to her. Her scent was intoxicating, both her sweet smelling perfume and of course the scent of her juices still all over her fingers. It was time to spring my trap.”Yeah you are probably right” I said standing up and handing the phone to her as casually as I could manage with the surge of adrenaline from what I was about to do. I stepped back and sat in a chair facing the bed. I didn’t want to miss a second of her reaction to what was about to happen.”Hey check out this hidden camera video I just found on the internet, it’s pretty hilarious.” I could see the tension drain from her shoulders as she thought that the subject was dropped. She looked down at the phone and pushed play on the video. She was instantly speechless as she recognized the setting and the color drained away from her face as she saw herself sneak through the doorway.I couldn’t help but grin as my dick started to swell as I took in her athletic thighs and looked at the crotch of her Nike shorts wondering if she had changed panties or if she was still wearing the ones soaked with her juices.”Oh yeah by the way it’s a pretty raunchy video, starring this horny blonde peeping sally. My favorite part is around 7 minutes in when you cum and start sucking your fingers clean while watching your brother in law’s dick spurt cum.” I said relishing every m*ment of the helpless and scared look she had. Unable to meet my eyes. She simply put the phone down.”I’m sorry……..” She said softly turning her head away to the side so that her blonde hair fell in front of her eyes. She began to rise and move to her half packed bag “I’ll just go home” she said “I don’t want to be here anymore.””Not nearly as sorry as your sister is going to be when she sees that video. Do you think she will ever speak to you again?” I said calmly. She froze and collapsed back down on the bed looking pathetically at me, or well in my general direction the fear in her eyes was blatant and intoxicating. “Yu…….you aren’t going to….sh…show her are you? P…p..please don’t……””I think that can be avoided, but I have certain desires that must be satisfied first.” I said sizing up her reaction. This was going better than I had hoped. “What do you want?” She asked her face turning hard as she was beginning to realize that this was not just a lecture.I was rock hard at this point my thick cock straining against my athletic shorts, making an obvious statement to her. “Well for starters, you have seen me naked and I haven’t seen you. Strip.” Her eyes became as big as saucers at this point as she defeatedly stood up and began to raise her tank top up over her navel using both hands to grip the bottom of the fabric of the t-shirt she lifted it up over her head to reveal the see-through tank top. Her nipples were hard and poking through the fabric a 1/4 of an inch or so. Slowly. Defeatedly. She lifted the tank top up, it caught on the bottom of her breasts and she had to stretch the shirt to get it over her breasts. Finally they popped out of the bottom and revealed the most luscious and perky set of double Cs I had ever seen. With light pink half dollar sized areolas and pert little nipples perfectly proportioned. She then dropped her Nike shorts to reveal a lacey pink thong. She started to pull it down when I stopped her.”Not so fast.” I said. “I said “Turn around put your ass out toward me, put your head in the bed and your weight on it and then reach back with both hands and slowly pull your panties down.””NO WAY! I’m just going to show you to even the score, not do every little perverted thing you say” She said feistily trying to display her usual ‘Don’t fuck with me because I can handle myself’ attitude. Her tits wobbling miraculously with every syllable.”I wonder, do you think your sister will ever even want to be in the same room with you after seeing the video?” Her semi-defiant stance deflated, but she kept her face defiant as she turned around to face away from me. “I hate you” she said as she put her head into the bed and stuck her ass up in my face. I could make out her pussy lips through the pink fabric as she as they were practically dripping sweet aromatic juices. Her pussy was soaking wet! The scent alone was enough to make me as hard as I had ever been. Her pussy smelled lightly sweet and musty all at the same time. I had to restrain myself from burying my face in it right then. She slowly lowered her panties to reveal her tight little pussy, she was so wet that her juices were running down the inside of her thighs, sticking out from under her perfect tan ass (no tanlines i guess she uses the tanning bed too). “From the looks of it you are enjoying this as much as I am maybe even more” I retorted “Hmmmmph” she indignantly replied remaining in her toe touch position. I began reaching up to grab her ass checks and give them a squeeze. Massaging her ass with one hand I slowly slid my other hand down her leg and up her thigh, lightly caressing her pussy lips as I withdrew my hand toward me. I heard her give a barely audible whimper of arousal. “Fu…Fuck you” She said her voice unsteady now.I reached around the side with my left hand and took her left tit in my hand squeezing it and stimulating the nipple. I then reached through the front of celtabet yeni giriş her legs and began to part her lips with my fingers, finding her clit. As I touched on it a shudder went through her whole body as she let out a gigantic sigh of arousal. I rubbed quickly over it with my fingers her juices providing all the lubrication needed to make it slide back and forth, she was so slippery and the heat coming from her mound was incredible.She couldn’t contain her involuntary aroused moans any longer and began to let them out without control “mmm” “ooooooo” I began to finger fuck her, slowly at