Sister in Law

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“I can’t believe we are doing this,” I said shaking my head as we landed. “You have said that fourteen times,” Desiree said. I could tell she was getting annoyed with me. At this point my argument was a non-factor, our house was sold, most of our belongings had either gone to Goodwill or sold with the house. All we had left of our life before this move was in our suitcases. “It will be for a few months, six at the most,” Desiree said as we waited at the luggage carousel. I nodded. “I am sorry, I shouldn’t…” I began to say before she wrapped her arms around me and smiled. Desiree was five foot six inches tall, but her personality was giant sized. Her heart was in the right place as well. “It was our only choice,” Desiree said as she broke contact as soon as people got near. That was one of the many things that had recently started to bug me. Desiree hated public displays of affection. I don’t know when it happened because before we got married, she would do anything from my hold my hand to full out kiss no matter who was watching. I guess it happened while I was working away from home. Desiree said she had got used to me not being there. I spent days even weeks away from home, but I always tried to make up for it when I got home. No business calls, paid attention to her, took her anywhere she wanted to go and bought her anything she needed. In the end, it wasn’t enough. She started going to an online college, got a degree and started working for herself. Not that I had a problem with her working, it was good having two incomes. We were able to fix up the house and take extravagant vacations. Then it happened and by it I mean my company got bought out. I was in the middle of nowhere when I got the call. My corporate card had been canceled, so I had to use my own money to get back home. Since I had been doing that job since the day, I graduated high school I didn’t have any skills or knowledge of doing anything else. Searching for a job that paid me as much as I was making before was next to impossible, especially with all the new terms and laws as well as technology. I was behind the curve, I knew how to do it and do it better than most, but I had no certificate or papers that proved that I could. Desiree’s job was keeping the lights on, but that was about all it could do. I felt embarrassed as I had to take a minimum wage job Yakacık escort bayan at the local supermarket. Thirty-Eight years old and working as a stock clerk, worst of all was my direct manager was a twenty-year-old. “Here we go,” Desiree said as she reached for our suitcases. “Hope said she would meet us outside.” Hope was her older sister, the two had been corresponding, and Gary, Hope’s husband, offered Desiree a position within his company. She would be making twice as much as she was making before with less of the hassle and stress. The only problem was that we had to move from Florida to Texas. So here we were in the lone-star state. “Desiree!” a voice shouted. I turned to see a blonde streak rush past me and tackle hug my wife. While Desiree was short, with a tiny frame, her sister Hope was much different. “Wayne,” Gary said as he shook my hand. Gary was the image anyone had the moment they heard the word, financial advisor. Dark jet black hair, rimmed glasses, thin, frail and pasty white. “We should get going. The traffic will be getting bad this time of day.” “Yes,” Hope said as she held her sister’s hand. “The two of you can sit up front. I want to catch up with my sister.” Hope and Desiree had a falling out just after we got married. Their father had passed away leaving both of them a large amount of money. Desiree wanted to invest it all, while Hope wanted to start their own business. Since their father had made a mistake of leaving the word “and” in the will and not separating the large amount into two equal sums the two had to go through hoops and ladders to get it split between the two. Needless to say, it caused a rift. We got into their luxury sports utility vehicle and drove off. It had all the bells and whistles and drove without the slightest vibration or noise. “This is a good vehicle,” I said breaking the silence that had fell between Gary and myself. “Yeah,” Gary nodded. “It is last years model, I had ordered a new one, but they made a mistake and had to return it.” “It didn’t have wood paneling,” Hope said from the back. I smiled. “You know it’s not real wood right?” Gary looked over at me with a look that could kill. “I ordered it, and they should have given it,” he said as he looked back at the road. I decided to keep my mouth shut. It was going to be a long six Escort Atalar months. When we got to their neighborhood, we stopped at a large gated community. “Wow,” Desiree said