sister in-law and Niece visit part VI

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sister in-law and Niece visit part VIYes. I am sitting in a small four person hot tub with my (former) sister-in-law Shelley and her little girl DanyAnne. I had reached, and maintained, my Zen level of inebriation, perfectly plowed. All of my normal reservations about participating in events such as this, were long since departed. Even under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have had THAT many worries about this situation, and currently my only one was that there were three empty glasses in the room.I had decided to accept a dare from DanyAnne. She was still giggly, bouncy, and generally having a great time. She should have been- she’d had at least twelve more ounces of grain spirits than her mother, in the same amount of time.I lifted my tumbler and jiggled it, indicating quite clearly to the dark-haired, Blue-Eyed, curvy little vixen that refilling my scotch was more important at the moment. Shelley concurred with me, though it was quite obvious that the whiskeys and Cola worked a slow and steady magic on her. She was mostly in a little zone, but focused and paid attention for things like kissing me, learning about her daughter’s earliest sexual experiences, and topping off alcoholic beverages.”Gives me a chance to think of a good dare for you Pete!” DanyAnne replied. She grabbed our glasses and stepped out of the tub, up onto on floor, and turned to say something. I was watching her closely, obviously.So was her mother, I noticed.DanyAnne had a noticeable swerve to her motions, slight wobble to her movements. She wasn’t trying to be sexy, but as I told her how to make our drinks (three fingers two cubes for me), those heavy, water-soaked, boxers- as I had hoped they might- dropped straight to the floor with a splat.Her curvy little hips and round little rump weren’t enough for the boxers, and in that moment her mom and I were treated to a heart-thumping glimpse of a pale, ivory belly sloping gently inward to split, puffy little bare lips. A moment I will take through eternity!I laughed, reached over and slapped her ass as she crouched down to grab the waistband of those big boxers with her right hand, the one that only türbanlı tokat escort had one glass in it. She stood up, giving us both one last fleeting glimpse of that bald little pussy, those comforting little pillows, as she turned to leave. The waistband was to her armpits and she was giving her-self an ironic little wedgie, shaking her plump yet petite derriere on her way out.Wow, I looked at Shelley. “I’m sorry, but that was fucking hot!” I was still chuckling. “I wonder when she started shaving” was what I think Shelley said. Between usually not giving a shit what sprays out of this bitch’s suck-hole, and her mumble slurring at the moment, I was in translate mode.I slid across to the left until I was occupying DanyAnne’s previous seat. I then reached out with my arm and put my hand on her left hip. The palm of my hand felt the heavy beating of her pulse. I leaned in and kissed her. She was into it, open and full of lips and tongue. My hand slipped under the thin tee-shirt to grope her tit. Yep, way larger than a softball, but so much firmer than I thought a mother of three should have had. I rolled her nipple around my fingertips a bit before breaking off and sliding back to my side.”Nice tits”. She smiled and then stood up, pulling up her tee-shirt and shaking them both for me. “Nice” I repeated. Her thighs, waist, belly, and ass, softball-player thick as I said, were plenty to hold her boxers up, I noticed. Her dance was over and she was sitting back down, covered up again, by the time my eyes wandered back up. “Did you like seeing her?” Shelley asked.”I like seeing you both” nonchalantly I spouted some sort of bullshit. “I don’t ever get company out her, this is great”. “But, yeah, she’s pretty hot.””Who’s pretty hot?” asked DanyAnne, entering the room with three fresh drinks and a fresh knot in her boxers. “Me?” she asked. Lots of slur in her voice to go with the wobble in her step. She passed our drinks to us and handed me a freshly loaded piece and a lighter. I hit it and passed it, letting them finish it between them as I sipped my four fingers (good girl!) türbanlı tokat escort bayan three cubes and a cherry.”Yes, DanyAnne,” I spoke up a few moments of silence. ” I told your mom that I thought you were hot””I dare you to kiss me like you did mom” she smiled, a little flush to her cheeks, wet strands of dark brown hair framing her sweet face. Shelley was bleary eyed and grinning across from me, she either had no problem with the dare, or had no Idea what the hell was going on. Either way…I had her to my left. I reached over, put my hand on her thigh, the same place I had placed it on her mother moments before, and leaned in to kiss her. She was a little unsteady, a little unsure and unfamiliar to kissing. It was kind of cute actually, but I got her to relax her mouth and lips a little bit, and after only a few moments, our tongues were mixing together.I broke it off from her, gently squeezing her thigh as my hand left her body and I returned to my upright position. Shelley looked hot! Her cheeks were flushed too, and I watched as she pulled her right hand away from her pussy! DanyAnne never noticed, she was still facing me with her eyes close. My cock was starting to think about feeling pretty encumbered by the Jockeys surrounding it. “Mom,” she opened her eyes, big smile on her face, and turned to Shelley. “Truth or Dare?”Dare, no mistaking or translating that one.”Kiss Me!” I almost shot my load! “Fuck Yeah, Girl” I shouted “Get Some!” Shelley saw that I was not going to help her get out of this. She looked at her daughter and replied “Thank you, sweety”.They leaned towards each other and broke into a kiss that seemed slightly more comfortable for them than their kisses with me had been. It was hot, not so much tongue but very sensual. As bossy and loudmouthed as Shelley always acted, she seemed to be the quiet follower here. DanyAnne led them through a sensual, too-short kiss that pretty much jacked up all of our hear-rates.They sipped their drinks, everybody all warm and fuzzy. Shelley dared me, and I took off my shirt. She then dared DanyAnne to türbanlı escort tokat bite my nipples. This was quite an interesting evening with my late-wife’s family.”This is so stupid” the girl pleaded with me, looking at me deep with her aqua-blues. I held her shoulders as she reached in and took a slight nibble on my left nipple. Both of her hands were flat on my stomach, and as she turned to my other nipple, I slid my hands to her elbows. My plan was to slip her hands down to my growing cock. My pecker was reaching for her hands, and I was just going to help a little bit.That never happened. She nipped with such authority that the fun went out of the dare. “Damn, D” I lifted her petite little body back into her seat, beautiful little A cup cones completely visible through the thin tee’s transparency. Her devilish grin, looking me in the eyes as I seated her, melted my heart but enraged my cock. They both caught a glimpse of it through the tight cotton of my boxer-briefs, large and center of attention, as I stood up and it broke the surface.They were both hooting and hollering.My turn, and Shelley chose Dare. ” I dare you to take my shorts off and show DanyAnne what a man looks like”. Maybe it was still early, maybe I’m just a perv, but I felt, at that moment, more like getting my clothes off than theirs.She choked a little, then threw in an uncomfortable laugh. DanyAnne was smiling, anticipating a real viewing. She leaned forward as I stood up in the middle of the tub. Neither of their faces was very far from my junk. It was still growing, the head of it threatening to pop through the top of my shorts. Thickening and throbbing.Shelley leaned forward, hooking her thumbs in my waist band and sliding them down so I could step out of them. She didn’t look at first, concentrating on my shorts, and I could relish the first moments of DanyAnnes glimpse of my dick, for the second time today. She was all attention this time, she may or may not have seen it earlier, but she was soaking it in now. Her eyes were still very locked on my ever stiffening member as her mother finally took it in view.”Wow, Pete, that cock is fucking awesome!” Shelley said, “See DanyAnne! That’s a real man’s dick. You hope to run across a few of these before you settle down and marry!” She looked me in the eyes, hers just a little darker blue than DanyAnne. I smiled, hopefully encouraging her.She grabbed the base of my shaft, gripping with thumb and four fingers, and pointed it at her daughter.

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