first with one and then a second finger while simultaneously flicking her clit. She winced audibly at first as she was unprepared for this and as my fingers went into her all the way they began to come out covered in her wetness and white cream.Her breathing began to increase and she began shifting her weight back toward me so that there was more pressure on her clit. I could tell she was getting close to orgasm, so I switched my left hand from her tits to finger fucking her and reached around with my right, covered in her cream and stuck them near her mouth.”Suck them clean” I said and before I could even get the words out she had taken them into her mouth and began using her tongue to taste herself and clean her from my fingers. I knew she was a horny little slut! “Have you ever tasted yourself before?” She moaned her reply her answer muffled “Mnnooo” She moaned her reply muffled.”You like it don’t you? You dirty fucking slut!” I was finger fucking her hard now, actually moving her body back and forth with the force of my fingers, her tits shaking with every thrust.She spit out my fingers and said while panting for breath “N..N…No!” I took my hand from her mouth and brought it down hard spanking her bare ass with all the force I could muster from my sitting stance. The red imprint of my hand staying exactly where it had collided. “OWW YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! She yelled (good thing the house was empty)”You love it you fucking slut. It’s just like any other night sucking frat boys off! Tell me you like it! TELL ME YOU LOVE IT YOU DIRTY FUCKING SLUT! I hollered increasing the speed and intensity of my fingers until my forearm burned and I didn’t think I could keep up the pace. Until “I…………..I……….I……love……it….don’t…..stop….Oh…Oh…OH…I’M…..CUMMMMMING” her pussy contracted hard around my fingers as hole clamped down and her body shook with the force of her orgasm. She knees gave out and she collapsed in a heap on the ground still panting and shaking. Slowly calming down. As she came back to reality she was ashamed at her betrayal. “You fucking asshole!” she began to sob “Why did you make me do that? How can I ever look at my sister again…” she said as she started to gather up her clothes to her and cover herself.”Oh no we aren’t done yet” I said standing sliding my pants down and finally letting my aching cock spring free right into her face. I was a good 6.5″ (not a giant but believe me it gets the job done)Still on her knees she shrank away from my cock like it was a live snake. Forgetting to cover herself and letting her tits swing free again as she covered her eyes with her hands, real tears were coming out of her eyes now. I didn’t doubt her sincerity but I knew by now that her libido was going to conquer all. It was a delicious sight.”No…no..No.No..No…..NO! This ends now!” She used her anger to drive away her tears. “How do you think my sister your wife would react to you blackmailing me like this!””Hmm good question. She would probably leave me.” I said letting her get worked up since she was incredibly more sexy when feisty and angry than when crying. “You’re right she’d leave your dumbass! And I’m going tell her all about what you forced me to do!” She said.”forced you? I don’t think that is the version she will see out of all this” I calculatingly replied picking up my phone from the nightstand where I had set it to record the whole show as she was taking off her shirt. Keeping the phone out of reach I skimmed through the video and turned the volume all the way up so that she could hear her own voice. “I…………..I……….I……love……it….don’t…..stop….Oh…Oh…OH…I’M…..CUMMMMMING!” “I wonder if your parents will keep paying your tuition, and your room and board once they find out what kind of a slut you are” I said as I reset the phone to record and held it in my hand. Guiding my cock toward her face with the other.”You… fucking asshole!!!” She flicking my guiding hand away she grabbed my dick and wrapped her mouth around my dick, swirling her tongue around the head and using it to block her bottom teeth. It. Was. Fantastic. I put my hand on the back of her head, gripped a handful of her blonde hair and f******lly slid my dick down her throat until I felt her nose touch my stomach. After that I began to fuck her face, slowly at first so she didn’t gag and then faster and faster until I was fucking her throat at a tremendous rate. I was so close to cumming but decided to save it for something better. “On the bed on your back” I said. Glad to be able to breathe she complied climbing back onto the bed, her thighs still slick from her creamy orgasm.Then I mounted her swinging my feet over onto either side of her stomach I reached back and scooped up as much of her cream as I could and rubbed it in between her luscious breasts. “Squeeze them together” I commanded and happy I wasn’t in her mouth she dutifully obliged me. Titty-fucking my s****-in-law was by far one of the best things I have ever done. Her creamy juice provided excellent lubrication as I thrusted between her big tits. The firm but supple pressure of her boobs on my cock was intensely gratifying. She even turned her mouth down so that at the top of every stroke I was inside of her mouth celtabet güvenilirmi for a second. “I knew you loved it” I taunted. “Shutup she replied I just want to get this over with”. She didn’t have to wait long very quickly I could feel the pressure of an intense orgasm building. I increased the speed of my thrust and began to shoot huge ropes of jism into her mouth, and as she began to cough and sputter I shot the rest onto boobs slick now with both our juices.”Can you please go now?” She asked in a voice that said she knew the answer.”Nope this party is just beginning” I replied with a