as we drove up to it. “We have our own supermarket, four gyms as well as a spa and daycare,” Hope smiled and nodded. I had heard about these super developments. We had a handful in our area, but we never got to go inside. Gary pulled up to the gate and showed his community pass, the guard nodded and opened the large black and gold gate. Once we got in it was just as I had always expected, every house looked exactly alike, from the lawns to the walkways, even the people outside looked like what I thought they would. We drove further in, and the houses got further apart. Desiree kept oohing and ahhing at all the houses and the supermarket. It wasn’t just a plain jane, mom and pops store it was a chain supermarket. I couldn’t imagine the cost of building and maintaining a store like that just for a development. “Here we are,” Hope said. We pulled up to a large house with a gate. I had to stop myself from smiling as I looked around. Most of the homes on this side had gates. They had gated houses inside a gated community, what was next? To say the house was large would be an understatement. It was gigantic. “All this just for the two of you?” I asked as we walked up to it. “Yes,” Gary said as he opened the door by touching his hand to a white panel. “That reminds me, Sheila,” Hope said loudly. “Yes, Mrs Conners,” a female voice said. “You named your intercom Sheila?” Desiree asked. “Of course,” Hope said as she walked into the large living room. “Sheila, we have two house guests that will be staying with us for a while. They will need their prints to be taken.” “Of course Mrs. Conners,” Sheila replied. “What are their names?” Hope looked at both of us. “Well?” “Desiree,” Desiree announced loudly. “Desiree,” Sheila repeated. “Please put your right hand on the lighted panel.” “This is too much,” I said shaking my head. “Most of the new houses have it,” Gary said. “They are still working out a few kinks, but so far I have no complaints.” “The next guest,” Sheila said. “Wayne,” I said as loud as Desiree. “I know, put my hand on the lighted panel.” “Wayne,” Sheila repeated. “One of the kinks,” Gary said. “No personality, it follows Kadıköy escort a set protocol, no bi-passing also doesn’t understand slang language or sarcasm.” “Please put your right hand on the lighted panel,” Sheila said. I put my hand on the green panel as it scanned my hand. “It’s not going to add me to the police database or something?” I asked. “It could,” Hope smiled. “How long will the guests be staying?” Sheila asked. “Four months,” I said faster than the others who had all said different numbers. “Sheila, hold the prints until we ask for them to be removed,” Hope nodded. “Done, will that be all?” Sheila asked. “Yes,” Hope said as she sat down in a large couch. “Anybody want a drink?” Gary said as he walked out of the room. “Yes,” everyone replied. “I will go with you,” I said as I followed behind him. “Thanks for taking us in,” I said as I followed him through three separate rooms and finally arriving into the kitchen. “Family takes care of their own,” Gary said as he poured himself a drink. He made drinks for everyone, then stopped on mine. “I remember something,” he smiled as he looked at me. “Hope bought it a few days ago.” Gary pulled out a bottle of beer, one of my favorites. “She remembered,” I smiled as I looked around for a bottle opener. Gary handed me one as we headed back to the living room. “Surprised you don’t have a bar in here,” I said as we got near the living room. “I did,” Gary said as he pointed to a rock formation. “Hope wanted that thing.” “What is it?” I looked at it and tried to figure out what it was supposed to be. Nothing came to mind. “All I know is it lights up, and she meditates in front of it,” Gary said shaking his head. “It’s supposed to cleanse the mind.” I laughed as he waved his hands around as he said it. “Not a believer huh?” “It stopped her from nagging about the bar, I don’t care what it does, it was worth it,” Gary said. As we entered the living room, Desiree turned to me quickly. “Look what she did to herself!” I looked at Hope and immediately knew what my wife was talking about, her chest was massive, no enormous, no gigantic, words kept coming into my head, but each one seemed too small for the two things strapped to her chest. “I think you are overreacting sis,” Hope said as she took the glass from her husband who sat near her. “I told you, they were too big,” Gary said. “Show them what you got,” Hope retaliated. “No!” I shouted. I didn’t want to see if he got something or anything done to his body. “It’s out in the garage,” Gary said shaking his head. This time we all walked outside and towards the garage which was a whole different building not attached to the house. 

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