grin, sliding off of her and down in between her legs I buried my face in my s****-in-laws pussy. She tasted even better than her sister. Finding her clit with my tongue I ran circles around it at an impressive rate while also sucking on her clit and running a single finger in an opposite circle around the inside of her vaginal wall about a knuckle deep. She was even wetter than before (if possible).She squealed with pleasure surprised by this turn of events she tried to squirm away at first only to resettle her weight down to give me better access as I got into my rhythm. I even slid a finger all the way into her ass. I kept this circle technique up (her sister can’t last a whole minute without cumming) for about 30 seconds until I could feel the tension build in her body and as soon as i thought she couldn’t clench her body any tighter she let it out “OOOOOOhhh OOO YES RIGHT THERE DONT STOP OH MY GOD! OOOOOHHHHHH!!!” And with a final grunt and shudder her body relaxed settling back onto her bed. At this point I was rock hard again and I got onto my knees and lowered myself on top of her in missionary position flush with her chest our juices smearing over my chest as her breasts pressed into me and I got onto eye level with her. My cock was pressed right up against the folds of her vagina providing slight pressure ready for penetration as I stopped and looked into her eyes. “Tell me you want it” I said. “She looked away from my eyes “I want it…” she whispered.”What was that? I couldn’t hear you?” I replied. “I WANT IT” She said loudly looking me right in the eyes as I slid slowly into her. The pleasure grimace on her face as she took my full length all the way in was captivating. Then she kissed me. Hard. Wrapping her arms and legs around me, tongue dancing into my mouth in between thrusts and moans she brought her hips up to meet my thrusts. Moaning like the dirty little slut I knew her to be, I fucked her as hard as I could as she finally let her inhibitions loose. “Oh yeah fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me deeper than my sister! She doesn’t deserve you! Fuck me! Oh Fuck me I’m about to cum! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! As she came down from her orgasm her tits flailing with every thrust she pulled me close and whispered in my ear “I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel your hot cum inside me all day long. Sitting at dinner with my family, hanging out with my sister I want it all and I want it now! Cum in me!” She begged “Please cum inside me!” I couldn’t take it anymore and I gave one final thrust and spurted the biggest load I have ever had right inside my sister in laws pussy.I collapsed panting onto her naked body as she stroked my back and eventually rolled off of her.”I can’t believe it! That was fucking incredible!” She said turning on her side and propping her head up to look at me “My sister is fucking lucky I haven’t cum like that ever.” “She gets the whole treatment everyday and you can too whenever she isn’t around” I replied stopping the camera. “Mmmmmm I can’t wait” She seductively replied closing her eyes to think about it she began playing with herself all over again.Just then we heard a car pull into the driveway and two doors slam. Her m*m and my wife getting back from town. Hurrying I jumped off the bed and grabbed my clothes and ran into the tanning bedroom threw them in a pile and set the timer for 2 minutes. By the time my wife came up the stairs her sister was pretending to sleep and she ascertained that I was in the tanning bed by the stream of clothes leading in the door.She walked in waited and as soon as the light turned off she pulled up the lid said “Suprise! I’m back! Baby! Did you miss me?” She said pushing the door so that it was only cracked behind her.”I sure did! But I was able to keep entertained while you were gone just tanning and TV” I said.”Well you should be more careful about closing the door when you tan naked you naughty boy, I was able to sneak up on you and get a good look at you without you even knowing! I don’t want my sister to accidently see your sexy body from the hallway and get any dirty thoughts.” She said.”Oh I wouldn’t worry about that I don’t think your sister is the type to peep.” I replied unable to stop smiling.”Baby I see you are excited to see me!” She exclaimed watching my cock grow to its full potential as I thought about cumming in her sister.”Since you were so good to come to my parents with me on your days off I think I can do a little something for you” She said as she got on her knees and took my cock in her hand. She stroked it slowly. “It’s so slippery you must have been sweating tanning in there.” She said as she lowered her mouth to my cock and took me in her mouth. “Mmmmmm you taste so good! It’s different but I love it! I want to taste you everytime after you tan” she said coming up for air. I couldn’t believe it! My wife had just tasted her sisters cream on my cock and loved it! This was way beyond what I had ever expected.As I lay there my wife bobbing up and down on my dick I saw the door push open even more and her sister standing there in the doorway in her pink laced panties.My cum had leaked out of her pussy soaked the panties and I could see my cum dribbling down the inside of her thighs. As we made eye contact my s*****-in-law licked her lips and stuck her hand inside her panties, she brought her fingers back up to her mouth dripping with my cum and started sucking them! This was too much! I grabbed the back of my wifes head and held her down as I blew a huge load into her mouth, she swalloed the whole thing, her sisters cream and all!THE END

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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